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Samsung E530 01/02/2008

*~*Samsung: Girls Only*~*

Samsung E530 The Samsung E530 is a very girly looking mobile phone as it comes in a gorgeous lavender pink coloured casing. The E530 is very similar in looks to the Samsung E330 but the E530 has more curves and is pink and screams girly. This phone is really cute, and I brought it to start with for two reasons. 1. Because it was pink - I LOVE pink 2. Because it was Samsung - Being a previous owner of a Samsung phone, I had been happy with the simplicity and ease of use. You can buy the phone with a contract from the following networks: O2, Orange or Vodafone (and others); or you can also go pay as you go (T-Mobile or various other networks). The Samsung E530 sim free will set you back in the region of £200, or free depending what contract you have with it. ~ In the box you get ~ Samsung E530 plus the battery Charger Carry Case Wrist strap Stereo hands free kit Manual and guarantee papers I brought my phone in the lavender pink, but the phone is also available now in orange and light blue. ~ The Phone ~ The phone comes complete with an integrated megapixel camera which has a LED flash. The camera is extremely easy to use and has a reasonable 4 x digital zoom so that you can get some really good close up shots without it being too much hassle. As well as the camera, the phone also boasts the following imaging features: Dual Flash Brightness Photo Effects Selfshot, Multishot & Timershot - This means you can take pictures of yourself, and multiple ...

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 16v 31/01/2008

Vauxhall's Astra is SXi

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 16v ~ My history ~ My very first car was a Renault Clio and after a crash on Valentines Day 2005 (which completely wrote it off (oops) and I couldn't believe I had to pay £50 to get them to scrap my little baby! (grr) Because I needed a car to get to work, the search began almost instantly to find another car. I had driven an Astra before and really liked them, I thought they were quite compact but big enough to fit people in without being packed in like sardines. I know I didn't want the bog standard Astra, so I went on the Vauxhall website and started to look at what they had to offer. ~ The Sxi ~ I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to cars and engines etc and was a bit lost as to what spec I wanted and what kind of engine, so was only really bothered about how it looked (typical girl?) This is where the Astra SXi wins hands down; it's a pretty good looking car, the exterior spec as follows: ~ Exterior ~ Dark-style headlights and taillights - this basically means they looks tinted, which against silver looks really nice and also in black is very sxiii Body-colour bumpers, door mirrors and door handles - everything on the Astra SXi is colour coded which really makes a difference, it makes it look a lot smarter, than the black plastic bumpers. 16-inch ten-spoke alloy wheels - alloys are much nicer looking, but also prone to getting scratched, the good thing about the standard wheels with the plastic hub caps is that you can replace ...

A-Z for Members Challenges 26/01/2008

A-Z of me me me

A-Z for Members Challenges ~~~~~~~ A is for Alphabet, always spell it wrong, thank goodness for spell check, first thing I (and I think everyone) tries to get to grips with at school, I remember it trailing around my classroom wall with pictures to represent the letters, also trying to think of something else that begins with X as I didn't have a clue what a Xylophone was, just had to get the dictionary out to spell it! B is for bad, when I started secondary school, first day, first lesson, my best friend got a detention, so she then made me get one, so to try and be bad, I took my tie off and then started being extremely rude to the teacher, it didn't take long to get my first detention. We had to write 100 lines, saying something like "I will not behave like a child in IT" - sorry to say I didn't learn my lesson and went downhill from there, I blame it on my mate, she was a bad influence on me :-p b is also for badbob00 ;-) C is for Cars, ever since I was old enough to learn to drive I've always wanted my own car, passed my test in about 6 or 7 months first time and was brought my first car for my birthday a couple of weeks later! Dream car would be an Aston Martin Vanquish. D is for Dad, haven't always been a daddy's girl, but am pretty close to my dad, he is really laid back and so has always been the parent to get around if you want something (or he says go and ask your mum). Full of great advice and has always helped me out when I've needed him, with exes, money and homework my Dad is ...

Written from the Heart 10/11/2006


Written from the Heart It seems dark outside, but the sun is shining Everyone seems to have something to do, but i am hopeless The days drag but time goes so quickly I want something when i can't have it And i feel trapped Suffocated Like i can't get out or break-free, but if i did would i have anywhere to go I need a plan A way to go A chance to fly and spread my wings to live life to the full But then i feel trapped again And unable to break free Does time heal? It seems to drag and i can't get free And so i feel trapped Suffocated Like i can't break free From the outside my life seems perfect But inside i'm not I'm down Tired Suffocated and trapped One day i will break free I will fly and soar and finally heal One day Very Very Soon 09/05/2006

^*^ Wanna Come ^*^ offers DVDs, Music, Games, Books, Electronics (including, TV's Ipods, digital cameras and much more), Gadgets and Mobile (mobiles phones, blue tooth and ring tones etc) ^^ The Site ^^ The site is really well laid out and as the home page comes up, everything is displayed so that you don't have to hunt around the site for the obvious. The site is blue, orange and white which looks very professional and very easy to see where everything is. It is laid out nicely into three columns, navigation and features to the sides with the main content in the middle. The main tab options at the top of the site are: My Account - if you already have an account with, if you click on this tab you will be taken to the sign in page, where you enter your email address and password that you registered with. This will take you to you account page, where you can view all your personal details, your order status and history. Checkout - if you have clicked on any items that you want to buy, they will go into your basket, which is viewable at all times as you move around the site, when you have finished shopping, if you click on this option it will take you to the checkout page, to pay for your items. Help Desk - when you click on this option you a list options come up for FAQ about DVD's or music also the policy for returns and delivery, basically all the regular information that you may need answering International - if you click on this tab ...

Sony PlayStation 2 - Slimline Model (PS2) 22/04/2006

<<< The Playstation's diet! >>>

Sony PlayStation 2 - Slimline Model (PS2) <<< Playstation History >>> Sony brought out there first games console in 1994 aptly named 'Playstation' which was competing against the likes of Sega's Saturn and Nintendo's Ultra 64. But with its sleek design it managed to become a serious rival for Nintendo and Sega and so it begins….. A few years later after masses of sales Playstation introduced the analog controller more recognizable as the dual shock controller. The two analogue sticks give the player more control and built in vibration gives a more realistic feel to every game. The Playstation2 launched in 2000 and was a huge hit in Japan with sales hitting 1 million in just 2 days (blimey!) <<>> The content of the box consists of a surprising small console. I didn't actually realise how small it was! Also comes with one controller depends on what package you want, because you can also get bundle deals with games as well. I got mine from Argos was about £114, which is the cheapest I've seen it. Also it comes with the appropriate leads to connect to the TV and is quite simple to connect, even I can do it and I'm shocking at stuff like this. Here's a quick step by step guide: • Firstly position the console where you want it. • Insert the AC adaptor into the back, which is marked up AC Adaptor • Into the other end of the adaptor connect the AC power cord and then plug into the wall socket. • Connect the AV cable to the other slot in the back of the ...

Lanzarote (Spain) 21/04/2006

**Lanzagrotty i think Notty!**

Lanzarote (Spain) I went to Lanzarote for the first time in November 2004 as a late holiday with my then boyfriend; we booked a last minute deal with Thomson for two weeks in Puerto del Carmen. I had never been to Lanzarote before but my boyfriend had raved about it, so not knowing much about it, I researched a bit of the history before we went. Lanzarote is one of the most beautiful and amazing places in the world, the most gorgeous of the Canary Islands... ~ A Brief History ~ Lanzarote is mostly known for its Volcanoes, it is the furthest east of all the Canaries and isn't very far from the African coast, so you can imagine even in November it was very humid. The original name for Lanzarote is Titeroygatra which means 'the coloured hills' this is because of the fantastic red colour of the landscape, which is truly beautiful. The island is 37 miles (60km) long and 12 miles (20 km) wide, which makes it the fourth largest island in the Canaries. Lanzarote has a warm temperature throughout the year and is the flattest of the Islands; the average temperature is 24 degrees in August and 17 degrees in January. The Island is particularly lush for sun-worshippers with its white-sandy beaches and clear waters; it also has a constant wind, which is great for water sports such as yachting, windsurfing and kite surfing. Lanzarote has been tinted with black, giving a different but wonderful look to the landscape, a definite wow factor and quite astounding when you see this for the ...

Everything that starts with N ... 21/04/2006

Nosey Challenge by Playgirl27

Everything that starts with N ... Hi everyone, thought i would do this as i haven't done one before and i thought it was about time i let you know a little about myself, just a little though so here goes..... 1* What day, date and time is it? It's Wednesday 22nd February 2006 and it's 16.28pm 2* Date of birth and where born? 01/12/1985 i was born in Gloucester, moved to Swindon when i was a tot. 3* Height and weight? ooo now i haven't weighed myself in ages, but last time i did i was 9 stone and i'm 5'5 ( wish i was taller, though when i was in school i was the tallest and wished i was smaller) 4* Are you married, Single, Got a girlfriend/boyfriend? i am single at the mo 5* Do you have children if so how many? Nope no children 6* If you don't have children how many do you want if any? I would like two (a girl and a boy) 7* Do you have Pets and if so what are they? I have 6 beautiful fancy goldfish (there fancy because of there fins) and two of them have got those googly eyes. Part from that there normal : - ) 8* If you don't have pets what one would you choose and why? I would love a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, loved them every since i was little, used to write Santa and my mum loads of letters begging her to get me one, still said no. Definitley will get one in the future though. 9* Whats your funniest childhood memory? I've had a long think about this and my memory is really bad, i can only think of the trouble i got into when i was little. Me and my ...

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool 20/03/2006

~ My Blackpool Pleasure ~

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Supposedly Britain's favourite seaside resort my first and so far only visit to Blackpool was last here for my boyfriends birthday, we went for a long weekend, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it...we stayed in a cheap hotel, although it was cheap it was simple and clean, just right for getting your head down... The Pleasure Beach was better than I expected with a wide range of rides, so many we couldn't fit them all in on one day...the pier was so-so and Blackpool in general was in a word FANTASTIC. The Journey From Swindon a supposed 4 hour journey, this however was not the case as we left middle of the afternoon (2pm) and hit all the traffic on the motorway. Ended up taking 6 hours! The general motorway route is M5 then M6 then M55 junction 4. With my excellent map reading skills it was pretty easy to find, and it's well signposted when you reach Blackpool, we kind of stumbled upon the main Blackpool Promenade and then proceeded to try and find the hotel. You can also reach Blackpool by train and plane. Hotels Look up the hotels around Blackpool and there are always great deals and it really has a wide variety, depending on your budget. We didn't want to spend loads on the hotel as we didn't plan on spending a lot of time there anyway. Our hotel worked out at a great £25 per person per night, and was a small guesthouse, with a bar downstairs. The only downside was probably the shower being down the hallway and so ...

Emancipation of Mimi - Mariah Carey 17/03/2006

~ Mariah at her BEST! ~

Emancipation of Mimi - Mariah Carey I've always like Mariah songs, but never really enough to buy her album, I sometimes felt like her vocal gymnastics were too much for my liking, but the singles that were released from this album were so good, i though why not... This album is great to play in the car or at home full blast and there's a song for every mood. Whether your feeling low or want to bob along in traffic, there seems to be a varied mix of slow and beaty songs. *~*It's Like That*~* This is a great upbeat song, is very RnB and hip hope and was the first single to be released off this album, this also got to number one. I would rate this song a definite 10/10. *~*We Belong Together *~* 'We belong together' is a lush love song, that i turn up really loud and sing along to, it's got a great melody and is pure classic Mariah Carey . The intro is particularly my favourite part of the song, it's got an amazing piano intro. This is definitely one of my favourite songs on the album. This is deserving another 10/10 *~*Shake It Off *~* If you want to get a girl/boy off your mind then 'Shake it off 'is a great feel good song to listen to. It's got a great back beat and the words are not very meaningful but is a good poppy song. *~*Mine Again*~* Another weepy sad love song, the words i think are a bit pathetic, but it's one of those great mushy songs that you can't help but sing along too. Although the words weren't up to much the song overall was 9/10 *~*Say Somethin' ...

BBC Radio 1 22/02/2006

*My Saviour*

BBC Radio 1 I first started listening to Radio 1 about 3 or 4 years ago and since then i have never switched back to local radio. Apart from the great music old and new, you also have great DJ's. I listen to Radio One in the morning around 7.45 on my way to work till about 9 and then on my way home from 5pm to 6pm. So generally i listen more to Chris Moyles breakfast show and Scott Mills in the afternoon. --------------- --------------- --------------- ---- The Chris Moyles Show 7am - 10am --------------- --------------- --------------- ----- background about chris Chris joined Radio One in July 1997 and back then did the 4am show. Since then he has called himself 'The Saviour of Early Morning Radio'. Chris also won a Silver Sony Radio award for DJ of the year. the team Chris is joined on the show by Comedy Dave (his sidekick) who is director of comedy on the show, Comedy Dave is also on weekends with Chappers who features on weekdays with Scott Mills. Producer Rachel - she joined the show in October 2003, Rachel is from Kidderminster which is near Birmingham and often Chris and Dave do an impression of her with a Brummie accent which is very funny. Aled - is a Broadcast Assistant (which i didn't know till i researched this) he often features on the show, with what he's been up to. Recently he was BB Aled (Big Brother) Aled and went and interviewed the Celebrities after they were booted off Big Bro! the show The show is generally a mish mash, with a very loose ...

Mr And Mrs Smith (DVD) 01/02/2006

Cool, funny and generally fantastic film

Mr And Mrs Smith (DVD) Story line - After about five years of marriage, the rather ordinary John and Jane Smith (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) are stuck in a rut within there marriage and are seeing a marriagee counseller about there problems. (this is quite funny, the script is particulary good when they go and see the counseller) Unknown to each other, they are both dangerous but highly paid assassins working for rival organizations. Both then are given a new target EACH OTHER! When they discover this their secret lives are no longer secret and they collide in a amazing, explosive mix of action, chase scenes and great comedy! I would say that anything with Brad Pitt in is usually Hotttttt and extremely great to watch. but that's a biast view! Who's in it - Here are some of the cast and who they play in the film: Brad Pitt - John Smith (also from Seven & Fight Club) Angelina Jolie - Jane Smith (also from Lara Croft - Tomb Raider) Vince Vaughn - Eddie (The Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball) Adam Brody - Benjamin Danz (also from the O.C tv programme) Kerry Washington- Jasmine (also from The Fantastic Four) Keith David - Father ( The Chronicles of Riddick) Chris Weitz - Martin Coleman Rachel Huntley - Suzy Coleman It's extremely entertaining and at times very witty. I think Brad and Angelina really work well together and make a perfect onscreen (and off-screen) couple. A definite buy because it is so damn cool, it kinda makes you want to be a assasin yourself. Its ...

Do you believe in life after death? 27/01/2006

No right answer

Do you believe in life after death? When i was little i used to think alot about life and death and why we were here ( i was only about 10 or 11). I remember i had a sleepover with my best friend and we started talking about why we were here, what was our purpose, of course there is no real answer, nobody really knows, but everyone has there own opinion and as long as your happy with that and you believe in your belief, i would never oppose that. We came up with the idea that we were all puppets and God was controling us all, now i'm older, i still ask the question of why we are here and what is the point in life, the point in going to work getting up in the morning. If at the end of our life we just die and possibly forget the last 70-80 years. I like to beleive that there is something after death, that it isn't just nothing, because i think nothing is a scary thought and i wouldn't like to believe that. There are many possiblities to what happens to you when you die, whether you go to heaven or hell, whether you come back as an animal or another person, or whether there is indeed nothing. When i was small i was always told there was a heaven, when my great Nana died she went to heaven and my grandad, and this was a comforting thought, that your loved ones aren't just nothing when they die, but there are someone, somewhere, perhaps looking down on you. In closing my belief is that there is life after death, that there may be another world, i don't really believe that we are judged and let ...
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