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Logynon Contraceptive Pill 03/02/2012

Logynon a good choice

Logynon Contraceptive Pill This is the best pill I have found and I have tired alot, the first three months were hard because I had really bad mood swings, very sore breats and nausea. I have experienced no weight gain, actually have lost weight to be honest. My periods are normally very heavy and painful but on Logynon they are very light and there is little pain. I am now 6 months in and very happy, sex drive has not been affected and mood swings are non-existent, even improving my PMT symptoms. This is a really good pill you just have to give it a chance and be aware that you will feel a bit down to begin with, so if you do suffer from depression don't take this unless you are willing to give it the time it deserves because it does get better.
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