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Bourjois Effet 3D Lipcolour 10/03/2003


Bourjois Effet 3D Lipcolour I’ve stolen a pink thing of this from my sister and she has NO chance of getting in back any time soon as it’s just too nice! In my town the only place I seem to be able to find Bourjois is in Boots and it’s not too cheap either! As you can probably guess from its’ name it’s a French make. The range has lots of different products which start with your normal eye shadows etc. to more unusual ones such as shimmer cream. It’s a bit younger and funkier than Max Factor and the stuff looks nicer as well. The shade I have is quite like pink candy floss, a bit Barbie doll-ish but oh well. I just loved the colour as soon as I saw it but was a bit worried how it would turn out on my quite dark lips. The tube it comes in looks really nice. You can see exactly what shade you’re getting. It’s small and thin enough to easily fit in a bag. Although it’s called lipstick I see it more as lip-gloss. When you apply it with the brush it’s very thick and the colour is exactly the same as what you see through the bottle. I don’t like this too much as I think it looks the same as if I’ve been eating strawberry ice-cream like a 2 year old or something. I prefer to smear a little onto my finger from the brush as this leaves more of a tint on my lips. When it’s put on like this it’s more like a tinted lip balm. It’s very shiny and glossy. I guess it just depends on if you like bright lipstick or not. There are over 30 other colours in the range but they’re mostly too bright for me. The ...

Dove Anti Prespirant Moisturising Cream Aerosol 03/03/2003


Dove Anti Prespirant Moisturising Cream Aerosol What do you look for in a deodorant? My requirements are something which keeps me dry and stops me from smelling like an old shoe during an entire day running around school. I find both these factors in Dove deodorant. I always go for spray deodorants because I generally find they work better. I also don’t like flapping my arms around like an aeroplane for hours in the morning waiting for a roll on deodorant to dry. This aerosol deodorant can be applied in seconds and then you’re ready to face the day. A few times I’ve gone a bit overboard and sprayed it for too long, resulting in a snowstorm forming from under my arms. I find I’ve got to be careful to not spray for more than a couple of seconds. The smell is very nice. It’s a very fresh, daisy or cotton or something scent that lasts for ages. After about five hours the smell starts to fade but it’s easily replenished with a quick skoosh. Another bonus is that although it’s definitely noticeable I find I can still use perfumes without the smells mixing nastily. I do find I have to re-apply it around lunch time. And there’s no nasty white marks underneath my arms staining my clothes either. It keeps me sufficiently dry unless I’ve been doing anything too rigorous- I wouldn’t recommend it for people who have very active lifestyles. It leaves my skin feeling slightly softer. However considering that it’s (like all the other Dove products) a quarter moisturiser the effect isn’t that noticeable. I’ve often applied ...

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 28/02/2003

Worth its' weight in gold

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion I got this for Christmas from Santa and don’t know how I lived before without it! It might come in a dinky bottle, but size doesn’t always matter! The stuff is locked in a kind of matted hazy glass bottle. It doesn’t look very appealing- a pale yellowy colour, not the type of thing I want to spread over my face. The bottles’ got a screw lid which I don’t really like as you have to shake it like a glass ketchup bottle to get some out, which always seems to result in too much being poured out (and as the stuff’s worth its’ weight in gold I really hate wasting the smallest droplet!) The stuff’s very very thin- normally I associate a good moisturiser being really thick. But its’ consistency means that a little goes a long way! I only need a tiny amount to go around all of my face. It has a very strange smell that I can’t really describe but it’s nice and light and doesn’t leave a smell drifting up my nose for the whole day. So does it actually work???? In short yes! My skin is both greasy and dry so generally I have quite a lot of bother finding a moisturiser that can cure both of these at once. However I feel like I can go out after putting this on knowing that my skin doesn’t look like an oil rig or a desert. My skin is left feeling firm but not tight and very smooth but not shiny. It was also very soft and almost feathery but in a very nice way. It is absorbed super quick into my skin. The smell began to fade almost immediately but did still linger enough so that ...

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream 21/02/2003

Soft as a babies bum

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream I don’t normally use products by brands like Clinique simply because they’re so expensive. But when I got this and the matching moisturizer in my stocking this Christmas I was very pleased! This is a facial scrub that you’re meant to use everyday, followed by toner and moisturizer. Well to do that everyday I’d need to be a millionaire! I use it about once a week and normally use the moisturizer afterwards. The promises. According to the back if you scrape this over your face it will deflake, refine and minimize fine lines. Considering the price of the stuff (I’ll rant for a while about this later!) I was expecting miracles. The Use I followed the easy-peasy directions- gently massage over your skin then rinse. There’s no mention of wetting your face beforehand but I normally do, as it doesn’t feel like you’re rubbing sand paper over your face then. So, I squeezed a little onto my hand. Hmmm it didn’t look or feel like sand- I had a white creamy liquid (no jokes please) but it definitely did have some fine grit in it. It smelled lightly fragranced but not unpleasantly so. I smeared this over my face and started rubbing it in clockwise directions. I did this for about 2 minutes before it started feeling like I was scraping off my skin. I was worried that it would be a bit sore, from past experience of face scrubs, but it was really quite gentle. I could feel all the rough edges of my skin being rubbed off. It rinsed off fine. There was no nice lather that you ...

Charles Worthington Results Blow Drying Spray 18/02/2003

Hair spray in disguise

Charles Worthington Results Blow Drying Spray I’m constantly looking for things to liven up my dull, flat hair. When Boots were doing the 3 for 2 on Charles Worthington products I thought it was the ideal time to stock up on hair gear. As I blow-dry my hair every day I thought that this would be ideal to give it a bit of life. Like the rest of the products in the Results range of Charles Worthington products, the blow dry spray promises to drastically change hair. This particular product will give your hair lift, hold, shine and more body. But does it work? I went for the whole hog- used the shampoo then conditioner from the same range. I towel dried my hair and then sprayed about four sprays onto my hair before blow-drying it. The actual stuff was quite watery and clear. I sprayed some onto my hands and ran it through my hair to ensure that all of it was equally covered in the miracle spray. My hands were left quite sticky and dry which I didn’t really like. I expected to find that my hair was shiny big and bouncy. But no. This left my hair lank and matted- basically as if I’d just dumped half a ton of hair spray onto it. It didn’t brush out particularly easily either and I ended up washing my hair again. I wouldn’t have minded if it had said it was hairspray and I have used it since then to keep my hair in place. It works quite well as a hair spray- normally I have lots of fly away hairs but after using this my hair, for once, was remarkably well behaved. However, I didn't want to buy more hairspray and it ...

Charles Worthington Results Shine On" Shampoo" 03/02/2003

Shine like a star

Charles Worthington Results Shine On" Shampoo" The promise(s) I love having soft shiny hair. However, not enough to spend a fortune on products that don't always work. That's why I love the minature ranges found all over Boots- I find they're the right size to try once or twice before you devote yourself to a whacking great big bottle. That was how I first tried this range. The results range consists of several different products- conditioners, shampoo, wax etc. They all have one thing in common- a BIG promise- to make your hair looks its best ever. And that's not all- this shampoo will "volumise hair...add shine..prevent static...improve hair and scalp health...protect hair from heat styling...restore pH balance....prevent chlorine damage and finally moisurise". Not bad for under a fiver! The use First things first I tried to squeeze it our of it's yellow container but as I'd crawled to the shower from my bed, my hands weren't working very well and it took quite I lot of effort. I was looking sadly at my pathetically weak arms when I realised that this wasn't your ordinary watery shampoo but a super thich one. This means you hardly need any at all to work up I really nice thick lather. It takes quite a long time to rinse out as the bubbles mutliply rapidly, but I'd be complaining if there wasn't enough of them! Ah, but does it actually work? Out of the 8 promises only 2 didn't work on my hair- my hair was still all static-y and fly away when I dried it. Although it was left super clean, it did feel a big ...

TIGI Instant Conditioner 14/11/2002

Lilac love

TIGI Instant Conditioner A few weeks ago I finally got around to going to the hairdressers. My hair was getting lank, straw-like and dry round the ends so I decided it was time for them to all get chopped off. When the hairdresser had finished I noticed my hair felt exceptionally soft. I asked what had been used on my hair and she showed me a rather strange looking purple bottle of conditioner. Of course I had to (or at least get my mum to) buy it. The bottles quite tall and thin and isn’t clear but more opaque coloured. This doesn’t hide the contents though- a beautiful lilac colour beams up at you from the shelf. Its main purpose (betcha didn’t guess this!) is to condition and add moisture to hair. The only bottle I’ve seen is the one I got- a measly 250ml. It’s not the cheapest conditioner available- it’s around £6.00! The actual stuff feels sort of like normal moisturiser mixed with water almost slimy. I was surprised to see that it’s acidic- it has a pH of 5.5. It’s described as “Concentrated, yet not heavy” which I definitely agree with. As for the smell- remember the perfumes you make as a child by putting rose petals in water and leaving them for a few days (or was it just me who did that?) It’s very strong and if anything a bit too sweet. When applied to hair it seems to sink into your hair. The directions are just the norm- apply, massage, comb then rinse thoroughly. If your hair’s in quite bad condition this will moisturise it even more if you leave it on for a few extra ...

Palmolive Aroma Therapy Shower Gel Energy 13/10/2002

My cup of coffee

Palmolive Aroma Therapy Shower Gel Energy How many times have you crawled into your shower at the crack of dawn and nearly fallen asleep while in the shower? I constantly seem to do just that until one day I discovered the solution. This shower gel is part of Pamolives new-ish aromatherapy range, this particular scent is meant to give you an energy boost for both your body and soul. Quite a big promise really from a shower gel! The main reason I picked it up is because of the fluorescent green bottle and contents as it looked like it’d be very refreshing. The bottle has a green flip lid is transparent, with a picture of plants on the back that you can gaze at through its contents. Nothing particularly interesting about it but saying that it doesn’t throw up throw contents as soon as you open it or leak over the bottom of the shower like so many other bottles do. Thumbs up. As for the smell: think fresh, tangy and gingery. It’s a very clean smell but at the same time doesn’t smell all like an antiseptic hospital. It’s really refreshing first thing in the morning. However the smell doesn’t really stick on skin, it completely vanishes after about 10 minutes out of the tub. The actual stuff is very gloopy and jellyfish. It also has air bubbles in it- I’m not sure if there’s actually a purpose behind them or if it’s just a scheme to give you less for your money. It works up quickly into a nice fairly rich lather. You do need to use quite a lot of it though but you get lots for your dosh. A bottle should ...

L'Oreal Plenitude Cleansing Wipes 02/09/2002

Wipe away the grease of the day

L'Oreal Plenitude Cleansing Wipes I cunningly managed to shove these into the trolly when I was shopping with my mum one week. They looked interesting, they were reduced so I figured she wouldn't mind that much. Packaging The wipes for dry and sensitive skin come in a pretty simple and really quite girly white and pink plastic package. The wipes for normal skin for some reason come in a more manly looking wrapper which is green and white. They both work in the same way- you open a plastic resealable flap on the front. You then simply pull out a wipe when required. The only problem which this method of opening is that it's extremely easy to not seal the flap. I left the wipes open overnight once which dried up of every single wipe. To combat this I wet them a little with water and they seemed to work okay. I'd also advise against sitting on them- this squashes lots of the moisture out of the top ones onto the bottome wipes. Claims Like lots or L'oreal products thisone promises to do a million and one things. The sensitive skin wipes will cleanse and tone skin which is sensitive. It doesn't contain any nasty stinging alcohol (which esaily inflammes my skin) but it does have vitamin E and milk (?). This allows it to remove makeup without making our skin looking like an oil rig (greasy) but produces "cleansed tones and hydrated clean soft soothes skin". Sounds great! Use So late one night I stumbled home, shattered, and I really couldn't be bothered doing my usual remove makeup, cleanse, tone then ...

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector 05/08/2002

Hash in a tube

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector I was given a little tube of "Hemp chenvre" hand protector for Christmas and was immediately intruiged by the the hash leaf on the tube! The tube is very eye catching- a shiny silver foil tube with contrasting brown writing and of course the hash leaf. Although I got a mere 10ml tube, the larger tubes are the same design. The lid is a screw off one that the tube balances on. It tends to get a bit clogged up with but is easily cleaned. When you open the tube, the stuff comes flying out which tends to waste a little of it. Then you catch the smell- very herbal and almost medicinal. It's not exactly lovely but not too overpowering. When you gently squeeze some onto your hands ( you have to be quite careful as a little squeeze results in lots of stuff) it feels just like a normal moisturiser does except it's a bit thicker. It looks exactly the same colour as mint ice cream but this dissapears when you rub it in. However it's not actually a moisturiser but a protector yet my hands always feel very sort and supple for ages after I've used it. A non greasy layer forms which protects your hands from things like rough weather. This layer doesn't drop off when washed unlike most moisturisers. The great results I experienced lasted for a good couple of hours. I'd recommend this for anyone who has dry hands and during winter. The 10ml size is nice and small- you can take it anywhere with you. There's lots of other hemp products from The Body Shop that I've not tried yet ...

Radox Herbal Bath Muscle Soak 28/07/2002

Relax.. and fall asleep

Radox Herbal Bath Muscle Soak After a hard days shopping, my legs were aching and my head was thumping so I decided to try out a bubble bath to rejuvinate me in time to go out that night. My eyes were immediately drawn to Radox, Muscle soak so I bought it and dragged myself ( and several heavy bags! ) home. Claims One of the reasons I chose this Radox product was because it said it would "relax aching muscles and unwind tired minds". I don't know if claims is an appropriate title as it doesn't just claim but is "proven to relax" through the use of a "secret blend of herbs and minerals". The only herb named is clary sage ( which I've never heard of before ). It's probably aimed at people with a hectic or active life, whcih isn't really me as I try to avoid anything involving effort. So after reading the bottle I was expecting to be very soothed after having a bath with Radox. Bottle The bottle is rectungular shaped with a blue twist lid made out of transparent plastic. This allows you to see the brilliant blue of the bubble bath. It's a really lovely sea blue colour but this dissapears as soon as you put it under running water. Against the blue white writing is highlighted and there's a picture of a little cute stream. The bottle is quite big, it holds 500ml. The lid, although being really easy to twist on and off doesn't fall of if dropped. Stuff The actual stuff has the normal gooey consistancy of bubble bath and is transparent blue. When added to warm running water loads and loads of froth ...

John Frieda Instant Conditioner & Shine 23/06/2002

Bye bye bush

John Frieda Instant Conditioner & Shine As professional hair care ranges are all currently on offer 3 for 2 in Boots, I decided to indulge my hair with some nice shampoo and conditioner. Glancing along the crammed shelf, my eyes were drawn to the deep blue of John Frieda's "readytowear" range of hair care products. Due to the dull flatness of my hair, I decided to go for the instant conditioner + shiner too liven in up, hoping for the "super-sexy suppleness" promised. ***What it's meant to do*** The conditioner claims to do a number of things. Firstly, it will detangle and add shine to hair by moisturising it. Then is will condition (!) and help to repair damaged hair. Finally the conditioner will add volume to make hair look full of life. Basically, in a sentence, the conditioner promises to turn even the most dull and lifeless mops into wonderfully shiny and beautiful hair. ***What it looks like*** The conditioner is in a squeezy plastic tube with a flip lid at the bottom. The tube is a lovely rich transparent blue colour with the white conditioner making the tube almost glow. The writing is in white and this contrast of colours makes it easy to read, even when you've used nearly all of the stuff inside. When placed in my white shower it looks really professional and expensive. ***The stuff*** I squeezed some onto my hand and it felt like diluted hand moisturiser. It was very silky and not at all greasy. It's quite a nice constancy as well, not so runny that it slides off your hand into the shower ...

John Frieda Thickening Shampoo for Fine/Limp Hair 14/06/2002

Clean hair

John Frieda Thickening Shampoo for Fine/Limp Hair In search of something to brighten up my hair from the dull, drab state it was in, I came across this in Boots (the fact it was on a 3 for 2 offer persuaded me even more!) It's specified as for people with fine, thin or limp ( i.e. my!) hair. *** What does it look like? *** It comes in a deep blue, transparent squeezy tube with white and orange writing splattered across the front. The tube's very tall and this helps give the impression that it contains more than just 250ml. The tube's pretty cool, looks quite sophisticated and professional. However the lid at the base often fills up with the shampoo so when you open it, it escapes over all your hands. Looks good but not very practical as it can spill (and waste) the shampoo. *** What it claims to do *** The shampoo basically claims to magically change lifeless hair into thick, gushing with life and vitality. Sounds great but that's not all! The shampoo will give your hair "full bodied shine" and make hair more manageable and style-able. It claims to do this by getting rid of all the gunk that builds up in your hair leaving it dull and lifeless, then leaving polymers in your hair to "crank up" the volume. Pretty impressive stuff! *** The actual stuff *** The shampoo is clear and quite runny. I think it's a bit too runny as the first time I used the shampoo it dripped right off my hand before it even made it onto my hair. Its smell is very unique. The only thing I've ever smelt remotely like it is those purple ...

L'Oreal Advanced Hair Repair Serum 22/05/2002

Cares for my hair

L'Oreal Advanced Hair Repair Serum I hate my hair. It's dull, lank, greasy and dirty blond in colour. I've tried loads of shine added (grease in a tub) hair enhancers. At Christmas, I had to compile a list of presents I wanted from Santa. In big bold letters was "HAIR JUNK". In my pile of presents I got three L'Oreal Kerastase products- Shampoo, conditioner and a tiny weeny bottle of "Advanced Repair Serum for Damaged Ends". Very professional looking. "Hmmmmmm..." I thought. It looks like the normal oily stuff you get, that turns your hair into an oil rig. And considering you only get 30ml of product, I thought that I'd only get one or two applications out of it. But no, it has been used every day since Christmas and is still going strong. I read the back of the box it came in (several times as I was slightly shocked at the "silicone macromolecules" it contained!) As the name suggests, it's designed to repair damaged hair tips which have been damaged or fragile. It says that it Adds shine and make hair look healthier, make hair comb-able Reinforces hairs natural defences Makes hair more resistant to damage So I decided to try it out. After reading a rather lengthy leaflet, I discovered that all I had to do was apply it to either washed and towel dried hair or totally dry hair. Easy enough. You don't wash it off and have to use it very liberally- 2-3 drops at a time. Although the serum might feel slightly greasy to start with, it disappears as soon as it comes in contact with your hair. ...

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone (DVD) 21/05/2002


Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone (DVD) So you could recite every book off by heart, you went to the cinema countless times and can't walk across your room for all the Harry Potter merchandise cluttering it up. What's the next logical step to complete your Harry Potter collection? Buy the film of course! Released a couple of days ago, my copy of "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" by J.K Rowling has already made a firm next in my DVD player. In case you've spent the last few months on Mars, here's a brief summary of the plot. A young boy, Harry Potter (played by Daniel Radcliffe) discovers he's a wizard. Harry is saved from the hell of living with his bullying aunty, uncle and cousin when he receives an invite to join Hogwarts, a wizarding school. Throughout his many adventures during his first year at Hogwarts, Harry makes two firm friends in Ron Weasly (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) From being a nobody, in a year Harry breaks school records, get into trouble and eventually saves the world from the most feared dark wizard, Voldermort. Needless to say it's all a wee bit idealistic but it is a children's book after all. It has all the necessary ingredients of a child's film- laughs, a hero who has many enemies and a very happy ending. The acting is generally okay, the film features a few big names such as John Cleese and Julie Walters. They follow the same personalities found in the book surprisingly closely. However, Harry does sometimes perform a bit of almost primary school ...
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