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Kingston USB microSD Reader 14/12/2008

A king of removables

Kingston USB microSD Reader I am a bit of an anorak when it comes to memory sticks. I cannot help but buy one every time I go to town or whenever I see one I like online. I bought a phone last year and I was keen to be able to hold a large collection of photos, videos and music within my phone but the memory was very basic so a MicroSD card was essential. I purchased a few cards but rarely moved the files from one place to another as the process seems too arduous. Whilst browsing through Amazon I found a memory stick that encompassed a mini-SD card reader. My first impressions on the stick was 'WOW' closely followed by the 'I want this now urge' unfortunately I know by now that Amazon can take up to 5 days to deliver my order and I had to wait. The memory card/MicroSD card reader was made by Kingston and I am aware from past purchases that Kingston are a reliable manufacturer creating strong and highly effective removable storage devices. They also seem to have one of the greatest ranges of removable media from novelty memory sticks n the shape of Lego or a specific character, as well as memory sticks able to hold a lot of memory. The card and reader bundle was a bargain at only £3.99. The size makes it very potable and convenient to use. It has saved me worrying about losing my existing card reader/card adapter and means that I no longer have to carry USB wires and bulky card readers in my bag. The card supplied has 2GB of space, which is quite good for a few picture files, videos and a ...

Barclays Bank Accounts 14/12/2008

Do the happiest people hang out here?

Barclays Bank Accounts When I was in school (about aged 13) Barclays set up a basic account in a broom cupboard. I had a young savers account with Halifax and knew I had about £200 in there the thing was that was really out of bounds. I would save birthday and Christmas money but other than that my 50p pocket money was spent on sweets and cheap toys. I decided that in order to really save money I had to pay it into an account every week. At the time the manager from a local Barclays bank visited the school and used a team of year 11 students to collect the money and stamp our paying in books. At the age of 16 I was able to withdraw about £75. I think back and think how little that was but at the time it bought me a CD, pair of jeans and a shirt for my sixth form interview. In those days saving money seemed so easy, spending it seemed very difficult. I spent hours shopping before I finally parted with my cash. I have been with Barclays since although my account now had a minus figure and spending seems so easy. Young Persons Account --------------- --------------- - As a teenager my bank account had a basic rate of interest and I was given a paying in book. It wasn't until I got my first Saturday job at a local florist that I was given a bank card. My Young Persons Account suited me fine. I was able to get to my money when I needed it and my employer was able to pay me each month. Student Account --------------- ------ When I started at university in 2003 I decided that it would be ...

Samsung SGH G600 10/12/2008

No more blurred hamster bums

Samsung SGH G600 My dad gets a new phone every year when its time to upgrade. I have never been keen on technical phones with many features as long as my battery lasts long enough to get me through the day, and that I can send and receive calls and texts. This logic went completely when my dad said that I could have his phone when he upgraded. I did a lot of research into the phone and liked what I read. In fact whilst looking around for a new phone a year later Carphone Warehouse were still promoting this phone saying that my dad was 'mad' to be getting a new one. So what makes this phone so spectacular I hear you ask... The G600 has to be one of Samsung's greatest phones. I have had 4 Samsung phones now and the screen resolution, features, camera and battery life on the G600 has far surpassed any of my previous phones. My first impressions on seeing the phone was "oh no not one of those annoying slider phones". In the past I have hated them and vowed never to purchase one, so luckily it was free and as the saying goes "don't look a gift horse in the mouth". Three days later I don't think I could go back to my previous phone. The phone is very stylish and at about 10cm in length and 5cm wide it fits perfectly into a bag or pocket and fits most mobile phone cases. Prior to receiving the phone many reviews I had read commented on the weight of the phone. I personally think the weight is perfect it is heavy enough to realise it's in my bag/pocket so that I don't lose it, ...

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Complete package 20/11/2008

zoooom...wedge...da da

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Complete package I must admit that I am becoming more Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 everyday. Throughout university I used the package for presentations, a teaching resource and even web design. I have used the software for photo slideshows and to create videos. I know teach adults how to use PowerPoint within the workplace and hope this review will help you get the most out of the package most people have installed on their computer. Microsoft PowerPoint © --------------- --------------- PowerPoint was first developed by Bob Gaskins and Dennis Austin on behalf of Forethought. It was released in 1987 for Apple Macintosh and only worked in black and white, later appearing in colour on a later colour model of Macintosh. Microsoft bought the software later in 1987 and in 1990 the Microsoft version was produced and has been part of the Microsoft Office package since. I must admit that I have seen many changes to this package. When I first used it in 1996 for a school presentation it was basic and rather slow. I now use the package for interactive learning games, slideshows and the common presentation. Features ----------- There are so many features on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 © that to name them all would be rather ridiculous. I have chosen to review the features that most people would use. Slide layout --------------- First of all it's best to choose a page layout. PowerPoint comes with several pre-set page layouts such as a slide with a text holder, image holder and title ...

Microsoft Office Access 2007 18/11/2008

Access to my mind!

Microsoft Office Access 2007 I have never been a fan of Microsoft Access; in fact for a while I absolutely hated it. Most people I have spoken to have thought MS Access was a waste of time. I have recently taken on the role of ECDL tutor and ITQ assessor. I am therefore responsible for teaching the program to new learners but also assessing them on their use of IT which means I have to be pretty competent with many applications including MS Access (Database). I started learning about databases by trying to remember the names of everything, buts it not until you really get going that you can discover and learn new things. I have just sat for over an hour tonight playing with Macros (this is basically a set of instructions that will allow you to record a task you do regularly to speed up the process) and have created a database of my weddings guests…why I hear you ask...well I will explain. A database is brilliant for managing large amount of information and it's even better when at the end of a month at work you can present that information with a few mouse clicks. I am going to give you a brief introduction of each section of a database and explain why I now choose to use a database rather than another application for my wedding data and why I use it everyday at work. AN INTRODUCTION TO MICROSOFT ACCESS --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---- T he dictionary describes a database as: "A collection of data that is organised and can be quickly accessed" ...

Operation Certain Death - Damien Lewis 15/11/2008

A certain death!

Operation Certain Death - Damien Lewis Operation certain death is written by Damien Lewis and was published in 2004 and is the inside story of the SAS's greatest battles. Damien Lewis is an award winning author and filmmaker whose documentaries have appeared on the BBC, Channel 4 and a host of other networks. Operation certain death is the real life story of eleven Irish Ranger soldiers who where taken hostage in sierra Leone in 1999 by the west side boys after a routine mission to the UN base and a trip to offer the WSB friendship turned horribly nasty. The west side boys are an infamous rebel group who had a well known history of drug taking, alcoholism, rape and buggery, cannibalism and many other monstrosities, the west side boys are a break away group of the RUF that rose to power violently and took control of the government in Free Town Sierra Leone's capital until the SL Army and a local tribe called the Kamajor fought back and took control back and the RUF leaders where captured and imprisoned without release. The WSB were based in the jungle at a village called Gberi Bana and had a neighboring village across the crocodile infested river called Magbeni which has more WSB rebels and heavy artillery. The 11 Irish Rangers where taken hostage by the WSB when they visited them during one of the WSB drug and booze binges which saw them drugged up to the eyeballs and made them demented and extremely dangerous as the Rangers find out as they are beaten, starved and genuinely made to fear that they ...

Talking Dalek 08/11/2008


Talking Dalek This is a must have toy for any Doctor Who fan and especially fans of the Daleks. I bought this for my partner last Christmas. He is a huge fan of Doctor Who and like a child his eye lit up when he saw the Dalek. The Dalek stands at 1 inches high and is sprayed a dark metallic gold just like the ones in the show, the Dalek also has all it usual features such as the projected energy weapon, multi function sucker and its eye piece. The eye piece and speech lights even light up when it is fully functional so it is very similar to a real Dalek although slightly smaller. Although this Dalek looks like any other remote control Dalek it has a unique feature in the fact you don't have to use the remote control at all, all you have to do is set it to ON instead of R/C and the Dalek will power it self up and check its weapons and eye piece is intact and that all systems are fully functional if they are not it will soon let you know and get angry and agitated until you fix the problem and then it will work and move on its own. To make the Dalek move on its own you first have to press one of the buttons on his front and give it commands which are listed in the instruction book which is provided with it. There are many commands such as Seek, Locate and Destroy, Follow me and many others, once one of the commands is given the Dalek will reply its own unique way and will start to move around the room carrying out its mission. The Dalek moves around the room on the three wheels ...

Weight Watchers Thick & Creamy Dessert Recipe Yogurt 07/05/2008

OK I admitt it...I am a lid licker!

Weight Watchers Thick & Creamy Dessert Recipe Yogurt INTRODUCTION --------------- --------- The word 'diet' scares me. The thoughts of healthy food and stodgy broccoli spring to mind. In January I like thousands of others decided enough was enough and I decided to beat the Christmas bulge. Unlike past years I had something to work towards this year, the fact I was getting married and wanted to fit into a gorgeous, svelte wedding dress. My mother in law to be had been attending Weight Watchers for several months and had lost lots of weight. I couldn't wait to join her, and lose weight myself. My first meeting was quite exciting; I chose to do the core plan as the continuous counting of points would drive me mad. The core plan was very daunting. I could not eat bread, hard cheese or flour so many of my favourite meals were out of the question. The pain of not being allowed to eat chicken and bacon melt or mums special cheesecake was too much to take in at once. I was given a leaflet with my meeting pack with vouchers and coupons for Weight Watchers products available to buy. I was amazed to see that I could eat all my foods as long as the points were calculated. As I was on the core plan I could eat as much of the 'free' foods as I liked but I was allowed an allowance of points each week. I could use these points on wine if I wanted a night out, a bar of chocolate if I wanted a treat or on one of the Weight Watchers products. The most exciting part was that if I did some exercise I could exchange my physical activity ... Marketplace 20/04/2008

A forest of bargains! Marketplace Five years ago I started university. I enrolled on a teacher training course, the hardest part was finding affordable books. Forget the snotty noses, loud children or lobbed pencils, a book under £20 was unheard of, well until I discovered Amazon Marketplace. I spent many days trawling my local bookshop and internet sites. I even stumbled across Ebay, the prices were good but I could never get the book I wanted. I was fairly new to internet shopping and was not keen on trying it. I returned home from uni one day with a long list of books I needed to buy. A mate of mine mentioned so I signed up. I was unsure of the whole thing at first and buying online was a new concept. My Visa Electron card was useless on most sites but worked on Amazon so I bought several books. They arrived a few days later, well packaged and in pristine condition. I was a little disappointed however as I had spent quite a lot and had wanted secondhand books at a fraction of the price. I spent a few weeks discovering Amazon and stumbled across Amazon Marketplace. The concept of buying from private sellers was a little alien to me and I considered it to be more of a carboot sale based on mutual trust. My experiences however were very positive and the transaction we without any problems. SO WHAT IS AMAZON MARKET PLACE? --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------ Amazon Marketplace basically gives you the opportunity to buy and sell new, secondhand or refurbished ...

Boringdon Hall Hotel, Plymouth 19/04/2008

Forget wedding bells, more like alarm bells :-(

Boringdon Hall Hotel, Plymouth Two years ago my partner and I got engaged. We looked for a few weeks at suitable venues. We wanted something affordable but with character, we were keen on an all in one venue where we could have the civil service and reception without having to worry about transport. After a few visits to other places we decided on Boringdon Hall. We wanted a place with character - Boringdon Hall had plenty of that. Its a 956AD building with links to Henry the 8th. We wanted an affordable day - at first Boringdon seemed like the ideal place. We didn't want to worry about a thing on our day - Boringdon had a 'dedicated' wedding co-ordinator. We had made up our minds Boringdon Hall it was. We came away from the visit feeling thoroughly excited I couldn't wait. At home we talked about details such as colour scheme, which month to get married in and which year. Things couldn't seem more perfect but we came back down to earth with a thump when we thought back to what the wedding co-ordinator had told us "You will need to put a deposit down this week else we can't guarantee any dates. We looked through the dates she had free and finally decided on the 14th June 2008. We then arranged another visit to pay the deposit and sign a booking form. Now within a week £500 was a lot to find however we were assured by the woman that this deposit was just to secure a date and if we later changed our minds she would work with us to sort it out. So great we paid the deposit and signed a ...

Trick to Life - Hoosiers (The) 08/01/2008

I won't be saying Goodbye to Mr Album

Trick to Life - Hoosiers (The) I fell in love with the Hoosiers when 'Worried about Ray' came out. I was fascinated by the rather feminine but butch, husky voice of Irwin Sparkes almost similar to the Eurythromics. I instantly recognised parts of the tune as I had the song on my MP3 player and it took me a while to get it but when I said to my other half "that woman is singing a song by the turtles" he said "don't be silly" but I knew I recognised it and if you listen very carefully it has strong similarities between the Turtles Happy Together, but it is a man singing it. I soon forgot about them until their next single "Goodbye Mr A" came on the radio and I found it as good as the first. I was given the CD as a birthday present and was very happy; I really enjoy listening to the CD. Some songs are upbeat and jolly and others are quite gentle and calming, I think there is a good mix on the CD. THE HOOSIERS --------------- -------- The three piece band come from Exeter, Reading and Stockholm and claim to be similar to Indie but not 'cool enough'. Their first single 'Worried About Ray' was released July 2007 and I felt it was a very good upbeat summer tune. It only got to number 5 I felt it deserved to get a little higher. Their second single 'Goodbye Mr A' reached number 4 in October 2007 but again I felt it was slightly better than that. WHAT I THINK OF THE TRACKS --------------- --------------- --------------- -- The CD has a good mixture of upbeat, toe-tapping tunes as well as the slower, ...

Somerfield (Shop) 08/01/2008

Somerfields - somerthing disgusting

Somerfield (Shop) I felt compelled to write this review after visiting Tesco and being truly amazed by the service, the staff and generally excellent layout. The only problem is that I live next door to Somerfield's and the nearest Tesco is a 30 minute drive away. I have little choice in where I can shop and this is often a problem when I require ingredients for recipes. The thing that really got to me the other day was the fact that when suffering with an awful cold I couldn't buy anything due to the delivery being cancelled. I continued to look around the store because I thought some fruit would be nice to eat, particularly lemons and honey…but as I had predicted no lemons or honey. The apples were bruised and there were no bananas. I have just been down today because my other half is now feeling under the weather and cannot take Lemsips (the only cold remedy currently on sale at Somerfield). I needed to get a few herbs, spices and vegetables for dinner tonight. We had decided to do a recipe from a book received for Christmas. The thing is half of the staff at Somerfield have never heard of most of the herbs and were very unhelpful with my problem. STORE LAYOUT --------------- --------- OK so my view maybe very different to someone else's as I used to work at Somerfield's. Over a year ago however they started laying staff off due to financial problems and many of the nice, helpful staff left. I hated working in the store and hate shopping there for the simple but true fact that ...

Canon MD101 06/01/2008

Get close and personal with this camcorder

Canon MD101 I have always wanted a camcorder. Recently I have been very keen to purchase a DVD camcorder because the idea of recording direct onto DVD then playing it in a DVD player was amazing. It would be very expensive however to go with this option and I have been put off by the £300 - £500 for a decent camera price. The other reason I wanted a camcorder was because my digital camera although including a movie mode did not play continuous clips, by that I mean I film a shot, turn the camera off and need to film another shot they are not continuous. I have been hinting at various people for a camcorder but never really expected it due to the price. I was therefore very lucky on Christmas day to open the present(s) from the other half and find I had everything I have hinted at. APPEARANCE --------------- ------- The camcorder is rather dainty. It is silver in colour and to me I feel this gives it a very modern look at appearance. It does have a navy blue band around the viewfinder which makes it look a little nicer and modern. The camcorder is so light to carry which is particularly useful when filming for many hours. The wrist strap at the side of the camcorder is very helpful as I could sample 'real-life' whilst making a permanent record for when I get home. I was keen to buy a decent camcorder for my wedding (in a years time) instead of paying loads for a professional one. My dad is pretty good with a camera and this would save us loads. I can honestly say that ...

Nintendo DS Lite 31/12/2007


Nintendo DS Lite I was very lucky this Christmas in fact Santa brought me everything I wanted and a few surprises. Whilst on a train a few months ago I saw a girl working her way through 'Brain Training' with a peculiar looking pen and started to become curious at the same time however I started to read stories of people obsessed with gaming on their DS's and knew I'd never become a statistic so asked my mum and dad for one this Christmas. The thing is that like most girls (Ok so I am nearly 23) I wanted the pink DS and nothing else. My dad mentioned on a regular basis that the pink console was hard to get and I may have to look at another colour…but in true style I stamped my feet and shouted "I want a pink one". I was delighted Christmas day to see that I did in fact have a lovely pink DS and the screams of joy could be heard from miles away! OK so after the shock of actually getting my DS I opened the box and looked at it for a few minutes scared to break it. The setup was rather easy and the stylus was easy to get used to. I had been worried about using the stylus (the pen thing) as I didn't want to scratch the screen. BOX CONTENTS --------------- --------- A quick look in the box and I was disappointed. There was no case or wrist strap and I did think the console would get damaged without it. Not that this is really a problem as the cases can be purchased for as little as £4.99. In the box I had a charger, the DS Lite itself and a spare stylus. There was a manual but as of ...

New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS) 28/12/2007

Goodness gracious great balls of FIRE!!!

New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS) I have had a great Christmas with Santa bringing amongst everything I wanted (apart for the job - but I am working on that one) In fact Santa brought some things I did not want but now love. One of these being the 'Super Mario Bros' games for my brand new pink Nintendo DS. My first ever console and game was the old Gameboy with 'Super Mario Six Golden Coins' and I loved this game, however when my Gameboy broke I sold the game at a car boot sale….many times I have thought about the game and felt so annoyed that I cannot buy it. After about 5 minutes of playing this game I was hooked…partly because the game is so alike my old game. SCENARIO --------------- -- The game starts with an explosion in the castle…whilst Mario goes to check it out Princess Peach is stolen by her evil captors and we see Mario rushing to rescue her. The Italian Plumber...rather used to pipes will have to explore the dizzy heights and darkest depths of the Mushroon Kingdom to save poor Princess Peach. I thought the small video introduction to the game was great, not only was it very exciting it set the scene clearly. PLAYABILITY --------------- ------- The game is easy to play and even for those unfamiliar with Mario will easily pick up the aim of the game. The game has 8 levels/worlds each with about 6 stages and a end stage based in a castle. The last stage involves the leader of that 'world' and this enemy must be defeated to progress onto the next world. As you may expect the ...
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