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Turtle Bay, Norwich 01/09/2016

Rum, Reggae and Jerk!

Turtle Bay, Norwich Turtle Bay’s newest branch which only opened on 30th August is located in the Norwich Lanes (Swan Lane), housed in a beautiful Grade II listed building. You cannot miss this place! Turtle Bay looks absolutely stunning lit up at night and will easily tempt anyone walking by. I was lucky enough to attend the press evening as a local blogger and what a treat it was. After being greeted at the door we were advised to head over to the bar where we could grab a cocktail. Turtle Bay prides itself on Rum, Reggae and Jerk and boy do they do rum well. With over 40 Caribbean rums to choose from and very wide variety of cocktails to work your way through, there is something for everyone! Cocktails are not cheap though with them being roughly £7 each. However, 241 Happy Hour runs from 1130am until 7pm and then starts again at 10pm! I have to be honest, I drank a bit too much. Within the first half an hour (maybe less) I’d had a couple of cocktails, one being the incredibly strong Beachcombers Zombie. I hadn’t been out in 8 months and I couldn’t help myself. Plus, I learned that I like rum a lot. At this point I met Lucy from In Norfolk, another blog. I’m sure she must have thought I was quite mad drinking so quickly when going home to an 8 months old. In all seriousness, the cocktails were amazing. There are even non-alcoholic delights for those unfortunate enough to be driving. Once everyone was settled we had a talk around the island hut style bar about the roots of Turtle Bay ...

Johnsons Baby Lotion Bedtime 31/08/2016

Baby bedtime lotion

Johnsons Baby Lotion Bedtime On my recent shopping trip to Boots I had intended on buying a couple of tubs of the Johnson's Bedtime Cream, which is what we normally use on Erin after her bath every night. However, there wasn't any so I had to pick an alternative. I went with the Johnson's Baby Lotion Bedtime. A 300ml bottle costs £1.99. In comparison, the cream costs £2.49 for a 250ml tub so this works out a bit cheaper. The lotion comes in small white bottle with a purple sticker on the front and a purple flip top cap. The bottle is a nice size and I actually like that it's quite small. A lot of Johnson's products come in 500ml bottles and these are way too big if you need to take it out anywhere with you for whatever reason. The thing about the Johnson's Bedtime products is that they all have NaturalCalm as an ingredient. This is apparently a 'patented blend of relaxing aromas'. It is supposed to help your baby sleep better. Now, having used the cream for a couple of months I don't believe this at all because Erin really doesn't sleep any more. However, I bought this lotion because I LOVE the smell. As this is a body lotion, it has a consistency a lot thinner than a cream. The flip top cap means that it comes out of the bottle very easily so you only need to squeeze it very gently or it will go everywhere! A little also goes quite a long way with this product so I tend to use a tiny bit and then add more if I need to. Erin seems to prefer this to the cream to be honest. I think this is ...

Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether 30/08/2016

Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether

Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether Erin has been getting so bored of her regular toys just recently so I've been on a mission to find her something new that didn't cost a fortune. I have a couple of Nuby toys already but didn't buy them myself so I had no idea what they cost. On a recent trip to Boots though I found out that the brand is extremely reasonable! The Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether cost £4.19 from my local Boots store but it can also be found online from various shops. It can, however, be purchased on Amazon as an add on item for only £3. The Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether is a brightly coloured teether which is shaped like a necklace. It is certainly larger than any other teether I have bought for Erin in the past. The teether is about 13cm in diameter. It is so large that my husband likes to have Erin wear it as a crown or a headband. She also manages to get it over her legs which causes a lot of frustration! This teether, unlike others, is designed to help both the cutting of teeth and to help sore and painful gums. I didn't even know you could get teethers that helped to cut in teeth! Erin has one trying to come through now though so I thought that this would be perfect for her. I love the design of the teether. It is made up of different beads which come in various shapes and sizes. The material is BPA free so it's nice and safe for babies. The beads come in different textures as well as shapes and Erin has already shown preference to some over others. There are also cute little animal beads as well ...

LiteCup Sippy Cup & Nightlight 25/08/2016

A light up cup for children

LiteCup Sippy Cup & Nightlight Due to the nature of my blog, I often get sent things to review for Erin. One of the most recent items was yet another cup, the Lite Cup! (One day I will take a picture of them all together for you all to see) Before receiving the cup I hadn't seen anything like this on the market before. The Lite Cup's unique selling point is that it glows in the dark, like a night light. I think it is a fantastic idea. The light on this cup is activated by the twist button on the underneath of the cup. The great thing about the button is that it is quite stiff, meaning that children aren't able to move it easily or play with it. Erin doesn't have milk bottles in the night any more but she does wake up quite hot sometimes, especially during the warmer months. The Lite Cup is super easy to find in the middle of the night due to the nightlight feature. In hot weather like we are having right now we need to make sure our children stay hydrated, even through the night. The Lite Cup makes it possible for either the parent or the child to find this cup in the night without having to turn a main light on. The main part of the cup is made from a frosted plastic and this is the part that lights up. The actual light is quite bright and blue in colour. However, this doesn't ever distract Erin from sleeping, nor does it wake her up in the night. The lid of the cup comes in a variety of colours; I have a purple cup. The Lite Cup is dishwasher safe or you can wash up in regular washing up liquid ...

Fairy Excel Non Bio Laundry Gel 24/08/2016

Keeping Erin's clothes cleaner

Fairy Excel Non Bio Laundry Gel Generally I have always used to cheap laundry products. I've never minded the cheap powder or liquid. However, since having Erin I've realised the cheap stuff just doesn't cut it when it comes to baby clothes and stains. I recently came across the Fairy Non Bio Laundry Gel while doing my monthly shop online with Tesco. Now, this stuff is ALOT more expensive than what I would normally buy. The regular price for a 888ml bottle is £7 but I managed to get it on offer at £4. I think this is really reasonably but I know I wouldn't ever pay the full amount. The gel comes in a white plastic bottle (it's changed a bit from the Ciao picture). The bottle has the Fairy logo on the front as well as stating that the product is a non-bio gel and will cover 24 washes. The bottle is a bit strangely shaped but I don't really understand why. The bottle stands up on the flip cap opening and has a removable cap on the top. In order to use the product you need to remove the cap from the top of the bottle and squeeze the gel into this. Then, you pop the cap and the gel into the drum of the washing machine in the middle of your load and then put on whatever cycle you choose. Using this gel is so easy and surprisingly doesn't cause any mess. In comparison to using a cheap wash liquid, this gel is pretty amazing. Since using this product instead I have found Erin's clothes to come out a lot cleaner and a lot brighter. Her clothes get worn quite a lot and do get washed after only a day. Now, ...

Morrisons Little Big Bedtime Bath 22/08/2016

No bed time help from Morrisons

Morrisons Little Big Bedtime Bath Erin hasn't been sleeping very well lately so I thought to try some different bath/ bedtime products to see if they made any difference. Seeing as my husband works not too far from a Morrisons he picked up a bottle of the Little Big Bedtime Bath. A 500ml bottle of this bath product cost £1 which, compared to the Johnson's alternative which costs roughly £2.75 for a bottle the same size. As this is a supermarket own brand product it is only available in Morrisons shops or online. The Bedtime Bath comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip top cap. The bottle is quite wide and is a bit hard to hold because of the shape. The bottle has the obvious product information on the front as well as a really cute picture of an elephant. The packaging is pretty simple and doesn't really stand out next to anything else I have bought like this. Morrisons claim that by using this product will 'help baby relax before bed and that you'll both be off to the land of nod before you know it.' The Bedtime Bath is lilac in colour which is lovely. Most bedtime bath products are this colour because of one ingredient used a lot which is lavender. That is exactly the case too with this product. Lavender is supposed to help to relax you and to help you sleep. Immediately when opening the bottle by flipping the cap open I can smell the lavender. The scent is not overpowering in any way but it has a relaxing hint to it. It's a lovely, soft kind of smell and quite pleasant. To use this product I ...

Tommee Tippee Explora First Sips 20/08/2016

A soft sippy cup

Tommee Tippee Explora First Sips In our house we have so many cups for Erin. I am always on the look out to find one that Erin really likes. She has one cup she drinks from well at the minute but I hate it. I recently saw this cup in Sainsburys for £4. The Explora First Sips cups have been updated and do not look quite like Ciao's picture any more. The shape and spout are the same but they're now a bit brighter with pictures on. This particular cup is designed to be perfect for a baby's first cup. The cup holds 150ml of liquid so is roughly the same size as one of the smaller Tommee Tippee milk bottles. It comes with a handle which is fantastic as it helps babies learn how to hold a cup on their own and also how to drink by themselves. The Explora First Sips comes in a range of colours. I went for a purple cup as it's not really gender specific but there was also blue, green and pink cups available. Each cup has a picture of an animal on the front and they're all different. I love this little added extra to the design as it makes the cup that little bit more special. Tommee Tippee have designed this cup to make it easy to transition from breast or bottle to cups. The rim of the screw on lid is covered with a really soft rubber with the drinking spout sticking out of the top. Erin loves this cup because of the rubber. When we first gave her the cup she had a good old chomp on the spout because she liked the feel of the rubber. Now she has had the cup a little while Erin can drink really well from ...

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise 19/08/2016

Cookie jar counting

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise In an attempt to get Erin some new toys that weren't aimed at younger babies I got her a few different second hands things from Facebook. I managed to get the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise for only £3. The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise normally retails at about £19.99 (Toys R Us 18/8/16). Even without trying this toy beforehand, there is no way that I would have paid this kind of price. It seems overpriced from the off. The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise is basically a shape sorter that is aimed at children from 6 months to 3 years old. Erin is now 8 months old nearly so I figured this would be okay for her. The Shape Surprise comes in the shape of a brightly coloured cookie jar. The jar is mostly yellow with a purple bottom and a purple lid. The jar has a happy looking face on the front with a light up nose. Underneath the face is the on/ off switch and the option to change from couting mode to colour mode. The body of the jar has 5 different shaped holes cut out of it and there are matching shape blocks to push in the holes. The jar is roughly 30cm high and about 20cm wide so it's not small at all. The toy takes 3 AA batteries. Being only 8 months old this toy is a bit too complex for Erin at the minute. However, that doesn't stop us playing with it anyway. Erin is able to hold each of the shape blocks herself so they're really well designed for small hands. The shapes are not solid, with the back end ...

Captain America - The First Avenger (DVD) 18/08/2016

Captain America's first outting

Captain America - The First Avenger (DVD) Captain America: The First Avenger is the introductory film the Captain America character from Marvel Comics. The film was released in 2011. Synopsis Steve Rogers is pretty desperate to join the military during WW2. However, he is a bit of a sickly man and due to one health reason after another, he is turn down and unable to enlist. When attending an exhibition about the future, he is recruited by Dr. Abraham Erskine to be part of a new super soldier experiement eventually turning him into Captain America. Cast Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt / Red Skull Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter Sebastian Stan as James "Bucky" Barnes Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark Neal McDonough as Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan Derek Luke as Gabe Jones Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine Opinion I normally really like films based on comic books but up until recently there have been two characters I have completed ignored; Captain America and Iron Man. I don't know why. However, Captain America was on TV not that long ago so I figured I would watch it. Chris Evans stars as the main main, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Honestly, seeing him to begin with was absolutely laughable. Steve Rogers is a pretty weedy, sickly kind of guy and is super skinny and has literally no muscles. Chris Evans this is not. So, it pretty much looked like Evans' face had been put on a completely different persons body. It was as freaky as the baby from Breaking Dawn Part 2. As ...

Graco Activity Walker 17/08/2016

Erin's first walker

Graco Activity Walker Erin is at the age where she is growing out of the toys I bought her in the first couple of months since she was born. She can sit up on her own quite well now but she can't stand and definitely cannot walk or crawl. We have a Jumperoo for her but unfortunately, she can't stay in it all of the time. I decided to get Erin a walker because it seemed like the next step for her. I ended up with the Graco Activity Walker but I didn't buy it new. This was something else I bought second hand on Facebook and it cost me £10. You can buy this new from Toys R Us though for £39.99 so it's not one of the mega expensive walkers. I have seen some walkers for nearly £80! As I bought this second hand it didn't come with a box or any instructions. I don't know if there is any assembly to do before you can use the walker as I got this all in one piece. The base of the walker is a dark pink while the top part of the walker is a lighter pink. The bars holding both parts together are grey with pink accents. The seat liner is also pink and it has cute owls on it. My husband's reaction to this was 'oh, it's very pink' and it is. Normally I would have gone for a gender neutral walker but there wasn't much available when I bought this and I didn't really want to wait ages to see if another one came up for sale. The reason why Erin loves her Jumperoo so much is because of the toys on it. She loves being sort of stood up with things to do right in front of her. This is why I got a walker. This ...

ASDA Little Angels Head to Toe Bodywash 16/08/2016

(Not the head), shoulders, knees and toes!

ASDA Little Angels Head to Toe Bodywash Our bathroom is so full of baby products. I think I went a bit mad when I was pregnant and pretty much bought a bottle of something or another every single time I was in a supermarket. This means I have something from most supermarkets apart from Aldi really. The Asda Little Angels Head to Toe Bodywash is quite obviously an Asda product and therefore can only be purchased in supermarkets or through an online shopping order. A 500ml bottle will currently cost £1, which is an average price in comparison to other supermarket own brand products of this kind. The baby wash comes in a plastic bottle with a light yellow flip top cap. To start with, I much prefer the Johnsons bottles for a similar product because they have push down dispensers instead. I have actually saved a Johnsons bottle and transferred this in to make things easier. When you're bathing a small child who cannot sit up on their own, free hands are a must and you don't want to be messing around with lids. When it comes to Erin's skin, I want something gentle and something that won't irritate her. Asda say that this is paediatrician approved, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. The body wash itself is clear in colour and really quite runny. You only need to open the lid and tip the bottle upside down and a fair amount will come out. A little does go a long way with this wash so you only really need to use a tiny (10p piece size) amount, especially on a baby as young as Erin. The wash foams up quite ...

SMASKA Training beaker 15/08/2016

Doggy beakers

SMASKA Training beaker We are a family with so many different cups and beakers. Just when it feels like we have tried every brand we get something new. These beakers were not intentional though. The SMASKA Training beaker comes from IKEA and they were a gift for Erin from my aunt, along with the matching lunch box. Although I didn't buy these myself, I do know that they cost £2.20 from IKEA and this is for the pack of 2. The beakers come really plainly packaged, which is partly why I think IKEA manages low prices in some area. The beakers are attached to some cardboard which basically just keeps them together more than anything else. The cardboard rips easily so you can detatach the beakers. I like that there isn't much packaging to get rid of because this is something that really annoys me. To start with, these beakers are super cute because they are dog shaped. The lids are shaped so that the nose of the dog sticks up and forms the drinking spout. This part is black which helps to add to the look of the dog. The faces have little cut out mouths, eyes on the top and ears hanging down at the sides. One beaker is blue while the other is orange. I like that the colours are quite neutral and not really aimed at either boys or girls. The lids clip on to the beaker part really well and feel very secure. The beaker itself is made from a frosted plastic. It's quite thin plastic but this is a good thin. I think if the plastic to be any thicker, when liquid is inside it would be quite heavy for ...

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment 14/08/2016

Caring for Erin's skin

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment We have been quite lucky in that Erin doesn't really suffer from nappy rash. My mum always tells me that I should put some sort of cream on her as a barrier anyway but I don't believe in using something for no reason. However, just recently, Erin has been getting a bit red down there. I headed to Boots as there aren't many options where I live and I bought some Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment. I did already have Sudocreme in the house but I wanted something specific for nappy rash/ sores. The 30g tube cost me £3.39, which I did think was a bit expensive at the time but then most baby lotions and potions are expensive anyway. The cream comes in a blue and white cardboard box with the necessary product information on it. The box shows a couple of awards that the cream has won and also that it is a new, easy to use tube. This is kind of one of the reasons why I bought this product over anything else. So, the Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment comes in a nice tube with a flip top cap. I find that with something like Sudocreme, it's really annoying having to get the lid on and off. The flip top cap that this tube has makes it a lot easier to use, especially when you're trying to change a wriggling baby. The cream comes out easily enough with a gentle squeeze but you're not then left with loads of cream everywhere because too much has come out. Bepanthen state that this can be used as both a barrier cream and to help nappy rash if it is already there. It contains no ...

Organix Organic Finger Foods Crunchy Carrot Sticks 7mth+ 13/08/2016

Crunchy carrot sticks

Organix Organic Finger Foods Crunchy Carrot Sticks 7mth+ In my attempt to get Erin used to eating with her hands, rather than me spoon feeding her purees, I like to give her something from the Organix Finger Food range. I generally buy things like this from either Sainsbury's or Tesco and the price is normally about the same. A 20g bag normally costs roughly 65-75p. They're not on offer very often either, which is a shame as so many other things are. The carrot sticks come in quite a bright orange packet so they certainly stand out on the shelf. The packet has the obvious product name and the Organix brand logo, as well as their 'no junk' promise. There is a picture of the carrrot sticks along with some carrots to go with them. The packet also states that this snack is suitable for babies aged 7 months and older. The crunchy carrot sticks look very much like oversized wotsits. When I opened the bag for the first time I was quite surprised at how big the snacks were. They're certainly not as 'finger' friendly as some of the other snacks I've had for Erin so far. The sticks are about 5cm long but 2cm high, so they're really quite thick. Saying that, Erin does manage to hold them herself, just not as easily as with some other similar snacks. Unfortunately, as always, I had to try these before Erin did. The taste is really hard to explain. At first you kind of expect it to taste like a wotsit, which it obviously doesn't. It also doesn't really taste of carrot either. I think these carrot sticks have got a very unique taste to ...

Early Learning Centre Shape Sorting Bus 12/08/2016

A pink bus!

Early Learning Centre Shape Sorting Bus Erin is now nearly 8 months old and gone are the days where I could plonk her on the couch next to me and give her a set of teething keys to keep her occupied. She is constantly wanting something a bit more complex to play with and something bigger. I recently bought Erin the Early Learning Centre Shape Sorting Bus. Now, I bought this second hand for £2.50 (bargain). It currently retails on the ELC website for £20 or Amazon for £14.59 + £2.95 UK delivery. The bus is available in both red and pink. I have the pink version. The shape sorter bus is quite a good size with the dimensions being 16 x 28.7 x 27 cm. This is quite a lot larger than anything else Erin has played with so far, apart from her walker and her Jumperoo. The bus we have is pink and yellow. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the colours. I normally go for more gender neurtral toys but this was second hand and so cheap I couldn't say no. I much prefer the red version. The bus is aimed at children from 6 months and I think this is about right. The top of the bus has six large holes in different shapes and it comes with the shape blocks to go in these holes. The shapes are triangle, square, heart, rectangle, circle and a hexagon. Each of the shape blocks do something e.g rattles or has mirrors inside. Each shape block can be played with on its own, which is perfect for Erin. She can pick these up really easily and is happy sittng trying to figure it out. However, she cannot quite put the blocks in the holes yet. I ...
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