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Spaceballs (DVD) 25/09/2003

Definitely not (Space) Balls!

Spaceballs (DVD) The film is a cinematic masterpiece; that is, of taking the piss out of nearly every single sci-fi film of its time! When i first watched this film aged 12, i found it very funny, as i got older i understood more and more jokes in the film; which just goes to show how this film works on many different levels. Space Balls is most definately a 'must-have' for anyone who has a passing interest in Sci-fi films, it is also a must for anyone looking for good comedy. This is a film i have had no shame in saying that i have watched possibly over 100 times, each year spotting a different joke - it is a wonderful film. If i were to critically analyse it, i would say that, possibly the film may be a bit outdated now, - it was filmed in the '80s and subsequently looks a bit dated in a number of ways. The acting is not perfect by any means, although, it doesnt matter as it adds to the quirky hilarious nature of the film! The way Mel Brooks makes this film funny is by exploiting stereotypes, also he uses language that is ambiguous; an example being when the radar becomes jammed; quite literally, rasperberry jam runs down the computer screen(!), Dark helmet (rick moranis) licks the jam and wonderfully says the immortal line "Raspberry.......LONESTARRR(the good guy)!!!" As i write this review i find my self almost laughing in rememberance of some of the jokes - this film is worth watching, it is also on dvd now, although i do not own a copy ..... yet!!!! ...

Bulmers Scrumpy Jack Cider 24/09/2003

Scrumpty Scrumpy

Bulmers Scrumpy Jack Cider Scrumpy Jack is, without a doubt, my most favoured cider; perhaps, even my favourite alcholic drink! Living in Hereford (where it is made) i have grown up with the cider generally being on the household table as my dad's preffered drink. One of Scrumpy Jack's advantages is that it is flexible, it can be drunk easily on its own, or is a perfect substitute for white wine at some meals. Scrumpy comes in a variety of forms, personally i prefer the bottles rather than the cans, as i find the bottles are a better size for a drink of this nature. In comparison to other ciders, Scrumpy is definately my first choice, the only disadvantage of the product is it only comes as 4 bottles - it could really do with coming as 6 - as 8 (2 packs) is rather expensive! The product packaging is similiar to other ciders - not particularly striking, perhaps they could opt for a more historical-style packaging, however, it must be noted that this is by no means a major criticism. ...

Signs (DVD) 18/09/2003

To hyped?

Signs (DVD) I hate to be a party-pooper, but in my opinion this film was a rotter - it shouldnt have been, but i just felt Mel Gibson was not at his best!! The way he kept on saying "baby" as many times as he could really annoyed me!! After all the hype on tv this film has, in my opinion, not lived up to its hype. I believe the genre was right, and indeed one that has been unexplored by the movie industy. The plot line left a lot to be desired, i mean picking up alien signals on a baby monitor , that this kid "happens" to carry round with him, just doesnt sit easily with me. Furthermore, at the end of the movie, it was almost formulaeic in the way that it ended - cheesy, and not subtle by any means. The "alien" was laughable, i mean come on this was not scary by any means?! Maybe i am just over critical, the turn over to dvd didnt really do it any favours, i found it slow at times. This film was undoubtably hyped, but in my opinion didnt deliver what i wanted it too. ...

1984 - George Orwell 18/09/2003

1984 - undoubtably a classic!

1984 - George Orwell The cover of 1984 is instantly appealing; it reflects the central concept of the book - that the whole of society is being simultaneously watched by "Big brother". 1984 is a book that i picked up and read in the space of two days - it was a definite page turner; Orwell manages to create a reality that in a way emulates some concepts of the near future; an example being the use of a "telescreen". For 1948, Orwell has created a book that has easily stood the test of time; it is undoubtably a classic. The book is set in Orwell's perception of the future - in 1984 (he wrote the book in 1948 and reversed the numbers, which is why it is called 1984). In his vision, the world is divided into 3 superstates - Eurasia, Eastasia and Oceania; these three states are so similar that neither state can take over another. The state that the main character, Winston, lives in is Oceania; he is under the totalitarian regime of the infamous big brother. As the book progresses we learn of Winston's distain for Big brother, his dislike for his life and his belief that life in the past was far different. He believes that big brother is changing everything about their lives, even controlling their love lives! i believe Winston drew the line when his ex wife had asked him to do their "duty to the party" i.e. to have sex!! - this was as a result of the conditioning in schools. The book become emotional when Winston believes he is being followed by a girl whom he believes is part of the ...
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