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The First Time I Saw Your Face - Hazel Osmond 01/09/2013

The first time I read this book!

The Saturday Supper Club - Amy Bratley 23/08/2013

As Time Goes By!

The Au Pair - Janey Fraser 21/08/2013

More trouble than they're worth?

The Au Pair - Janey Fraser Getting an au pair is supposed to make one’s life easier but is that always the case. In Janey Fraser’s latest book. The Au Pair, most seem to be more trouble than they are worth. This is especially true for Jilly who has just started running her own agency and who can’t quite decide who causes her the most headaches – the au pair or the family she places them with. It is all these problems that help to make this such and entertaining and enjoyable read and one that I would heartily recommend. When Jilly’s husband is demoted at work, she decides that she needs to do something to help with the family finances. After talking to her friend, Paula, she realises that there is a good market for trusty and dependable au pairs, especially in the town of Corrywood, where she lives. She sets out to run a local small agency where she can form personal relationships with the clients and their au pairs. After all, it couldn’t be that difficult, could it? As you can imagine though, it does not take long before Jilly realises that running the agency is full of problems. There are clients complaining about the girls that she has placed with them and an equal number of au pairs complaining about their families. The au pairs stay out late, neglect their small charges and hardly lift a finger about the homes. On the other hand there are complaints about being overworked and in one case, a father who walks about the house naked! Although most of the book is very funny, there are some more ...

Better Together - Sheila O'Flanagan 18/08/2013

An entertaining read

Better Together - Sheila O'Flanagan I’ve just finished reading Better Together, the latest book from Irish author, Sheila O’Flanagan and it has not disappointed in the least. It’s another wonderfully absorbing tale from this fabulous writer that had me hooked from the very first page. The story is enjoyable and intriguing and the main character is strong and likeable. This book has all the right ingredients for a great read. Better Together starts in Dublin where Sheridan Gray is a successful sports journalist on one of the city’s newspapers. Unfortunately, there is a recession and no one’s job is safe. It still comes as a complete body blow to Sheridan though, when she is made redundant. There seem to be very few job opportunities at this time though so she eventually compromises on her aspirations and takes a job with a small local newspaper in the little town of Ardbawn. In a strange twist of fate, this paper is owned by Paudie O’Malley who was the person responsible for her losing her Dublin job. Sheridan does not really expect to enjoy life in Ardbawn but before long she is getting to know the locals and finding working on a small newspaper strangely satisfying. She also gets to know the woman who runs the guesthouse she is staying in – Nina – who has troubles of her own. There’s also a strong whiff of romance so it’s hardly surprising that Sheridan stops hankering after her hectic city life. However, when the possibility of writing a sensationalist story arises that will obviously upset the people she ...

Stranded - Emily Barr 15/08/2013

Desert Island Distress!

My Friend Nigel - J. C. Greenburg 09/08/2013

The quest for a pet!

The Other Half of Me - Morgan McCarthy 06/08/2013

An intriguing tale about an unusual and dysfunctional family

Usborne Fairytale Sticker Stories: Rumplestiltskin - Heather Amery 05/08/2013

Once upon a time.....

Usborne Fairytale Sticker Stories: Rumplestiltskin - Heather Amery he Usborne Fairytale Sticker stories are fabulous little books for reinforcing some of those traditional tales that are loved so well, helping children to read and match pictures and also for sheer enjoyment. There are six fairy tale books that come together in a ziplock bag. When we first went to get the books out they did seem a bit jam packed in there and they do need to be taken out one at a time. I would think it would be very difficult for my three year old to successfully put the books back by herself - so much for encouraging tidying up! The six stories that you get in the pack are Cinderella, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty and the Three Little Pigs. Each of the six books all follow the same format making them all very enjoyable books. They are described as a storybook, a sticker book and a puzzle book all in one so there is a lot in any one book to keep your little one occupied. I'm just going to take the Red Riding Hood book as an example in order to give a flavour of what all the books are like. In Little Red Riding Hood the story is told over a number of pages. The story language used is quite straightforward and very accessible for young readers. There is not too much text on any of the pages and the words are not too difficult for children who have made a good start with their reading. Every page has a bright humourous picture accompanying the text. Because this story is so well known even very young ...

Hotpoint WMUD962P 05/08/2013

The ultimate washing experience!

I Don't Want to Wash My Hands - Tony Ross 04/08/2013

A lesson in hygiene?

I Don't Want to Wash My Hands - Tony Ross Everyone knows that it's very important to wash dirty hands. Everyone that is apart from the Little Princess who thinks that washing hands is a waste of time. It's only when she finds out why she needs to, that she decides that perhaps hand washing is a good idea after all. Not only is this book very funny but it's also extremely helpful in encouraging little ones to wash their own hands. +++++++++ The Little Princess is always getting her hands dirty whether it's by playing in the palace garden, stroking Scruff, the dog or going on her potty. Whenever she does any of these, there's always someone there to tell her to wash her hands. Now, as the Little Princess never likes being told what to do, she does not take kindly to this hand washing business and she demands to know why. However, when the level-headed maid, who never puts up with any of her nonsense, tells her about all the germs and nasties and horrible things that could make her ill, she is soon found rushing to the hand basin at every opportunity. Not only that, she starts insisting that everyone else always washes their hands too. This is a fabulous book in many ways. First and foremost, this is another great story featuring that much loved character, the Little Princess. Strong willed and forthright in what she says, she never fails to entertain and to amuse my daughters who must be some of her biggest fans. We love all of her interactions with her parents and the palace staff and how, more often than not, she ...

No Child of Mine - Susan Lewis 30/07/2013

Someone else's problem!

No Child of Mine - Susan Lewis No Child of Mine is the latest novel from Susan Lewis, and in my opinion, it is her best so far. It’s compulsive, addictive reading and is a book that is virtually impossible to put down. It is traumatic, at times as it explores the harrowing field of social work that deals with child abuse and neglect. As well as that though, it is a moving and powerful story that grips the reader from the very first page. Alex Lake, a social worker, is the central character and she is dedicated to her work. She also has a great deal to cope with in her private life, being an adopted child of parents that she has always felt did not love her quite as much as their natural daughter, Gabby. Both parents are now dead and Alex was not included in their will perhaps proving that how she felt about them was true. Luckily, she has her wonderful boyfriend, Jason, although he does come complete with three children who are most unwilling to accept the new woman in their father’s life. Her work fills her days but it’s hard not to become too involved with the children she works with. This is particularly true in the case of Ottolie, a cute but virtually silent little girl, who on the surface seems well cared for. However, Alex feels a great deal of unease about Ottolie’s obstructive father and her acutely depressed mother. She doesn’t want to think the unthinkable but she also cannot ignore all of the warning signs. Unfortunately, she needs to gather proof before she can act on Ottolie’s behalf, but ...

Chickens Can't See in the Dark - Kristyna Litten 29/07/2013

Or can they??

The Jelly That Wouldn't Wobble - Angela Mitchell 28/07/2013

A very stubborn jelly!

The Snuggle Sandwich - Malachy Doyle 23/07/2013

A huggly snuggly story book!

Grandma Bendy - Izy Penguin 14/07/2013

Not your typical granny!!

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