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Not been on here for around a year, putting my Dooyoo reviews over. May as well try and earn a bit more money.

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Avon Miami Party 06/07/2014

Juicy scented perfume

Avon Miami Party I picked this Perfume up when it came out last year in the Avon book. It's not in the current Avon book but has popped up now and again in the book. It didn't seem to last that long. This came out as a Perfume and matching body spray. Sure this was selling for the normal price of £9 or £10 for the 50ml bottle but I got this for £5. I like to try new scents and like the special offer prices they come out as too. The bottle is nothing special. It looks pretty cheap to be honest. Just a clear glass bottle and you can see the orange liquid. The lid is a simple plastic lid. There is only the writing and that on the front so nothing fancy about it. I do really like the smell of this. It is the perfect fruity, summertime scent. The smell of this makes me think of Mangos and it's a lovely juicy scent. There does seem to be a few heavier notes mixed through this and all in all it is a great scent. I don't find that the scent lasts all that long. I squirt 3 squirts of this at each bit I want to scent and I can smell it quite strongly but after a couple of hours I can't smell this at all. I don't mind to reapply when I've only paid £5 for it but would have through it would have lasted that bit longer. Lovely scent that I would buy again for a cheap fruity scent. ...

Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Peel Off Face Mask 28/02/2014

Clear away

Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Peel Off Face Mask I have so many face and pamper products. I always have this image that I'm gonna head into the bank and have a bit if a relaxing session however I find it's all about the quick showers these days. I have been lucky enough to have some spare time recently so I've managed a few relaxing baths. Anyway enough about that - on to the product. My skin has always been bad. It's oily and prone to spots. Weather it's big spots or even just little hormonal ones popping up on my chin they have stuck around my face long after the teenage acne phase. I picked this up on an offer from Avon. I think the offer was 2 for £4 from the range. So I picked this up and another product. I think the normal price for this is around £4 so a little bargain. The tube looks quite clinical I think. Just a simple white tube. This is a thick gel. Just apply this onto cleansed dry skin and leave to dry. This takes around 15 minutes to dry properly and it makes your face feel quite stiff. Just peel this off. When I went to peel this off I found that although the majority of this mask was dry there was a few patches which felt a little tacky. Not a problem really. This peeled off ok but I did get some caught in my hair - it always happens though. The scent of this is ok. It seemed to have quite a strong scent. Not an unpleasant scent per say but an astringent kind of scent. This seemed to make my face feel clean. It didn't rid my face of spots but the larger red ones did seem a little smaller and ...

Avon Sun Cooling After Sun Spray Lotion with Vitamin C 04/09/2013


Avon Sun Cooling After Sun Spray Lotion with Vitamin C I have been using this product for the last few years after I had been on a holiday and got burnt a bit. Since then I always pack After sun and feel that a spray is best for me rather than a Cream. This comes in a 150ml bottle and the price of this varies quite a bit in the Avon books. Often when the Sun cream range comes out in Avon perhaps around early June this can be on a buy 1 get one free offer, or 3 for £10 deal. I think the right price of this is around £4-£5. I bought this last in August when the Sun products were tailing off a bit in the book and I got this for £2.60 so not too bad a price. The bottle looks alright. It is quite a flat bottle and easy enough to hold and squirt. This is a pump action spray bottle and the spray comes out fine enough and covers a good enough distance. I tend to leave my bottle in the Hotel/Apartment fridge when I am on holiday so it is extra cold and when this was applied it was well freezing! So this is a Cooling After Sun spray Lotion with Vitamin C. To use just spray that area you wish to cool. I find that this runs down your skin a bit after applying this, but then again I did have a good few squirts of this. The smell of this is nice. It is hard to explain the smell of this. It's just a nice light kind of smell - perhaps a bit like Cucumber, but before you say that Cucumber doesn't smell which is true, what I mean by that kind of scent it that it is just a light, watery kind of airy, fresh scent. This seems to work alright. It ...

Avon Perceive 29/05/2013

Woody but fresh scent

Avon Perceive I have bought more than 1 bottle of this which would maybe indicate that I like this scent. I do think it is alright but it isn't my favourite scent out there. I just like a change now and again and with most Avon Perfumes it is priced good most of the time - well it is often good priced even when it is not on offer. This has been out for a good while in the Avon books. For as long as I can remember anyway. This comes in a 50ml bottle and costs £11 (I think this is the current price) but the price can range from £5 to £8 on offer. I bought this last around Christmas time when you spent £12 on a large selection of Perfumes or Cosmetics and you got 3 products free - 1 was a Mascara, a little 15ml perfume and I think it was a Lipgloss. Most of the Perfumes were on a special offer too. The bottle for this looks alright. It looks a bit fancier than some bottles but it still doesn't look all that expensive but it isn't anyway. It's what's inside that counts and all that. So how does this smell? It is quite a fresh light scent, but there is a sort of Woody Peppery scent mixed through as well. when I first smelt this I thought it smelt a bit too Gritty smelling, but once this dried and warmed onto my skin the scent became a lot nicer than I first thought. Reading online what notes are in here there is Freesia, damask plum, white pepper, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and carnation. I think there is a few more scents too. I am no good at picking notes out and can't say I can smell ...

Avon Far Away Bella 27/05/2013

The newest addition to the Far Away family

Avon Far Away Bella This is 1 of the newest Perfumes out from Avon. It only came out in the last book and launched with quite a good special offer. I like to try new perfumes and especially when they are priced good too. The normal price of this will be £13 for the 50ml bottle but it is currently £10 and you also get the 15ml purse spray and 150ml body lotion free. The original Far Away Perfume has been out for as long as I can remember but there has been many like this new scent - variations which have came and went over the years. I don't mind the normal Far Away but it's a little heavier than what I would normally go for. The bottle for this looks alright. It is a rounded shaped bottle which has a little bow tied around the neck of the bottle. So how does this smell? You get the normal scent from Far Away in the background but there is notes of Tonka Bean, Magnolia and Clementine. I can smell a richness from thus which I'd assume is maybe the Bean but I'm no good at picking out notes. Can't say I can pick out the Clementine from this. This lasts well enough. It is quite strong when you apply this and I can still smell this later in the day. It's a nice variation on the normal scent and although not in the top perfumes I would buy I will happily use the bottle up and maybe buy it again.

Avon Soft Musk 26/05/2013

Wonder what this smells like??

Avon Soft Musk I do like the scent of Musk in a Perfume but don't really seek out a perfume that is just all about Musk. I used to love the Vanilla Musk from Boots when I was a teenager but thinking back it was probably quite sweet and quite strong. So I never bought this scent from Avon but back when I was an Avon rep I had a cheeky little squirt of a customers bottle - just the 1 squirt on my wrist and I thought this was a nice scent so I bought it for myself. As I've mentioned before I have many opened Perfume bottles and this one still has about a third left in it. I must start using the bottles up before buying new ones. This comes in a 50ml bottle and I think this cost £8 on normal price. Those of you familiar with Avon will know that products seem to be on offer every other book and I picked this up for £4 or £5 which seems to be a popular offer price for this. The box and bottle are pretty simple but it's not exactly an expensive scent is it? The box is a rectangular/ square box which is a light pink colour which the colour fades a bit and the bottle is just a simple glass bottle. So how does this smell? Well I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that this smells like Musk. It is quite a rich scent and smells quite warming and there seems to be a little sweetness in here too but it's just a normal kind of Musk scent. I stayed my usual 3 squirts of this on each area and I could smell this quite strongly and although the strong scent didn't last all too long I could still ...

Gucci Envy Eau de Toilette 25/05/2013

Envious I don't have a bottle

Gucci Envy Eau de Toilette Years ago when I decided to buy a designer Perfume this was the 2nd one I bought and it is still a scent that I use now and again these days. It is a little different to some of the light scents I go for but I think it is just so nice. This comes in a 50ml bottle. I think the design of the bottle is a bit boring to be fair and I was expecting a little bit fancier from a brand name scent. Then again I can think of quite a few brand scents which look a bit plain. This is a slim bottle with a square silver lid. The glass is clear and you can see the light green liquid. So now to the scent. I've always been rubbish at picking out notes in Perfume so ad o look online for the scent. There is Lily of the valley in here - a scent I can say I don't like (but I didn't know that was in here. Interesting) there is also Jasmine, Magnolia, musk and a few other notes. So it all sounds heavy, musky and floral doesn't it and the kind of scents that I don't go for but this is lovely. The scent is strong and this lingers for ages. I can still smell this lightly hours after I had sprayed it. The last time I bought a bottle of this was at Christmas and I paid £26 for it. I think that is an average price for it online but you may pay more in a main high street store. A really nice scent which I probably would never have bought or tried if I had read the note in here but it goes to show that you should trust your nose!

Avon Absynthe Eau de Parfum 25/05/2013

Yet another perfume review ....

Avon Absynthe Eau de Parfum I'm a big fan of Christian Lacroix Rouge Perfume, and would probably say it is one of my favourites out there. The Rouge one has been out for over years and this one has been out for a while too. This is sold through Avon and can be bought online or through an Avon Rep if you have one. I had never tried this until I got this for Christmas in a little box set when there was 3 mini bottles of the 3 different scents from this brand. I smelt this when it first came out but it was only the scented bit on the page in the Avon book which I don't feel you ever get that great a smell from. The normal bottle comes in a 50ml bottle and I think this was around £18-£20. Probably a pretty average price for the size of bottle and a designer make, but I think since this is in Avon then you aren't used to paying all that amount in Avon since the things are usually that much cheaper. Not sure how much this little set was. The box and bottle are alright. The bottle is a thick glass and a sort of Tear Drop shape. It is a medium green colour. Not the nicest looking shade in the world i'd say. The writing on the bottle is a really dark brown and I would say the design on this looks a bit Henna like. The box is the same shade of green with the same coloured writing and design on it. So how does this smell? It isn't the same as Rouge. Rouge is a heavy perhaps floral scent and this is nice, but different. The notes in her are Absinthe (funny enough!), Green Anise, Saffron, Narcissus ...

Avon Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Toilette 24/05/2013


Avon Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Toilette Continuing on with the Avon reviews after going through my bathroom cupboard. My problem is I rarely use a Perfume up until it is finished so I have lots of opened bottles. Maybe I should concentrate on using 1 at a time. This scent came out a few years ago and it is still being sold in the main Avon books. There has been another Outspoken scent out after this one. I quite like the look of this bottle. It is a dark blue colour and it has a nice shape to it. I think the bottle looks quite expensive, but I don't think the lid seems to suit the bottle. That's just my opinion though. The scent is a little bit heavier than the usual sort of scent that I go for. After looking online to find out what the notes are in here there is passion flower, jasmine, vetiver and saffron. I can' say that I know what most of these scents actually smell like but it does smell quite rich and musky. I can't say that I can smell the Passion flower but i'm thinking that it would smell quite fruity. I'm probably wrong though. I spray 3 squirts of this on each area and this amount gives a good strong scent which seems to last long enough too but I do spray this again through the day as well. This comes in a 50ml bottle and costs £15 normally. As with normal Avon products it is on offer now and again and the offers have ranged from getting the matching Body Spray and Body Lotion for free or the Perfume being reduced. Currently the Perfume is £12. I would recommend this Perfume as it is a ...

Avon Scentini Nights Purple Pulse Eau de Toilette 23/05/2013


Avon Scentini Nights Purple Pulse Eau de Toilette I tried the 3 Scentini scents when they came out in Avon a while back and the scent came out again with 3 new scents under the Scentini Nights name. I wear perfume every day and I tend to wear a lot of Avon scents as it is generally cheap and cheerful. I like to try new scents since they are new and also they tend to launch with a not bad special offer at times. This comes in a 30ml bottle and was priced at £8 in the Avon book when it came out a few months ago. I think the special offer price was £4, or 2 for £8 or that. This range didn't last all that long in the main Avon book and has been relegated to the little sale book that often comes with Avon but it was selling for £3 so if you liked it then there was the perfect chance to stock up. I do like the look of the bottle. It has a nice shape to it and I think that it is meant to look like a drink glass. It is thinner on the bottom and gets wider as it goes up the bottle. Through the clear glass you can see that the liquid is seperated into 2 halfs and you shake the bottle to mix the scent up. It doesn't look like an expensive Perfume but it isn't anyway and just looks fun. The scent of this is a fruity scent. I had to look online for the scent in here to find out exactly what was in here and it is noted that there is Cherry Blossom Pomegranate and Cedar. I'm often not so good with picking out scents but I have used quite a few Cherry Blossom scented products and I think the light Floral kind of scent can be ...

Avon Bali Bliss Eau De Toilette 17/05/2013


Avon Bali Bliss Eau De Toilette I used to be all about the designer brand but during my time of being an Avon lady I got to like some of the perfumes and bought most of them as they certainly helped my commission and I often picked them up when they were on offer. I am still buying which i'm sure the Avon lady is happy about and I have been working my way through my cupboard of smelly things. This Perfume is no longer available from the main Avon book. It didn't seem to last all that long in the book but it can at times be picked up from the sale book. I think it was just over 2 months ago I got this one. This comes in a 50ml bottle which looks colourful enough with the pink and lilac colouring. Doesn't look all that fancy but the price aint fancy either. I think it looks quite light and summery in my view. You can also get this scent in a body spray too. I think I paid £4 for it. Not sure exactly how much it was when it was in the book but that's irrelevant now. When I heard the name of this scent and perhaps seem the colouring I thought it may be a sort of sandalwood scent mixed perhaps with Mango - don't ask as I often get scents totally wrong. The scents in here are listed as being exotic Fruits and woods. There is Frangipani, Watermelon (can't say I smell this), Mango and a sprinkling of Musk. The Musk smells quite rich against the lighter fruity scents and is nice enough as it breaks it up a bit. It is light and refreshing though. The 1 complaint I often have about Avon scents is that they don't ...

Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo 05/11/2012


Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo I was flicking through an Avon book the other month and on the front cover there was this product. I tend to use much the same Haircare products on my hair all of the time and I was unaware of Argan Oil and anything about it. My friend saw me looking through the book and went on to say all the benefits of this Oil and how great it was, so I decided to try the product for myself. Apparently you can buy Argan Oil products from salons but they are pretty expensive. This range comes in a Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum and now a Hair Mask, but it is only the Shampoo and Conditioner I have tried so far. The Shampoo comes in a 250ml bottle which the right price is £3 but I picked it up for £1.40. The 400ml was on offer for £1.99. Not sure of the right price but I would guess that this would be £4. I just tried the smaller size since I wasn't sure how this would work on my temperamental hair. The bottle looks the same as the picture on here. A flip top plastic bottle which is easy enough to open even with wet hands. It looks ok. This Shampoo is for all hair types. I tend to stay away from Shampoo which is for all hair as I have Greasy Hair so I prefer to use a Shampoo specifically for my hair type as I feel that it works best for it. So what is the benefits of Argan Oil? Well it is meant to add moisture to your Hair. Since I straighten my Hair a few times a week and I have found myself reaching for the Hairdryer more often than not thesedays then I am concious that my Hair may ...

Avon Secret Fantasy Eau de Toilette 22/10/2012


Avon Secret Fantasy Eau de Toilette This Perfume has been out in Avon for a while now. Not exactly sure how long, but it seems like it's been ages. I would say that this scent is more aimed at the Teenage market - of which I am not, but I like the Perfumes from Avon and tend to wear them for everyday use so I usually try them when they first come out as they are usually on a special offer. This comes in a 50ml bottle and the right price of this is £11. I think when I first bought this I got it for about £5, and just now in the current Avon book this is on an offer for £6.50 which is a pretty average offer for this in the book. You can buy Avon products from an Avon rep if you have 1 in your area, or online through the Avon site. I have seen a lot of Avon products for sale on e-bay as well. This comes in quite a colourful box and bottle. The box is a nice purple colour and the bottle has a nice shape to it and is a medium pink colour. The spray part is a shiny silver colour and this has a large white S on the front with the Secret Fantasy writing below the S. There is a little Silver coloured charm that hangs down the front of the bottle and this makes the bottle look a bit fancier. I wouldn't say that this looks expensive, but it looks fun and girly looking. The scent of this is nice enough. According to Avon this is "A sweet blend of innocent red fruits and feminine Jasmine with an intense Heart of Velvety White Musk." All sounds alright. I would say the main scent in here is the Red Fruits and ...

Apple iPhone 5 16GB 13/10/2012

HI 5 FOR I 5

Apple iPhone 5 16GB Picture the scene - Friday 14th September. Sitting on my 1st break at work around 8.30am, kinda bored and back at my desk with 4 minutes to spare. For some reason my mind thinks it would be a good idea to look at the Apple website to see if prices had came out for the iPhone5 - after all it was announced on Wednesday the 12th of September that it would be coming out. Looked on the site - prices are out and they are available to pre order. Break time is up. I calmly turn to my colleague next to me and state "I want to buy an iPhone5." She looks at me like I am crazy and states the best thing to do is think about it for an hour and if I still want 1 then go for it. I knew there and then I wanted 1, but my lunch wasn't until 11am so I had plenty of time to think about it. Lunchtime came and I ran away from my desk clutching my bank card and mobile to make my purchase!! I am a tad impulsive in my spending anyway and this is cheaper than when I came home the other month and said to my husband "Lets go to Florida" and promptly went online and booked flights. Anyway release date for the iPhone was on Friday 21st but I didn't get mine until Saturday the 22nd. I have to admit it was quicker than I was expecting as due to demand they were quoting anything up to the 1st of October for delivery. Anyway all the usual Mobile carriers are now offering the iPhone5 on Pay as you go and Monthly Contract options but I believe that stocks are low and sold out in many places just now. I chose ...

Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum 08/10/2012


Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum I tried a sample sized tube of this, and although it isn't my normal scent, it was nice and seemed to last a good while. This has been sold in Avon books for as long as I remember. Although you can buy the Body Spray, Shower Gel, Body Lotion etc, I am just reviewing the Eau De Parfum. The Bottle size is 50ml and at full price this costs £13 I think. Often on offer, and mostly half price it is then which is a good time to try it. The packaging is alright. The box is jet black and just has a white square on the front with the Little Black Dress lettering on it. Looks quite simple, but kinda sophisticated as the box is all glossy and shiny. The design of the Bottle is alright, but I think a bit plain looking. I think Avon was going for simple yet understated. It is just a square Bottle which is clear glass. The glass is pretty thick as well and it just has the name lettered on the front of it again. The lid has a splash of gold colouring mixed in with black. So now to the scent of this. It is a really heavy scent. No nice florals or fruits in this, it is a deep, musky, like the perfume Poison scent. After about 30 minutes the scent does fade a bit, but you are still left with a good amount of smell from this. The smell lasts a good while of your skin, and I can still smell this on my wrists at bed time. I would say this is more a night time scent for going out, and I know it is a good smell and I know quite a few people who like this, but it is just that bit heavy ...
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