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Wrigleys Extra Thin Ice 25/03/2003

Skating on Thin Ice

Wrigleys Extra Thin Ice Wrigleys seem to have spent a great deal of money developing and marketing this product but will it work? I have just bought a pack for the first time - you know when you are waiting to pay for petrol you just need to pick up something else, so it wasn't that deliberate. In fact I don't even know how much they cost. Any way, place the blue sheets of candyon your tongue and wait. It feels more like thin paper than ice. But the moisture in your mouth melts the wafer thin sweet, which then sticks to the roof of your mouth and then dissolves instantly. This leaves your mouth feeling fresh and healthy - superb you think. Until about 2 mins later when the taste has totally gone. In short, they are packaged great, have a great gimmicky effect, taste great but don't last long enough.

Sunday Times [TV Advertisement] 15/02/2002

Time for a quality read on a lazy Sunday

Sunday Times [TV Advertisement] The Sunday Times must be the best newspaper on the market. Although the price has recently risen to £1.20 it is still cheaper than some trashy magazines that contain nothing. Where do I start? The new section is informative, articulate and fairly unbiased covering all oif the issues in the news to a full degree. the comment is also good, particularly the witty Jeremy Clarkson. Sport next, first class for football reports, great for all other sports and best of all the interviews with sports stars. News review is almost a magazine, great articles and comment and a great back page for a bit of a giggle of what's happened around the world. Add to all this, a great Business section, good for an overlall view of what is going on in this sector, particularly for those who don't need to track the economy daily but need to be aware. The money section is fantastic for mortgage and personal investment information inc. credit cards, current accounts etc. There are also sections of property, good for seeing some of the truly great properties in this country, a great motoring section again a witty column by clarkson as well as more practical information. the Style magazine is a bit girly but worth a browse and finally the Culture contains info on cinema, arts and theatre as well as the TV and Radio listings for the week. And then - once you've read it all it is Sunday again and you buy a new one. To be honest I don't have time to read it all, but I know what I like and would ...

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis - Tony Hawks 15/02/2002

Crazy Idea leads to great read

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis - Tony Hawks Tony Hawks is the type of guy you see on TV but never really catch his name, and then he turns up on something else. He is a very dry and has a witty and intelligant sense of humour. In this book he bets his flatmate that he can play and beat all of the Moldovan soccer squad at tennis - although he is only a bit of a tennis player, the bet commences. He starts in Liverpool and heads out to eastern Europe and the bet goes on. Tghis then leads to brushes with the underworld and then onto further countries in his pursuit of footballers. A very funny book, a great idea and the story is told with a sarcastic and very funny view on the experience as a whole. A great read and definetely one for those beach holidays. Available at all good bookshops and bad ones to at an avaerage price of £6.99

General: Mauritius 14/02/2002

A piece of Paradise

General: Mauritius My wife and I went to Mauritius last October for our honeymoon and words struggle to portray the experience. It was everything you would want a tropical paradise to be. We stayed at the Beau Rivage hotal, a place where we failed to fault the hotel or the staff service. Everything was top quality from the food to the cleanliness. But the best part in my opinion was the truly magnificent beaches. It was a joy to be able to get up in the morning knowing the weather would be beautiful and to walk out onto the beach. We made a special effort to get out of the hotel by walking into the local village, this is no problem as at no time do you feel under any threat either day or night. I would advise any one to do it - don't stay in the hotel. We chartered a yacht for a day - well worth doing, and always negotiate. Bargains can be had. The only down side is the cost - it is expensive to get there (although this keeps the standards up) and drinks etc in the hotel are v expensive but if you don't allow this to bother you, you will have the time of your life.

Jameson Irish Whisky 14/02/2002

Wonderful Irish tipple

Jameson Irish Whisky For those of you who enjoy a nip of whisky every now and then, I would advise you to try the Irish variety rather than the Scotch for an enjoyable change. The taste of Jamesons is less harsh than the likes of Bells or Grouse although it is not too good with a mixer such as soda or Coke. Jameson is excellent with a dash of water or a drop of ice and on a cool winter night or after stressful day just take time to relax. You don't get the nasty harsh taste like you do with Scotch but a smooth, velvety rich taste extravaganza. The smoothness allows the drink to slip down your throat leaving a warm, satisfying afterglow in your mouth. I bought a bottle at duty free aboard so cost wise, I would give a misleading figure but I don't believe it is substantially different in cost from the Scotches normally seen in shops. ...

Greg Rusedki (GBR) 12/02/2002

This week Greg is Canadian

Greg Rusedki (GBR) Greg Rusedski just doesn't seem to have the big match nerves of steel required to reach the pinacle of the Mens game. On Sunday, when it really mattered he just seemed to roll over and die - he was doing something similar on Saturday until Henman pulled him up and kept him going. Greg has a great service, but he seems to be in trouble if the serve is having an off day, or an opponent susses him out and starts hitting decent returns or as apperaed on Sunday the court service is slow allowing returns to be made. This is where he struggles, especially when the pressure is on. Greg was the bright hope for British tennis, and when he does well the fact that he is from across the pond is never mentioned but I believe that he is on the downward slope and wil never reach the heights he once did. So for this week at least Greg is Canadian again. Although to be honest, who else can team GB play in the Davis Cup matched? ...

Stella Artois Premium Continental Lager 07/02/2002

Loopy juice.

Stella Artois Premium Continental Lager Stella is a wonderful bottle of beer but it is more wonderful if you stop at one. Drinking Stella is definitely a pleasure/pain balancing exercise. The pleasure comes from drinking an ice cold, clean tasting beer. It is strong but not too strong as to be off tasting and it rattles down as smooth as silk, making another one a must. The bottle looks good for the style concious (posers) and it is adequately priced in the market in which it is competing. However, this is where the problems start - one thing leads to another and before you know it 5 or 6 have disappeared and your feel pretty good. (A few more later and you don't feel too good). And this is where you become loopy, all bets are taken and you end upo mooning down the High St thinking you are the funniest person in the world. But the real bummer is the morning after, make sure the painkillers are ready as the headache is a killer. And remember drink water before going to bed. ...

Just Enough Education to Perform - Stereophonics 06/02/2002

More than enough if you ask me.

Just Enough Education to Perform - Stereophonics This is the 3rd offering from the boys from Wales and I have to say at first listen it was a tad disappointing. I then listened to some other CD's ie Badly Drawn Boy etc and realised at first listen, I was being harsh. I was also comparing it to Performance & Cocktails which is truly great album and a piece of work which will draw comparison. Mr Writer is a tune that is OK but does eventually get on your nerves and it does sound a bit like the beatles. Have A Nice Day is truly great pop record but having now heard it about 75 million times gives me a headache. The rest of the album varies, Step on my Old Size 9's is a great song but the others sort of fade into one another. Not in a bad way but not in memorable one either. My advice is this, if you like what you have heard of the Stereophonics but not got a CD, but Performance & Cocktails, then the first album, Word gets Around and then this. But do go and see them live!!

Nokia 3310 05/02/2002

Is a phone just a phone

Nokia 3310 Mobile phones, the bain of some peoples lifes and the coolest most important fashion accessory for others. The Nokia 3310 certainly will not win an award for being the coolest cat on the block but it want win minger ringer of the year either. So what are the pros and cons of this piece of Kit? The phone itself is weighted nicely, not too light but not heavy to put in your pocket. The size is also not bad, buttons big enough for a bloke, unlike some phones where the big fingered among us press three buttons at once. The display screen is also a nice size, unlike the small Sony phones etc which are just a slot. This phone has all the features, it is good for hands free use and the standby time is more than adequate But, he come the downers from my point of view. I have no idea of cost as I didn't pay for it, but I believe the costs are closely linked to the tariff you subscribe to not the handset (unless bought separately). My main problem with this phone is that it is too common and it's a litle bit embarasing being in a bar when everyone else has a trendy phone and yours rings and youm pull out a 3310. Although i keep telling my self when you get it paid for, beggars can't be chosers.

Organics Dandruff Control Shampoo 05/02/2002

Dance to Andy Williams tunes.

Organics Dandruff Control Shampoo I bought this shampoo in a rush thinking it won't be that bad. And it isn't that bad, but it ain't that good either. It is cheap to buy, hardly in the Freida price range and it does smell quite nice. Plus, having quite sensitive skin, it doesn't irritate which is a plus. But it does not do what I expected it to do, ie you don't feel that your scalp is moisturised by the shampoo like some other shampoos do. It does get rid of the gunk you put in your hair and being a bloke only one soap up is plenty but after about 12 hours your get the feeling that your scalp is drying out which ain't a godd thing for an anti dandruff shampoo. Overall not a bad wsh but not a great, cheap shampoo either. 29/01/2002

Excellent - but you don't want to use it. I stumbled upon Insureandgo by accident recently and I am currently looking for some more travel insurance, hence I am in this Ciao section. I totally forgot to book insurance for the last holiday I went online the morning I was due to travel. After a quick search or five, insureandgo kept coming out with the best quote. Itwas cheaper than the competition and the excesses competitive and the cover copmparable to anyhting else. The added bonus was the ability to printout the Certificate so I could take it with me in case of emergency. I paid on credit card and it all went through as smooth as silk. I now need skiing insurnace and again they are coming out top. So unless the competition can offer a better deal - I will use Insureandgo again.

Budweiser Lager 17/12/2001

King of Beers, more like Joker in the Pack

Budweiser Lager Budweiser, King of Beers they proclaim. What a crock of rubbish. OK Bud have great advertising campaigns but that cannot hide the fact that the product is poor. Budweiser is a tasteless brew, bland in the extreme and is about as appealing as a cold cup of tea. I firmly believe that if you are going to have a drink ie go through the hassle of getting the train home then enjoy the experience not endure it. The packaging is average (what more can you say about a bottle of beer), the price is not cheap and the competition is excellent. And I don't just mean beer, there are loads of other drinks. The beer has no kick, no tantalising flavours to tickle those tastebuds it is just a fizzy, boring drink. I would advise anyone to try to avoid Bud at all costs, especially those who drink bottle after bottle. Free your self, try something else and no you do not look like an American cowboy just because you are drinking Bud out of a bottle, especially in the Red Lion in Woking.

Clinique Happy for Men Eau de Toilette 11/12/2001

Nice and Light and Fresh

Clinique Happy for Men Eau de Toilette Clinique Happy - to be honest I thought this was one for the ladies. Well you don't tend to think of clinique doing many mens products, I was given a sample and tried it out. The best thing I can say about it is the fact that it is not too heavy. The fragrance is very unlikely to give you a head ache which in my book is a positive note. It is a nice fresh, citrus like smell and best of al the ladies seem to like it too. The packaging is note exactly a design classis but then agian if you want artistic glass ware buy a vase not a bottle of after shave. The bottle is functioanl and looks pretty neat sitting on the bathroom shelf. I would definetely recommend but probably for the bloke under the age og 35.

The Wedding Planner (DVD) 18/10/2001

What a pile of wedding poo

The Wedding Planner (DVD) This was a terrible film. Now I am not one of these people that is heavily in to movies or anything but this just had nothing about it, except looking at Ms Lopez. The story and the film were just so, so cheesy. I know that I watched on a plane so at least it was free and that a plane is not the most comfortable of places to watch a film but i just could not see the point of the film and actually felt a bit annoyed that 90 mins of my life was wasted. I have evn just got married so thought that there may be some good gags that i could relate to but no just cheesy,girly things like the dancing and tha fact that this guy could conceivably get away from tha start with having the wedding planner as well as his fiancee was just to much.

Versace The Dreamer 18/04/2001

The smell of Italian Style

Versace The Dreamer I bought a bottle of this aftershave more by chance than design. Whilst in Italy I wanted to but something to remind me of my holiday but was unable to find anything I liked. then in a shop I thought 'I know I'll buy a bottle of aftershave Italian style.' This smell really does remind me of a classy Italian fragrance - rich, strong and the type of fragrance that compliments a suit on a night out somewhere posh. It is a smell that can be a little overpowering and possibly not light enough for some people - but when it is worn it has a man's smell, not at all girly and quite frankly it makes you feel kind of mature. Not a fragrance for wearing down the pub with the boys or shopping with the missus but definetely one for important busines meetings or expensive nights out when the champagne will flow.
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