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Nandos 08/04/2004

chick chick chicken lay a little nandos for me

Nandos nandos is the future for fast food! when visiting your local nandos on a busy night you will have to wait at the front of house for a member of staff to "seat" you they dont take bookings, they work on a walk in first come first served basis. nandos peri peri extra hot sauce is not for the faint hearted!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. once youve tried it you will go back again and again with your friends and family. it is also excellent value for money, a couple can eat at nandos for £15 including bottomless soft drink, you can also enter into a monthly draw to win a free meal at nandos, they will then send you a calender at the beginning of the new year with loads of great special offers to keep you coming back its a great place to eat and have fun ...

Choosing A Breed Of Dog - Staffordshire Bull Terriers 28/03/2004

just like kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choosing A Breed Of Dog - Staffordshire Bull Terriers what a wonderful breed the staffordshire bull terrier is, often confused with the pitbull, they couldnt be any more different. we have had a staffie since i was 15, we bought "spike" just 3 months before my youngest sister was born. if your having a baby and thinking of getting a staffie pup thenis a good time. it gives enough time for the dog to become aware and attached to the bump (which they will be aware is precious) and you enough time to set out some ground rules in behaviour, loyalty and house training. when my sister was born we all adored her, but spike adored her more! thay had a strange bond growing up, almost like twins, were you found one you would also find the other. the same went for when there was trouble, they would almost always both be involved. these dogs are unbelievably strong, have an amazingly powerful lock jaw and are very protective. there loyalty is also unmatchable. sam (my sister) and spike learned how to be mischevious together, if there were biscuits on the table and my sis (as a toddler) couldnt reach them spike would lay on the floor and she would stand on his head, and always share her find with him after woulds. there arent many breeds of dog that would put up with that sort of thing from a todddler let alone offer the help. after 15 years sadly we lost spike, that was januaryy 2004 aged 15 years and 1 month exactly. he was an amazing animal and when i left home and got my own place he inspired me to have 3 staffies ...

Privilege Insurance 20/03/2004

arch bishop what?????????

Privilege Insurance well what can i say about priveledge, when i first took out my policy i was really impressed, i had a brand new car, high powered engine and no no claims and i got fully comp cover for £700, half the price of what most other insurers wanted, they had a deal i was "quoted happy" lol i changed my car and told the insurers they swapped my policy over, once again no problems by now i was in my second year with them and was very happy. then i decided to move before we signed the move deal in contacted priveledge to see how it would affect my policy, a very helpful young man informed me it would make no difference to me at all, unfortunately the house deal fell through and we ended up moving somewhere else instead, thats when the problems started i called priveledge to let them now i had now moved but they had changed my address 6 weeks earlier TO AN ADDRESS I HAD NEVER LIVED AT!!!!! then i changed the car again and when the new policy certificate arrived it finished 1 MINUTE after it started!! it got worse when the replacement for that one arrived my title was ARCH BISHOP , it was just getting ridiculous they couldnt even get the simple things right. and then to top it all off i recieved my 3rd year renewal complete with 6 other peoples in the envelope. i promptly called to let them know of the mistake, and what they said left me just gob smacked i was told not to worry about the other policies i had been sent and just to dispose of them as i saw fit as the other policy ...
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