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John Fowler St Ives Holiday Village, Cornwall, Cornwall 29/06/2011

John Fowler St Ives - a pleasant woodland holiday park

John Fowler St Ives Holiday Village, Cornwall, Cornwall We took this holiday under The Sun holiday promotion. We have stayed at this holiday park several years ago, this is the first time with a child. John Fowler Holiday Parks are based mainly in Devon and Cornwall, with one in Somerset. We have stayed at several of them and have always found the facilities to be fairly basic but satisfactory. We have stayed both as full paying customers and through The Sun promotions. This holiday park is called St Ives Holiday Village and is just up the hill from Lelant and close to Hayle. It is around 4 miles from St Ives itself. The Holiday Park has lots of chalets scattered around a woodland area. The park itself is 100 acre woodland site and has a lovely feel to it, better than most caravan parks which are row after row of caravan. OUR BREAK ++++++++++ We booked through The Sun holiday promotion, so paid £60 initially for this break. We then had to pay a further £45 for linen, utilities and entertainment passes, making a total of £105. To book this direct with John Fowler would have cost in the region of £200 so we made quite a saving there. We stayed from Friday 24 June to Monday 27 June. We live around 2 hours from Cornwall, so had an easy and pleasant trip to get there. As you can't book in until 4pm, we popped into St Ives first. St Ives is lovely, but I got attacked by a seagull who took my ice cream! and then it started to rain, so we decided to head off to see if we could get into our chalet and arrived at the park at ...

Fellowes RKIVE System File Store Module 23/06/2011

RKive file storage system - stackable and very useful

Fellowes RKIVE System File Store Module I recently left my job in Accountancy after 20 years, to go self employed and work from home, mainly to be able to work around bringing up my young daughter. I already had a small office, having converted our garage a couple of years ago, but it was somewhat untidy. Handy storage was a necessity and urgently required! I needed something that was going to hold a lot of files, but not cost a huge amount of money as starting out in business can be very expensive and funds are limited! The RKive System File Storage Module (to give it its full title!) is a handy cardboard box type storage that holds several files at once and they can be stacked 3 high as well. You can buy them individually or in packs and they are self assembly. THE PRODUCT ++++++++++++ The File Storage Module is made from a thick cardboard and self assembly is very simple. A picture of it has been added to this review. The instructions are on the back of the storage, and very easy to follow. It is a simple matter of folding some cardboard flaps into the box, then inserting the dividers and folding more flaps in for extra sturdiness. The cardboard is very thick and has corrugated edges to make the bending and folding easier. We had 3 put together in minutes and stacked on top of each other. 3 high is the maximum recommended by Fellowes the manufacturer, although I daresay that you could stack more on top of each other as long as the files in them weren't too heavy. We couldn't put this to the test as our ...

Premier Inn Bournemouth Westcliffe, Bournemouth 27/12/2010

handy for shopping and the BIC

Premier Inn Bournemouth Westcliffe, Bournemouth This Premier Inn is situated on Bournemouth Westcliffe and is ideally placed for shopping and the BIC. A fairly new hotel, the only thing that lets it down is the lack of parking, however there is plenty nearby on local streets, or in pay car parks. BOOKING ++++++++ We booked this room online at We were looking for a cheap room in Bournemouth that was within walking distance of the BIC. We wanted something cheap with easy parking and the option of breakfast. I searched for a room and discovered that this Premier Inn was £20 cheaper than the Central one. However there is no sea view at this hotel! A good reason for using Premier Inn is that you can cancel the room up to 1pm on the day of arrival, which is great with the random weather at the moment and with having a young child that we were leaving with grandparents. You can check in from 2pm and do not have to check out until 12pm the following day. We quite often stay in Premier Inn's and you can also use Leisure Vouchers there. The cost for this room for a Friday night in December was £62. Breakfast costs a separate £7.95 per person; however kids under 15 eat free with 2 adults eating. LOCATION ++++++++ Situated on Poole Road, Bournemouth, this is the newest and biggest Premier Inn in Bournemouth. It has 138 rooms and has a built-in restaurant, which is not advertised outside, it is not a Brewers Fayre, or a Table Table. Using our Sat Nav we found the hotel very easily. We had received ...

Park Resorts 16/04/2010

Park Resorts - Sunnydale - between Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe

Park Resorts Park Resorts have 37 coastal parks all over the country (but none in Cornwall). The park that I am reviewing is Sunnydale in Lincolnshire. I will describe the whole experience, from booking to going on holiday. Park Resorts have caravan and lodge accommodation, which varies from park to park. It ranges in value and luxury, from Bronze to Platinum, which means that what you get in each caravan will vary. In the past we have stayed at Park Resorts Carmarthen Bay, near Kidwelly and we stayed there on a Sun weekend. There we were given the most basic of accommodation and it was very shabby. This did put us off Park Resorts, but since having a child we need child friendly holidays and cheap holidays! We realised that we could get a "free" holiday using Tesco Clubcard vouchers if we went to Park Resorts, so I ordered a brochure online and we decided where to go. I left it a bit late to book, so we couldnt get the week that we wanted or the park that we wanted, but that was my fault, not theirs. HOW TO BOOK ++++++++++++ If you are using Tesco Clubcard vouchers then you need to get these first before ringing up to book your holiday, but of course you need to know how much the holiday will cost before getting your vouchers! So I telephoned Park Resorts and after discussing several sites and options with them, decided that we could have a Platinum caravan at Sunnydale on 26 September 2009 for 7 nights for £294. I was worried that this would go before I could get the ...

Sainsburys Kids 3% Strawberry Fromage Frais Pouches 19/03/2010

Sainsburys kids Fromage Frais pouches - healthy and convenient

Sainsburys Kids 3% Strawberry Fromage Frais Pouches Sainsbury's kids 3% fat - 4 fromage frais pouches. PACKAGING AND THE PRODUCT +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ This product comes in a pale green cardboard box with pictures of strawberries on it. The packaging is minimal being just big enough to hold the pouches and is easily recycled. The box states that the product is a source of calcium with no artifical colours, flavourings, preservatives or sweeteners. The product must be kept refrigerated and cannot be frozen. It is suitable for vegetarians. The box contains 4 90g plastic pouches of fromage frais. Described as strawberry with real fruit puree and 3% fat. The lid is a little small and for that reason, Sainsbury's put a safety choking warning on the box and advise you to hold the re-usable cap and keep out of reach of children under 36 months. NUTRITION AND INGREDIENTS +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ The ingredients contain de-ionised fruit juices, 10% strawberry puree, maize starch, calcium lactate, guar gum thickener, natural flavourings and concentrated lemon juice. The allergy advice is that it contains cows milk. Nutrition wise, each pouch contains 87 calories, 5.3g of protein, 10.1g of sugar carbohydrate, 2.2g of fat (1.5g of which is saturated) and a trace of salt. It contains 15% of the recommended daily amount of calcium. The box states that the Sainsbury's kids range is nutritionally balanced and designed especially for children between 4 and 8 years of age. Each product meets Sainsbury's ...

Tesco Fruit Slurpers 19/03/2010

Tesco Fruit Slurpers - Apple & Banana

Tesco Fruit Slurpers Tesco Fruit Slurpers cost £1.49 for a box of 4 pouches. This makes them just under 40p each. They are a fruit smoothie snack and are aimed at children. This review is essentially about the Apple & Banana flavour, however they do come in other flavours. THE BOX AND THE GOODS INSIDE +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ A bright yellow box with a crazy banana on it best describes the packaging. Described as "the squeezy snack for any occasion", the box contains 4 pouches which are 90g each and the box states that a 90g serving is 1 portion of your 5-a-day fruit and vegetable requirement. The box also tells you that it gives you 3% of your calories, 16% or your sugar, under 1% of your fat, saturates and salt for the day. The box is cardboard, so easily recycled and it is the size of the pouches so no wasted packaging. The pouches are yellow foil with a small green plastic lid. The lid could be a danger to small children and the packaging does state this and says it is unsuitable for unsupervised children under 36 months. My daughter is 2 and I always take the lid off and put to one side out of her reach before giving it to her. That is probably the only complaint with the product. Similar products sold have a much larger lid which would be impossible to swallow and maybe Tesco should look into changing this. However, if the child does not eat the pouch all in one go, the lid can be replaced and the product will keep for up to 24 hours. The packaging states best consumed chilled, ...

Winnie The Pooh Magic Touch 'N Crawl 12/01/2009

Winnie The Pooh Touch N Crawl

Winnie The Pooh Magic Touch 'N Crawl Winnie The Pooh Magic Touch N Crawl is one of the presents that I bought my daughter for Christmas. Winnie The Pooh Magic Touch and Crawl is made by Fisher Price and it is a great fun toy for babies to play with. It's a Disney branded toy made by Fisher Price and it is an interactive toy that is supposed to help your baby start crawling. The idea is that the toy crawls off and that baby follows it, so it is really aimed at babies 6 months upwards and the box says 6M+ to indicate this. The box is in what I would call the normal Fisher Price Disney colours of purple. The packaging is not to excess, the toy is wired to the back of the box and comes with batteries included. SO HOW DOES IT WORK? Well, you simply pat its bum to make it work and it says one of several phrases, including: Follow me Lets find something sweet Hello Baby Crawling is fun It plays several tunes and then crawls off. It plays: Skip to My Loo You're a Dirty Rascal Another tune I don't recognise It will play a tune and crawl off. It stops then and giggles and says Follow Me and looks around at baby and back again before crawling off again. The idea is that the toy is easy for the baby to use, by patting it's bum and that the baby follows the toy and crawls after it. It speaks in quite a high pitched Winnie the Pooh voice and of course it is yellow as is Winnie The Pooh! It looks like the baby version of Winnie The Pooh as opposed to the "normal" version that the teddy bears usually ...

Fisher Price Lullaby Soother Winnie The Pooh 01/10/2008

Winnie The Pooh Lullaby Soother

Fisher Price Lullaby Soother Winnie The Pooh The Fisher Price Lullaby Soother Winnie The Pooh is a bedtime sleep aid that I can highly recommend. When I was pregnant I visitied my friend and her little girl had one of these. My friend told me how her little girl loved it and how it sent her off to sleep. I purchased one of these from Argos before my baby was born. We didn't use it until she was in her cot sleeping at about 3 months old. WHAT IS IT? ++++++++++ The Lullaby Soother features Winnie The Pooh leaning on a cusion to go to sleep. Winnie The Pooh is yellow and he wears a blue sleepsuit. He is lying on a white pillow which has the blue outline of a cloud on it. The cloud is where you push the button to make it work. The cusion pad contains the light pad and the music box. The lights alternate between pink, blue, ORANGE, green and purple and it plays 10 different tunes to help your baby go to sleep. It also plays nature sounds and keeps featuring words like "Night Night" and I'm So Sleepy". The nature sounds include water and birdsong. The control pad is under the pad which is reached by removing the pillowcase. There are 3 different time settings, 5, 15 and 25 minutes and also an off switch. You can select any of these settings, but it is a bit fiddly as you have to take the pillowcase off each time. Winnie The Pooh is fully machine washable, but you must of course remove the electronic box from the pillowcase first. It also comes with a remote control so that you don't have to be in the ...

Bumbo Baby Sitter 23/09/2008

Bumbo Baby Sitter

Bumbo Baby Sitter The Bumbo chair is a clever invention that enables your baby to sit up and enjoy their surroundings from a different perspective. The Bumbo is described as a revolutionary design that uses baby's own body weight to support himself. It is suitable from 4-12 months (weight 4-10kg) You can also purchase a separate tray, which is great for playing and eating. This is available in white or clear. I purchased one because my friend recommended it. She used to feed her baby on the kitchen worktop sat in one of these. (Can I just say, that it is not recommended to use them on high surfaces!!!). WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Well, the packaging is a big hexagon shaped box, with a lid that comes off, so its easy to remove the Bumbo from the box. The Bumbo is made out of a tough strong foam type material, which is quite soft to the touch whilst sturdy enough to sit on. It is very easy to clean, and it is very lightweight, and is also non-toxic. No straps are required to keep the baby in place due to the design of the chair. My mum's first thought when she saw it, was that it was a potty! It does resemble one slightly. The design is such that baby is sat down deep in the Bumbo, with a large section that goes between their legs. The Bumbo supports the baby to be sat upright. There is a bit at the back whic helps support the baby's head. MY EXPERIENCE OF THE BUMBO I first put Melissa in the Bumbo when she was about 3.5 months old and she wasnt really ready for ... 17/09/2008

VISTAPRINT - NOT SO FREE AFTER ALL are a company that offer free products such as business cards and other business stationery. I decided to order my husband some business cards for his self-employed courier business as a colleague of his had recommended vistaprint. Wow, what a mistake that was! I shall review vistprint's website and what they do first, but please ensure you read the review in full. Don't miss the small-print whatever you do!! VISTAPRINT.CO.UK Vistaprint sells all sorts of office stationery including business cards, letterheads, rubber stamps, notepads, postit notes, return address stickers, According to the website, Vistaprint is an international company. IS IT EASY TO USE? Yes it is. You simply click on the item you require, lets say a business card. You can chose 1 of about 8 designs for free, or loads more if you want to pay for it. You are then given boxes to complete to enter your personal information. It is very easy to do and fast too. You can get 250 business cards free if you have vistaprint logo on the back of the cards. If you want plain on the back, or words of your choice it will cost you more. You go through the order process, if you are vat registered you can supply your number and they will remove the vat. Otherwise, the only charges you incur are postage. You can also buy a futher 250 business cards for around £6 at the same time. After purchasing the business cards, we also purchased compliments slips, postit notes and note pads, ...

Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream 03/09/2008

Sudocrem - a must have for any mum

Sudocrem netdoctor Antiseptic Healing Cream Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream is a product that I have been using for at least 25 years, since I was a child. It soothes scratches and eases spots. Now that I have a baby it has another use, as nappy cream. WHAT IS SUDOCREM Sudocrem comes in little plastic tubs. Distinctively packaged in a grey tub with a red and white label, Sudocrem is easily spotted on the chemist or supermarket shelf. The label describes it as being used for: Napkin Rash Eczema Bed Sores Sunburn Minor Burns Surface Wounds Acne It is available in several different sizes, from small to very large. I have it in sizes of 60g, 125g , 250g, 400g and it is also available in 30g tubes WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? The cream is very thick, gloopy and white. It smells faintly of lavender. It is a mild smell, but very distinctive when you do smell it. It is not a very absorbant cream, it covers the skin rather than going into it. it is a nice cream to use but can be messy. It goes under your finger nails too. The cream is in a tub so you simply remove the lid to apply it there is no squeezing involved. WHAT HAVE I USED IT FOR? minor kitchen burns and scalds sweat rash nappy rash broken and inflamed skin cat sratches bad spots sore skin after a cold and now as a nappy rash cream. NAPPY RASH CARE The cream has a water repellent base, which provides a protective barrier, which makes it ideal for nappy cream. I use it all the time as a preventative measure while ...

Clippasafe Cot Cat Net 03/09/2008

Clippasafe Cot Cat Net - Not very safe at all

Clippasafe Cot Cat Net When I discovered I was pregnant, the first thing that everybody said (after Congratulations), was "what are you going to do with the cats?". The general consensus of opinion seemed to be that having 3 cats was not compatible with having a baby in the house. Somebody said you will have to get rid of them, and I said, no way, because up until then, our 3 cats were our babies! I started looking into cat-proofing the cot and nursery. One easy option was to shut the bedroom doors, therefore stopping the cats from going in there! The next option was to buy cat nets for the Moses basket and the Cot bed. After a bit of research I settled on this one, the Clippasafe Cot Cat Net. It is suitable for both cots and cot beds. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Well, the Cat Net is made of a strong secure open weave white mesh. It fits right over the whole cot and then ties underneath at each of the four legs, making it secure. The idea then being I presume that if a cat jumps onto the net it will rebound and bounce across the room (!). It fits a standard size cot of approximate size 130cm long x 65 wide x 65cm drop to bottom of mattress. It fits a cot bed of approximate size 150cm long x 75 wide x 75cm drop bottom of mattress DOES IT WORK? In a word, NO. It simply isnt tight/taut enough to repell a cat. We let our cat stand on it, expecting the net to stay in place, but the cat simply went down into the cot on top of the net. This is obviously dangerous, as if a ...

Premier Travel Inn Oxford South (Didcot) 26/08/2008

Premier Inn Oxford (Didcot) (updated since baby)

Premier Travel Inn Oxford South (Didcot) This Premier Travel Inn is at Milton Heights Business Park, situated on the A4130 just off the A34 Milton Interchange between Oxford and Newbury. It is 12 miles from Oxford city centre. My husband originates from Wallingford near Oxford so we travel up that way several times a year to see old friends and family. It is very difficult to find a reasonably priced B&B in that area, so the last few times that we have been up, we have stayed at the Premier Travel Inn. It is close to Wallingford and also it is close to Didcot, which has a Tesco, an open air Sunday market and a train station. It is also next door to The Apple Cart. This used to be a Brewers Fayre, but is now known as Table Table. BOOKING ++++++++ I always book our rooms online. This is really easy to do. You find the hotel that you want, then check availability. You can then choose the type of room that you want and reserve it. You only pay for the room upon arrival and it can be cancelled as close as 1pm on the day that you arrive. We always book a double non-smoking room. Since having the baby, we have booked a family room with cot. We have stayed there twice since having the baby and both times have been given a room next to the fire exit, on the ground floor, with a travel cot. The family rooms can sleep 4. There is a sofa bed, and also a bed that pulls out from under the double bed. You can check in after 2pm and do not need to vacate until 12pm the following day. If you are travelling for ...

Fisher Price Thermos Food Warmer 21/08/2008

Fisher Price Thermos Food Warmer

Fisher Price Thermos Food Warmer Once your baby starts eating more solid foot, then you need to consider meal times when you are out and about. The Fisher Price Thermos Food Warmer is great for heating up either bottles or food. FISHER PRICE THERMOS FOOD WARMER Like its sister (Fisher Price Bottle Warmer), the thermos consists of a flask with a large blue lid. The lid is large enough to hold bottles like Tommee Tippee ones, or pots of food. The thermos comes with one food pot, a handle to hold the food pot and a little spoon. The food pots can be put into the freezer with food in. You take the lid of the thermos off, and pour the water into it from the flask. The flask has a pouring spout, so that you only need to press a button, you do not need to unscrew it. The idea is that the handle slots over the Fisher Price food pot, enabling you to lift it in and out of the water with ease. The handle also helps you to hold the food pot while feeding your baby. You can also purchase further food pots in sets of 3. COST Well, I purchased my flask at a local store called Trago Mills, for £8.39, with a further 3 pots for £1.99. I can now see that this was cheap, as most places the flask is around £12.99. WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? Yes I would. I had already purchased the smaller Fisher Price Bottle Warmer flask, but unfortunately as I have Tommee Tippee bottles, they only just fit in there, not leaving much room for water. I wish that I had seen this thermos first as I could have ...

Boots Kitty Cat Stacker 21/08/2008

Boots Kitty Cat Stacker - a colourful fun toy

Boots Kitty Cat Stacker When I had my baby I was given, amongst other things, a £20 Boots gift voucher frommy office. So when baby is a few weeks old, we take a trip into town to spend it. Browsing among the toys, I caught sight of the Boots Kiity Cat Stacker, costing £15. I thought that was quite a lot of money, but seeing as it wasnt actually costing me anything and it looked quite cute, I decided to buy it. Boots Kitty Cat Stacker The toy consists of a cone shaped base, 3 rings and a cats head, all made out of a lovely soft material. The cone shaped base is a green colour, with a patttern of numbers and letters around the edge and some dangly thin grey strands of material with knots at the end. Next comes a blue ring, with green triangles sticking out all over the edge of it. The next ring is patterned in pink and orange and has the cats bottom legs on it, there are also some bells in there, which make a lovely tinkly sound. The next ring is small, and orange, with little round circles on it. The final section is the cats head with its front paws. Obviously the rings are graduated, as the cat stacks, so the rings get smaller and it looks like a cat! WHAT IS THE POINT OF IT? Well according to Boots, the toy encourages baby's thinking skills and enhances baby's senses. The rings are brightly coloured and have different textures and patterns on them. Baby is encouraged to stack the rings and make the cat. It is aimed at 6 months + MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ...
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