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Microsoft Xbox 360 03/07/2007

The console war is over and this is the runner-up!

Creative ZEN Stone 1 GB 10/06/2007

Go skimming with the Zen Stone!!

Creative ZEN Stone 1 GB So, It’s my first review in a while. My GCSE’s are on at the moment, and I’m right in the middle of them, but I thought I’d better right a quick review just to let you know I haven’t given up with Ciao! As soon as the GCSE’s are up I will be writing reviews as often as possible. And today, my review is on the fairly new Zen Stone MP3 player. I recently decided that I needed a new MP3 player. I had the original Creative Zen MP3 player. That was a fairly big and bulky player, that had 20GB of space for music, and it was a pretty good player. But I recently made the mistake of charging up the battery when it was nearly full already. This caused a problem with the battery, so now it would only play for about an hour on a medium volume, and even less if any louder. So I decided it was about time for a new player. My Dad had recently told me of a player that a colleague owned at work. He described it as “really cool” and about “the size of your thumb!” He told me its name was the Zen Stone, so I went on the Internet and did some research about the player, and I instantly wanted it! Read on to find out why! In the box… The things that come out of the box are… > The Zen Stone MP3 Player > A pair of earphones > A set of instructions > A USB Wire Looks The Zen Stone comes in a wide array of colours, and at least one colour is sure to suit every person! The available colours for the player are Black, white, pink, lime green, blue and red! I couldn’t choose ...

Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3) 14/04/2007

A smash hit!!!!

MotorStorm (PS3) 07/04/2007

Enter the storm!

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 24/03/2007


Everything that starts with M ... 27/02/2007

A quick challenge I did before going to watch TV!!

Saw 3: Extreme Edition (DVD) 27/02/2007

Suffering? You definetely haven't seen SAW 3 yet!

Nike Arsenal Home Football Shirt 21/02/2007

Say goodbye to a piece of history!

Adidas Spain Home Shirt 20/02/2007

Just like Spanish football: Attractive and stylish

Carlisle United 01/02/2007

Makes you proud to be Cumbrian!!!!

Carlisle United Home Football Shirt 12/01/2007

Carlisle are looking good!

Nike Arsenal Home Football Shirt 10/01/2007

With a new stadium, comes a new shirt!

Phoenix Nights 2 (DVD) 07/01/2007

I don't know if you've noticed but I'm disabled

Phoenix Nights (DVD) 06/01/2007

I want to moonwalk son, but life's a sh*thouse!

Motorola V3 04/01/2007

There's only so much a Razr can do!!

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