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Lynx Africa Deodorant 02/01/2008

Fook me - it stinks

Lynx Africa Deodorant The Lynx effect eh? Yeah, I felt the Lynx effect all right, it made me retch - in a nutshell and to avoid the need to read on, do not under any circumstances buy Lynx Africa - it is simply vile - it doesn't: Smell nice Mask body odour Stop you sweating should temperatures exceed freezing point I have for some time been avoiding using what was a Christmas present in 2006 because it reminded me of my youth - the days when you had a choice of Sure - or if you wanted to be spicy - Lynx. It sells for between £1 and £2.50 and should you encounter it on your travels around the supermarket or chemist for the love of god resist the temptation to give it a try. Don't be lured in by the tapered canister that gives off a stylish air - or indeed the funky designed device used to release the putrid product that lies within. One spray and you'll be kneeling in front of the toilet calling down that great white telephone. Africa I have to say is quite possibly the most revolting deodorant I have ever come into contact with. It is overly spicy - so much so it stings the eyes after spraying under my pits and the smell clings like napalm. Within minutes of spraying it on you'll be reaching for the soap and trying to wash it off - it gets spicier as your pits get warmer and god forbid - should you sweat it just intensifies the body odour pong after about an hour. Do yourself and favour and avoid the Lynx effect.

Canon MV960 16/10/2007

Frisky filming!!

Canon MV960 As part of my job I have to give presentations - something I fear and loathe. I lack the ability to exude confidence and I felt that this would hamper my progress. As an idea a colleague suggested that I borrow his digital camcorder - film myself giving a presentation and then work back through it looking at areas of my body language - speech and display that could be tweaked and improved. Being desperate I took him up on the challenge and borrowed his Canon MV 960 - I understand that when he bought it the retail price was £365 but when I finally came to purchasing my own after being dazzled I found it much cheaper at £265 from the Pixmania website. Although I didn't do the filming on the first occasion - obviously I have now had the opportunity to take the camcorder on holiday with me - to family weddings and birthday celebrations and each time I found that the range of features has been out of this world although at first it is very fiddly to get to grips with what buttons do what - which switch setting relates to which feature and so on but a lengthy read of the comprehensive instruction manual should resolve these initial problems. Weight wise the entire unit weighs just shy of 2 kg and fits perfectly into the palm of my hand - the adjustable strap attachment adds that little bit more security when wandering around filming - it isn't likely to fall from your grip. First and foremost this is a camcorder and requires a memory card - this had to be bought separately ...

Brylcreem Brylcreem 06/07/2007

Crispy crispy!!

Brylcreem Brylcreem 3 quid is not a lot to pay for 150ml of gel – especially for a gel that is by far and away the best I‘ve ever tried and so onwards with why I think anyone looking for a good quality and affordable hair styling product should look no further. Coming in a deep blue tub with a fiddly twist off lid I remember the days when Brylcreem used to come in dodgy tubes that always ended up full of gunk – never actually managing to keep much of the gel in the tube after it had been used once. Those days are over – thank god. Pale blue in colour – almost aqua. As for smell I would have to say that unless you shove some of it up your nose you are unlikely to catch a whiff of it as you scoop it out of the tub and run it through your hair. The fact that it is almost odourless is one big plus point. I hate the artificial smell of most gels and with a hangover using my old brand I would struggle to keep my breakfast down. Texture stops just short of being runny which means that it can be scooped up on the fingertips really easily – rubbed between the palms and then applied without any sort of hassle or stress – another plus point. Once rubbed into the hair it doesn’t set like concrete straight away so there is no rush to actually style – it does add something of a smooth texture to the hair as it coats though which again is good. Styling is very easy and after 10-15 minutes it starts to harden which means there is plenty of time to make styling adjustments here and there should the ...

Sony Micro Vault R-Series - USB flash drive - 4 GB 21/04/2007

Thanks Sony - thanks a bunch!!

Sony Micro Vault R-Series - USB flash drive - 4 GB Say Sony, think quality, thats what I thought when I parted with £49.99 of my own - yes my own hard earned cash for the Micro Vault 4GB flashdrive. The amount of files I'm now moving and carrying around with me had got to the stage where I needed something reliable with a huge storage capacity so that I knew if I needed to store a massive powerpoint presentation to take on the road with me - I could with confidence. I ended up buying the Micro Vault from Amazon as it came in at about the same price as other different models but had a full 2 GB more storage and this got my juices flowing so to speak. 2 GB more - for the same price - bargain! The flashdrive is nothing to write home about - it's very functional - and looks pretty much the same as very flashdrive I've ever seen - port at one end and thats it. The Micro Vault does though have a lock on it so you can't save to it by accident when it is in the locked position - a nice gimmick - but how many times have you saved a file by accident ? If you are like me - it never happens - I'm not that careless - nothing but a gimmick in my opinion - a pointless gimmick at that. The Micro Vault works in the same way as all other flashdrives - it plugs into the computer USB port and its ready to go - that pretty much sums up the instruction manual! It is very slim so it is possible to have 2 seperate pieces of detachable hardware plugged up to USB ports that are located above and below each other. It isnt so chunky you can only ...

Zirtek Allergy 21/04/2007

Itchy red eyes and snotty nose no more!!

Zirtek Allergy I can tell that the weather is about to change - thats sunshine is on its way and the flowers are about to bloom into all their glory - my eyes start to itch - my nose runs and I generally feel like I've been punched in the head by Mike Tyson. Spring and Summer are not my favourite seasons - that was until I discovered Zirtek antihistamines which I bought for £2.17 from my local Boots store. I chose Zirtek on the recommendation of the girl behind the counter as Piriton would react with my other medications and she swore blind that Zirtke was the fastest acting and best on the market. The packet I bought contained 7 small tablets and an instruction leaflet that should be read before you take them - I did this and popped a pill into my mouth in a fit of desperation. It only took about an hour before my nose started to stop running and within 2 hours my eyes has stopped itching so they did work and they worked really fast which is a huge plus for me. After another few hours my eyes stopped stinging completely and the symptoms didn't start again until the following day. I have now been using the tablets for 4 days and it feels like I've got my life back again - I can go out and walk around parks and garden centres without feeling like death warmed up and I also don't look like I've been crying for a week. Another plus point is that I have had no side effects to the tablets. Zirtkey can be used to treat hayfever, allergies such as dust or pet allergies and swellingh ...

Zanussi-Electrolux ZDT 6053 19/09/2006

Every loafers dream!!

Zanussi-Electrolux ZDT 6053 I didn't but this dishwasher - it is a hand me down from my mother who informs me that she paid £319 for it from Currys and as luck would have it she didn't have space in her newly designed kitchen so I gratefully relieved her of it as I hate washing pots and pans. The dishwasher is white in colour and is 81.8 cm tall, 59.6 cm wide and 55.5 cm deep - the door is placed on a hinge and falls from the top downwards. As the door is around 75cm in height this washer wouldn't be ideal in a narrow workspace. The instruction booklet is very helpful and informative - it gives diagrams on how to plumb the machine in - how to operate it and details of its energy efficiency class - It's A so it doesn't use as much as cheaper less efficient models. Inside the washer there are three baskets each made from moulded plastic that make it easy for plates to stand - a section for cuttlery - and rows for glasses and cups. Overall I have found that this would be for a good size to wash the pots and pans of a family of 5 - for me it gets used once every 3 days when I remember to switch it on! Filling the washer will dishwasher liquid is simple and is done via a hatch at the bottom of the machine - a lid full is all that is needed. It takes about 40 minutes for a full cycle and when the pots and pans are removed I have never found them to be anything but sparkling and spotless - glasses are never scratches and the plates that say "do not put in the dishwasher" have not been damaged in ...

Tunnock's Tea Cakes 12/09/2006

It's a taste sensation!!

Tunnock's Tea Cakes Tunnocks Tea Cakes are another of my childhood favourites and whenever I go shopping they always end up in the basket and invariably end up all being eaten in one sitting leaving me feeling rather full and rather sick in a good way. The cakes are little domes of delight - marshmallow that sits on a soft biscuit base coated in a thin shell of chocolate. The silver and red coating is appealing to the eye and as soon as they are unwrapped the first thing to attack my nostrils is the sweet smell of rich milk chocolate. You have to be careful unwrapping them - one wrong move and pop your finger has breached the chocolate coating leaving you with a sticky finger. Despite there being not much of it, the chocolate coating tastes lovely and is really pronounced in the overall fusion of ingredients. It leaves a soft, smooth cocoa aftertaste while the biscuit base is rather chewy and less defined in the overall mix of things but the icing on the cake so to speak is the soft fluffy marshmallow with hints of vanilla that blends everything together. The taste is absolutely divine. 80p for 6 Tunnocks Tea Cakes - bargain. 6 Sickly sweet treats that are as addictive as Heroin but without the terrible comedown I can only recommend these delights as a sweet that will satisfy your sweet tooth - ideal for snacking and guaranteed in great quantities to have you piling on the pounds. Try them - you'll love 'em.

KP choc dips 12/09/2006

Choccy fingers ahoy!!

KP choc dips I have just experienced a huge flashback to my childhood and I've been left feeling cheated. As a kid I loved KP Chocolate Dips - they seemed so big - always filled me up and as I remember the chocolate actually tasted like chocolate and was slightly runny and best of all they used to cost 15p. Damn and blast inflation - I have just paid 45p for the same product - a picture attached for information. What do you get for your money? Well - very little it would seem nowadays. There were 7 fingers biscuits in the carton and a very small pot of solid chocolate. When I say solid - I mean rock hard. The biscuits taste very similar to digestive biscuits with a very wheaty aftertaste and I was impressed with the crunch - when trying to dig out some chocolate though they broke very easily and I ended up fishing bits of biscuit out of the pot. The smelled very fresh which was nice which is more than I can say for the chocolate - that smelt vile - and as I've said was rock hard. When it has eventually warmed a little it made it easier to scoop up with the biscuits but the taste was completely artifical and only vaguely resembled the chocolate I remember. Overall the biscuits were nice and they did kind of fill a gap in a mid morning snack kind of way but the chocolate dip was repulsive and for this reason my childhoos memories have been destroyed and I will not be buying nor recommending this to kids or adults.

Philips Sonicare HX 7351 Elite 07/09/2006

Pearly whites at a price!!

Philips Sonicare HX 7351 Elite Oral hygiene is a must for all in my opinion and I find that due to my excessive consumption of coffee and demon weed habit my teeth take a considerable battering on a daily basis and it got to the stage where brushing my teeth with a regular manual toothbrush and specialist toothpastes wasn't making any difference to the stains that had started to build up on the back of my bottom front teeth. I prompted did a little research - spoke to friends and family and then my dentist about what could help keep the stains at bay in between visits to the hygienist for a clean and both my friends and dentist mentioned the Sonicare range of powered toothbrushes - something I had not been keen on using. I opted for the HX7351 for £79.99 from Amazon - it has since come down in price by £5 and can be found with some searching for £65 at other online stores. What do you get for that much of your hard earned cash? Well, not a lot to be honest. You get the toothbrush - one removable brush head - a charger base - a brush head holder and a travel case. The handle is quite bulky - but tapered with a rubbery surface which makes it easy to hold onto as it vibrates vigorously in your hand - it also contains a rechargeable battery unit that lasts normally for around 2 weeks. Charging is fairly quick - leaving on charge for 4-5 hours is all that is needed to keep it going for a further 2 weeks. Within the handle is a little green light that becomes dimmer the more the battery drains and ...

Sharp R249 06/09/2006

Instant food zapper!!

Sharp R249 What can you say about a microwave oven? It's cooks food and it does it without being too complicated! There - review done! Alas this is Ciao and opinions dare not stop that short so here is my in-depth analysis of what I call my instant food zapper. Most households nowadays have a microwave oven even if just to warm up meals faster than the conventional oven - to make the delicious microwave popcorn for evenings in front of the television or to actually do all there cooking. I am of course referring to the godsends that are microwave meals for single males. Also known as microwave meals for one. As luck would have it as an associate of Sharp I qualify thanks to a few words in the right ears for their 30% staff discount when bought direct. I needed a reasonably priced microwave and with the discount plumped for the R249 model for only £34.99 - They usually sell for £49.99 so even without the discount it is still a model that I consider falls within the budget range. The R249 comes in a choice of white - white or white and has a 800w power output making it considerably powerful and no lightweight when compared with other more expensive models from the same manufacturer or competitors. It looks rather stylish with it's curved edges and isn't that heavy that you will need two men to lift it onto the work surface. As is standard with most microwave ovens this model has an LCD display that shows the power level - option selected and timer. What sets it apart is that ...

Dyson DC 08 Allergy 05/09/2006


Dyson DC 08 Allergy Patented cyclone technology - you just can't beat it - or so Dyson say and I have to agree. When I moved into my new place the one thing I had completely forgotten about was a vacuum cleaner and this lead to much rushing around when I realised that my cough and wheezing was down to the amount of animal hair left by the previous owners. Not being well off enough to pay for new carpets I decided that I had to go forth and buy a Dyson - after all everyone I had spoken to raved about them. I paid £223 for my DC08 from and the picture above shows it off - it's small, compact and sits nicely in the storage space by the front door - something an upright cleaner wouldn't do. The DC08 like all Dyson's doesn't use vacuum cleaner bags; instead the entire collection barrel is removed and emptied directly into the bin. The DC08 is incredibly easy to use - it has an off/on switch, the barrel is easy to remove and is done by pressing only one button and filters are easy to access and change. Instead of pushing the cleaner around, which is the norm with an upright cleaner, the telescopic pole is used to direct the suction and you simply drag the DC08 around behind you. The good points of this is that due to the wheels it couldn't be any easier to move around the room - stairs are a doddle due to the lightweight nature of the unit and the telescopic pole allows me to access areas that would normally require me to move furniture to reach. Despite the knocks and ...

Breville TR48 17/08/2006

Toasty warm - toasty cold - you never know!!

Breville TR48 As a single guy my cooking leaves a lot to be desired - so much so that I rarely use the cooker opting instead to use the microwave - this lead onto my mother splashing out and buying me a sandwich toaster in an attempt to vary my diet from ready meals! As it was a gift I'm not sure of the price - a little research shows that prices vary from £30 - £40 for the TR48 and for a machine from such a reputable manufacturer seems like a fair price to pay but alas it is let down by so many things I can't help but thinking that there are other models on the market that are so much better for the same price - if not cheaper. Available in white - white or white the machine looks plain and very basic from my first impressions - there is a lack of buttons and dials. I have attached a picture to show the machine and I'm sure you'll agree it doesn't look particularly space age or special in any way. First of all the statistics - the sandwich maker doesn't take up much room on kitchen surfaces which is where it is best to keep it for reasons I will divulge later. Being just a tad larger than 2 slices of bread put side to side it isn't huge and isn't heavy should you get the urge to move it around. Most sandwich toasters nowadays doubled up as waffle irons - the Breville TR48 does not unfortunately - what it does is toast up to four slices of bread to make toasties and this is where I find myself muttering a cursing at the darn thing - there is no heat control or light to indicate ...

Bodum 5670 17/08/2006

A coffee purists dream!!

Bodum 5670 Freshly ground coffee is a vice - pure and simple and I find that my tastes vary from week to week so rather than buying large packs of pre-ground coffee beans to use I buy small packs of fresh beans from different countries and grind them myself and this lead me to need a coffee grinder that was reliable - good looking and most of all quiet. Noise first thing in the morning is never an option. I bought a brand new white Bodum 5670 for £49.99 from eBay as it was £15 cheaper than buying direct from the manufacturer. The picture above shows the black model and essentially my grinder is identical apart from the colour. Size wise it is larger than most ordinary grinders - 28cm x 23cm x 20cm so it does take up some space but bear with me I'll explain why it is better than most other grinders on the market. 1 - It is very light at just over 1.5 kg. 2 - It is easy to load with beans - the top is opened and the beans poured in. 3 - The speed control is simple and can be used by a child - although it isn't recommended! 4 - The ground coffee is collected in a plastic beaker. 5 - It is quick - very quick - it takes about 3 minutes to grind a quarter of a pound of beans. 6 - It is very quiet and hardly noticeable. 7 - It is easy to clean - All of the components are easy to remove - wash and replace. 8 - The machine is made from strong plastic and the parts don't split or break when dropped. Despite the price I am very happy with my grinder - it does the ...

Clean & Clear Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash 12/06/2006

Murky waters!!

Clean & Clear Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash Both myself and my better half have sensitive skin and I for one come out in a terrible rash at the hint of any exotic or artificially produced ingredients which is a worry when it comes to shaving foams - soaps and shampoo. Needless to say the curse of having sensitive skin means that I have to fork out large sums of cash for a good cleanser - an essential grooming item for anyone who is exposed to city environments on a day-to-day basis. Clean and Clear Oil Free Deep Cleansing Cream Wash cost £3.29 from Morrisons and was not an impulse buy - my partner uses this without reaction so I was pretty certain it wouldn't have me scratching and coming out in blotchy patches. The picture above shows the tube - which is 150ml in size and easily identifiable by the blue and white writing on the front - it claims to cleanse right down to the pores using an anti-bacterial solution that will leave a cool and fresh sensation. I use the face wash once a day once I get home from work and it always amazes me when I look at the colour of the water after finishing - its all murky and its clear that the face wash has removed a layer of dirt that has built up over the course of the day. Even though it doesn't lather up a great amount only a tiny bit is needed each wash and it smells really clean and fresh and it lingers on both my hands and face for a couple of hours after drying. Results wise I couldn't be more impressed - the fact that it clearly removes dirt and grime - unclogs ...

Nicky Clarke NCM14 Xtreme 07/06/2006

It's buzzin'!!

Nicky Clarke NCM14 Xtreme Most men will find that trying to tidy up sideburns and beards can be a nightmare using a conventional razor blades - trying to get a straight edge is borderline impossible and I am no different - I have owned my Nicky Clarke NCM14 Xtreme now for 2 years and I consider them to be a bargin at £23.99 - originally bought from Ebay boxed and brand new. The unit comes packaged with a base unit which it sits vertically in - the base unit plugs into the mains supply and charges the batteries within - on average placing the unit on charge will give the batteries enough life to keep going for just over an hour of continual use - I know this as we have also used the clippers to shave heads after a particularly rowdy night on the town in a moment of madness. My clippers are electric blue in colour and has a moulded grip making them very easy to hold onto and the weight of around 1 kg isn't an issue when it comes to using them. Rather than having adjustable blades the clippers come with seven different clips on parts that can be removed and installed quickly to allow you to vary the length of the cut. Results wise I can't praise the clippers enough - the blades are still as sharp as the day I bought them and don't seem to tear hair - they remove any hair they come into contact with without the need to keep going over the same spot over and over again which I have seen with the clippers of friends. As the clippers are waterproof they can be used on wet hair and I find that the ...
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