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My Name is Lesleyanne - As you guessed from my chosen username. I may not respond to your reviews right away as i can not always get online BUT i will - So please be patient :) Anything else you wanna no mge me.

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Avon representative 19/12/2013

Avon Calling :) Its my business

Avon representative Who are Avon Avon are one of the most popular catalogs distributed around the world. The company sell a wide range of products to suit all - Household, Personal Care, Beauty, Clothing, fragrances, jewellery... and the list goes on. The Products are excellent quality and affordable prices - (especially in this recession). The Catalogues are distribued via an Avon Representative. What is an Avon Representative You have all heard of the Avon Lady - the term for an avon representative, the lady or gent nowadays who will deliver your avon catalogues. the job of the avon representative, is to distribute the avon catalogues to their range of customers. Customers can be friends , family, neighbors, online friends etc The avon representative collects in the brochures and processes the orders online - as a representative, you have an online webspace allocated to you, where you can manage your Avon business online. When all orders are processed, the orders will be delivered to the representative, and they will deliver to their customer and take payment. Once all money is gathered in, they pay a balance to avon. Avon Representatives are also required to have top customer service skills, and have a good understanding of the products they are selling, and be available to answer any questions their customers may have, Becoming an Avon Representative Becoming an Avon representative has became very easy. You can go on the Avon website, and they have a section where you can "Become a ...

Samsung S7070 Diva 21/03/2012

Samsung Diva - A Ladies Mobile

Samsung S7070 Diva I am the owner of one of these lovely little mobile phones, and i have mixed reviews on it. I firstly purchased this phone because of its look, and how its so girly. I purchased the purple one however it does come in white as well. I was attracted to the purple face,and the wavy shall like background with a diamante purple menu button. The Menu / Interface: The menu is defiantly designed for girlies, the skin has a lovely pink design, however this can be changed, to a more plain one, but if your a girly girl, why would you change it. :) Very nice design. Functionality: The functionality of the phone is 90% excellent, its usually quite fast, and responsive. however at times when u are texting the calibration of the button unrespond and freeze, and sometimes hits the wrong keys. But usually quite good. Sound: The sound is great, and i would use it mainly for listening to my music and listening to the radio. Functions It has alot of good features, and the camera is good quality, however it doesn't have WIFI which is a bit of a downfall. but it does have good wap connection. It is a great little phone, iv had very little problems with it, and would recommend it. ...

Paranormal Activity (DVD) 11/11/2009

Paranormal Activity - a living nightmore

Paranormal Activity (DVD) I am reviewing a movie - Paranormal Activity - A story of a couple moving into a california house. However the woman has had a strange past where unexplained events events occured. And now these occurences are happening again, but now their more dangerous and scary than before. In order to fully capture these weird occurances, her boyfriend buys a camera, and sets smaller cameras around the house.And the weird occurances are being captured, and are becoming more frequent as every day passed. THINGS ARE VERY WRONG IN THIS HOUSE - ITS SCARY. My Opinion: I did not know what to expect when i first saw this movie, i thought it was just a silly scary movie, but 10 mins into it, i was hooked. I believed that the footage in the movie was the actual footage of the people who experienced this, but then i was told, that it was re-enacted to show the true events, which disappointed me a little as it could have been fake, .If the footage was real footage of the events, then this movie is terifing. Its like a ghost story come true. Very good film. I was hooked, and the ending is brilliant. Apoligies for the short review, my computer is very slow, and i type a line and wait 5 mins for it to appear on the screen. taking too long. ...

Hocus Pocus (DVD) 01/06/2009

Witchcraft at its best

Hocus Pocus (DVD) Hocus Pocus A Disney movie based on Halloween night, where three 17 century witches came back to life in modern day America, because a virgin boy lit a magic candle in the witches house. The witches immortality lies within this one night, but with three kids are out to stop them at all costs. The story Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najima stars as the three Sanderson sisters. They were hanged 300 years ago for the murder of a local girl via witchcraft. The brother of the local girl tried his best to save his sister, but the witches caught him and turned him into a cat, with immortal life. The boy never seen his family or friends ever again, and swore he would guard the Sanderson house to ensure this could never happen again to any children. Modern day America, the Sanderson sisters are still spoke of, in history class, and as its the town of Salem, witchcraft and Halloween is a very popular topic. The Dennison family move to Salem on the week of Halloween, and their Son Max and Daughter Dani are hearing of all the stories of The Sanderson Sisters. Max meets a new friend Alison at school, and on Halloween night, they decide to go to the House of the Sanderson sisters, to see if the stories are true... The house is spooky, with dust and old witchcraft items, such as a talking black cat, cauldron, magic spell book, and a black flame candle. Max had no belief in witchcraft, and lit the Candle, knowing that the stories said that it would bring the witches ...

Penelope (DVD) 18/01/2009

Penelope - True love is directly under your NOSE

Penelope (DVD) I am reviewing the DVD - Penelope - The Story The story of a beautiful young girl who was cursed before she was even born. An evil witch placed a curse on a family who rejected her daughter. The curse would only be placed on the next born daughter of the family, so over the years, only men were born into the family until penelope was born. The curse woud transform her beauty so that she would have the nose of a pig, and only true love will transform her back into her real beauty. But who could love a pig? Christina Ricci Stars as Penelope, the cursed daughter, who grew up hidden in her house with her parents and butlers - as she was to much for the public to deal with. Over the years, the mother is preparing her for the day her transformation will be turned back, setting her up on dates, matchmaking etc to try and find the correct man. But with men running away, and jumping out windows, Penelope and her family were giving up ever thinking she could be normal ever. The cast The cast are as follows: Christina Ricci - Penelope James McAvoy - Max Reese Wetherspoon - Anne Catherine O Hara - Penelopes Mum All an excellent cast - christina Ricci was brilliant - this was a role that was very different from any of her other roles - even casper. She made the movie her own. Reese Wetherspoon - another big name in movie stars, she is very different in this movie, i was actually quite shocked, as she is so different. - her attitude is different as she is plaing ...

A Little Princess (DVD) 03/12/2008

A little princess

A Little Princess (DVD) A Little Princess Its the story of a young girl Sarah Crewe, brought up in India, who has to move to England and go to a boarding school while her father goes to war. Her father is very wealthy, and so she is treated like royalty in the boarding school, with her own room, all her toys, and all thr other girls love her instantly. However, after a months, the owner of the boarding school - Miss Minchin, hears of the sudden death of the young girls father, and decides to keep her out of charity and she has to work as a slave in the school as her keep. The Storyline I think the movie has an excellent storyline, i thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. It tells the story of hard times throughout the war, not only do you see the life of Sarah, But you see how the people of England survive, and how poor it was to live in. Its a very sad movie, as a young girls life is stolen away, from riches to poorer than poor with nothing but herself in the world. no family anywhere. The Boarding School Headmaster is a very cruel woman who is only in it for the money - Not interested in childrens welfare, just knows she can make a few bob. Its sad when Sarah finds out about her father, and Miss Minchin becomes so cruel. It also has a few magical scenes throughout -Ya gota watch it to see. The Cast Liesel Matthews ... Sara Crewe Eleanor Bron ... Miss Minchin Liam Cunningham ... Capt. Crewe / Prince Rama Rusty Schwimmer ... Amelia Minchin Arthur Malet ... 08/09/2008

Earn doing the things u love- Shopping Retail Eyes I am reviewing the website Retail Eyes Who are retail eyes? Retail eyes are a uk customer service company who hires mystery shoppers to go around their clients stores and do a report on how they were treated. The report given is then assessed and payment is made to the shopper, with a points system. I am a mystery shopper for retail eyes, i found the website on-line when i was searching for a mystery shopper job. I registered easily by entering my particulars and verifying it with my email account. Once registered, you can set up what location you with to shop in, i picked my local city, as i am rarely out of it :) How sad :( When you have your location sorted, you can then search for available jobs in that area, and if you see a job that you believe you can complete, you download the job description and complete a short survey to be sure you are 100% what you must do. then you pick which day you can complete the job from the list given, and then you complete the job and do up your report, everything is done in stages so its very easy to use. Most jobs require you to have a camera to take a picture of the business as well as the two places on either side of the business being assessed just to be sure you have the right store. Payments are sent out twice a month, 15th and 30th of each month, so the more jobs you complete within the month the more you get. There is a points system for the shopper, which lets retail eyes see how relieable a ... 08/09/2008

Paypal Paypal What is it? Paypal is an on-line payment service where you can send and receive payments on-line securely. It is connected with numerous sites in order to pay for items you purchase. Me and paypal I am very secure when it comes giving and receiving payment over the internet, and i have to admit, at first i was a little worried about using pay pal as i had never heard of it, and didn't know how it worked. however, i started watching my friends using it via ebay and i understood then how it worked. I opened an ebay account, and for a good while i was buying items and paying via cheque or postal order, as at this point, i didnt have a credit/ debit card, which is required. But this method was getting a little frustrating as it takes ages for items to arrive, so, when i got a debit card, i went on to paypal and set up an account, and registered my bank details. Registration was easy enough, just enter in your particulars, and your account is created within a few minutes. Setting up the bank account took a little longer as you had to verify your account. To do this... Paypal takes your bank details off you, and sends two small payments to your account, only about 2pence and 3 pence, and you have to verify the two amounts on the website after you check your bank statement. it can upto 2 weeks for the money to go into the account. Once verified, money can be transferred to and from your bank account to pay pal. My Bank is all set up and now i am using pay ...

Google Chrome 08/09/2008

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Google Chrome I dont know why but i love to try new web browsers to see what the difference is in them. I have always used Internet explorer ever since i was in school, then firefox was the next one. i never liked firefox for some reason, so i ended up looking online for other web browsers and i came across. I came across opera, which was nice to look at, it was red and grey toolbars, and was nicer than the boring grey and blue internet explorer. I used it for a while, then tried safari, a minimalist browser which only had a few things on toolbar, for faster internet experience. Now having tried all them web browsers, i ended up going back to internet explorer again. Then one day on google i seen they had a new web browser which i could try - Google Chrome. I downloaded google chrome to see what it was like and i have to admit its my favourite out of them all. I love the tabbing system along the top, and the favourites which can be set up on the toolbar, and when you open a new tab, all your recent web sites are all stored on a nice user interface. Its designed so that it looks like a mini version of the website i was viewing previously, when you open a new tab. After using it for a few days, i have noticed that it is alot faster, alot neater and nicer to look at. Google have always been developing more and more great products over the years and this just tops the list. Its only a beta version for now, but when its launched properly, it will be a big hit. Just ...

KP choc dips 03/09/2008

White Chololate hmmm

KP choc dips I am writing a review on the KP Choc Dips - White chocolate.... Well at the minute i am devouring one of the little cartons. They are so tasty - i love white chocolate. What they look like? A small hand held carton just like the one in the picture, however, the white chocolate one has a red background and a white blob of chocolate whereas the brown chocolate one has a blue background with brown blob of chocolate. What are they ? It is a product from KP in a small hand held carton which contains biscuit snacks and a small white chocolate dip. The biscuit is in the shape of small thin fingers, and the dip is a soft creamy white chocolate.hmmmm I am a big white chocolate fan, so i just love these, i have ate the brown chocolate ones as well, but i definatly prefer the white chocolate, cause im the 1% of females who doesn't like brown chocolate much. My friends think im weird :) The taste Well the white chocolate tastes like white chocolate which has been melted and frozen again, its very creamy and tastes quite nice i think. The biscuit is kinda wafery / rich tea biscuit taste. Its nice but you would definatly need a good drink after eating it, it can easily stick in your throat as its a bit dry. But iv always a coke beside me or some sort of sdrink so im grand :) All in all it tastes nice, if you like white chocolate and rich tea biscuits - thats what taste i get anyway. I didnt get an after taste,. What i think? Well i think they are a ...

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 21/08/2008

Thunderbirds Are Goin to Cyberspace

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 Mozilla Thunderbird: What is it? It is a free email program which can be downloaded from Mozilla website and stored on your computer. it can be used for network emails or web based e-mail accounts. If you have used outlook or outlook express, its sort of like that. Whats different about it? As is said its like outlook and outlook express for the setup, however this software is good as you can personalize it to look however you want it to look. you can download ad dons which will benefit the user, you can change the themes, so that when you log into it, it doesn't always look the same. If you have read my previous reviews on email programs, you would have seen that i used incredimail which was fantastic, i loved the colorful animations and all, however as i work in a professional environment, i cannot send professional emails, with happy faces bouncing about the screen because the software is not the purchased one. So i had to research to get another program. And after researching a good few, i was directed towards thunderbird as i liked the name and the layout of it. and as i didnt hear of it before, i wanted to try it. and i am using it every day now and i like it. When you set up the program for the first time, you have your emails set up in the top panel and the mail messages in the bottom panel wioth the email folders on the left hand side. its the norm... but i like having my contacts on the screen aswell, so i had to download an addon which would ...

Member advice on Passing your Driving Theory Test 20/08/2008

Passing the theory test -Without books

Member advice on Passing your Driving Theory Test I passed my theory test in August 2007, and i was so excited, i prepared myself very well, and i prayed i could pass. How i prepared: To be totally honest i didnt lift a book to prepare for my theory test, i just went online, and i did all the mock tests i could find, and i kept doing them and doing them until i couldnt look another one , and i learnt all the stuff i needed to know and i learnt from the mistakes. I know people read the theory test book, and stuff, but i am awful, any book i lift, i get bored and tired and end up dropping it and sleeping within the half hour, so i knew that wasnt the method for me. I also got the dvd disks which contained all you needed to know for your whole test, including video clips of the hazard preception, practical test show me tell me and then a few mock theory tests. I went on a site called 2pass which was excellent for helping you prepare yourself for either test. it had a great range of mock tests and member advice which definatly helped me. I also read about a book called - a girls guide to loosing her l plates, i tried to buy it but it was out of stock, but apparently its excellent - look it up. So i got all i needed to know by doing online tests over and over and over and it did the trick, i still know all the answers if i seen them, and i passed the theory first go. i got 34/35 and on the hazard perception i passed also but i cant remember of the top of my head what i got. On the day of my theory test, i didnt ...

Member advice on Passing your Practical Driving Test 20/08/2008

I passed the test - heres what i thought of it

Member advice on Passing your Practical Driving Test After reading loads of reviews on here, i can now write my own review on passing the driving test. I finally passed in 08/08/08 - COOL DATE EH? After 4 attempts at the driving test, i finally passed 4th time round. I hated the thought of doing the driving test for such a long time, at first i even wondered why i was even out learning, cause i was dreading the big exam at the end. So.. at 21 i started out on my driving lessons in Derry in Northern Ireland, using a great instructor Dennis Martin - I started off very nervous, which made me not pick up things for a good while, but after a while i finally got the hang of it. after 1 YEARS AND HALF OF LESSONS :( i finally applied for my first test ... on the day of my first test, i was grand, happy and no nerves whatsoever, so off i went, and all was going great until i came to my dreaded roundabout... this round about is very busy, and i had to cross over 2 lanes from the inside all the way to the left lane, and i was Shi*ing myself, and cause i was so scared, i couldn't get out from the middle lane , as the traffic was so bad, but cause i was hesitating, i got marked down Grrrrrr, I finally got off the dreaded roundabout and was going up a duel carriageway, and as there was a lorry and van in front of me, i had to slow down cause they were going slow, well 35ish, and i got marked down for not overtaking - which i persoanlly thought was a bit much considering i would have had to overtake a van ...

Samsung SGH-J700 19/08/2008

Pretty in pink

Samsung SGH-J700 Samsung J700 Pink My review on the lovely pink Samsung j700 mobile phone. I purchased this phone last week online as I thought it was a brilliant wee phone. I read review after review and no one had a bad word to say about it, so I purchased it for 49.99 from Amazon brand new. The look… The phone is very stylish and trendy. It is a mixture of dark and light metallic pink with a slide feature. On the front it has got the main screen, and underneath has the Samsung brand name. It has a very unique circle main menu button with two small round buttons on either side with looks very nice. Under the main circle there are the function buttons to make a call and to hang up a call with the C cancel button in the middle. On the sides of the phone, there are function buttons which can be used to monitor the volume and scrolling. There are also slots for a memory stick and charger, and ear phones. The back of the phone contains the sim and battery covered with the cover. It's a class looking phone; it's a pretty pink, and its shooooo girly  The functions: It has all the normal mobile phone functions, sms, calander, contacts and personalisation, it also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera which is situated on the back of the phone. The camera is quite good quality, I would prefer a camera on the front of the phone as well like a had previous - more fun when taking pictures with friends. It also records video and had a voice recorder which can come in handy for self ...

Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (DVD) 04/08/2008

Bruce Lee Story

Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (DVD) The Bruce Lee Story Last night I sat in at watched this movie on TV, I am not very into martial arts but I like life stories so I watched it. Basic Intro… It started off as Bruce Lee as a young boy living in china with his father and his father is teaching him how to fight and defend himself in the real world. His father had no choice but to send his son away once he was old enough in order for him to have a better life. So off he went to America where he ended up washing dishes for a living as he was seen very different by the Americans. One day as he was working out in the gym, he was spotted for his moving skills and his fighting skills and was asked to teach the people what he knows. So, he started teaching his fighting moves, it started with 2 boys, then 1 girl, then a huge class. It was this class where he met his wife and his career started…… Jason Scott Lee Stars as Bruce Lee, and he was brilliant in this movie, he had the look, he had the body and had the moves… He was untouchable. I enjoyed watching Jason star as Bruce, he played the character perfect, and really helped you understand the life and love and pain that Bruce went through in his life. He was so good in parts that you forget he is only an actor and not the man himself, as I don't know much about Bruce Lee, it helped me really understand. Lauren Holly stars as Linda Lee Crawford, the young lady who decided to join his fighting class, who then fell for her teacher and married him. I thought ...
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