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Everything that starts with A ... 21/12/2002

Anal - A real pain in the bum

Everything that starts with A ... Well, on Saturday I spent 4 hours in a car driving home to Yorkshire, with a slightly painful backside. Trusty mum informed me that it would be haemorroids ("piles") and after a somewhat sore journey back, I limped into Tesco's to get the necessary treatments, which didn't seem to provide much relief. On Sunday morning, I was in so much pain that I went to Casualty with my husband. I was seen quite quickly, and it all turns out that I have an abcess on my bottom. I think the proper name is perianal abcess. I was given some antibiotics and sent home, told to see my GP on Wednesday, some 3 days later. On an investigation when I got home, I could feel a lump on the inside of my bottom cheek, about an inch and a half long and about half an inch high. It was very painful, couldn't sit down, and resigned myself to laying on my side. On Sunday evening the pain was so severe that I called the emergency doctor, who told me to take Paracetamol and Ibuprofen and see the doctor the next day. After a very painful evening, I went to see the doctor who prescribed me painkillers and a stronger anti-inflammatory than Ibuprofen. She said it didn't seem that I needed to go to hospital to have it cut out - a relief!! The following days the pain only got worse, I couldn't walk, getting up off the sofa where I have lived for the past week took about 15 minutes and the help of my husband. Wednesday I visited the doctors again and was told that it wasn't ready for them to cut it open yet, was given ...

Diet Coke With Lemon 04/12/2002

Ice and a slice

Diet Coke With Lemon Now I have fought in the past with a serious addiction to Coke, that is the drink not the illegal drug, and my weight loss attempts have not been helped by me guzzling litres of the stuff. I always favoured the full-fat variety, as I found Diet Coke bland, didn't taste like Coke and made me burp far too much. Then I discovered Diet Coke with Lemon, and I can honestly say that it has far surpassed my love for normal Coke. It is not as fizzy as normal diet Coke, and does have a real lemony twist to it. I find it very refreshing, and it is a very easy way to drink Diet beverages, which on the whole, I find disappointing.It really does not taste anything like Diet Coke and is very very drinkable. It is very thirst-quenching, and the bottle can be distinguished from ordinary no lemon added Diet Coke by it's yellow lid and a picture of a lemon on the label. I am not sure if this lemony initiative was a limited edition, as I haven't seen it around for ages, but for the sake of my dentist I have been steering away from fizzy drinks anyway. I am not sure that Diet Coke with lemon is any better for your teeth than normal coke, which is infamous. When I was younger and my teeth fell out, I once put one in a cup of Coke, and it has completely dissolved in 2 weeks - I hope Diet Coke with Lemon doesn't have the same effect as I drank loads of the stuff! I really hope our canteen at work re-stocks the fridge with this - I love the stuff!!!!

Escapology (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Robbie Williams 03/12/2002

Robbie Has Grown Up

Escapology (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Robbie Williams This is quite simply, to me, Robbie's best album so far. Robbie Williams seems to have grown up with this album, but has also not lost his fun side. My favourite track by far is the addictive "Monsoon", with very strange lyrics "Mushroom, monsoon, come soon". This song is very reminiscent of Queen, and I love the introspective and revealing lyrics, in addition to being a brilliant tune and one which you could quite easily dance (or pogo) to. This album has it all, but sees Robbie Williams, in my opinion, telling more about himself in songs like "Come Undone" and "Monsoon". I can't quite work out what "Me and my monkey" is all about, and "Feel" may be a rockier version of the famous "Angels". "Nan's Song" is a great song for anyone who has lost someone close to them, and although I suffered bereavement more than 2 years ago, this song still brought back memories of my Grandfather. When I first heard it, I really did wish that it was around when he died, as I feel the lyrics would have been a real comfort, and I have been comforted even now by the sentiment expressed in the song. It's refreshing to hear more guitars being used in "Escapology" and the album seems to be more grown up than "Kids" and "Rock DJ". Robbie has made some lasting anthems in his time ("Let me entertain you") for one, but I think this album will also last because it seems to be more meaningful and adult.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) 03/12/2002

Goodbye Black Eyes

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) I have always suffered from dark circles under the eyes, and my eyelids are also quite dark. I got married recently, and, having never been able to cover up these dark areas, I employed a professional make-up artist to make me look beautiful. I was amazed when I looked in the mirror after my first trial, for the first time that I remember I didn't look like I hadn't slept in weeks. The lady told me that she had used YSL Touche Eclat to remove the darkness, and, following the wedding, I bought some. Buying this wonder product is not easy, as I prefer to buy online and it is difficult to find online, but I did, and after about a month's wait due to stock problems, the wonderous gold tube arrived, to much delight. The product is very nicely packaged, and inside the chic box you will find a classy looking gold tube with a brush on the end. To get the concealer to the brush you have to pump the button on the end about 30 times. The first time I primed the brush I found I had got too much on the brush, so be warned. My husband was amazed that my dark eyes and circles had disappeared, and it is very easy to apply. I am not a professional make-up artist, and the effects are wonderful. I just dot it where I want it and then pat with my ring finger to blend. It does add contours to your face, so I often use it around my lips and on my cheeks, and also under my eye brows. You can use it alone or with foundation, and as I don't normally wear make-up it suits me because it ...
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