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Please, Daddy, No: A Boy Betrayed - Stuart Howarth 23/06/2007

Soul Destroying

Please, Daddy, No: A Boy Betrayed - Stuart Howarth I have been reading now for a long time before I go to bed. I find that it relaxes me and really I use it as a claming mechanism and a way to stop thinking about stuff that happened during the day at work! However I say that, many of my books that I read are about abuse, autism and emotionally unstable kids. So a bit of a busman’s holiday really, but to be honest I do like seeing others peoples perspectives on such topics and comparing my ideas to their own. I sometimes even nick ideas if they have any good ones and try to apply them in the classroom. There are about six of us at school who are avid readers and at the end of every month we kind of have an okay who has my book again moment! We also all tend to read about the same kind of things. Although there is a huge divide over the Bookseller of Kabul at the moment! Any who one moment on the playground last week someone lent out of the window and lowered two books out..two of us made a grab and got to read them first..hoorah! We really are all that desperate! Please, Daddy, a true story written by a guy named Stuart Howarth. As you may have guessed by the title this book is not for the faint hearted. It truly is a gruesome and harrowing account of child abuse, sexual, mental and physical. I would not recommend that you read it if you are not keen on the subject matter. The story is based in a council estate in Manchester. Stuart has two sisters, Christine and Shirley. Shirley is confined to a wheelchair ...

Toyota MR2 (MK1) 08/06/2007

The Fluffmobile

Toyota MR2 (MK1) I am just compelled to write a review on the new and improved Kitty mobile. Having passed my test over two years ago and being over the ripe age of 25 now I fancied something with a bit more poke, but that wouldn’t cost me the Earth to run or insure. My last car being a Peugeot 106 was super economical. I'm sure it ran on dust to be honest, as I only used to fill it up every other week with ten pounds. It was a bum hole to drive though. The brakes were horrendous and I always felt like I was sitting on top of the steering wheel with my face pushed up against the window. Mr Fluff then proceeded to buy a Toyota MR2 MK2 late last year. Which made me think, hang on a minute..Miss Fluff wants a piece of the action! But not wanting a 2 Litre engine to fill with petrol and then go short journeys just to work and the like. So after trawling through Auto trader and Ebay for months and months. I decided that I wanted a Mrk 1 MR2. Now this was easier said than done. As here you are talking about a car shape that was ceased production in 1990. They then moved to the new super sleek shape. Rather than the ballsy, square chunky, suck my tailpipe old shape. I wanted a fluff mobile in red, which didn’t need T cutting back. Which had been regularly serviced, hadn’t done too many miles and the wheel arches weren’t hanging off with rust. So that’s a long list of wants for a car that nearly is my own very age! After six months of looking I eventually found a gem on Ebay. Around 40 ...

Surf Small & Mighty Tropical 20/05/2007


Surf Small & Mighty Tropical Now here is a review where I get excited over a washing product. Maybe I shoul get out that I am an old maid..I need to stay in the house. My main problem with washing powders and liquids is that I need them to make my clothes smell lovely. Mr Fluff works with generators and sometimes he comes home and says I have spilt Diesel over myself again. Not that he'd have to tell you..he smells like a fairground. The smell of smuts I can handle..but the Diesel is a sod to shift the smell of. And to me if it does'nt smell clean..then it isnt. I also get covered in the usual amount of snot and spit working with the lovely kids all day. But if the scent is too strong some of the autistic ones will sniff you a lot..or sniff then decide to take a bite. Thats what happened after using the Bold Lavender tablets. Surf small and mighty!! I am going to review the Tropical scent for you. It comes in the most wonderfully bright lurid pink bottle. On the front we have an array of pink flowers and little blue Humming birds.On the bottom we are told that this liquid is two times concentrated in theory you should need half as much. The bottle is 730ml..and is enough for 20 regular washes. You measue the liquid out in the small cap. It is easy to get on and off..and is dead easy to measure out the 35ml needed for each wash. However for heavy soil or an 8kg load, or if you live in a limescaley area you may need to use an extra 17ml. You can also use it for handwashing ...

Top 10 Children's TV Shows 18/05/2007

Child of the 80's

Top 10 Children's TV Shows As I am moving house soon..I suppose that Ive been reminiscing quite a lot.Also reaching the hearty hearty age of 25 hasnt helped. If anyone else reminds me of being a quarter of a century old I think I may go to the seaside and jump off the pier. After one last go on the slot machines and those little horses that run along on sticks. I am also now really beginning to regret the fact that I sold all of my eighties memorabilia at various car boot sales.Items have included..She Ra, the entire A team and Faces swish Convertible..Actually the car I stepped on and broke..but hey ho. I also had a stable full of My Little ponies, a particularly hideous one with plastic green crystals for eyes which could come alive in the night and chew at your brain. I still have a couple of reminders of Mattel and the like merchandising.I still have my HEMan doll..he lives in the window with the yukka plant.And A Keyper..remember those?? They were bizarre plastic things that you opened with a key and you could keep your secret stuff in them.I still have that at my Mums house.Its a purple horse with matted hair which if you comb sparks like a Van De Graaaaaaaf machine. onto my favourite TV programmes as a if you are not a child of the 80's you wont have a clue what Im on about.. 1. Trap Door Okay so this was a plasticiney cartoon which lasted about three minutes.Narrated by the late Willie Rushton..I still have it on video and it was made around 1984. ...

Sunsilk Passionately Red 04/03/2007

Passionately naked...

Sunsilk Passionately Red Well after I have used the mean ploy of a rather fruity title..I have to tell you that this review is about shampoo..ha.But I will feature nudity later in the review. I insist on colouring my hair. My born with colour is a very boring mid brown.Well at least I think it is..and mixed in a few grey hairs that I pluck out with tweezers. Having gone from blue black red and then back again to purple. I need something that will keep my dyed mullet in good condition and not strip the colour out of my hair. At the moment my hair is a red violet colour. But due to the base colour in violet dye (red)..I tend to use a colour locking red that it doesnt go a funny ginger colour. Believe me it has before. And being on an economy drive..when I saw this shampoo on buy one get one free for £1.78 I slung them into the trolley with the rest of my shopping. The Packaging.. All of the Sunsilk shapoos and conditioners come in squeey tube packaging these days. Each being of 200ml in size. The one for red hair is in a dazzling red tube, the one for blonde in a yellow tube, and the one for brunette hair is in a brown tube. Be sure to look at the top band as this is the only place where yo can tell if its a shampoo or conditioner. On the front is a little woman with very holographic hair.And we are told that this is suitable for all tones of red hair, whether natural, highlighted or colour treated. The insturctions and that on the back.. This shampoo ...

L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream 09/02/2007

Whats Afoot?

L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream I know Christmas seems a long time ago, but this little lovely was included in a L' Occitane giftset purchased with Mr Fluffs Bank card by my good self. Thats the way I like my pressies..bought by me with other folks money..ensuring no crappy gifts. Due to the sheer amount of tioletries that lovely folk bought me as gifts..I have only just started to use this lovely cream. If you are like me and run around at work all day, and come home and literally have to put your feet up. Then you will know that you need something soothing for your feet. Not to mention something to soften your hard, trudged upon callouses which have formed over the Winter on ever part of your foot that sticks out! What does the tube look like? L'Occitane make their packaging look fab. As though you have bought it from an old Apothecary shoppe in a time warp back alley. L'Occitane ( pronounced Loxitan) a French company that has been going since the 1970's. They use only the finest essential oils and ingredients in their products. Some of which are organic. The tube comes in A brown card box. On the front is 15% ina round square, as this foot cream is that percentage of Shea Butter. Also expect lots of French. This is a 75ml tube. So more of a travel size really. On undoing the box you are presented with a Silver tube witha brown wrap around label.The lid is small and black and sometimes a little tricky to do and undo. So if you have problems with fine motor skills then you may need ...

Dr Stuart's Detox tea 14/01/2007

Dr Fluffs De Tox

Dr Stuart's Detox tea After hovering around the herbal teas in Tesco and buying my usual green Tea. I spied a wonderful buy one get one free offer on a De Tox tea. So yes I may have escaped putting on only a pound at Christmas, but it still doesnt mean that I didnt eat my own weight in junk and drink gallons of ye olde alcohol. So me being a sucker for anything that claims to spring clean your inards. Threw a couple into the basket and made off into the the til acatually..or I would have been arrested for shoplifting. The Packaging.. I love the box. So I must explain it to you. Its a white rectangular box that stands on its end.On the front it has Dr Stuarts and de tox in small letetrs down the bottom. The box is predominantly white with a crazy picture of a woman crossed with a washing machine on the front. I think shes about to wash her inards by drinking the tea.That or she has a problem. Its all very quirky and on the side you are told how to make your perfect cuppa.I will tell you in my own words how I do it a little later. I am told that these tea bags contain a herbal infusion, containing, dandelion root, burdock root, Peppermint and Spearmint to help de toxify the body. Stuart..Stuart who the F*%$ is Stuart? On the other sid eof the box is a message from Dr Stu..well at least hes not made up like Mr Kipling is. He has been blending his teas for more than 20 years. And each is made with a rich combination of botanicals and are naturally caffeine ...

The Body Shop Cranberry Bubble Bath 27/12/2006

Berry Good

The Body Shop Cranberry Bubble Bath After sitting on the sofa whilst eating my own body weight in Ferrer Rocher and watching yet another made for TV Film about Mr and Mrs Santa Claus, I decided to have a trawl around the shops at this everything is on sale time of year. After getting tonnes of goodies for Christmas, as everyone knows Miss Fluff loves her toiletries, I decided to have a trawl around the Body Shop. I'm not usually that taken by the Body Shop as it always seems to be expensive, and you don't get that much product for your money. Well theres fair trade for you! Not fair on my small , tight little pockets. Now I needed something to put in my bath, as having a bath is a rare luxury for me. I never have the time to hang around in the bath for hours on end, shrivelling like a corpse. But hey, Im on holiday..all I have been doing is eating and I have all the time in the world! And still being in the festive mood I chose the Cranberry Bubble Bath. Simply because the bottle is a gorgeous dark red colour, with a gold tree on it. The Packaging.... Well its a typical Body Shop shape. Fat and dome like, with a flip cap in Gold on the lid. I do wish that it was a screw top, as my nail varnish can't take much more chippings. Its okay to undo, not too bad. Just grasp the bottle and flip it open with your thumb or you may well break a nail. On the back of the bottle are the instructions for usage in around ten languages. Thank God English is at the top as the writing is very tiny. ...

Osis Scream All Round Cream 23/11/2006


Osis Scream All Round Cream M y poor hair..its dyed..straightened...not really cut that regularly and scraped back into a pony tail for most of the week. Its only when I look like Neolithic man that I ever bother going to the hairdressers and have an inch or two hacked off of it. Then the hairdresser will scrutinise the condition of it with a sucked in face, and ask how much I want cutting off. Just chop at it..I dont want to have to stare at myself in the mirror for longer than I have to. The thing that really then annoys me, is she will blow dry it..and then straighten it..and it will look the best it ever will do. But can I get it like it at home? Can I always ends up somehow bigger..and fluffier.. So to try and keep my hair in condition I like to use lots of conditioner and leave in treatments in between colouring it whatever colour I damn well fancy. But one time I went last year, I asked if there was anything that I could use that would just do everything. Rehydrate it, de fluff it, make it shiny..that sort of hair god wishlist. To my amazement she nipped over to the shelf and produces a rather sexy, but sexless tube of stuff. Also it was only £5.75 for a 100ml tube. Suprisingly cheap for a salon product. So I took my chance and took it home to try and tame my crazy fluff mop of oddly coloured hair. The packaging... Its a kind of space like silver tube containing 100ml of product. Its a squishy plastic though, not a hard metal tube, so that you can squeeze every last ...

reveals yourself in 100 questions... 09/10/2006

This may take a looong time..

reveals yourself in 100 questions... This will take precious minutes of your life to read..but it may be amusing to the choice is yours! 1 - First Names : My first name Is Laura..and thats all you are getting.My middle name starts with J and makes me sound like I should be a whore in the Wild West. So you can make up your own middle name. ~~~~~ 2 - Pseudo(s) ? Flausy, one of my good mates gave me this name. But I used to be called Flat Flora at primary school as I was the first girl to develop a hefty bosom. I went to a fairly posh primary school so we were firm users of irony even at that tender age. I have also been called Morticia, and Wednesday, due to the fact that my hair is dark and my skin is of a Cadava in colour. ~~~~~ 3 - Girl or boy ? Well dur, even though I have crude manly tendencies there be no dangly bits inbetween my Shirley Crabtree thighs. ~~~~~ 4 - Towns ? (birthplace and living town) I was born in the University city of Cambridge, and I dont live that far away from it now. Its full of punts and people on bikes. Although I did pass my driving test there as they didnt do bay parking at that particular test centre. I'll be buggered if I can reverse around a corner though..ha! ~~~~~ 5 - Size ? Im 5'4..possibly with a half of an inch added onto that. You are not knowing the size of anything else without sending me a cheque in the post. Or possibly buying me a pint and a bag of smoky bacon crisps. ~~~~~ 6 - Age ? I am a 24 year old ...

Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Wipes 29/09/2006

A Clean Sweep

Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Wipes I have a cleanser and toner. I use a top salon brand which makes my skin look totally fantastic. But then can I be bothered to faff around with bottles and cotton wool pads early in the morning or late at night? Well no, its difficult enough hauling myslef out of bed in the morning , let alone having enough time to spread several types of gunk on my face. So I need a quick fix for those nights when you come back from the pub feeling a little woozy. I have used quite a few Olay products before and have been really pleased with the results. But this time it was'nt the brand name that lured me, it was the fact that they were on Buy one get one free in my local Tesco. I'm a true tight fist at heart! The Packaging These Daily Facials Express come in a flat packet with a re sealable flap for you to take one cloth out at a time. The packet is mainly blue, kind of blue waves with the seal giving you all of the info about the product. So they are wet cleansing cloths, which supposedly take off dirt, make up and most importantly for me Waterproof mascara. Added to the wipes are Olay moisture and Vitamin E. So fingers crossed they won't dry your skin out. The wipes that I have are suitable for normal/dry and combination/oily skin. So I think the general message is that they are okay for preety much everyone. Saying that you can buy the same wipes in a sensitive variation. So there you go. There are 25 cloths in each pack. And they are textured, but I'll explain about ...

Aeolos Beach Hotel, Kefalonia 19/08/2006

The God of Wind..!

Aeolos Beach Hotel, Kefalonia I have just returned from a fabulous two week holiday in Kefalonia which is one of the Greek islands quite close to the mainland and the island of Zakynthos. As I usually do I booked my holiday way back in January on the internet and liked the look ofthis particular hotel. If not for the small property then for the picture of the pool and the stunning view. Never having been to the island before and not knowing what to expect from the level of accomodation I was pleasantly surprised. Our Arrival... The transfer to Skala from the airport takes an hour. The roads are windy and I did grip the seat and swear on more than one occasion. The views may be stunning but then so are the sheer drops. And when the driver keeps answering his mobile phone you get a kind of lurching in your stomach resulting in the hankering for a stiff drink. As we reached our resort we were the last people to be dropped off at our accommodation.As the hotel is actually on the way out of Skala and situated up a steep hill. On our arrival, we teetered off the coach, dishevelled, tired and wanting a beer quite honestly. Our bags were off loaded, and we were greeted by a heavily pregnant woman whose spoke better English than I do. Our luggage was given our room numbers and we were invited in to reception to sign in and then had a few things explained to us about the hotel. For example if we wanted a safety deposit box, or pay the 40 Euros a week for air con. The latter of which we did, as ...

Best Air Guitar Album, Vol. 3 - Various Artists 28/07/2006

Hair Guitar..

Best Air Guitar Album, Vol. 3 - Various Artists Here I am sitting in my living room giving the Cyrus amp a good airing.This is the second amp that we have had, I blew the last one up after cranking it up loud one evening. Well what else is contents insurance for, if not to get new stuff? I'm not sure how this CD came into our house. I think it was via a Christmas Amazon voucher..and then it was intended to be a driving CD. Well its worked its way out of my overtly crammed Glove box to the living room.. The CD Cover and inlay On the front cover we have a sketchy drawing of a guy with long hair,looks like he's pointing at the floor,but he is in fact playing air guitar.Apparently. The man is a strange colour of yellow,and he is inbetween enormous letters stating: 'The best air guitar album in the world ever III' The inlay thingy contains all of the tracks including who wrote and produced them.It also has a foreword by Brian May himself.In the middle pages are some more pictures,similar to the one on the front.Demonstrating some air guitar moves that you may like to try in the privacy of your own home. Thank you whoevers idea that was,I am not twelve so will not be participating. You also have some numbers to get mono and polyphonic air guitar ringtones.The Cd contains two Cd's with the sam ebloke on,doing that weird pointing menouvre.On the back of the CD is the track listings. The CD was realeased in 2003 by Emi/Universal/and Virgin records LTD. The Tracks and that.. Both CD's have 22 tracks on them. ...

L'Oreal Body Expertise Nutrilift Dry 01/07/2006


L'Oreal Body Expertise Nutrilift Dry Summer is here folks so its time to get out those lovely pasty limbs and see how much junk your trunk has swallowed since the last time. Now I have dry skin all year round but I do tend to pay particular attention to my dry bits in the Summer as I like to hover around in my shorts. I dont want people looking at my legs mistaking them for barbeque meat or pickeld walnuts.Well lumpy or funny looking anyway. I have been using Nutrilift for a good couple of years now.I do swap sometimes but I find that its always a cream that I come back to. The Packaging The colours that you need to look for are a white pump bottle with a kind of bluey green colour pump and writing. The pump is green. You have the Loreal name splashed in fancy gold letters.Now this is the Dry to very dry skin cream.Which is stated in a small square on the bottom of the front. They do make one for normal skin which is in a predominantly green colored bottle. Now once you can get the pump thing working for the first time you'll be fine.When its new you have to twirl it in the way of the arows which releases the pump.I have piddled around twirling it for ages before, but then Im not one for following instructions. All in all its nice fancy packaging.Im sure it would fit with anyones colour scheme in their bathroom. The Promises I am promised that this cream will keep my skin hydrated for 24 hours due to something called Xeralipids. And that its friend Par-Elastyl (what!!) will help firm my ...

Gucci Eau de Parfum 05/06/2006

Eau de Kittyfluff

Gucci Eau de Parfum Now I am a fussy girlie when it comes to buying perfume. It has to be expensive, it has to be an eau de parfum, and you have to be able to smell me coming a mile away. I love dark, musky scents with hints of Indian Spice and incense. I just can't abide by fresh,fruity rubbish. I don't wish to smell like a bowl of pot pourri or a magic tree car air freshner. I discovered this particular fragrance whilst shopping just before Christmas with my beloved Mr Fluff. Who was at the time sweating his nads off trying to think of what to buy his little fluffball. This was when I found one of those open style perfumeries. The girl looked a little bored, so I told her what kind of things I liked and then made her run around spraying endless testers on to those little card sniffy things.I think she was quite incensed by the fact that I told her everything smelt like toilet cleaner, cat wee, or my hamster cage when it wants cleaning out. The suddenly she declared that this was the strongest fragrance she had. An pulled abottle off of the shelf and chuffed a spray onto my wrist. Hells bells! It was just lovely. Not content with the fact that I did truly like it I went home constantly sniffing my wrist. I then had a bit of a trawl around on the internet to see if I could find it on there.So With Mr Fluffs credit card I bought myself a bottle. Packaging.. Well mine came without a box, as it was cheaper.Ha! Yes I like to pinch those pennies. Anyway..the box is truly ...
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