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Bid for a bargain Wilsons Auctions is achain of auction houses owned by the Wilson family from Ireland. They sell virtually anything and everything including houses, cars, lost/reposessed property, boats and property of private individuals. For example, at the Dalry auction house complex, there is two weekly car auctions on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 7pm to 9pm. These are primarily used for selling privately owned and entered cars as well as a selection of Arnold Clark entries. There's also a fortnightly fleet sale on Wednesday's selling cars on behalf of various companies including arnold clark, bank of scotland, peugeot motor company and nissan direct. The police sales include things such as bikes, sterio equipment, clothing and random items. The auction house also sells goods from company liquidations such as wedding dresses or clothing lines as and when available. Plant and machinery is also sold via the auction house. Finally goods can also be sold via private treaty such as a Ford Focus Rally car. Property sales are once monthly, and the dates are available from the website - The terms and conditions of the auctions are available on site at an auction or online.

MG ZR 105 16/10/2009

MG ZR 105 - Cheap Thriller

MG ZR 105 The MG ZR 105 was the first car I personally owned, opting to go for the + edition, it came with electric windows, sun roof, and central locking and on alloys as standard. So from the off it's a stylish little number with the goodies list continuing with half vinyl leather effect seats, digital dash, roof spoiler and a front splitter fitted too. This is a 1.4 K series engine knocking out around 103bhp, a lot more than other 1.4's available on the second hand market including some of the vw golf range. Overall the car is very attractive, available in MK1 and a facelift MK2 model, my bias would suggest that MK1 is more athstetically pleasing and indeed many would agree, those who own the facelift model likely would not. The steering of the car is nice and if you give it enough throttle you'll feel a new lease of life in every coner you take. The interior of the car is pretty plain, and possibly "out dated" somewhat now that there are in car sat nav displays etc, but considering the price your paying you can't expect everything. Just think some models of the C2 don't even have a glove box... There is an enormous amount of potential with regard to the modifying scene with the ZR as can be seen through online communities both in terms of looks and performance - with dropping a 2 litre turbo engine into it always being an option to send the number of ponies under the bonnet soaring. With regard to practicality the ZR is available in both 3 and 5 door, with boot ...

Call of Juarez (Xbox 360) 16/10/2009

Out dated thrills

Call of Juarez (Xbox 360) When I bought this game it cost me around £14 from a supermarket which at the time I thought was a good buy seeing as it was still £20 in the likes of game etc. But then I got it home and played it! It starts of pretty exciting and new and the whole idea of the game is brilliant, you suddenly start to wonder why there hasn't been a mass of cowboy shoot em up style games made before breaking headlines in the gaming world... and the reason why is that they're infinitely limited. Not only in terms of game play, but in terms of CGI and the world they create for you. Now that may be a little bit harsh considering the only game to have broken that mould completely is the Grand Theft Auto series in recent times but undoubtedly it's true. The first person view in the game added nothing to the presentation on the eye of the game, maybe a third person view would have allowed for clothes to be waving in the wind and improved the graphic content. Much is also to be admired for the storyline from what I played of it anyway, it was very much a go here, go there, chase him kind of thing going on without the sense of sustainable freedom. When I seen the second game in the series being released I couldn't believe it, maybe it's just my gaming style, but if you like GTA, Kane & Lynch and Assassin's Creed etc I doubt this title is for you.

The Golden Compass (Xbox 360) 16/10/2009

Cheap Achievements - Bigger Gamerscore

The Golden Compass (Xbox 360) The Golden Compass is nothing other than one of those games that you buy if you see it in a bargain bin for a coupla quid, or in tesco like I did, boxed and sealed for £1! The worst thing is that even at that price its still disappointing when you put it in your xbox and realise that the graphics are similar to that of the PS1! Having said that about the game, I should point out that I'm not in it's original target audience anyway and therefore, it probably would satisfy someone who's a fan, and certainly those who are out to rack up as high a gamerscore as possible! In fact, I don't think there is one achievement you have to step away from the story line for, making it a nice and easy 1000 gamerscore points to add to your total. Overall, the game play is bulky and its evident that it's been a very low budget attempt at bringing in some added revenue for the title. Once you've completed this game, if you can prolong its sub-standard quality for that long, in my opinion it's unlikey that you'll ever come to playing it again

The Business Environment: Themes & Issues - Paul Wetherly, Dorron Otter 16/10/2009

The Business Environment - Themes and Issues

The Business Environment: Themes & Issues - Paul Wetherly, Dorron Otter This book contains 16 chapters which cover the key aspects related to the Business environment and is on the reading list for a number of University courses such as Business & Management, International Business and Business & Risk Management. In my opinion the book details important information in a simple, clear and easy to understand format using a consistant framework from start to finish. This framework identifies how each topic covered within the book is related to the chapter it is under. For example, it will explicitally indicate if it relates to diversity, complexity, or values of a Business making it easier to study and understand the concepts included as it allows you to engage in your own thought rather than be spoon fed information. In addition to this there are also learning objectives set out so that you can assess the level of improvement you are making in line with short questions throughout the book. There are also a number of graphs depicted within the textbook and again, in my opinion, these are very clearly laid out and labelled while also being provided with full explanation to enhance your understanding of how to construct and withdraw information fom them. Although this book may seem expensive to students when they are informed to buy it (as I was myself) it really is a good, reliable and recognised source of information. However, I would encourage you to remember that there will also be a thriving second hand market for goods such as these!

UFC 2009 Undisputed (Xbox 360) 15/10/2009

UFC 2009 Xbox 360

UFC 2009 Undisputed (Xbox 360) You may expect this game to follow suit with the various WWF or WWE games that have produced in the past for a number of consoles, however in my opinion, UFC 2009 Undisputed breaks the typical button mashing syle fighter game. Firstly, in terms of gameplay, unlike other games UFC invites you as the player to select your fighter's key attributes but does not then limit your point distribution to specific skills. For example you can select kick boxing as a key fighting style but then distribute points to ground technique, therefore in my eyes, to really compete and be the best with this game it requires logic and thought! From my experience of playing this game you have to match up your point distribution to the fighting styles selected and ensure that you develop your fighter realisitcally or you'll find that you can't perfrom the grapples, punches, kicks or takedowns that you'd expect. This also applies to the training regime that you lay out for your fighter - why bother to build up strength if you have no stamina to last more than 1 round? In my opinion there are a number of strategies you can take on in this game and providing that you stick to your plan with rationality you will be able to become a pro, that's why I think this game is open and versatile in it's content! From my personal game play the overall graphics of the game are pretty good, in particular the "in the cage" graphics are very impressive and playing the game will remind you why you have an ...
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