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The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub 31/10/2015

Looks Like Jam, Smells Like Jam...

The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub Recently I picked up this ‘Early-Harvest Raspberry’ body scrub for an absolutely crazy price in the Body Shop sale. Originally it was priced at £13.00 then reduced by 50%, on top of that I used a discount code which made it less than a fiver! It was a bargain and I am pleased to say it did not disappoint either. The scrub itself comes in a screw top pot which does have its positive and negative points. Personally I prefer when products come in pots as opposed to tubes as you can get every last drop out however if you are using this in the shower it can be tricky to open. The pot is water tight so I feel confident that I can leave it in near the bath and it will be safe from any shower water. When you open the tub the first thing you notice is the smell, it smells sooooo good! It smells like actual fresh raspberries as opposed to smelling overly sweet and artificial. I usually stay away from fruity scented products as I find they can be quite sickly but this scrub has a light, fresh fragrance which is not over powering in the slightest. Next thing I have to say is how much this looks like jam, even the scrub particles look like the seeds in jam. Having looked on the Body Shop website they do describe this as having a ‘gorgeously jammy texture’. But a word of caution, as delicious as this looks it is not suitable for consumption! On application I found that the scrub is easy to rub in and a little goes a long way. Usually I use scrubs that are a bit harsher, like sugar ...

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Eternal Gold 18/10/2015

The only tattoo I need

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Eternal Gold I love the Maybelline Colour Tattoo pots and one of my favourite shades has to be ‘Eternal Gold’ . It is the perfect multi use shade and it is so lovely to use. This is my go-to product when I just want to throw something on my eye lids really quickly without having to make too much of an effort as it just gives my eyes that little pop of colour, perfect when you would rather have that extra 10 minutes in bed. The product itself is lovely and creamy. I use my fingers to take it out of the pot and just pat gently on to my eye lids. It provides a perfect all over colour with no creasing which quickly dries onto the skin to leave a beautiful golden colour. Now the reason I say this is a multi-use product is that you can use it as a quick bish-bash-bosh done eye shadow but then you can use it to create bold, long lasting looks for when you are going out. It looks great on its own, as a base for creating a smoky eye and if I know I am going to be out for the long haul I use this as a primer to build on. When I want to create a more dramatic look, perhaps a smoky eye, I have found that this blends perfectly with both other cream based products as well as powder based p[products so it really is a great all rounder. Now this is advertised as a 24 hour eye product. I do not know about you but I have never in my life worn a product for that long. Despite that I have to say this is really long wearing and always lasts the entire day. At night time when it comes to removing this ...

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo 17/10/2015

Revitalise your hair in a jiffy!

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo Dry shampoo is a staple in my beauty collection and this particular one from Batiste has been my weapon of choice for some time now after seeing various reviews online raving about it. The Batiste coconut and exotic tropical shampoo is designed to revitalise your hair and remove excess oil. All of this is true but I don’t just use this little gem for making my hair look nice when quite frankly it looks yuck but I also use it when I am styling my hair to give it extra volume and oomph! Now I have dark hair so I know what you are thinking, what about the white powdery stuff which is typical of dry shampoo’s? I would be lying if I said this did not happen with this dry shampoo. But if you use this correctly it won’t happen. By correctly I mean shake the can first and after you have sprayed it in your hair give it a bit of a shake and a brush. If you do this you will be fine and your hair will look fabulous! As I said before I do use this for styling as it gives my hair a bit more texture but it actually does work really well in the way it is supposed to be used, as a dry shampoo. Some mornings when I really just cannot be bothered to wash my hair I use a quick burst of this and no one would tell! Any excess oil disappears and I am left with hair that looks and smells fresh. This provides my hair with an instant freshness. My hair looks cleaner and has a lovely tropical scent which is lovely and light and not too over powering. You can purchase this in 3 different sizes; ...

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder 11/10/2015

A 5 Star Bronze For Me

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder I had wanted to try the Honey Bronzing Powder from the Body Shop for quite some time so a while back when the Body Shop released one of their infamous 50% off codes I thought that would be the perfect time! FIRST IMPRESSIONS I cannot lie, the reason I was first drawn to this product was the honey comb design embedded in the bronzer itself. I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I just like that is something a bit different. So after doing my homework reading reviews and getting the thumbs up I went for the purchase. PACKAGING There is nothing worse to have when carrying around make up than a dodgy compact! It can lead to a right mess and if this has ever happened to you you will know that with makeup, and in particular powders, are a right pain to clean off! To my joy this one is well make, strong and secure. It clips closed nice and tightly and I am not at all worried about it breaking or coming apart in my bag. Another thing I love about this packaging is it tortoise shell design. It is really stylish and distinctive which makes it easy to find in amongst my other make up products. COLOUR There are 5 shades available from in this line ranging from lighter to darker, I went for the second lightest which is 02 Fair Matte. I have quite pale skin so I wanted something that would not be too dark but at the same time would still give me a bit of a glow and this is the perfect shade for that. This may sound like a daft thing to say but one of the main ...

No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm 10/10/2015

Beautiful BB Balm

No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm I was feeling flush with my Boots points so decided to treat myself to this little beauty. Boots describe the BB lips as ‘all-in- one lip balm that provides 3 lip-loving benefits of; Beautiful colour, soothing nourishment & UV Protection’. At £9 is was a bit more than I would usually spend on a balm but as I said I used my Boots points which technically makes it a free treat, that's what I told myself anyway! This is what I would describe as the perfect ‘on the go’ lip product. It is easy to apply due to the slanted nib and the formula is lovely, it glides onto your lips evenly with a subtle hint of colour. The shade I chose was 'Blink Pink', this is a very light, neutral shade which is great for every day wear. When first applied this product does give your lips that extra kissable look as they appear more hydrated, this shade in particular gives your lips a beautiful pink sheen. One thing I really like about this product is that is is definitely more of a balm than a gloss in that it doesn't feel at all sticky or tacky. It has a lovely smooth texture. After a couple of hours you do need to reapply as the colour does wear off but for a balm it does perform well. As I said the shade that I chose was ‘Blink Pink’ however, there are 7 to choose from at the moment if you want to be a bit more adventurous than light pink. For me this was exactly what I was looking for, a neutral pink with just that hint of gloss. If I am honest I do not think I would spend my own money on ...

Revlon Matte Eye Shadow 01/07/2014

Revlon Eye Shadow for £1

Revlon Matte Eye Shadow  I like a good old bargain and quite often will browse the local pound shop to see what goodies I can find. I have found some great stuff in there in the past particularly when it comes to cosmetics. Admittedly some some that I have found in there has not been great but when I spotted this matte eye shadow from Revlon I had a good feeling.   The shade that I chose is called 'Pink Innocence'. It is a beautiful light pink shade that I thought would look very natural and minimalistic but also very pretty.  I like the packaging of this one, it is hard wearing black plastic with a small window so that you can see the colour of the product. It clips tightly closed and also comes with an applicator which is a handy bonus. With these types of eye shadows I have tried some in the past where the applicator is just rubbish but this one was a surprise.  The applicator picks up the product easily without any excess fall out and is a good size to hold in a comfortable way. The fact that the eye shadow comes in great packaging and has an applicator makes is ideal for travelling or when you do not want to take up so much space.  The eye shadow feels lovely and smooth when it is applied to your eye lid and you can instantly see the colour without having to build it up. Although this is a block colour it still looks lovely and natural as it is a lighter shade.  I was so pleased that this product lasted all day as it just gives your makeup look that extra bit of something else without ...

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara 10/06/2014

Double Wear for Double the Price

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara  Before we get started I have to say that I am not the type of person who splashes out a lot of money on the higher end mascaras. I have found great mascaras in places such as Boots and Superdrug for less than a tenner but when I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift for Christmas I was excited to try it out just to see for myself if the extra pounds spent do make a difference. What estée Lauder Say  'Now the smudge-free lash look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day. Engineered with innovative Smudge-ShieldTMTechnology to help resist high temperatures and high humidity, without smudging, flaking or wearing away throughout your active day.Lash-XtenderTM Brush elongates, separates and surrounds each lash in glossy, intensified colour.Innovative polymers lock in the mascara to keep it on lashes all day.' Packaging  There is nothing over exciting about the packaging of this one it is a simple tube with a twist out wand. When I first opened this and saw that the tube was navy I was a bit disappointed as I never wear navy mascara but to my joy when I had a look on the bottom of the tube it is actually in the black shade.  The wand comes out easily to reveal the soft bristled comb. There is just the right amount of product on the brush with no unnecessary excess. Application  Whilst writing this review I thought I would just have a smell of the formula so that I can give a detailed write up. The smell of this is actually quite strong but once it is ...

Apivita Express Beauty with Pomegranate Face Masks 12/05/2014

Average Face Mask From Apivita

Apivita Express Beauty with Pomegranate Face Masks  I decided I was going to have a bit of a pamper night in so I had a look through my beauty baskets to see what treats I could use. I came across these face mask sachets which I received in a glossy box a while ago.  The Express Beauty with Pomegranate mask is described as a revitalising and radiance mask with pomegranate. Apivita is a brand that I had not used before so I was intrigued to give it a go. =What it says on the sachet  'Pomegranate extract has revitalising properties, helps the skin restore its natural radiance and offers antioxidant protection. Honey, olive oil and the vitamins it contains, help moisturise and tone the skin' Using the mask  The sachet is really easy to tear open, there is a little slit that you tear across and it opens wide enough to squeeze the product out.  I had a sniff inside the sachet to see what the product smelt like and it smelt lovely. It reminded me of raspberries rather than pomegranate but it was nice non the less.  I gently squeezed the product out and began to cover my face. It was not like any other mask that I had used before. There are tiny beads in the mask which I suppose act to exfoliate your skin, there are not too many so it is not harsh on your skin. What makes this mask strange is its consistency, it reminded me of yoghurt.  I found it difficult to cover a thick layer of product on my skin because it felt more like a lotion than a face mask.  Once the mask was applied to my skin it did feel nice, it felt lovely ...

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick 09/05/2014

Truly Exceptional Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick  About a year ago I was browsing the Direct Cosmetics website and came across this lipstick by Elizabeth Arden. If you have not heard of Direct Cosmetics before it is basically a website that sells cosmetics but at a cheaper price, they may be cheaper as they could be end of line products, testers or in the case of the Exceptional Lipstick it did not have the original lip stick box. The selling price of these lipsticks is around the £17 mark and I managed to get it for less than a fiver, I would of just thrown the box away any way so this was a complete bargain! Packaging  The shade that I chose was 'Fiesta' which is a pink shade. The lipstick tube matches the shade of the lipstick and has Elizabeth Arden printed up the side in gold, it does look very sophisticated. The lid pops off easily and the tube twists smoothly to unveil the lipstick. The gold detailing continues on the inside of the tube as all of the lipstick barrel is gold too. Application  I personally prefer to apply lipstick straight from the bullet unless it is a really vibrant shade . Since this is a very wearable pink shade I just twist and apply.  The lipstick glides on so smoothly and it feels really lovely and creamy on my lips. I feels quite moisturising and does not leave any dryness on my lips. It glides on evenly and does not leave any cracking. Colour  The shade 'Fiesta' is an absolutely gorgeous shade! It is a blue-toned pink which looks quite dark in the bullet, it is almost a magenta shade. ...

Maltesers Malteaster Bunny 03/05/2014

Mmmm Malteaser Bunny

Maltesers Malteaster Bunny  I am an absolute chocoholic. I love chocolate! So when I saw these cute little malteaser bunnies on the shelf of my local supermarket I knew I had to try them  These little treats are described as 'A Milk Chocolate Bunny with a crunchy and creamy malteaser centre'. From the description it sounds absolutely delicious! At 156 calories they are not the healthy choice, but then again what chocolate is? Every one needs a treat every now and again.  When you open the packet you are greeted by a lovely little bunny waving at you. He may be lovely but that won't stop me eating him!  When you bite in to the chocolate it is nice and soft, not at all like the hard biscuit centre of a malteaser. It has sort of mousse-truffle centre with malt crispy bits mixed in which give this bunny his distinct malteaser flavour.  The centre is quite creamy and blends well with the chocolate as it is sweet but not too sickly. The mousse adds extra deliciousness to the already moreish malteaser chocolate coating. At Easter time these were priced at round the 50p-60p mark which is not too bad but he is small compared to other chocolate bars that you can buy at a similar price.  In all I think that the malteaer bunny is a very delicious easter treat, he is a good size for a treat but does leave you wanting more. I will rate this 4 out of 5.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo 28/04/2014

Holy Grail For Problem Skin

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo  I had heard quite a lot about the La Roche-Posay effaclar duo on the internet via various blogging and review sites so I thought I would give it a go. I thought it could go one of two ways, my skin could absolutely hate it or my skin would absolutely hate it. I am happy to say my skin loves it and it has quickly become my ultimate weapon of choice in the fight against pesky spots.   My Skin  So to get a good idea of how this treatment works for me I thought I should give you a quick over view of my skin type. I do have quite sensitive skin which can be a bit dry if I use a product that it does not like. I do not break out too often, generally I will get a couple of spots once a month and these tend to be on my chin. Sometimes though I will get maybe one on my forehead.   What does this treatment do?  The effaclar duo is a gel that aims to reduce the appearance of imperfections and unclogs sebum-blocked pores, lovely!   Packaging  The treatment comes in a tube which can sit on its head. It is easy to squeeze out the product however you need to quickly put the lid back on as it is one of those which will magically still push out the product by itself.   Application  The instructions on the back of the tube say to apply morning/and or evening to the whole face. If you suffered really badly with spots then I would do this however I have found that for me it works best to just apply to the effected areas.    The gel comes out fairly clear so you can apply either in the night or ...

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleanse Gel 27/04/2014

Zesty Hand Gel

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleanse Gel I like to keep something in my bag to clean my hands just in case I need to clean my hands when I am out and about. I used to keep a small packet of wet wipes but when they run out and I was doing some shopping at the Body Shop I spotted this cleanse gel and decided to give it a go. What is does This pink grapefruit scented hand gel is designed to cleanse your hands of germs in one quick and easy step with no water required. Packaging The hand gel comes in a small plastic bottle which is easy to store. The flip top lid opens and closes securely. I feel confident that it won’t spill out all over my handbag! To get the hand gel out is also really simple, the bottle just needs a gentle squeeze and you get enough out to do the job effectively. In use The hand gel initially feels quite cold when it is applied to your skin. You instantly notice the scent of the pink grapefruit. It is really zesty and refreshing. You only need to use a pea size amount of the hand gel. It rubs into my hands easily and is quickly absorbed. There is no greasy residue at all. One thing I have noticed is that if my hands are a little bit dry when I am using this it can sting a little bit. This only lasts a couple of seconds but it is a point to note! I have quite sensitive skin and some products can make my skin feel tight and uncomfortable especially anti-bacterial gels like this. My hands feel fine when using this and I have had no problems with it. The grapefruit scent tends to last on ...

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait 22/04/2014

Peachy Lips

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait  After trying my first Revlon lip butter about a year ago they quickly became one of my favourite lip products to use. I have now got quite a good little collection of the lip butters with my absolute favourite shade being Peach Parfait. What Revlon Say  Get soft lips and irresistible colour with Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter. Packaging  I really like the packaging of the Revlon lip butters as they look and apply more like a lip stick rather than a lip balm.  The product twists out easily and twists back in without rubbing any excess product onto the side. Application  The lip butters are designed to be slanted to make application easier and more precise. I like this feature as it makes it quick to apply when you are on the go.   I have been using this particular shade for several months now and the butter is still in good condition. It has not broke or become mis-shapen at all.  The lip butter feels soft on my lips and glides easily and evenly.  The Lip Butter  The first thing you notice about the lip butter on application is the colour. Peach Parfait is an absolutely beautiful and neutral colour which I think is especially perfect in the spring and summer months.  It is a lovely coral almost pink shade with subtle hints of gold in. It leaves a shine on the lips which makes them look glossy but without being sparkly making it a great shade to use day to day.  The reason why I have started using these over lip glosses is that they last so much longer on my lips ...

Pandora Turtle Charm 11/04/2014

My Little Turtle Charm

Pandora Turtle Charm  I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful Pandora charm bracelet as a gift from my other half last year and as well as giving me the bracelet he had also chosen a couple of lovely charms to go on it. One of the charms that he chose was this turtle.  The turtle charm is made from sterling silver and is a really cute and fun element to my charm bracelet  To attach the charm to the bracelet it slides on going through the turtles shell so that he looks like he is sitting on the bracelet rather than dangling from the bracelet. The hole in which the bracelet goes through leaves enough of room so that the turtle can move up and down the bracelet easily.  What I love about Pandora charms is the detailing that goes into them and this one is no different. The turtle has markings on both side so you can see him no matter which way he is on your bracelet. The shell is detailed and engraved as is his tiny face with eyes and a smile. The turtle also has teeny tiny feet that poke out of the shell. Despite having intricate detailing the turtle feels strong and of good quality. In order to clean Pandora bracelets and charms the website instructs you to use a soft toothbrush and diluted soapy water.  I have not had to do this yet but I think its good that you can use every day items to clean the jewellery rather than buying a more expensive cleaning product.  The price of the turtle charm is around £25 and it can be bought in Pandora stores and online as well as in several other ...

Essie Neo Whimsical 09/04/2014

The Perfect Pink?

Essie Neo Whimsical  I really like to paint my nails whether it is a bold, pastel or neutral shade. My new favourite neutral shade has to be 'Neo Whimsical'' from Essie. I managed to pick this up at a bargain price from Fragrance Direct and I absolutely love it. A bit about Essie   Essie is a cosmetic company that is own by L'oreal who specialise in nail colours and nail care. They are constantly refreshing themselves and bringing out new collections so there is definitely a colour to match every mood and occasion! Application  The brush is of a good quality and glides on to the nails easily and evenly. The colour sweeps across your nail in just 2 or 3 brushes. I hate it when a brush leaves marks across the nail polish but that is not a problem with the Essie polish, it goes on so smooth. Colour  I love love love this colour! It is a beautiful shade of light pink that looks natural but just makes your nails looks that extra bit more groomed in a way. I think it looks really classy and elegant as it is not over the top. It does have a slight shine to it but I would describe it as more of a matte shade of pink. Wear  When wearing nail varnish I always wear a base coat and top coat as I find this helps to make the polish last longer. I have found that Essie nail polishes in general tend to wear quite well.  Usually when I wear this nail varnish it lasts around 5 days before I can see any noticeable chips, even then I feel that they can wait until at least 7 days before I re-paint them as ...
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