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London Bridges - James Patterson 17/12/2004

Praise For James Patterson

London Bridges - James Patterson Alex Cross is back in his most explosive adventure yet. And so is the wolf. And so is the weasel. This book is full of the high voltage action and enthralling intrigue for which James Patterson is best known. London Bridge ia an unforgettable thriller that will grip you from cover to cover. Alex Cross is an FBI agent, he was once a homicide detective who has met alot of nasty killers along his way, finally poached into the FBI, Alex struggles to keep the balance between family life, love and his job. Alex dislikes the fact that his job as an FBI agent pulls him away from his three kids and his mother. He wishes he had never left homicide as even then he had time for the kids. Alex is on vacation when he gets the call. A city in nevada has been annihilated and the Russian super criminal known as the wolf is claiming responsibility. Major Cities around the globe have been threatened with total destruction including London, Paris and New York. In a matter of hours Cross is capulted into an international chase of astonishing danger. The book again meets up with two of Alex Cross enemies The Wolf & The Weasel, two horrific killers togethar what an explosive thriller. The follow up novel to The Big Bad Wolf, as with all james patterson novels hard to put down, the novel keeps you interested from right fom the start. The story is fantastic lots of unimaginable twists will make you eager for the next one. Very readable the short chapters keep you interested ...

Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason (2004) 17/12/2004

Go Bridget Go

Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason (2004) Havnt seen the sequel to the first bridget jones diary then all i can say is what are you waiting for, this film has everything laughter tears and even more laughter. You will not be dissapointed the story line is fabulous, and the cast well what can i say apart from hello Mr Darcy ha ha. From the opening scene to the closing scene the film will have you laughing. The only thing i would say is this is definately a chick flick i dragged my poor partner along and yeah he laughed but not as much as me!!! The film is different in some ways to the book so be warned do not go expecting the same story line a s the book. The soundtrack is great rushed out and bought it how sad you might say but its very good. All in all a fabulous film, i wonder if there will be another who knows!! Go enjoy this film hope this is useful.

Mitsubishi Colt 1.6 17/12/2004

Fantastic Reliable Car

Mitsubishi Colt 1.6 I have had two mitsibushi colts in the last 9 years they are fantastic cars very very reliable. The only down fall up until the new model came out was that it was only available in a three door, but fear not the new model now offers five doors with no compromises made on space. The first one i had was an ex test drive and i never needed anything done to it the three years i had it, well of course except tyres and window washers. The second one i bought from new and has been just as good im thinking of changing again, finding it hard to find a different model of car which feels so comfortable and easy as a colt, so no doubt it will be off to the mitsubishi garage for me maybe ill go for a bigger model. Yes these cars are japanese but hey they are superb and i would recommend to anyone thinking about it go for a test drive. If you have that spare bit of cash splash out on the remote locking i did well worth it. I have added more to review under comments if you want to know more. ...
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