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The Book of Tomorrow - Cecelia Ahern 08/12/2010

Another triumph by Cecilia

The Book of Tomorrow - Cecelia Ahern Have you eveer read a book that you cannot stop thinking about? That crops up in your mind at peculiar times? I love reading and I read a lot of books but its not often that a book has this impact on me. The last book i read that made me feel so emotional and involved was kaitlyn (see my review) and this novel was the first in a long time. Written by Cecelia Ahern the no1 author of P.s i love you this book is her newest edition to her collection of inspiring 'fairy tale' novels. Each of her novels has it's own piece of magic and this new book is no exception, in fact there is something extra magical about this book. I don't like to write reviews that give away the whole book as I feel you would get more out of reading this than reading my review but to give you a basic outline this book is about a young girl who has everything she has ever wanted. When her father dies her life is turned upside down and things take a drastic turn for the worse. This young girl finds a friend in a diary she has borrowed form the travellling library which turns out to be something she never thought it would be. Telling her things she never thought possible. When she learns things about her own life from this book she finds out that there is more to the recent events that have taken place in her life than she first thought. This book is an enchanting novel which really keeps you guessing. There are so many twists and turns you simply have to keep reading. The relationships between ...

Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee 08/12/2010

Nescafe cappuccino - The best I have tried

Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee I am not a huge coffee drinker. I much prefer a cup of tea in the morning and I find that coffee sometimes leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hate strong coffee and always opt for a latte if I go to starbucks. When my husband brought these in a supermarket I thought i might aswell give it a try. I like something with a bit of a novelty factor about it and so I thought it would be rude not to. I am also a fan of the Nescafe brand and only really drink their instant coffees so this helped in the persuasion. On my first attempt at making the coffee it was a total disaster. The coffee comes in sachets so it is already measured out for you meaning you are supposed to get the right consistency etc. You make the coffee by simply pouring the sachet into the cup and adding hot water then stir. Unfortunately this left the coffee extremely lumpy and tasted absolutely disgusting. Every time I took a sip I ended up with a lump of unmixed coffee in my mouth which wasnt very pleasant. I am surprised I had a second attempt but my husband had brought these on offer at buy 1 get two free and so we seemed to have tons of them about. I tried to think of a way I would be able to get a smooth coffee and so I thought about other instant drinks I had used before. I always used to drink bourneville as a little girl and my nan always used to first mix it with a splash of milk forming a paste and then add the water. This is what I tried. I had much more success making my coffee like this. I got ...

Oxo Tower, London 08/12/2010

An upper class restaurant with no class!

Oxo Tower, London I recently visited the Oxo tower on a girl's night out for my friends 21st birthday. We thought we would be posh for the night and had arranged transport ad everything. Trust me when I say that this is not the usual procedure for a night out as usually we just have a few and see where the night takes us but we wanted this to be special so we went all out. First impressions I already had a pre conceived idea of what the restaurant was going to be like. I have heard it is fine dining and 'posh'. On arrival we found that we were to be eating in the brassiere which was fine. This is a cheaper version on the very expensive restaurant and I guess we were shortly to find out that you get what you pay for. The staff were friendly on arrival and there was even a cloak room which I thought was pretty swanky compared to any restaurant I have ever been to. The decor didn't really seem anything from the ordinary though and I did feel as though I had just come to my local restaurant rather than somewhere special. We were shifted into the bar where we were told that they were running a little late and they would call us shortly. Money making scheme may be? The bar The bar was absolutely packed out to the rafters. It was loud and there was absolutely nowhere to sit. Our guess was that they weren't all waiting to be seated as we would have a very long wait if this was the case. There was a pianist and a singer in the bar which made for quite a nice atmosphere. The actual ...

ELC My First Trampoline 08/12/2010

A trampoline but not much bouncing!!

ELC My First Trampoline I always shop in Elc for my daughters toys. I find them good value for money although I know people who don't agree. I think they do always put childrens safety first which is ovviously a mothers number one priority. My daughter received this trampoline last christmas after me asking her uncles to buy it for her. I chose this one out a) because it was from Elc and b) because it was the only one I had seen that had the padding around the edges. As it was christmas it was hard to find in the shops. They didnt have it out at all but I had seen it advertised online and hoped i would get it. I do begrudge paying £4.95 delivery with I think this is a huge amount of money so prefer to shop instore (but we will leave that for another review). I asked the lady in ELc if she had any and to my surprise she said she had laods out the back but they just didnt keep them on the shop floor because of the time of year. I expected to pay £25.00 for this trampoline which is what I had seen it for online but when it went through the till it came up as £20.00 and I also had a 20% off birthday voucher which meant i got it for £16.00 which I thought was a bargain (even though it wasnt from me). Most toddler trampolines I had seen had been priced way over this even for a very standard one from a supermarket. The trampoline matches the blossom farm range at ELC. I think this is quite babyish and now she is two I think she would probably prefer something a bit more pink and ...

Hotel Holiday Village, Sarigerme, Dalaman 07/06/2010

Holiday of a lifetime - Hotel holiday Village - Sarigerme, Turkey

Hotel Holiday Village, Sarigerme, Dalaman I have never been on an all inclusive holiday before. I have only ever been self catered and so wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this holiday. My husband had actually previously visited this resort when it first opened and it came highly recommended by him and his family. We went here for a week just recently and I wanted to share my experience with you and it was a very enjoyable one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Location and background Holiday Village is owned and run by first choice and is set in the small town or Sarigerme, Dalaman. Flying into Dalaman airport you will take a short 20 minute drive into the resort of Sarigerme which is host to a small amount of shops, bars and restaurants and its own beach. Personally I would say the village of sarigerme left a lot to be desired and a whole trip to the 'village' took around 40 minutes and this was visiting every shop in the parade. The people of Sarigerme however were very friendly and welcoming and unlike in other countries tradesmen did not bother you for their business they were just pleased to see you in their shops. The Village is about a 30 minute walk from the hotel but a short 5 minute cab trip which cost 10 Turkish liras (loosely exchanged about £4.00). Apart from that there wasn't much more to do unless you went much further out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ The hotel On first inspection the hotel looked fantastic. More of a hotel it is a complex with ...

Virgin Atlantic Airways - VIR 31/10/2009

Luxury all the way with Virgin Atlantic!

Virgin Atlantic Airways - VIR I often wonder why so many people say they will not travel with anyone other than virgin Atlantic, I simply could not see why people would pay over the odds for a flight to and from the same place. After my visit to Florida flying with Virgin Atlantic I found out why. I had travelled with virgin Atlantic before as a child when I went to Los Angles with my family. I don't remember the experience that well as I was only 10, all I remembered of the flight was being extremely travel sick and the little bag of goodies they give children when they board the flight. When we booked up to go to Florida I had my reservations because my daughter would only be 9 months when we travelled. I feared it would be a nightmare and she wouldn't sit still, there would be nowhere for her to sleep and the whole 10 hour fight would just be disastrous. The fact that someone else was paying for it though swayed me as my in laws were paying for the holiday as a wedding present and they would be travelling with us along with other members of the extended family which meant I would have a lot of help. In the run up to the holiday the company were very helpful. Although we didn't book through them when I went into one of their shops to ask questions about our luggage allowances they were more than helpful and didn't even worry about the fact we hadn't booked through them in the first place. I was very excited to find out that each passenger would be allowed 2x 23kg suitcases to travel with ...

Casdon Toy Hetty Vacuum Cleaner 25/10/2009

A Little Hoover for Little housekeepers

Casdon Toy Hetty Vacuum Cleaner This wonderful little Hoover is a must have for every house keeper. It is not only cheap but it is extremely versatile. It fits in every little nook and cranny and picks up the tiniest pieces of dust and dirt. It does not need plugging in and comes battery operated, it does not even need hoover bags. All accessories included including Hoover brush and pole. This Hoover is so house friendly she even smiles at you whilst you work. Fantastic for little hands. Unfortunately like everything there is a down side - it is only a toy. Made by Cadson this smaller version of the real Hetti Hoover has been especially designed for your little house keepers to follow you around the house. It comes in a size about a quarter of the size of the real thing and is very light weight for your little ones. Having this Hoover will mean your little ones can do all the spots you miss as not only does this Hoover have its own wheels it has its own suction system which is battery powered. Unfortunately the suction system is not as powerful as I had first hoped and is almost non existent but it makes a noise which my daughter likes so therefore is suits me. There is a little container at the back which can be emptied should your little ones manage to suck anything up. The Hoover is made for children 3 and up but my daughter is 1 and she loves it. I don't really know why there is an age limit because there are no small parts, it is very lightweight and easy to use, absolutely no cause ...
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