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Yes Car Credit 03/11/2002

Yes - we don't take no for an answer

Yes Car Credit My husband and I were faced with a pressing decision....take out a loan to carry out major repairs to the brakes on our beloved 7 seater (which we were told would cost about £500), or replace it. I went to our friendly local finance company (Welcome Finance) and was told I could have a loan which would either enable us to get a replacement vehicle, or allow us to repair the one we have with enough money left over for anything else we wanted to do. Having heard quite a lot about Yes Car Credit, I thought I would check out this as a possible option before committing to the loan. Firstly I applied on-line, and was quite pleased after completing their simple application form, to find that I was accepted in principle. I then went to their showroom to find out how the Company works (ie. how they can afford to let people with "iffy" credit to drive a car away the same day (as advertised). To my dismay, after waiting at least 20 mins I was told that no-one could see me unless I had an appointment, not even to discuss my concerns. This being the case I made an appointment for a few days later. My husband already agreed that we could use our car (a Renault Savannah) as full deposit for a new car, but obviously wanted to be with me when I finally chose the new car. The day of my appointment arrived. I went along and took the documentation that was requested. I think this was driving licence, a household bill, and vehicle registration document. After around 15 mins, a very ...

Sign Language Courses 19/10/2002

Have Fun While You Communicate

Sign Language Courses I recently began to learn British Sign language, as the Company I work for want me to eventually become an interpreter at Conferences. After looking into the local Colleges and Centres for the Deaf, I found that the local Colleges ran a Sign Language Stage One Course for £192.00. I know this appears quite a high price, but the course was spread over a full year, using 2 hours a week. I know from conversations with my tutor, that for the deaf/hard of hearing, teaching this subject can be quite exhausting. Stage One teaches the basics. During this course you will learn the alphabet, numbers, ages, and enough language to have a simple conversation with someone who suffers from deafness or is hard of hearing. At the end of the year, you sit an exam on a one to one basis with an examiner from another part of the Country. The exam lasts 15 mins, during which time the first 5 mins covers answering questions about your family, where you live etc. The remaining 10 mins is used signing back four parts of a short story. The whole thing is recorded on video in case you fail and wish to appeal on the basis of the examiner signing too fast etc. Be warned though - if you do fail you have two choices. The first option is to just re-sit the exam (obviously you pay for another exam - about £30), or you can appeal but you need to pay for the appeal first and will be re-imbursed if you are successful. I found the course really good fun, and can only be compared to a game of charades ...

Capital One Platinum 15/10/2002

Capital One - Be Careful

Capital One Platinum Capital One are a very helful way of restoring your credit rating. There is a very easy application process which can either be done on-lineor by filling in a quick application form. After approx 10 days you receive your card with a credit limit relative to your status. In my case I had a £200 credit limit. At first I was very pleased with my card. Then by accident I was just a few days late sending my payment. I could not believe my next statement. Instead of a minimum payment of £5, they requested £35. They had not only charged £18 for late payment, but also charged me interest on top of that, and charged me another fee because my late payment and interest took me over my credit limit!!! I'm not sure what the interest rates are at present, but they do seem rather high. Telephoning their Customer Service Dept when you have difficulty paying their "minimum amount" may help a little - but you do need to be extremely lucky! I have found another supplier who tends to be a little more flexible with late payments - as long as payment arrives within a week of the due date there's no penalty. So it's probably best to shop around before committing. I feel that although the Capital One card comes in handy (sometimes), more often than not I wish I had never applied. This is my first opinion, hope its OK. kimberleysoper ...
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