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Lego Speed Champions 75881 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40 27/04/2017

A Must Have For Any Ford GT Fan!

Lego Speed Champions 75881 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40 = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = Whenever I go to my sister’s to visit her and my nephews, they always seem to have acquired a new Lego set, whether it was purchased brand new or from the local car boot. This set I am reviewing is a fairly new set to the Lego range and I was told that it was purchased with some of my nephew’s birthday money that he had left over from a few weeks ago; although he has only just recently built it as he saved it to build when I had to look after him recently. This set is from the Lego Speed Champions range. I think this particular range was introduced this year so both my nephews already have a few sets from this range. This set includes Lego Speed Champions versions of the stunning 2016 Ford GT and the 1996 Ford GT40 endurance car. Each of the cars has a number of different features including removable windshields and iconic detailing. You also get a victory podium with the set as well as three mini figures and some small accessories. This set has a total of 366 Lego pieces and is recommended for children aged 7-14yrs. In the box there should be a number of clear plastic bags which contain the pieces of Lego; these should have large numbers on them so you know which bag to start off with. There should also be two instructions booklets as well. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = The average price of this set is around £29.99, but you may find it cheaper if it’s on offer. You can purchase this set from the Lego website or ...

Lego Speed Champions 75878 Bugatti Chiron 26/04/2017

Racing In My Bugatti Chiron!

Lego Speed Champions 75878 Bugatti Chiron = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = During the Easter holiday's my nephews went to visit my parents at their new flat in Weymouth and whilst they were there, they had a little bit of pocket money to spend and this is one of the Lego sets that my youngest nephew purchased with his pocket money. This Bugatti Chiron is from the 'Lego Speed Champions' range which is a range that both of my nephews are very aware of as they have other Lego sets from this range. The vehicle features wheels with rubber tires, a removable windshield plus iconic and realistic detailing. You also get three marker cones with the set and a mini figure as well. This set has a total of 181 pieces and is suitable for children aged 7-14. My nephew is only 6 but he is fine when playing with Lego and when building the Lego someone always helps him anyway. The Lego comes in a box which clearly shows the car on the front and it shows detailing from the car as well. Inside the box should be an instruction booklet and 1 bag containing the Lego pieces as well as a small sheet of stickers for the car. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = This can be purchased from various toy shops and from places such as Amazon for around £12.99 which I think is a reasonable price. = = = = = = = = Building the Set = = = = = = = = My nephew emptied out the bag of Lego and I started to sort the bits out into colours and sizes so that he would be able to find the pieces that he needed a lot quicker. The first ...

Nerf Modulus Strike & Defend Kit 25/04/2017

Not A Bad Piece Of Kit!

Nerf Modulus Strike & Defend Kit = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = My nephew has lots of Nerf Guns and accessories and this is one of the ones that he currently owns. This particular Nerf gun is the Strike and Defend Upgrade Kit which can clip onto the 'Nerf EC10 Modulus Blaster'. This full battle includes blaster stock, blast shield and two darts. This product is suitable for children aged 8 and upwards. This kit includes a blaster stock to steady your shot and a blast shield to protect your face. My nephew always uses this when I go around there and no-one else really ever gets the chance to use; although I have used the blast shield once or twice on a different Nerf gun when I have been there. The main gun is white with bits of orange and dark grey on it. The main trigger to the gun is a light grey colour which goes well with the white and orange. The Nerf logo is on a dark grey section at the back of the gun. The two darts that come with the gun are white in colour and have orange tips to them. The shield is mainly orange in colour and feels fairly strong. This sits on a small grey platform which can slide onto the front of the gun and it can actually slide onto other Nerf guns as well. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = You can purchase this from Toys R Us for around £19.99. You can also purchase it from other places such as Amazon, Argos and some other toy shops. = = = = = = Using the Kit = = = = = = This upgrade kit can clip on easily to the Nerf EC10 Modulus Blaster. It just ...

Moldex 7800 Sparkplugs 24/04/2017

I Can't 'Ear' Him Anymore!

Moldex 7800 Sparkplugs = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = As some of you know from reading a previous review I have written about Ear Plugs, that my boyfriend is a snorer and his snoring often keeps me awake meaning I often end up feeling tired the following day. No matter how much I kick or nudge him during the night he still ends up on his back or right hand side snoring so I have been trying various ear plugs to try and block the sound of his snoring out. The ear plugs I previously reviewed were awful and I hated them. They didn't block out his snoring and they were uncomfortable and that's when they stayed in as the majority of the time they ended up falling out. I actually received this Moldex Spark Plugs ear plugs as part of a trial pack from eBay which contained various different ear plugs but these are the one's that I got on most well with, so I now buy these regularly. These ear plugs come in appealing colours and these colours are sent to you randomly so you can't choose which colour you receive. To be honest I wasn't bothered about the colour, so long as they did what they claimed to. The ear plugs have what I would describe as an almost marble effect to them and come in pink, blue, green and other colours. The ear plugs are made from soft PU-foam and have a tapered design so are a comfortable fit. These protect your ears from sounds up to 35dB which should be more than enough to block out my boyfriends snoring! These ear plugs do come corded or in a pocket pack which includes a ...

Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick 23/04/2017

This Lipstick Definitely Isn't Long Lasting!

Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = I am reviewing a lipstick by Max Factor which I have used quite a few times over the past month or so. This lipstick claims to give your lips up to 8 hours of vibrant, nourished colour that doesn't dry out your lips. The lipstick has an intense colour with a rich cream finish and it’s infused with nourishing oils so the lipstick doesn't crack, crumble or bleed. It glides effortlessly across your lips, leaving bold colour and a cashmere soft feel. I saw this range of lipstick in my local Superdrug store a good few months ago and liked a couple of the shades in the range but I only ended up purchasing one shade. The lipstick comes in metallic gold packaging and has a clear lid. On the side of the packaging it states the brand name and the range that the lipstick is from which is 'Lipfinity'. The name of the shade of the lipstick which in this case is 'Stay Exclusive' is on a sticker on the side of the lipstick. I would personally prefer the name of the shade printed on the bottom of the packaging as if this sticker happens to come off (which mine nearly is), you then have to try and work out what the shade of the lipstick is if you want to purchase it again! The lipstick fits easily into my make-up bag and I have also had it in my handbag as well as the lid always stays firmly on so I don't have to worry about the lipstick being ruined whilst in my bag or making a mess. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = I purchased this ...

EAR Classic Soft Earplugs 22/04/2017

Ear Plugs That Don't Work!

EAR Classic Soft Earplugs = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = My boyfriend snores . . and he snores quite loudly sometimes and with me being a light sleeper I often find his snoring stops me from getting a good night’s sleep. I did get into the habit of giving him a nudge and make him turn over as when he sleeps on his right side he doesn’t snore; however, an hour or so later I am again woken up by his snoring where he has turned back over again so I decided it was time to invest in some ear plugs to try and block out his snoring! I had already tried some ear plugs from Superdrug but they used to make my ears extremely sore, so I decided to look online to see what I could find on Amazon and these particular one’s seemed to be quite popular so I decided to get some to see what they were like. I actually ended up ordering around 20 pairs in the hope that they would be half decent and also hoped that they would actually work. These ear plugs provide excellent hearing protection and all day comfort. Not that I wanted all day comfort but I wanted comfortable ear plugs to wear at night! The ear plugs are made from an energy absorbing polymer foam and they are ideal for use where noise in a problem whether it be in work or for leisure activities. These ear plugs are reusable and moisture resistant. They are EU safety standards compliant and they are compatible with other PPE. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = You can purchase a pack of twenty of these ear plugs for £4.49 on Amazon which ...

Hasbro Grab & Go Connect 4 Game 21/04/2017

A Lovely Little Travel Game.

Hasbro Grab & Go Connect 4 Game = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = My nephew has got to go away for a few days on a school trip and to keep him entertained for the journey down there she decided to purchase him a couple of travel games and this was one of them. The travel game is compact version of the classic Connect 4 game which is made by Hasbro, whom make the majority of board games now. The all-in-one playing grid makes storing the game easy as the checker tray folds up on the playing grid once you have finished playing. The game comes in a small cardboard box and on the front it clearly shows a picture of the game. Inside the box should be the main tray which is a dark blue colour and there should be a total of 42 checkers (21 red and 21 yellow). There are instructions inside the box as well although I am sure the majority of you will know how to play this game. This game is suitable for 2 players only and is suitable for children aged 6 years and upwards. The aim of this game is to be the first person to get four of their coloured counters in a row. The rows can be diagonal, horizontal and vertical. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = You can purchase this game from various places for around £6.99 but my sister purchased it from Whsmith’s with another travel game as it was buy one get the 2nd half price. = = = = = = = = = Playing the Game = = = = = = = = = This game is very easy to set up. All you need to do is unfold the checkers tray and the playing grid. Once you have done this ...

Lego Ninjago 70623 Destiny's Shadow 20/04/2017

An Exciting World of Ninjas Battling Against The Forces of Evil!

Lego Ninjago 70623 Destiny's Shadow = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = My nephew recently had his 10th birthday and he wanted some Lego Ninjago for his birthday. He already has some Lego Ninjago set’s and this is another set that he recently received on his birthday. For those of you who have never heard of Lego Ninjago before or have no idea what it’s about (like me until recently) I have added a little bit of information explaining what Lego Ninjago is. Lego Ninjago is an exciting world of ninjas battling against the forces of evil. Your child will enjoy meeting their heroes and role playing their exciting and varied adventures. In addition, they can play out the hit TV series and play against their friends in a battle to become the Master of Spinjitzu! With this set your child can join Lloyd and Cole on their boat/flyer and glide into Vermillion territory. Fire the stud shooters to fend off Vermin's hoverboard attacks or flip out the wings and launch into the sky. Then detach the canoe and paddle silently through the swamp to surprise the enemy. Whatever you do, you must keep that Pause Time Blade in ninja hands! This set includes 3 mini figures (Vermin, Lloyd and Cole with swamp outfits decorations). The ninjago Lego comes in a dark red based coloured box and it clearly states on the front that this particular set is from the Lego Ninjago range. It shows the made-up model on the front of the box and on the side and back of the box it shows features of the model. Inside the box should be clear numbered ...

Stabilo Pointball Ballpoint Pen 19/04/2017

A Lovely Pen Made From 79% Recycled Plastic.

Stabilo Pointball Ballpoint Pen = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = I have been writing some of my favourite Slimming World recipes up on record cards so that I can keep my favourite recipe’s altogether in one place and in a place where they are easy to get to and read from. Because I wanted them to look nice and neat I decide to treat myself to some new pens so I could make the recipe cards nice and pretty and so that things stand out on them. When it comes to writing I generally prefer writing in black and I like a smooth ballpoint pen that is comfortable to hold and easy to write with. I have heard of the Stabilo brand before and I am a fan of their products. I saw this pen in my local Whsmith store about a month ago and after trying the pen on a tester pad that they had there I decided to purchase it as it seemed a nice pen to be able to write with. This pen is perfect for environmentally-aware school children, students, teachers and office workers because this particular pen is manufactured from 79% recycled plastic. The pen is in the style of the world-famous Stabilo point 88 pens, which some of you may have used before. The barrel to the pen is an orange colour with white lines going down the barrel of the pen. The pen isn’t exactly round but it’s not triangular or hexagonal either. There is a non-slip grip towards the bottom of the pen so it’s nice and comfortable to hold when using it. This pen comes with no lid but it does have a click mechanism. The click button on the top of the pen and the ...

Hasbro Jenga Gold 19/04/2017

Will You Get The Most Gold?

Hasbro Jenga Gold = = About = = Nowadays there seems to be so many different versions of games that I used play as a child. Take this game 'Jenga' for example. I used to play Jenga a lot but the only version available was the Jenga with wooden blocks. There now seems to be a lot of different versions of various games and this is just one of them. With Jenga Gold, players need to choose their blocks wisely because some are 'Real Gold' and others are 'Fool's Gold'. I have to admit that I had never heard of 'Jenga Gold' until recently and I thought it might be quite fun to play and also something different to playing the original Jenga, where you just take out the wooden blocks and place them on the top of the tower. = = = = = = Box Contents = = = = = = Inside the box should be the following: * 54 x Gold Coloured Stacking Blocks * Stacking Sleeve * Game Guide = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = You can purchase this game from various retailers online and in stores. Toys'R'us currently have this game for £13.99 which I think is a reasonable price. = = = = = = How to Play = = = = = = The first thing you need to do is to stack the gold coloured block up, so that they make a tower. You can so this easily by using the stacking sleeve inside the box. It's best to try and stack it as neat as possible to avoid the tower from toppling over too easily. Players now need to take it in turns to remove the golden blocks, but they need to choose wisely as some of the blocks of gold are ...

Easter Holidays 2017 15/04/2017

Chocolate Eggs, American Cars, BBQ Food and Hopefully Some Sun!!

Easter Holidays 2017 = = = = = = Easter Then = = = = = = I have to admit that I like Easter, mainly due to the fact that I get some extra time off work but still get paid for it! I don’t have children so I don’t have any children to enjoy Easter with and my sister and nephews are off to Weymouth to see my parents over the long Easter weekend so I won’t be seeing them. As a child I remember doing various crafts or playing games and spending extra time with the family or going for tea/lunch at my Nan and Granddad’s which me and my sister always used to love. We did get a fair share of chocolate back when I was a child; although we were made to limit ourselves with how much we ate. When me and my sister used to have ice cream as a child, we would break up small pieces of Easter egg and mix this in with the ice cream which was really yummy. = = = = = = Easter Now = = = = = = Me and my boyfriend are quite lucky in the fact that we don’t work over the Easter holidays so naturally on the Thursday before Good Friday we can’t wait to finish work ready for the long weekend. Although we don’t really plan anything specific for the long weekend this Easter we do have a couple of things planned which I am looking forwards to. I have already looked up the weather for my local area and although the weather isn’t going to be as warm as it was the previous weekend, it looks as though it’s set to be dry which is great as that always gives us and everyone else more options to get out and do things, whether you ...

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners Triangular 13/04/2017

Bright Colouring and Writing.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners Triangular = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = I enjoy colouring in every so often to help unwind and relax and I have quite a few adult colouring books now. I normally use pencils or pens to colour in the pictures but one of the colouring books I have, has very fine drawings in it so for these areas fine liner pens are better as I can colour the picture in neater with these. I already have some Staedtler fine liner pens but this review is based on the Neon Triangular Triplus pens. I decided to purchase the Neon fine liners as I have a colouring book which has dark pages and I thought some neon colours would look great on some of the pages. I know neon colours are not to everyone’s tastes but I quite like bright colours and I do love the look of some neon colours when used for various things. These Neon fine liners come in a pack of six which includes blue, pink, orange, yellow, green and a dark orange. The ink in this pen is water based and each pen produces a 0.3mm line so is perfect for writing of for colouring in fine/small details in the colouring books that I have. The barrel to the pens are silver in colour and the end of the pen matches the colour of the lid which should then match the colour of the actual ink. These pens come in a clear plastic case which can stand up so you can take the pens out and put them back in easily; although I keep these pens in a pencil case with my other so I just threw the plastic case out. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = I ...

The Fear of 13 (DVD) 11/04/2017

A Documentary About An Innocent Man Convicted Of A Crime.

The Fear of 13 (DVD) = = = About = = = I was having a look through Netflix over the weekend for something to watch and I noticed this film in the ‘Recently Added’ section and it had quite a few stars so I thought I would give it a go to see what it was like. This probably isn’t the type of film my boyfriend would watch but he was away for the weekend anyway so I would be watching it on my own. To be honest I wouldn’t normally go for a film like this as it’s a British documentary film which came out in 2015. I am not a huge fan of documentary films but this one sounded good so I thought I would give it a go. The film tells the story of Nick Yarris whom was convicted of murder and spent more than 20yrs on death row in Pennsylvania. In a non-linear structure, Nick reveals his early life, youthful transgressions, arrest and time on death row with several twists and turns. Nick was released in 2004 when DNA evidence proved he was innocent of the crime he was convicted of. No-one else appears on screen apart from Nick. Supplementary footage and sound effects are included in the film as Yarris describes the events. = = = Cast = = = Nick Yarris – Himself Young Nick Harris – Sammy Silverwatch = = = = The Film = = = = The film starts off with Yarris telling us about the day he first arrived at the prison, right from the moment he got off the bus after being transported there. He goes on to tell us about his cell and that it was deadly quiet in the prison block and that’s what he found hard within ...

DKNY Be Tempted Eau de Parfum 11/04/2017

Fruity and Creamy . . . Perfect for Summer.

DKNY Be Tempted Eau de Parfum = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = I am a huge fan of the DKNY fragrance range of woman and despite having a few of their fragrances already, when they bring a new scent out I always go into my local Boots store to see what it smells like and quite often I'll then purchase it if it's on offer and I like it. This DKNY fragrance is fairly new and from what I can remember it was released a month or so before Christmas last year. This scent is called 'Be Tempted', but they also released another scent at the same time called 'Be Desired', which I am yet to purchase. This particular scent has enticing top notes of Blackcurrant, Liquorice and Zesty Lemon. The heart notes are Orange Blossom, Rose and Violet and finally the base notes are Myrrh and Patchouli Vanilla to give it a creamy scent. The bottle of this perfume is much like a lot of the other's in the DKNY range in that it's shaped like an apple. The bottom half of the bottle is a very dark red and the lid to the bottle is a metallic red. There is a triangle section on the lid of the bottle and you can press this gently to dispense the perfume. The perfume does of course come in a square box which is also red and it states the brand and name of the perfume on the front. On the back of the box, you can find a list of ingredients. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = You can purchase this from various different places such as The Perfume Shop, Boots, Superdrug and various places online. Prices do tend to vary ...

The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel 10/04/2017

It Made Me Feel Clean But It Wasn't Very Moisturising.

The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel = = = = = = The Product = = = = = = I am reviewing the Moringa shower gel from The Body Shop. This isn’t actually a product that I purchased but my boyfriend’s mother had a bottle in her bathroom so when I had a shower there I used the product. This shower gel cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling softer and freshly cleansed. It’s soap free and lather-rich and it has the fresh floral scent of moringa seed oil. The seed oil is from hand-picked moringa pods. The shower gel comes in a clear plastic bottle so you can see the shower gel inside. The shower gel is a very pale yellow colour and when opening the lid, I can smell a floral scent. On the front of the bottle it states what the product is and on the back, you can find a list of ingredients. = = = = = = = = Price/Availability = = = = = = = = You can purchase this from The Body Shop (in store and online). A 60ml is priced at £2.00, a 250ml bottle is priced at £5.00 and the 750ml bottle is currently reduced from £15 to £10. = = = = = = = = = Using the Product = = = = = = = = = After stepping in the shower and ensuring my skin is wet I then take my bath lily and flip open the lid to the shower gel. The bottle is easy to hold with wet hands and I was able to flip the lid back easily as well without the bottle slipping out of my hands. The lid has a small hole in it so you can dispense a little of the shower gel. As this product is more like a gel you do need to give the bottle a slight squeeze in order to dispense it. I ...
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