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I am the owner of Legendgames - here is my view on the site Firstly, let me say that I own and run Legendgames. Its a small family run, part time, internet only games shop. Its run on a tight budget of both time and money. As such we can't beat the big boys in terms of product variety, stock levels, availability and site functionality. What we CAN and DO offer is a more personal service. Our site is secure - we don't have customer accounts so we don't keep your details on our web server. We don't take card payments ourselves, so we NEVER see your card details. We offer a 100% guarantee in terms of quality and service. Not only do we honour your 7 day cool-off period, we extend it to one whole month. If you don't want what you bought for ANY reason, we will refund or exchange to your satisfaction. We don't spam customers and never sell customer email addresses or any other data to other companies. As a small company, we have invested in software that does a pretty good job - its called Actinic Catalog. What it doesnt offer is a very good search function, or product list ordering, which is a bit of a pain - we are looking into ways to add that to the site next year. Stock: We used to sell a much wider range of games including many Role Playing Games, but we found that the number of titles was increasing so fast that we couldn't keep up and offer a good service. We have re-assessed our ranges recently and now concentrate on Dice, Miniature Figures, accessories, murder mystery games and SOME board games. We try to stock games we ...

Mayfair Games - Tigris and Euphrates 11/11/2011

Top of the Legendgames list - a brilliant game!

Mayfair Games - Tigris and Euphrates We've been playing boardgames for years here at - and we know what's good and what's not. Tigris and Euphrates is most definately good. more than that, its the cream of the crop. Its a tile placing boardgame designed by the 'king' of board games, Reiner Knizia. We are playing the revised edition that has an extra board (on the reverse of the standard one) that has more starting temples, more river options and a slightly different layout. The board art is improved for playability (looks more like a desert and less like the arctic tundra than the old one did!), there are new rules for a new type of monument and a special Ziggurat monument. The game revolves around the placement of 'kings' on the board, supported by followers in the form of tiles. Each follower tile supports the king of its colour in the 'kingdom' the king is in. These followers The winning player must have the highest score in his lowest scoring set of points. These followers generate points as they are placed. Kings fight each other with these followers in battles between kingdoms (and within kingdoms too!). This generates more points for winning kings. There are a few other rules - followers can convert to monuments that also generate points, you have hidden followers in your 'hand', there are tile destruction tiles too - and there are limited moves - you can only play 2 actions a turn.... There are 4 different colour points, plus treasures which can count as any colour. The winning ...
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