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True Blood - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 20/11/2012

Tru Blood

True Blood - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) I picked this up in my local asda for £30 but amazon have been selling it for just under £17, as the box and wording on the back looked very appealing to me and hubby. As an avid Twilight fan (won’t admit to friend’s lol) this series looked every inch a truly fantastic vampiresque programme of the year. We found the series quite intresting to watch and it does draw you in. I did find this sort of rubbish on the first episode, but it does get better as the episodes go along. I did also find some of the scenes scary and some were quite erotic, which if scary and sexual isnt your cup of tea, i dont recommend watching. On another note, some of the acting looks very dumfound and bad but this does go in well with the series. I found Sookie's body language in the way she acted was terrible and could of been more realistic instead of the usual dumb blondie routine which is used in the spoof films. Overall, I did enjoy watching the series even with the bad acting. I would recommened this to potential buyers as it is a good series to watch. I am just stating what i found to the series, so please dont knock it until its been seen! My husband and i have enjoyed watching the series and have recently purchased the second series. The main character Sookie, is telepathic. Sookie can hear all family and friends around her in what they are thinking, which is pretty impressive I must admit. Sookie lives with her Gran in a small town called Bon Temps, Louisiana. Sookie has a ...

Sex And The City - Series 6 (Box Set) (DVD) 20/11/2012

Is sex the most talked about thing..

Sex And The City - Series 6 (Box Set) (DVD) I finally purchased the sex and the city box set after having both the movies. I used to watch the odd episode on tv and wonder what I've missed. Since purchasing the box set last week, I'm currently onto season 3. So far you find out about the characters and what they do, how much who has what sex, who has what lover and who has what designer purchase. Characters: Carrie Bradshaw - played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Carrie is a sex columnist and throughout the series you see her going on numerous dates, having numerous sexual encounters and writes the columns based on what she finds from her research. Carrie loves her designer clobber and you see her maxing out her cards for jimmy choos, manalo blahniks, Dior etc. Sarah Jessica Parker does play a good role in the series and films. Charlotte York - played by Kristin Davies. Charlotte is a lady who never asks men on dates, dress's impeccably and has an accent to rival any posh spoken person in New York! Charlotte works in an art exhibit, has no luck with men until she meets her Jewish husband quite a few series in. Samantha Jones - played by Kim Catterell. Samantha is a high sexed character who seems to bed every sort of fellow going in New York and has an over active sex drive. Samantha owns her own publications. Samantha loves men and can't seem to find one she loves and wants to settle down with. Sex maniac in heels. Miranda Hobbs - played by Cynthia Nixon. Miranda is a high flyer lawyer who struggles to find a ...

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown 04/01/2010

fantastic compelling book for the dan brown fans

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown I received this book for Christmas and I must say that this is a brilliant book from Dan Brown. Upon opening the book and finding that there is page with Facts that is written within the book is interesting to see as it does state that what is written in the book about rituals, science, artwork and monuments are real and correct. fast forward to the actual story of Professor Langdon, a symbologist, who can depict and decipher crypt codes and read symbology from any era. Professor Langdon is summoned to Washington DC by a friend, Peter Solomon, which comes to light that he has been kidnapped, to do a seminar on the Freemasons. Upon arriving at Washington DC he is thrown into a room of chaos and must help to protect the Freemasons 33rd degree, which is the highest degree in the Freemasons. This is now a race against time to save Solomon and find the kidnapper that is threatening to show the world who is in the 33rd Degree and to find the treasure that they are protecting. The key to the hidden is treasure is a Masonic Pyramid made out of pure gold which has hidden clues encoded on it. Langdon must reveal these clues to find the lost treasure of the Mason's, the race is on to find the clue's and help rescue Solomon from a twisted and evil man who believes he has a final journey to make after making his body a masterpiece with tattoos, he believes he has the gift from god himself. The Lost Symbol brings together Noetic Science, Religion, Freemasons and a few select ...

How did you celebrate the Start of 2010? Share with us your experience 04/01/2010

My new years

How did you celebrate the Start of 2010? Share with us your experience Gosh, 2010 already! My family and I celebrated New years with a bottle of champagne and an evening playing on the Wii console. We never made any of the new year resolutions that is traditional, instead we made a small promise to each other. 2010 brings us one year closer to moving from our current place (hubby i forces and due a posting early 2011), our son growing up quicker and to have some fab weddings to go to. It is a shame that in 2009 we had so many deaths, mostly the fave celebs like Patrick Swayze, Micheal Jackson, Pauline from Eastenders and many more. We also raised a toast to our British Forces currently serving in Afghanistan, more so as we have friends currently out there. Bless our boys and girls for the job they do and hurry home to friends and families. I would like to wish everyone on Ciao a Very Happy New Year for 2011.

Ghost Whisperer 21/08/2009

Great Whisperer!!!

Ghost Whisperer The story is set around a young woman called 'Melinda Gordon' who can see and speak with the deceased. Melinda is newly married to Jim and they live in a quaint town called Grandview. Melinda run's her own store - As good as new Antiques. Jim is a Paramedic. Jim and a professer are the only people who know about Melinda's gift. Melinda's gift means that the dead seek her out to help them get a message to their loved ones so that they can cross over to the light and finally be at peace. Some of the earthbound spirits dont want to go into the light, even with compassionate words from Melinda, they still dont go. There are 22 episodes in the first season and each episode is different in terms of who, how and when they die. The dead are varied aswell from children to criminals. Melinda does come accross a few spirits who dont cross over but she cant force them too. Some spirits do look intimidating at the first glance of them. Melinda has a Professor as a friend who helps her decipher messages or signs left by the dead. The Professor knows about Melinda's gift and helps out as much as he can. Melinda's gift is a wonderful thing to have in the series as she can see and understand the spirits and help them in everyway she can to get them to cross over and be at peace with themselves and the loved ones they left behind. Onto the contents of the compleate season one box set: 6 disc dvd collection special features which are: Can you see me? The ...

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB 21/08/2009

Iphone - Worlds Best Phone

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB I purchased this Phone in December and I do have to say that personally this is the best phone currently in the World. It took a while to figure out how to put Songs on to the Ipod part, but in the end I managed to put songs on and how to choose the songs from the Itunes Library. You can choose all the songs you want to go on your Iphone and put them under a seperate header like Top Rated, to be able to put them on the Iphone. It is time consuming to choose which songs youd like on there but if after all songs then select them all and rate them 5 stars. To put songs on the Iphone you then go to your Iphone bar on Itunes and select the top rated songs then sync. This will sync all songs selected to the Iphone. The menu screen on the phone is smart and sassy, I like the way you just tap the icon and the programme opens up, you can move the icons around and posistion them where you would like on the screen. The App Store, this is where you can download applications like Facebook, Ebay, Paypal, Games and many more. There is quite a few free apps but if your willing to pay for an app then that is another option there, It is linked to your Itunes account if you pay for an App, then it is downloaded on to the menu screen. There is the Internet browser which is Safari and very quick and easy to access the internet with on tap on the icon. The browser is fast and reliable. The apps that come pre installed are: Text, Calander, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, ...

Sapphire - Katie Price 10/08/2009

One of the best fiction books around

Sapphire - Katie Price I purchased this book last week and read it in less than 10 hours. Sapphire by Katie Price is a compelling romantic fiction book. The Story outlined:: Sapphire is a buisness woman who found her husband in bed with another woman. This caused her not to want relationships and just have fun no strings attached sex. She finds on man who is ideal for casual no strings attached sex but finds he wants more than that. Sapphire then goes on to another guy who treats her like dirt and doesnt stick around for long with him. She is a strong minded buisness woman who runs her own buisness in Brighton. Sapphire has one of them busy work and play lives, either working or out with friends in bars. Sapphire does get a big shock in the book but im not going to mention that as it will ruin the read. I do recommend Katie's book as it is a brilliant read and I honestly couldt put this book down as I was so engrossed in the story! Please do buy this book or borrow it from a friend as it is fantastic. I bought mine from Amazon for £5.83 and arrived within a week at my house!

Knowing (Blu-ray) 10/08/2009

Knowing the future

Knowing (Blu-ray) What a fantastic film this is! I watched this film on Blu-ray and I must say I was totally engrossed in it. The story is phenomenal. The outline of the film:: Nicolas Cage play's a professor who has a young son. His son's school 50 years ago placed a time capsule for the future in which his son is handed a envelope which contains hundreds of numbers written on a piece of paper. The numbers on the paper do not make sense at first, until Nicolas Cage realises that the numbers are significant to major disaster dates. The number reveal 9/11 and future ones that haven’t yet occurred. He also finds out that the numbers are not only dates but longitude and latitude points on which disaster will strike. His son is a chosen boy who will eventually move elsewhere with the whispering people. The last numbers on the paper is the end of the world where a huge event will wipe out the entire planet minus the chosen children who will be taken by the whispering people to a new planet to start new life. The film's story line is a gripping and fascinating story and very involving. The graphics on the Blu Ray with the film are pretty fantastic, nothing you would expect from a DVD. I personally loved this film and recommend it to everyone as it is a brilliant film to watch. Nicolas cage played an exquisite character and portrayed him very well with the story and what was happening. I managed to buy the Blu Ray from Asda for £15.71 which is cheaper than ...

Matalan (Shop) 14/06/2009

Fab Shop for almost everything!!!

Matalan (Shop) Where to start! Matalan is an out of city shop (found in retail parks outside the main town), they have over 200 Matalan shops across the UK and offer some very good bargains! Matalan has up to the minute fashion and is very reasonably priced and some items are cheaper than the usual shops (like New Look etc.) Matalan have a reward store card which offers up to 50% off with special offers sent to you once registered. Matalan have Ladies Clothes and Shoes, Mens Clothes and Shoes, Childrens and Babies Clothes and Shoes, Homeware ranging from utensils to garden ornaments, and a Book section mainly for kids that I have seen. They offer Instore and Online clothing, so if you cant get to a store then atleast you can shop online! Matalan is a great place for bargains too, especially when the sale season starts! I picked up a Bolero Jacket for £9 instead of £18 the other day, I found that very reasonable indeed and ment I had a bit more money to find some other bargains! They have a fantastic shoe range for women, ranging from flats to high heels and reasonably priced too! The shoes are in all different sizes and easy to find. I personally have found Matalan just as good or better than some shops that I used to shop in to buy my family clothes and all our homeware. I do recommend a visit to the store on online!!

Lidl (Shop) 04/06/2009

Lidl - German shop but more English now

Lidl (Shop) Where to start! Lidl is a German food Markt and is cheaply priced. (used to Live in Germany and is cheap). The store is brightly coloured and can be vividly seen. Lidl is owned by a holding company called Schwarz and has been established in 17 countries around Europe. Lidl was founded in the 1930's by Ludwig Lidl whom is a retired teacher. Inside the store the layout is: tins and carbonated drinks in the first aisle and alcohol in the last. The chiller always runs along the back wall of the store, with chilled convenience foods. The stores in the UK have become more British than German and offer alot of English food instead of German food, Lidl is German and should sell German food even if in the UK. The prices arnt exactly cheap but are cheaper on some products than other supermarkets. Fruit and Veg are cheaper than in other Supermarkets. Lidl sells the usual food and drink but once a week they change the household products which range from Clothes to Tools and these are reasonable priced. Most of the Lidl are in the UK are non english and are helpful if asked a question. They do have plastic bags priced at 3p per bag, and other bags from 9p upwards. Most customers use there own bags or pick up boxes in the store to use. You have to put a £1 in the trolly to use it but the money is returnable once trolly has been used and returned to the trolly park. In my eyes Lidl has become more british than German but is still a good shop to shop in.

Reality TV Star Jade Goody's life to be turned into film. What are your thoughts on this? 31/03/2009

To be or not to be

Reality TV Star Jade Goody's life to be turned into film.  What are your thoughts on this? Jade Goody - A good mum and a woman who has raised so much awareness on Cervical Cancer. What would be in a movie on Jade Goody's life apart from her lucrative deals with magazines, perfume and tv shows. The Show would have to show every aspect of her life since she became famous in 2004 after appering on Big Brother. The mother of 2 should not be put in a film as she has had that Race Row with Shilpa Shetty which saw the Nation turn against her. This dilemma she had caused, started to show what her true colours were like, how can someone famous be so racist?. Parents wouldnt let there children watch a film about Jade. The Race Row saw her perfume being taken off sale and people had a right to be disgusted with what she could do, especially as she has young children who could of been watching at that time. Jade did managed to turn herself around and become successful again in her own right. She overcame so much to get where she was before the Cancer. She had 2 lovely boys with Jeff Brazier, Helped her mum out and became a nations favourite again. She then went on to meet Jack, whom she did finally get her wish of Marrying him. Jade has done so much in her 27 years of life that many wouldnt be able to do in their own lifetime. January 2009 she found out the Cancer was terminal and started planning everything from her Funeral to the boy's Trust Funds. She was determind to stay strong and very positive. When the nation found out she had cancer, I think we ...

Ikea 23/03/2009

Ikea Southampton Store

Ikea Ikea in Southampton opened on the 12th February and as I have previously lived in Germany and like Ikea out there, I decided to go to the opening of the New Ikea! When got to Ikea the multi storey carpark was closed due to a technical fault, had to park in West Quey Car Park which is right next door to Ikea, bit of a bonus. The entrance to Ikea on on the top floor which is 4 floors up, yes 4 floors to climb just to get to the entrance! Atleast theyy do have moving flat escalators (like the ones at the airport) or lifts when they decide which floor they want to go to. Once upon the roof, you enter Ikea! There are toilets and lockers as you enter and the usual place for the yellow Ikea bags, Pencils, Paper and rulers. As walking around the first floor there are the lay out of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc etc on show so you can see what the furnature looks like. If you like a item you have to write down what the product is, which isle to find it in and the number of exactly where it is in the isle , on the paper picked up enroute through Ikea. After walking through the showrooms, you come to the Ikea Resturant, which admittingly is always packed, takes atleast 20-30 minutes to get to where you will be served for food! The resturant is large but could do with more cleaners to tidy up the tables, clean them and make the place look presentable even though busy. The food is ussually Swedish Meatballs, Pasta and Sauce, Salmon and Veg, Chips, Salad, Cakes, ...

Sony Official PS3 SIXAXIS Wireless Controller 23/03/2009

Best Gaming pad around

Sony Official PS3 SIXAXIS Wireless Controller When we bought the Sony PS3 it came with this controller. The controller itself is uses Wireless technology and does come with a charging cable which can be charged by the PS3. You can also buy a Cintroller Charging Station which you put the controllers on when not using and they will charge. The controller has Dualshock which in Game play vibrates, it does this on fighting games when shot or shot at. The controller is an offical Sony product which cost's around £35 but can be bought online for cheaper. Personally I would always but Sony controllers as they are reliable and are guaranteed to work. We have found this item a bonus as we have a 4 year old who loves running around and used to trip over the old wired controllers, now there is no wires to trip over! I would recommend this controller to all gamers as this is the best controller around.

Apache - Ed Macy 23/03/2009

The best Helicopter in the World

Apache - Ed Macy I purchased this book as my Husband is in the Army and I have heard a few things about the Apache helicopter. When I read this book i was totally amazed at the courage of 4 Royal Marine Commandos and the pilots of the Apache's for doing the rescue mission they were told not to do. In Helmand, Afghanistan where the Apache Helicopter's are currently serving, were need by the Royal Marine Commando's to do a very dangerous rescue mission of a soldier who was shot by the Taliban. The rescue mission which is all in the book to rescue Lance Corpral Matthew Ford, who had been shot. The Marines had thought up of a rescue mission using 2 Apache Helicoptors to fly in to the danger zone to give the Marines fire cover but this way never happened. The Apaches had 4 Marines, 2 Marines on each Helicoptor, attached at the wing and under the blades for a daring once in a lifetime rescue mission. Once they were strapped on they went and rescued LCPL Ford's body and hoisted him under the Apache body. This book is the complete story of how versatile our Helicopters are and the technology they use. It shows the courage of 8 Soldiers who risked their lives and 2 £64 Million pound helicopters. I honestly dont want to write the complete story out in the review but I have outlined the what the book is about and I do recommened this book to everyone. It shows the Front line fighting and just how our Soldiers cope with being in Afghanistan. The book is an amazing journey ...

Hotel Pisana Palace, Roma 15/05/2008

Pisana Palace more like Pisana Hostel

Hotel Pisana Palace, Roma What a terrible hotel. We went to Rome in April and booked this Hotel through Expedia as it was stated at 4*. Upon arrival to the Hotel, it was all old fashioned and quite dingey. Inside the carpets had stain's on and the Hotel lobby was very basic, few chairs dotted around. The staff were not exactly friendly and didnt like to be put out of their way to help you. There were 3 telephone booths in the lobby, one for cards and 2 for cash. The lifts could fit a few people in at anytime as they were quite small. Upon getting to the room we wernt expecting much from what we had already seen compared to Expedia's website of the hotel. Once inside the room there was a bathroom which had a bath/shower, toilet, beday, and sink set in what looked like marble. The marble had a chunk missing and the bathroom door and frame had started rotting. So much for complimentary shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and towels! There was 2 sachets of shampoo/body wash, 2 tiny round soaps and 4 towels, 2 of the towels were reasonable size and the other 2 were hand towels. In the bedroom there was a kingsize bed which felt like we were sleeping on the floor as the mattress's were so hard that we both woke up with sore backs. There was a television that didnt have many channels and all in Italian. The minibar was ok, it did have 2 of each drink and a few items of food. The view from the window was onto Italian flats, so in the morning there was no good view. The Hotel is ...
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