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Stamford Plaza, Adelaide 17/02/2006

a luxury hotel but at a good price

Stamford Plaza, Adelaide I have stayed in this hotel a couple of times and have found it to be of very high standard in every department. From the minute you check in you feel as if you are in an expensive hotel yet at the same time, getting your money's worth. It is probably worth pointing out that on each occasion, I booked a weekend deal which is probably slightly better value than the usual rack-rates but I think these deals run quite frequently. I think I found the deal on their web site?? The dining is superb and you can choose to enjoy the 4 course silver service dinner in your room at no extra cost if you cant be bothered going down stairs! The bar/night club area down stairs is quite small but is not bad if you cant be bothered leaving the hotel in search of night life. Finally, the hotel is located right in the heart of the city opposite the casino and cabaret theatre, 50 metres from the river and a couple of hundred metres from the main shopping mall.

Hilton Hotel, Adelaide 17/02/2006

centrally located but a bit run down

Hilton Hotel, Adelaide The Adelaide Hilton is located in the centre of the Adelaide CBD on Victoria Square which is ideal for exploring the city on foot. The main night life in the city is only a few blocks away can be walked in 5-10 minutes and there are also a lot of very good restaurants near by. The main restaurant in the hotel serves very good food but if you are after 'normal', less pretentious food then this restaurant is certainly not for you. A three course meal for two not including a bottle wine will set you back over $100AUS. The service is, as you would expect from a Hilton, very good. The lounge/bar area downstairs is a great place to relax and enjoy a drink on a Friday or Saturday night, especially if you enjoy 50's style lounge music or jazz. The rooms are where the hotel starts to show its age however and given you are paying Hilton prices for the room, you do feel a bit let down by it. You can certainly get more for your money in the centre of Adelaide, for example the Stamford Plaza on North Terrace. I probably would not choose to stay there again.

Olympus CAMEDIA C-350Zoom 16/02/2006

Small, light weight and simple to use camera

Olympus CAMEDIA C-350Zoom If you dont know a lot about digital cameras and dont want to know then this is probably the camera for you. It really is a point and click camera. It takes great snaps without the need for any configuration or adjustment and you have to really try to get a blury shot! I have even managed to take quite a few good photos whilst driving along and pointing it through the windscreen of the car. Its simplicity and limited features does come at a cost however and the main problem (infact, my only problem) with it is that it is difficult to get a good night shot. The only way to get a decent photo at night when the object is under lights is to take at least 40 shots and delete 35 of them. The software that comes with it is not worth installing though - you are better off with the basic Windows XP photo programs or Google's Picasa application. I think it is good value for money and it has certainly served me well in all of my travels. ...

Dell Inspiron 5150 3.06GHz 16/02/2006

Great laptop

Dell Inspiron 5150 3.06GHz This is the first laptop that I have personally owned however, I chose a Dell because I had purchased/used/maintained many of them in my role at the time - Tech Support. I dont consider them to be the top of the line but I think they are certainly in the top few. I have only ever had good experiences with the Dell support and the one time that I needed a replacement part for my laptop it arrived immediately. In regards to value for money, I was not able to find another product that came anywhere near this one and have had no regrets with the purchase. Easy to set up, looks great, cheap and plenty of processing power. I do a lot of software development on this laptop and it handles it easily. It is a little heavy but that is probably due to the fact that everything is inbuilt. I did not want to have to carry external devices like DVD burners etc so I opted for this model that had everthing built in. The battery life is ok but if you are doing something other than light processing on a long haul flight you will need a spare battery! My next laptop will be a Dell.

Hertz 16/02/2006

will certainly use them again in the future

Hertz Although I have generally not found Hertz to be the cheapest option when hiring a car, I think it is safe to say that you get what you pay for when it comes to customer service. When hiring a car for a few days in Canberra (Airport outlet), Australia, we wanted to pay for the car using frequent flyer points. We initially thought that this was going to be a headache and that it would probably just be easier to just pay cash but they certainly made the effort and we found them to be very helpful. The overall experience was certainly a good one and we felt comfortable in the fact that we knew what we were getting (particularly in regards to the insurance side of things.). We were also given a free upgrade on the car.

Sixt Rent A Car 16/02/2006

Overall good experience

Sixt Rent A Car We hired a car for 14 days to drive around Italy and found their Milan outlet to be easy to locate, easy to get in and out of (ie to get on the freeway etc) and we had enough of a selection of cars to pick from. The staff were not terribly clear however when it came to explaining the insurance side of the contract. They mentioned the risk of damage/theft when driving and parking in the south of the country but we left not really knowing what we would be covered for. The overall process of dealing with them was quite straight forward and streamlined. I would certainly consider them when hiring a car in the future and do not rank them too differently to the larger car hire companies.
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