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Capital One Platinum 10/02/2002

Painful application but trouble free usage

Capital One Platinum Wanting to restructure my finances (well more realistically my debts :-) ) I chose to apply for a Capital One Platinum VISA card. This was in its self an interesting experience, the application is done via phone, web or through the post form. Their website was having problems with performance issues, so I chose to use the phone to apply. I spoke to one of their call centre staff who took me through the usual questions: name, address, dob, employer, length of employment, etc. When all the information was passed to the person on the phone there was a 30 second wait and then the reply "I'm afraid that your application hasn't been automatically accepted, we will send you a letter asking for more information in a week or so, good bye", click, and the phone went dead. A little shocked, I waited the week or so, and received the letter stating that I had been turned down and should I wish to appeal I should contact two credit reference agencies (eqifax and Equarian?), review my file which they will send me for £2 and if I can't see anything obvious write to Capital One's "Appeals department" at the address on the letter head. Knowing that I wasn't on the electorial register I wrote back with proof of identity and my address, including proof that I had been living there a number of years. Within a week, I received back my proof of identity with a compliments slip. I waited a further week and phoned Capital one, to enquire about progress of the appeal. I was advised that the ...

Nokia 9210 10/02/2002

Not quite the next generation.

Nokia 9210 Updated 10/2/2002 --------------- -- Just to add some of the points I missed off and have been added back as feedback. I purchased the communicator without a sim (i.e. no mobile phone contract), this was expensive and cosy £640.00 but meant I wasn't tied to a single provider and also meant that I could sell on the communicator if I didn't like it. Currently you can buy the 9210 without contract for around £500.00, or as low as £330.00 on Cellnet/Vodafone with contract or anything from £100.00-£400.00 on Orange (depending the contract). On standard mobile phone contract/sim you can get 9.6 kps which is quite slow connection, Orange have a service called HSCSD, that allows upto 28.8k (slightly slower than a standard PC analogue modem), this makes browsing the web much more usable. Nokia sold ~80,000 commicators in the last quarter and seem to be gaining market share, but I think the next generation of smart phones will hit this model hard. Original review --------------- I have held off a while before making any comment on the 9210, when I first got it I was over joyed with the colour screen and the ability to view html files. As time has gone by I have found the 9210 isn't the next generation of phone, it is a phone that is between generations, "a not quite the next generation, but different from the current generation". It provides a html browser on a colour screen, but the connection speed is extremely poor making it painful to use. I found myself happy ...

Sharepeople 16/06/2001

Getting better

Sharepeople Since being taken over by American Express they have allowed you to transfer money electronically (via direct debit). This has reduced the time taken to get funds into the account, though it is still a manual transact, you need to move the money over 3 working days before. It would be better if they would allow future payment via automated direct debit, as many traditional brokers do (t+5). Had a few problems when trading stocks (in certificate form) on the NYSE, eventually resolved. The general layout of the site is a little cluttered, it makes extensive use of frames that lend nothing to the sites usability. Not quite up with the functionality that would be provided by an american broker like Datek, E*Trade, or Charles Schwab.
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