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Debtbusters Loans [TV Advertisement] 12/11/2000

waiting for a loan

Debtbusters Loans [TV Advertisement] 8 weeks ago i applied for a personal loan from debtbusters i am going deaf and asked the not to phone me but to email me instead did they listen no they kept on ring me up and my boyfriend took the call and explain that i am deaf and could they email me instead on which they agreed to do then they phoned another 6 time each time they agreed to email me then they said they have not recieved my application and sent me another applcation form on which i quickly filled in and returned to them to cut a long story short after 8 weeks and 2 application forms and after at least 150 email i am still waiting for a loan and you should have the in a week if any wants a loan dont use debtbusters but if anybody know of a good loan company please let me know ...
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