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Disney Toy Story 3 Tank 14/09/2011

Oooooo Goldfish!

Disney Toy Story 3 Tank Back in June my husband and son went to a carnival and came home with a goldfish! We placed the goldfish in a safe place away from the cats and headed straight to Pets at Home. Pets at Home have quite a good range of tanks ranging from very small tanks to big and very expensive ones, I only wanted a small tank because we have only got a small living room. My husband and son spotted this Toy Story Tank for £35 which was very good value as it came with various accessories and it was the perfect size. What's in the Box 17 litre Aquarium Water Pump 3D Figuirine Stickers Coloured Gravel Full Coloured Background Packaging The tank came in a big cardboard box which I have kept as the back of the box is full of very useful information about setting the tank up, maintaining the tank and looking after the fish. The Tank This is a 17 litre glass tank which can hold a maximum of 2 goldfish, the base and lid are made out of plastic and are bright orange in colour which really makes the tank stand out. On top of the lid is a hinged flap which you can open so you can feed the fish without having to take the lid off. Inside the lid there is a space for a LED light which we bought for £12.99, it easily clipped into place and the tank looks amazing all lit up at night. Accessories Water Pump The water pump acts as a filter and can also provide air to the fish by sucking air through a snorkel that sticks out over the surface of the water. The pump is quite long and is blue in colour, ...

LeapFrog Leapster2 Toy Story 3 07/09/2011

Toy Story 3 Special edition Leapster2

LeapFrog Leapster2 Toy Story 3 Last Christmas my son had a wish list and on his list was a Leapster 2. I have to say we were very reluctant to buy him one as he tends to play games on his PC plus the games are very expensive but I spotted this Toy Story Leapster in Toys R Us for £40 and as my son is a big Toy Story fan we knew he would love it! A Leapster2 is a hand-held games console aimed at children aged 4 - 8 and is made by Leapfrog. What's in the Box? Console USB cable Leapster Connect software disc Manual The Console Usually a Leapster is green or pink but as my son has got the Toy Story one his is mostly white and blue whilst the buttons are yellow, there are three Toy Story stickers on the console plus the Leapfrog logo. On top of the console is a slot for the game cartridges that you can purchase separately, all your child has to do is to push the cartridge into the slot which my son finds very easy to do. The console is very chunky, some little ones might find it tricky holding onto the console and playing a game at the same time but my son has never had any problems. The Leapster2 has a 3 inch Lcd touch screen, the console comes with a red stylus pen which is attached to console with a strong red cord, there is a round hole on the console so you can put the stylus away when not in use. You can use your finger instead of the stylus but I find that you have to really press the screen quite firmly and it is not as accurate as the stylus. The console requires 4 x AA batteries and you place ...

Dan-Yr-Ogof Showcaves, United Kingdom 02/09/2011

Is This Really a Family Attraction?

Dan-Yr-Ogof Showcaves, United Kingdom As it is the last week of the school holidays we decided the other day to have a day out somewhere, usually my son will always nag us to go to Folly Farm which is in West Wales but he had a leaflet hidden away in his drawer for The National Showcaves Centre for Wales and asked if we would take him there to see the dinosaurs. The caves were discovered back in 1912 by two brothers called Tommy and Jeff who owned a local farm. They decided to do some exploring and came across a cave, all they had was some candles for light and arrows in the sand to find their way back. How To Get There The Showcaves are located halfway between Swansea and Brecon on the A4067, it took us 40 minutes to get there from Swansea. Parking When we got to the Showcaves a staff member told us to park down the bottom car park as the other car park was full. The walk up to the main entrance was quite steep and I would think that those with buggies or older people would find it a little bit of a struggle. Once we got to the entrance we were greeted by a very large dinosaur and we got to walk through his legs which I have to say was pretty awesome! The weird thing is when you walk through the entrance you can get to the cafe or the gift shop without having to pay, you only pay for your tickets once you are ready to go to the caves and to see the other attractions. Ticket Price Adults - £13.50, Children - £7.50 (ages 3-16), Children undrer 3 - No Charge One ticket lets you see 10 Attractions. * ...

Happy Christmas Boris - Sam Lloyd 26/08/2011

When Boris got stuck up the chimney, Ah-kissy, Ah-kissy, Ah-kissy

Happy Christmas Boris - Sam Lloyd My son is a big fan of Sam Lloyd who is a children's author and has written various books including Wendy the Wide Mouthed Frog, and Calm Down Boris which is my sons his favourite book. I spotted this book in Morrisons last December and I knew my son would love it! The Book This is a 10 page hardback book which is ideal for young children as the pages are very thick but are easy to turn and of course they will not be able to chew or tear the pages! On the front cover is a monster who is called Boris, he is dressed up as Santa and is sitting in a sleigh with a sack of presents. Like the other books in the series this is a puppet book, each page has got a cut out circle so that the puppet can run through the book, all you have to do is put your hand inside the puppet and turn your hand so that the puppet makes some very funny mouth expressions and one important thing to remember is to put on your best monster voice! Meet Boris For those of you who do not know Boris, he is a very cute furry monster who is very orange. He has got big long eyes whilst his arms and legs are very long and skinny. One thing you should know about Boris and that is he loves giving ticklish kisses! The Story It is Christmas eve and Santa phones Boris, he needs his help to deliver Christmas presents to the little monsters. Straight away the reader is encouraged to interact with Boris by cleaning his boots and making sure his hat is on properly. Boris sets off in the sleigh and he has three ... 22/08/2011

Avoid you will not be Paid! I love doing surveys and am a member of various sites including Rewarded Opinions. Signing Up I signed up last year at and the signing up process is very easy to do, you are asked to create a nickname and password. Then you are asked things like your name, date of birth, home address, e-mail address and occupation. Once you have signed up you are sent an e-mail to confirm you are a member, you then need to go to the website and complete some profile surveys to validate your account. The Website The website is very basic compared to other survey sites, once you log in you there are buttons for Account, Points, News, Profiling Surveys and FAQ. *Account - this has got all your info such as you name and address so you are able to edit your details very easily. *Points - here you will find a list of surveys you have completed plus how many points you have earned. You need 2000 points to be able to put in for a paypal or cheque redemption, once you have got 2000 points you can click on the link which takes you to a new page and you are able to choose a payment option. *Profiling Surveys - Theres a survey to validate your account, one for money,life and work and the third one is extra profiling points. By completing all three surveys you earn 170 points and the surveys take 5 minutes for each one. One thing I do not like about this website is you cannot see what surveys are available, the only way you can take a survey is via e-mail with ...

Fisher-Price Imaginext Toy Story 3 Pig Ship 19/08/2011

Evil Dr Porkchops Flying Pig

Fisher-Price Imaginext Toy Story 3 Pig Ship Back at the end of May it was my sons 5th birthday and he was so good he only asked for two things, the Toy Story garbage truck and Toy Story3 Imaginext Pig Spaceship. My son tells me that Evil Dr Pork Chops spaceship appears at the beginning of the Toy Story 3 film, Woody and Buzz go after One eyed bart and his wife and have them cornered when the spaceship appears and it beams them up along with slinky dog and the aliens. Evil Dr Pork Chop then releases a barrel of monkeys on Woody and the gang. Whats in the Box Pig Spaceship Evil Dr Pork Chop Barrel Buzzlight Year Spaceship The spaceship is basically a big hamm only he has got wings and thrusters and has been made into a spaceship! The toy is made out of a very strong plastic and like other Imaginext products it is very very well made. It of course is pink in colour, on top of the ship is a long grey button if you press the button it will release a barrel that fits under the spaceship. What I like about this spaceship is the detail, there is a moulded pattern all over the ship which makes it look like a really good spaceship and one of the funny things about this ship is you can even turn the pigs tail! The spaceships head opens up to reveal the inside of the ships cockpit, there is a big black seat ready for evil Dr Pork Chop or Buzz will fit nicely in the seat if you want him to save the day! One of the other things I like about this spaceship is because it has got four legs it will sit on a flat surface without ...

Marina Algae Magnet Cleaner 17/08/2011

I can see my Fish Again!

Marina Algae Magnet Cleaner A few weeks ago we bought a fish tank due the fact that my son and husband had `won` a goldfish at a carnival, I am still not happy with them but that is another story. Our fish tank is nicely sorted out with gravel, filters and an air pump but this week I have noticed that the inside of the glass is pretty grubby with algae. We did buy a goldfish last week in Pets at Home so I don't know if the algae came with Woody but I do know that we have not had a problem with algae in the past. Packaging The magnets come in a blister pack, on the front on the packaging it says :- Easy removal of algae from aquarium glass Heavy duty permanent bond pad Will not scratch aquarium glass For Glass aquariums only On the back of the packaging are pictures showing how to use the magnet. Algae Magnet My husband spotted this Marina Algae Magnet which is made by Hagen on the Pets at Home website for £5.99. There is a smaller version for £4.99 but he decided on the larger one so that it would hopefully clean the tank glass a lot quicker. In the pack are two black rectangular magnets, one is flat whilst the other is quite bulky and has a handle which reminds me of an old school chalkboard duster. Each magnet has got a blue cleaning pad and there is also an eyelet on each magnet. Inside the pack there is also some thread which is wrapped around a piece of cardboard, you tie the thread to the eyelets. Using the Magnet I was very keen on seeing if this magnet would work but no way was I ...

Cookworks Toaster 15/08/2011

Cookworks Great Toaster

Cookworks Toaster As a family we love toast and crumpets! A while ago our toaster died and so we had a good look round on the internet and decided to go with this Cookworks toaster that cost £15.99 in Argos. Packaging The toaster came in a big flimsy box and had some plastic bags covering it, I do remember there was no polystyrene inside which I found a bit weird considering it is a bit fragile. The Toaster The toaster is made out of a white plastic, it is a 4 slice toaster only with this toaster it is like having two separate ones! Each side works independently and has got two slots for the bread, a defrost, cancel and reheat button, browning selection dial and lever. Before we started using the toaster we followed the instructions in the manual to put the toaster on with no bread a couple of times, there was a horrible plastic smell but once we had used it a few times the smell eventually disappeared. The browning controls go from 1 to 7, the higher the number the darker the bread will go. My husband and son tend to have theirs on 3 because the like their toast quite light whilst I like mine on 5 as it gives it a nice toasted look without it being black! The bread gets browned really nice and evenly though it does not quite reach the edges. One of the things I love about this toaster is the slots are quite wide and so I can easily toast thick bread or crumpets without them jamming in the toaster, but it also works very well with thin bread as the slots adjust and hold the bread in ...

Sodastream 03/08/2011

SodaStream Gets Busy with the Fizzy!

Sodastream A few weeks ago I noticed on the hotdeals website that Argos had a SodaStream for £24.99 which is a very good price so we decided to purchase this machine as we had been after one for a while. Whats in the Box SodaStream 60 litre Gas Cylinder 1 sodastream bottle 1 licence Setting it Up Our SodaStream model is a Jet, it is made out of plastic and is white in colour whilst the button on top of the machine is grey and so is the base. When my husband was first setting up the machine he started to get annoyed because there was no carbonate bottle but there was a cap, so I asked him if the bottle was already inside the SodaStream and it was hidden inside the back where the gas cylinder goes! Inserting the cylinder into the back of the machine is very easy, on each side of the machine is a grey button you just hold down the buttons so that you can slide the back off. My husband had to remove the plastic seal on the gas cylinder and unscrew a plastic cap, he then screwed the cylinder in place and then put the back cover back on. How to use it First of all you fill your carbonate bottle up with tap water to the wavy line that is marked on the bottle. You then fit the soda bottle in place by holding down a big white button on the front of the machine and at the same time place the bottle in the front which you screw into place. You then press the grey button that is on top of the machine a few times in short bursts until you hear the machine burp three times it makes a ...

Whiskas Temptations Chicken & Cheese 01/08/2011

My Cat is addicted to Chicken and Cheese!

Whiskas Temptations Chicken & Cheese I have got two cats and I have to say they love their treats but they can be very picky on their brands! A few months ago I spotted Whiskas Temptations for 70p in Tescos so I decided to buy them for Louie, the plan was if he did not like them I would give them to my parents cats who will eat anything! Packaging The treats come in a purple plastic container that is in a shape of a cats face, there is a foil lid which has a picture of the Whiskas cat that appears on all their products and also a picture of the treats. The container also comes with a plastic clear lid that keeps the treats nice and fresh once you have removed the foil packaging. Opening the tub the first thing I can smell is the cheese it is quite a strong smell, the treats are small rectangular in shape and are golden brown in colour. The container does not say how many treats to give the cats so I have been on the website and there is hardly any information there. We tend to give the cats these treats twice a week and so they last for at least 2 - 3weeks depending on how many my husband feeds them! What do my Cats think? Louie is 7 years old he looks like a Felix cat and in fact loves Felix products and usually hates Whiskas but he loves these treats. Whenever I shake the container he comes running into the living room and will nudge my hand until I open the lid, we have learnt to give him one treat at a time because if we were to place 3 or 4 down he would just gobble them all up in an instant! Jessie ...

Imaginext Toy Story 3 Playset 24/07/2011

The Landfill that is Not a Load of Rubbish!

Imaginext Toy Story 3 Playset My son loves Toy Story but especially Toy Story 3 so last Christmas there were just two things on his wish list a train set and Toy Story items. Whilst looking around in Toys R Us we found this Imaginext Tri-County Landfill and straight away my son asked if he could have it for Christmas. Originally Toys R Us were asking £49.99 for this playset which is a lot of money for a toy but we managed to get it for £39.99 which is a more realistic price. The toy is based on the landfill scene in Toy Story 3 where the toys find themselves in big danger with the fiery furnace! **Whats in the Box?** Landfill Lotso Buzz lightyear 3 aliens pot clock garbage plough The playset is made out of a strong sturdy plastic, the first thing we noticed about the set is how well made it is and also how bright and colourful it is. The building is in a light and dark blue whilst other parts like the crane are in orange and the conveyor belt is green. **Crane** Like I have just said the crane is bright orange which really stands out, there is a big black seat inside the cab where the aliens or the other figures can sit. On the side of the crane is a big arm, there is a red button on top of the arm which you can press and this opens up the claw which is at the bottom of the arm. The arm can move and my son loves to pick up his toy story figures and save them from the fiery furnace, often I will hear him laugh because he has placed lotso into the furnace for being mean to the other toys! Down the ...

Alberto Balsam Shampoo - Green Apple 21/07/2011

My Hair Smells of Apples!

Alberto Balsam Shampoo - Green Apple Whilst doing my shopping a couple of weeks ago I noticed this Alberto Balsam shampoo on offer for £1 in Asda. As I am trying to save money on my weekly shopping I decided to give this shampoo a go. Packaging The shampoo comes in a cylinder plastic bottle which has a black flip top, one thing I like about this bottle is that you can see the contents which is great as most of the shampoos I use I am always left guessing as to how much is left in them. The shampoo is a lovely green colour it reminds me of a granny smith apple. On the front of the bottle is the Alberto Balsam logo and there is a picture of an apple, the shampoo is for normal/greasy hair and there is 400ml in the bottle. On the back of the bottle are the ingredients, directions on how to use the shampoo plus there is a lot of information which includes “this juicy green apple shampoo is super fruity and will leave you and your hair feeling fresh and healthy” and “Hair smells as good as it feels!” Use As soon as I open the lid I can smell the apples, it really is a delicious smell. The shampoo is quite a good consistency and does not slide off my hand like other brands. The instructions say to use a good size dollop of shampoo, now I have very thick long hair and so I was expecting to have to use a lot more shampoo than stated but wow I have to say that you only need a small amount as it goes a long way! It easily lathers up and very quickly my hair has lots of foam which amuses my son every time I wash ...

Vivid Imaginations Toy Story Andy's Toy Collection - Toy Soldiers 13/06/2011

Bucket of Soldiers = Lots of Fun!

Vivid Imaginations Toy Story Andy's Toy Collection - Toy Soldiers My son is a big Toy Story fan and so for Christmas last year he received lots of Toy Story presents including a bucket full of Army men. The first thing I have to say about these army soldiers is the quality is fantastic! My son has had loads of different brands of army soldiers before which have always landed up in the bin because they have fallen apart or have been stepped on. The soldiers come in a white plastic bucket which has a useful carry handle, there is a stars and stripes label and also a Disney Pixar Toy story Collection logo. Also on the label is a picture of the soldiers it tells me that the bucket contains 72 soldiers 2 with parachutes and a certificate of authentication. Removing the lid the first thing my son found was the certificate which he immediately put in his special drawer which mummy is not allowed to look in! The soldiers are made out of a strong plastic which is quite flexible and I think is less likely to snap or break. Most of the soldiers stand on a strong base which means they easily stand up and do not fall over like other brands of soldiers. The detail of each soldier is very good and what I really love is even though you can see the facial features and details of the soldiers uniform there are no rough edges. The soldiers come in 10 different poses here are some of my favourites :- 1. The mortar launcher - the soldier is in a kneeling position and is ready to drop his mortar into the launcher, in his other hand he is holding another ...

Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Costume 06/05/2011

Hours of Fun Pretending to be Buzz!

Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Costume My son is a big Toy Story fan and back in the summer last year he needed a costume for a party, of course my son asked for a Buzz Lightyear costume so after doing a google search we had a look in a few shops and finally purchased this costume from Tesco's for £12. Trousers The trousers are made out of a thin white material with a silver braid running down each trouser leg, because the material is thin my son wears jeans or shorts underneath. One thing I like about these trousers is they have an elasticated waist which is perfect for my son as he can easily put them on and take them off. The bottom of the trousers are shaped like a boot and have a green strip which is made out of a silky material whilst at the bottom is a crinkly pearlescent material. Top The top is like a tabard which is mostly white in colour but again has the pearlescent material at the front and around the edges, down the bottom is a black stripe which is made out of a Pvc plastic. There is a also a pretend control panel which is slightly padded and is made out of a green Pvc plastic, the controls look like a Buzz toy but of course your child will have to use their imagination to come up with sounds. The control panel attaches to the front of the top with velcro tabs which is really good as you can remove the panel when you want to wash the top. The front of the top is padded but the back is made of the same material as the trousers, also on the back are detachable wings which again are held in ...

Tesco Packaway Sand & Water Playtable 21/04/2011

Sand and Water Fun But Faulty Funnel!

Tesco Packaway Sand & Water Playtable My son loves playing with water and so last Easter we decided to buy him this sand and water table to help keep him entertained during the Easter holidays. The sand and water table came in a large box and there were assembly instructions on the back of the box which had 9 pictures, I found it very easy to put the table together and it only took a few minutes which is a good thing as I had a very excited little boy who could not wait to play with the water! The table is made out of a strong sturdy plastic, it has four chunky grey legs and basically you have to fit the legs to the base which is easy to do. The table has two basins one is yellow which we use for the sand whilst the other side is blue and is used for the water. Each side has a plug to make pouring the water away a lot easier though this does have a downside as my son has a lot of fun `accidentally` pulling the plug out which has resulted in water and sand going on the kitchen floor! With the table are two lids which are red in colour they neatly fit together on top of the table. **Attachments** With the table you get :- 1.Blue plastic spade which is a reasonable size 2.Fork 3.Various moulds such as a house and seahorse 4.Water funnel This is a packaway table which is ideal if you have very little space in the garden or want to put it away for the winter, we have tried this and all the parts fit neatly inside. One of the first things we noticed about the table was after 8 weeks of being outdoors the red ...
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