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Mitchum Cool Dry Deodorant 15/01/2008

Mitchum Cool DRy

Mitchum Cool Dry Deodorant I agree that this deodorant is VERY effective at keeping you dry, which is what I need as I work in a physically active job, in a Garden Centre, but I do have a problem with the fact that at £3.59 it's expensive AND I rarely get to use a full 'stick' as it tends to break off two thirds of the way down. To me that is £1.20 wasted...almost another stick deodorant/anti perspirant.. As a woman, I tend to use the men's version, stronger formula and more effective. Since stopping smoking (10 years now!) my sense of smell has become quite acute and I'm very conscious of my body odour,especially when dealing with the public. This stuff really works but could do with a better delivery method in the stick format. Pluses are: Extremely good at doing what it says on the packet, keeps you dry and keeps odours at bay. Also, no white marks on clothes (except when it breaks off unexpectedly) Minuses: Expensive and breaks off before you get the full use out of it. ...

Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush 09/05/2004

Laughing gums!

Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush I got this toothbrush about 6 months ago, and it took a bit of getting used to after my Oral B electric brush. The brush head seemed HUGE, not only did my hand vibrate, but trying to brush my upper teeth was agony.............not of pain. First off, it tickled, like crazy, which made my nose itch. So I stopped the brush, scratched my nose, started brushing, and back to the itching nose bit. Gradually got used to the itching nose, but even now I get the occasional problem of 'tickling gums'. Has anyone else tried continuing to do something that just makes you want to laugh? All that aside, it is an excellent brush, leaving your teeth and gums REALLY clean. My N.H.S. Dentist (I'm one of the lucky few) is pretty impressed with the fact that she no longer needs to scale and polish my teeth as often (although she probably counts the lack of cash coming in). ...
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