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Please, Daddy, No: A Boy Betrayed - Stuart Howarth 23/06/2007

Soul Destroying

Toyota MR2 (MK1) 08/06/2007

The Fluffmobile

Toyota MR2 (MK1) I am just compelled to write a review on the new and improved Kitty mobile. Having passed my test over two years ago and being over the ripe age of 25 now I fancied something with a bit more poke, but that wouldn’t cost me the Earth to run or insure. My last car being a Peugeot 106 was super economical. I'm sure it ran on dust to be honest, as I only used to fill it up every other week with ten pounds. It was a bum hole to drive though. The brakes were horrendous and I always felt like I was sitting on top of the steering wheel with my face pushed up against the window. Mr Fluff then proceeded to buy a Toyota MR2 MK2 late last year. Which made me think, hang on a minute..Miss Fluff wants a piece of the action! But not wanting a 2 Litre engine to fill with petrol and then go short journeys just to work and the like. So after trawling through Auto trader and Ebay for months and months. I decided that I wanted a Mrk 1 MR2. Now this was easier said than done. As here you are talking about a car shape that was ceased production in 1990. They then moved to the new super sleek shape. Rather than the ballsy, square chunky, suck my tailpipe old shape. I wanted a fluff mobile in red, which didn’t need T cutting back. Which had been regularly serviced, hadn’t done too many miles and the wheel arches weren’t hanging off with rust. So that’s a long list of wants for a car that nearly is my own very age! After six months of looking I eventually found a gem on Ebay. Around 40 ...

Surf Small & Mighty Tropical 20/05/2007


Top 10 Children's TV Shows 18/05/2007

Child of the 80's

Sunsilk Passionately Red 04/03/2007

Passionately naked...

L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream 09/02/2007

Whats Afoot?

Dr Stuart's Detox tea 14/01/2007

Dr Fluffs De Tox

The Body Shop Cranberry Bubble Bath 27/12/2006

Berry Good

Osis Scream All Round Cream 23/11/2006


reveals yourself in 100 questions... 09/10/2006

This may take a looong time..

Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Wipes 29/09/2006

A Clean Sweep

Aeolos Beach Hotel, Kefalonia 19/08/2006

The God of Wind..!

Best Air Guitar Album, Vol. 3 - Various Artists 28/07/2006

Hair Guitar..

L'Oreal Body Expertise Nutrilift Dry 01/07/2006


Gucci Eau de Parfum 05/06/2006

Eau de Kittyfluff

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