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Splash Landings Hotel, Alton 03/07/2009

A great experience.

Splash Landings Hotel, Alton To explain. I stayed here for one night while the company I work for held a conference here, so i didnt pay for the room. I did see the tariff and was relieved I wasnt paying. Bit up market for me but not out of reach, if you know what I mean. I know they do a package deal with entrance to the parks which doesnt work out bad. To explain the pricey comment. if you compare it with Travelodge, it is. But you get what you pay for, and this place does give you value for money and a certain style I suppose its my upbringing, my Mum was as tight as a ducks in the handing out money department.. Its an experience, the theming is brilliant, but this is part of the Alton Towers complex and so to be expected, but is still surprising.. The crazy water fountain on the outside is just the start. An old banger of a car is tastefully in the reception lobby. The lobby and to the right is a restaurant, bothe of which oeverlook the huge fun pool. Most of this is indoors with a smaller part outside. It looks great fun with waterfalls, tumbling buckets, flumes, water cannons, pools of varying depths. Waves, what more could you want, its brilliant. Kids and adults were having a great time, Shame I had to meet the people from work, or I would have been in there, no worries. Booked in at reception, the staff were both courteous and helpful. My room wasnt far away from reception. as I opened the door, the TV switched itself on, with a welcome screen, which explained the controls of ... 03/07/2009

On-line good. In-store, forget it. I'm not sure i'm in the right place here. Halfords I have known for many years and visited quite a few of their stores. I have used the online pages to see if they stock what I want and the online stuff works great, does what it says on the tin, so to speak. I recently needed to buy a new aluminium flight case for my camera gear and after trailing round a few places in Sittingbourne I had not found one that wasnt either to dear or not at all.. This was the reason that I ended up at Sittingbourne Halfords. The store is very well stocked for all things motorist with some camping and a good selection of bike gear. Me, my idea of shopping is that i know what i want, I get it, I pay for it and I leave, unlike the other half who lives for shops and is a nightmare. I walk past stuff in shops because I have no interest in the items, but its like being on an elastic leash as I hear her call me back to look at something she has found, which I passed ages ago. Anyway, I digress. This store has a huge selection of sat-nave, which I already own, mega wide shiny boy-racer wheels, sound system which are louder than a PA system at Wembley and loads upon loads of other gear. So I asked one of the staff, he pointed in the general direction of "Over there". Maybe he was a mute and its company policy to employ such people. The mute however was correct and I did find my case, at a good price after passing air and oil filters and tools. Went to pay.... Said Hello to the check out ...

Kwik-Fit Tyre & Exhaust Centres 03/07/2009

Exhaust for my old banger-no problem

Kwik-Fit Tyre & Exhaust Centres Two weeks ago my old but well loved Rover 6 2.3 Honda engine decided it was time to blow its exhaust. Now on the sunny Isle of Sheppey you aint got much choice about where to go unless you have lived here for years and have insider knowledge.Everything is at Sheerness. I knew that there was a Quik Fit there as I pass it when I go to Tesco's. I phoned them in the morning at about 9.30 on my day off from work. The guy on the other end of the phone quoted me a price for bothe the front end and the back of the exhaust, just in case it had all blown. He said to bring the car up and they would check it out. If they had an exhaust in stock they would fit it straight away, if not, they would get one in. I got up there by around 10.45. They checked under the car and let me have a look. It was the rear silencer that had blown. They checked their stock but didnt have one in, but said they could get one within the hour and if it was OK with me, leave it with them and they would strip the old one off ready to fit the new one. Sounded good to me as I had a couple of things to do and the wife was hinting that she was hungry. To cut a long story short, we went back just under an hour later, just in time to see my brand spanking, shiny new silencer arrive. This was fitted and paid for, all within 20 minutes. Great service, Great price.Brilliant.

99p Stores 02/07/2009

Bargain basement time.

99p Stores I love these places. I get dragged into the branch at Chatham on a regular basis, this is after the good lady has tired of Primarks. While she is in there i can honestly smoke at least five cigarettes and consume half a pound of wine gums. The reason that i have ended up in the 99p shops is because I once made the mistake of buying skull shaped dust covers for the car tyre valves. ( They were nicked off the car the same night as it sat outside, so they must have been good). That was it., I now get dragged in on a weekly basis. Dont get me wrong, they do have stuff in there which you see in the likes of Wilkinsons at a higher price. i like the tools which arnt too bad, just be careful, remember the philips screwdrivers of old that you used once, then they went round. just use your noddle. Soaps, detergents and some pretty good brand names can be bought in here for less than a quid, but dont expect a bottle of aftershave costing ninety nine pence to have the charms of more expensive brands. Mind you our local shopkeeper this year must have bought a load of these aftershave from here and was selling them in his shop for 5 times the price on fathers day. Lots of the brand name tothpastes in here can be recognised by the logo but not by the wording which varies from arabic to who knows where. Cheap books and DVD's. These used to be a regular thing in the supermarket bargain bins. I guess this lot have got in first.. Did see a James herbert in there though. It depends ...

Tussauds - Alton Towers, United Kingdom 02/07/2009

Good day out, wish i could have taken my bycycle.

Tussauds - Alton Towers, United Kingdom Alton towers is the flagship of the Merlin group. Its a huge area of land set in some of the most picturesque scenery in England. The surrounding area is full of green fields, quaint buildings, towers and castles. As I said the park is massive. the gardens are superb. Topiery at its best. One way to see it all is to travel all around using the cable car, a breathtaking experience. To walk through would take an age but well worth it. The buiding/castle in the centre of Alton Towers is awesome and under redevlopement and will house no doubt another attraction. As I said, this place is big and me being a little on the older side, wished I could have taken my bike. There are a few hill climbs in places. Merry mayhem has gone and has been themed into a pirate area, an arcade in this area, offering the usual coin slots, cranes and videos. Plenty of food joints. I liked the one in the courtyard, eat drink and be merry, while being entertained by a pirate show. The salad was really fresh and the food was freshly prepared. The lake now has pirate boats now and the children and adults seemed to enjoy soaking each other from ship to ship. You can win a car here. All you have to do is sink a hole in one into the hole, on an island, in the middle of a lake. Dead easy.....??? Loads of side stalls too, where you can win some pretty large toys. I tried the wizard wands but got buzzed out every time, but I did see people walking away with prizes, so it can be done, but ...

Tussuads Thorpe Park, Surrey 02/07/2009

An enjoyable day out apart from the queues.

Tussuads Thorpe Park, Surrey Have visited Thorpe park quite a few times over the past couple of years. The children, 12 and 15, love the place. There is a great mix of rides for the little one up to the far more adventurous scary stuff. Price to get in was £35 for an adult on the day, but £28 if you book online. They offer an annual ticket for £68, which is great if you go a lot but there are some restrictions on bank holiday use. As part of the Merlin Group there is on offer an annual ticket costing £150 or £135 online, per adult. Family passes are also available.This gets you entrance to all the Merlin attractions, London Eye, Sea-Life Centres, Chessington, London Dungeons, to name but a few. My two decided to go on the tidal wave first, and if that wasnt enough water for them, they stood in the shack and got totally drenched by an oncoming ride. They dried off in the heater blower next to the amusement arcade,(£2). There is a lovely man made beach and paddling pool, but it beats me why anyone would spend on an entrance fee just to sit around? Loads of food outlets, their own plus well known market brands. Their shops are well stocked with Thorpe gear. You can buy a trophy to say that you have survived the scariest of rides,( Even if you didnt dare go on them !!!). Some of the rides do look terrifying, Stealth for example makes me wonder how many g's you pull on the way down. Someone said that its zero gravity at the top....That someone told porkies, believe me. The park staff were great and ...

Chessington World Of Adventure, London 02/07/2009

A good family day out.

Chessington World Of Adventure, London I like Chessington for a day out. the kids love the rides while I prefer watching the animals especially the gorillas and lions. What I like about the place is the combination of things to do and now with a Sea-Life centre within the grounds and as part of the entrance fee makes it good value. I would highly recommend though that you book online which will save you £7 for an adult. I note that sometimes the newspapers sometimes have offer vouchers, like two for one entrance fees. I found the staff to be very friendly. The kids loved the wizards that rode around on their two wheeled contraptions. Plenty of stalls and side-shows that you have to pay for as well as some coin operated stuff, remote control cars and boats, cranes and a couple of amusement arcades. Saw quite a few people walking around with large toys that they had obviously won and the stalls all displayed a fair play policy. Loads of food outlets but my favourite KFC has gone and been replaced with a pizza/pasta place. The park is split up into various themed sections, Beanoland looks just like it has been lifted from the comic book. Approaching Mystic east the Buddha figure is huge. I thoroughly enjoyed watching people get soaked while riding Rameses Revenge. Lovely how it slowly lowers rows of people down and then they get a lovely soak from the fountains. The kids loved the rattlesnake, or was it Dragons Fury? I forget but its a rollercoaster ride in a round car with six people in that spins round at ...

Rover 620 Si 28/05/2009

Rover 6 series 2.3.

Rover 620 Si I wasnt sure when I first bought this car whether or not I liked it. I had to buy a car in a hurry and this bodily battered Rover was on sale via a mate of mine. I have had it over two years now, it has 140,000 + on the clock and just seems to get better. It doesnt drink oil, smell oily or any of the things you expect with a car of this age and mileage. I put the stereo in myself and the speakers are original and sound great. Its comfortable, quite fast,( I had a vectra 2.5 and i bet this would give it a run for its money), handles great and cruises at the legal limit, purring. I admit the bodywork is battered, due to a previous owner being unpopular with the neighbours, but no rust anywhere. Have had a problem with the drivers side window, but I can live with it. Just a pain when you come to toll booths and parking barriers, when you have to open the door. When, eventually its time comes, I will be sorry to see it go.

Holiday Beach Club Hotel, Kololi 07/02/2009

Kololi Beach Club and surround

Holiday Beach Club Hotel, Kololi I have stayed at this hotel now on two occasions and would go again any time. Its a pretty basic hotel but comfortable and the staff are very friendly and take great pride in there work, especially it has to be said, the cleaning staff. Mind you, the pool cleaner does seem to take an age as well, wonder if he is on an hourly rate? Definately would advise hiring a fridge for your room from the hotel. My only bad thing to say about the hotel is the driveway. Not bad at first but it is quite a trek after a few days. Access to the beach is straight off the hotel grounds. Not so many bumsters this year.( A quick guide to them after ). I've always found the weather to be great in November/December. Hot during the day and comfortable at night. As for Kololi. The restauarants basically are selling the same deal in food or drink. Happy hour varies in time from place to place, a few Delasi difference here or there. There are of course Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants, which hold no surprises. My main source of entertainment was to sit at the Jasmina restaurant in the evening and watch the antics of the Tourist police, who deal with everyone trying to pass into Kololi. Its better than Coronation Street or Eastenders if you like the study of human-life. Mind you, it wouldnt pay to get on the wrong side of these guys. The main thing to watch for is what people call the bumsters. this to me conjures up the wrong mental image. They dont look any different to ...

Premier Travel Inn, Sittingbourne 07/02/2009

Premier Travel Inn. Sittingbourne.

Premier Travel Inn, Sittingbourne I have stayed at this Premier Inn recently and more recently booked work colleages in here too, so it may be as no surprise that I my review is positive. It is easily accessible and well sign posted as it is part of the "Services", offered. In its vicinity is a modern pub with food, a McDonalds, a garage complete with a small Somerfields outlet, ( usual stuff but sandwiches are cheaper than M&S venues ). Both the M20 and the M2 are very close, so access to London, M25 is just on the doorstep. Sittingbourne is the nearest town while just down the road is The Isle of Sheppey. No ferries or tolls. The hotel itself is the usual standard for Premier which generally I find good. Most of their hotels seem to be quite modern or new. The staff were very friendly and I got what I was promised, I good nights sleep. ...

Forte Travelodge Exeter, Exeter 04/09/2008

Travelodge Exeter

Forte Travelodge Exeter, Exeter I have stayed at quite a few travelodges in the UK without any problems or complaints, but avoid this one at all cost. My room stunk, the smell was emanating from the bathroom sink. The Wifi advertised was so slow it took over 10 minutes to boot up the welcome page. When i phoned up the service provider I was given the usual bs about it must be my equipment.(Strange as it had been working perfectly a half mile up the road at another Wifi area). Went for a meal in the adjoining Harry Ramsdens restaurant and ordered sausage and mash with green beans. The unappetising looking dish arrived with no green beans. I called the waitress over and she went to get some. They arrived approx 2 minutes later, cold. I have complained to Travelodge, which prompted a reply from the manager of the Exeter site, asking me to phone him. When I did phone, all he did was the sloping shoulders routine. The meal at Harry Ramsdens was nothing to do with him but he could give me a phone number of Ramsdens. He even admitted it wasnt the first complaint. As for the Wifi, again even though advertised by Travelodge, wasnt his problem, seperate company etc., but he could provide me with a phone number of the service provider etc. By this time I was fuming and realised that my conversation with this patronising so and so was pointless. I thought i might get in a couple of shots before I ended my call so I asked if the smell from the bathroom drains would not be his responsibility and be ...
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