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29 04/01/2008

All the fun of dairy without the cows

Benadryl Cream 24/12/2006

pink itch stopper

Benadryl Cream I got a free sample of a baby washing powder a couple of weeks ago (filetti) only ever since then I have been itching like a madman. It started on my arms as I wore those baby soft clothes, then all up my legs and before I knew it I was itching head to toe. I hit the antihistamines but the tablets werent enough... I still wanted to itch to the point of taking my skin off... This is when I found out antihistamine creams exist. Most pharmacies seem to keep them well hidden and want to question you on how you plan on using them and why, before they sell them to you, but they are fantastic. I first got Lloyds pharmacy own brand antihistamine cream which was cheap and felt good and stopped that itch... But it was not to be.. there wasnt enough in the tube to satisfy that itch.... so I had to go back. Only to my horror they had run out and after close scrutiny by the pharmacist, I was eventually allowed to leave the chemist with a tube of benadryl antihistamin cream.... The box is mainly blue and white with a stopwatch on the front suggesting its high speed at working. It advises you to use on stings, itching, skin irritation and insect bites. I dare any insect to bite me with the amount of anithistamine Ive rubbed on / consumed in the last week! Its a very informative and attractive looking box. However as there is only a small instruction booklet inside, which only elaborates slightly on the box (and all the same information is written on the tube inside as they know we will ...

Prima Popcorn Maker 05/11/2006

Once you pop, you just cant stop!

Everything that starts with R ... 01/02/2006

REVEALing Lin!

100 Years 100 Songs 16/01/2006

How to annoy your neighbors for hours!!!

Provamel (Alpro) Soya Dream 15/12/2005

Alpro makes vegan exciting!

The Parent Trap (DVD) 14/11/2004 the popcorn

Rimmel Matt Foundation 19/09/2004

No Frills Foundation

Jokes 07/09/2004

Medical Jokes

Toffuti Creamy Smooth - Original 25/08/2004

cheesy dairy-free heaven

Toffuti Creamy Smooth - Original As a lot of you already know, I cannot eat dairy... but would kill to be able to eat cheese! Thankfully I can now avoid any possible jail sentences as they've made dairy free alternatives! Hurrah!!! What is it? It is basically a dairy free alternate to soft cream cheese – not the plasticy tasting kids type, but more along the lines of Philadelphia - It is actually a very good likeness to it. It is very similar in taste, texture and smell. Which for those of you who haven’t tried that, it is completely white in appearance, with a delicate cheesey smell. The taste isn’t overpowering. Subtle but you can still taste it when your eating it with things and tastes good on just about everything. To start with I was just putting it on crackers and other cold things, but I’ve become far more adventurous and found that if you put it very briefly in the microwave it just starts to melt and that tastes like heaven on mashed potato! It is rumoured that you can use it to make cheese cake but you’d need to get at least 2 pots to make a small amount that I haven’t tried yet. As far as cheese cravings are concerned (and yes, you REALLY get them if you have had to give up cheese) it definitely does the job until someone whiffs jacket potato and melted cheddar on top past you… mmmmmmmm What is the packaging? It comes in little round tubs containing 227g (8oz). The tubs are white with the ingredients and nutritional info around the outside, and the flavour and make on the top. The ...

Wife Swap - Channel 4 08/07/2004

Swap wives?

Wife Swap - Channel 4 Wife swap is basically about 2 families that are the complete opposite. The wives swap places and leave a manual of how they run the house for the other woman to follow. After a week (and plenty of shouting and swearing) the ‘wife’ tells the family everything they cant stand and the rest of the family have to live by their rules for the second week. It invariably ends in tears. After the second week is over the 2 couples meet up to ‘talk’ about how it went, but again it usually ends up as shouting and arguing. HOW POPULAR IS IT? This show is has only been around since January 2003, and yet its already onto its 3rd series, and would you believe it, has even been awarded a BAFTA! Its been exported to America and is about to start airing on ABC. The first show this series averaged 5.3 million viewers, which is slightly down on last series’ average of 5.6 million. Season 1 was also accompanied by a book with some of the gossip on the episodes and copies of those manuals. I haven’t got it though so cant tell you much more about that. Series 1 and 2 are also out on DVD to immortalise these awful people forever. THE PROGRAM The episode starts by telling us briefly about the families and what the huge difference between them is – e.g. rich family Vs poor family, clean family Vs slobby family, strict family Vs rule-free family, working family Vs unemployed family, bible bashing family Vs virgin slaying family, ok, so I made the last one up, but lets face it, it’ll only ...

Mycil Athletes Foot Ointment 06/07/2004

Socks off!

Mycil Athletes Foot Ointment I’m ashamed to say that after living in student accommodation, practical sockless lessons, swimming and hydrotherapy, I’ve inadvertently become an expert on getting rid of verucas and athletes foot. PACKAGING This ointment for athlete’s foot comes in a very brightly coloured blue and yellow box with a footprint down one side and ‘mycil’ along the other side. Its 11x3x3cm in size with all the instructions on the outside. The main problem I have with this is that one glance in it’s general direction, and BAM, your secrets out. Its so glaringly obvious what it is that your bag only need come open and everyone knows you have fungal feet! Inside the box is a tube of the cream. It has exactly the same colouring and information as the box, which is good, because it means you can bin the box as soon as you get home, although it makes you wonder if they actually needed to put it in a box when they can put exactly the same on a tube. The tube comes with a metalic type seal that you have to pierce before use. HOW TO USE If, you have actually managed to smuggle it back unnoticed you could think about using it. You need to use it twice a day – at night, then again in the morning. You need to wash the area (yes, the annual wash may have to come early) and dry it before applying it to the entire affected area. As it has a preventative action as well, I tend to spread it a little further just to make sure it goes. You need to keep this ritual up until 1 week after it looks like it ...

Boots Travel Calm Tablets 04/07/2004

Owl and pussycat went to sea...hold your stomach!

Panasonic CD / MP3 player 02/07/2004

in the blue mp3/cd player

Supersoft Maximum Hold Hairspray 01/07/2004

Spray then run... or pass out trying

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