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Catchy, Energetic and good to dance to. Although Glory Days is what's expected from a typical girl band put together by Simon Cowell, it also exceeds expectations as it strays far from the usual, pop girly music that is normally expected from girl bands. 'Glory Days' is perfect for teens, young adult and adults as it's catchy tune of all the songs puts you in a good mood and gets your head nodding and foot tapping. The songs, unlike their last albums, aren't slow and are good to dance to. They have a good bass for when you have your earphones in. The album is a mix between break up songs and love songs, the norm nowadays. It features 'Shout Out To My Ex' and 'Touch'. It also features the melodic voice of Charlie Puth in another one of their catchy songs, 'Oops' which was performed on X Factor. In my opinion, I am a fan of Little Mix but didn't expect much from this album after hearing 'Shout Out to My Ex' and being a tad disappointed. However, the rest of the album impressed me and is actually in multiple playlists of mine. I highly recommend this album for teens and upwards. Some of the songs get a little bit raunchy so I wouldn't play those songs around toddlers or impressionable children. I suggest this album for the car or a jog or at the gym. The album is amazing! ...
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