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Hung - Series 1 (DVD) 03/05/2011


Hung - Series 1 (DVD) A few weeks ago I got a chance to watch first season of an adult-orientated TV comedy drama Hung. The title hooked me! On the other hand I am not very fussy when I watch series and not a film, so this time also expected to have a good time in front of TV. PLOT Ray Drecker used to be a star athlete, now a school coach trying to change his life. He has two kids who live with their remarried mother. When fire destroys Ray’s home, he doesn’t know where to get money. Then his friend, actually ex lover Tanya comes up with an idea that he has one very valuable thing – large penis. So they start a business – “Happiness Consultants”: Ray becomes a male prostitute and Tanya – his pimp, intensively searching for unhappy women. RATING Suitable for 18 years and over! CHARACTERS Thomas Jane as Ray Drecker: Former star athlete, now a high school coach becomes wants to provide a better life for himself and his children so becomes a prostitute. Jane Adams as Tanya Skagle: Ray's ex lover now friend comes up with business idea and becomes his pimp. Anne Heche as Jessica Haxon: Remarried Ray's ex-wife. Charlie Saxton as Damon Drecker: Ray and Jessica's son. A goth, prefers being with his father. Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Darby Drecker: Ray and Jessica's daughter, and Damon's twin. Eddie Jemison as Ronnie Haxon: Jessica's new husband. Rebecca Creskoff as Lenore Bernard: A life coach who is introduced to Ray by Tanya to get new clients. Gregg Henry as Mike Hunt: Ray's good ...

Tesco Foaming Facial Wash with Vitamin E 26/01/2011

Good Face Wash

Tesco Foaming Facial Wash with Vitamin E A while ago I reviewed Tesco Vitamin E Facial Scrub. Now it is turn to review another product from Tesco Vitamin E range – Facial Wash. PACKAGING This Tesco Facial Wash comes in a peachy tube of 150 ml with a white lid. As many other face washes or scrubs this one also stands on the lid. Tesco’s logo and name of the product in red; and 4 features: “Cleanses and Softens, Dermatologically tested, Paraben free, pH balanced” in pink placed on the front of the tube. All additional information is placed on the back of the tube. The design of the tube is very simple and I wouldn’t call it attractive. But usually I don’t care about packaging much. The most important thing to me what’s inside of the packaging so I decided to give it a try. Before first use I noticed that it is quite difficult to open the lid. Usually I do this with a thumb. With this wash as with the scrub is a bit complicated. I hold tube in one hand and open with another as I really can’t open it with a thumb. I thought after using Tesco wash for a while it will be easier to open it but not… Well on the other hand it is good as there’s no way the tube could leak. It is closed so tightly! THE WASH It was stated on the tube that this soap free wash cleanses skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft as it was enriched with vitamin E. Smell Smell of Tesco Vitamin E Facial Wash is very light and pleasant (I call it smell of cleanliness), doesn’t stay on the face after rinsing it away. I liked ...

Argos Value YDK2-10D 03/01/2011

Excellent Help to Remove Dampness from a House

Argos Value YDK2-10D In June we have rented a detached bungalow. Life seemed perfect until we noticed mould and dampness. It was summer but nothing helped. So after some considerations we decided to buy a dehumidifier which would reduce humidity in the air and prevent damage of dampness in the house. There so much dehumidifiers to choose from so it was a real challenge. But we knew we didn’t have much money to spend so first place we visited – Argos. We compared features, prices and bought Argos Value 10 Litre Dehumidifier. PACKAGING The Dehumidifier comes in packaging similar to all Argos Value products: light blue and white cardboard box which included the dehumidifier and a user guide. I usually don’t browse user guides if it is obvious how to use an item. Didn’t read it this time as well… It’s good my boyfriend browsed it as it had some useful information: after turning off, it should be turned on only after a few minutes; it can’t be laid on side or kept upside down; for best results doors and windows should be kept closed in the room when dehumidifier is in use; designed for indoor use only!. DEHUMIDIFIER Argos Value Dehumidifier is a quite big white plastic rectangular shape unit, measuring 55 x 16 x 28 cm. It has ventilation type slots at the front and a folding handle for carrying on top. An easily removable plastic tank of 2 litres capacity with a visible water level is on one side of dehumidifier. There’s a very little container hanging in the middle of the tank – ...

Real Foods Corn Thins Original 21/12/2010

Crunchy! Tasty! Healthy! Cheap!

Real Foods Corn Thins Original Sometimes I decide to eat more healthy food and buy products that I try only once. But a few weeks ago in my local SuperValu I noticed new crispbread so bought one packet to try. Loved them so bought more from Sainsbury’s. They are Real Foods Corn Thins Original. ABOUT REAL FOODS Real Foods is an Australian, family operated company invented in 1980 by Michael Pels. They produce and sell popped-grain crispbread. The company is based in Sydney, Australia and employs 100 people. They started producing rice cakes but have been continuously developing and improving the whole production process. From 1985 they have been manufacturing and developing their own rice cake machines. And in 1996 the new product line – Corn Thins, a natural, low fat crispbread made from popped corn, was launched. It was an especially successful product which started competing with similar products made by larger Australian and International companies. Now Corn Thins produced by Real Foods are the best sold crispbread in Australia! For a few years Real Foods were consolidating in Australian market. But in 1999 they started exporting to New Zealand, a bit later to South Africa, United States, Canada, UK, Israel, Hong Kong, Korea and the United Arab Emirates. CORN THINS This is how Real Foods present their Corn Thins Original on packaging: “Real Foods Corn Thins are the best tasting wholegrain crispbread you can buy. Made with a great recipe for maximum crunch and flavour, they taste ...

Tesco Value Lasagne Sheets 24/11/2010

Easy Cooking!

Tesco Value Lasagne Sheets I love lasagne but always have been scared to make it myself though I like cooking. But a few months ago at Tesco I noticed Tesco Value Lasagne Sheets. And decided to try to make lasagne! PACKAGING Tesco Value Lasagne Sheets come in a packaging similar to all Tesco Value range: white front with Tesco Value logo, product name in white letters, am image of a piece of lasagne and a foil window which allows You to see the sheets. All nutritional and additional information is stated on the back of the rectangular cardboard box which can be widely recyclable. The packaging didn’t look very appealing (just as all Tesco Value products) but the most important thing is what’s inside of the box!!! Wonderful news for those who don’t know how to cook lasagne – there is a recipe suggestion on the packaging. It is clearly explained what ingredients to use, how to make sauces, the Lasagne and how long to cook. APPEARANCE AND TASTE As You may see Lasagne Sheets through the foil window, You exactly know what You are buying! The colour of Sheets is yellow/brownish just as of most pastas’. The size – 16 cm x 8 cm. The Sheets are very hard, quite thick and only once I found one broken sheet. All other times they were in perfect condition. As it was mentioned on packaging that this product was made in Italy, it was obvious Sheets were of the highest quality! In each box I found 13 Lasagne sheets (250 g). First I was irritated a bit as I have been using 12 Sheets per Lasagne ...

Ikea POÄNG Armchair 18/11/2010

I so so so Love it!!!

Ikea POÄNG Armchair A few years ago we were looking for furniture for a flat in Lithuania. In one shop we saw some strange armchairs-chairs but they were so comfortable. Anyway we didn’t buy them because of high price but kept on thinking to buy something like that some day. When we first went to Ikea here in NI and saw plenty of those armchairs – POANGS, we knew that quickly we were gonna get one! And we did! For a while already we have a POANG with a footstool from Ikea! WHAT IS IT A POANG is an armchair which consists of a wooden frame and a fabric or leather cushion with a headrest. Available designs: armchair, lounger, swivel armchair, rocking-chair. All POANG prices in Ikea were clearly stated but You actually buy a frame and a cushion. Layer-glued and bent frame can be made of beech, birch or oak (oak may be coloured brown). Ours is birch so the colour of frame is very light. While the frame allows You fully relax, high back of the frame provides extra support for Your neck. It was noted that a frame can hold a maximum weight of 170 kg. All covers from cushions are removable and machine washable so it is very easy to keep them clean. There are plenty of cushions’ to choose from: black, medium red, natural, multicolour, green, grey, brown, white, black/white. We chose the natural one though we wanted a red one but they were out of stock… And as none of us could wait – needed the POANG that minute – we chose the only option available. Size of the assembled POANG is: ...

B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets 09/11/2010

Kill them!

B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets In June we moved into a house with front and rear gardens. I especially loved the house and had ideas of growing some vegetables for us. But it appeared we were not only ones enjoying my plants… Slugs and snails were everywhere eating everything. All my enthusiasm about gardening disappeared. Anyway we visited B&Q and I bought B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets to protect what was still left… WHAT IS IT B&Q Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets – pesticide for slugs and snails control in home gardens. These Mini Pellets come in a quite large white plastic container with a light green label around all container. In the front there’s an image of a slug and at the bottom in khaki colored part there’s product title and short description. Back of the label contains all safety information and instructions for use. The container has a safety cap! Pellets are of bright blue colour and very small. HOW TO USE WHEN: best results if used on a warm, damp evening but not just before rain. WHERE: for use only at a home garden! Can be used around all plants (edible or non-edible, planted outside or in pots) but pellets must be used carefully – not put or left on leaves!!! HOW: pellets should be sprinkled evenly and thinly – not piled into heaps. Put 1.5g or around 65 pellets per square meter. Wash hands afterwards! SAFETY INFORMATION Product contains Metaldehyde so may kill if eaten. Must be kept away from children and pets! If swallowed, medical help needed ...

Tomy Teletubbies Dance with Me Teletubby Po 07/11/2010

Dancing Teletubby!!!

Tomy Teletubbies Dance with Me Teletubby Po I always thought Teletubbies were such a misunderstanding and nonsense. But when I was pregnant a few my friends started telling me about toys and TV characters their kids liked. Of course they talked about Teletubbies too. I didn’t know any of them. My friends just laughed at me and said that soon I’ll know everything about Teletubbies… They were right. My little girl likes Teletubbies very much!!! And of course I know all Teletubbies’ by names now. So a few months ago I bought her Tomy Dance with Me Teletubby Po! THE TELETUBBY Dance with Me Teletubbies are very realistic and cute toys that play music and dance, suitable for babies from 12 months old. Available all 4 characters: Tinky Winky – purple, Dipsy – green, Laa Laa – yellow, Po – red. Our Teletubby Po is 32 cm height (40 cm with the antenna), made of red fur with brown plastic face. There’s a shiny rectangular on Po’s tummy. Soles’ of his feet are also plastic. There are batteries compartments in each sole (4 AA batteries in total – were included with toy). On/Off button is placed on right sole. When You squeeze Teletubby’s hands, he features two dancing modes: - Dance Along mode – Po blinks and jiggles while dancing, - Musical Statues mode – children can join and play musical statues with Po. Also If You knock over the Teletubby, it makes a “parp” sound and when You pick it up it makes a happy and funny “whee” sound! OUR EXPERIENCE I was very excited to unpack the Teletubby Po I bought ...

Cinnamon City - Miranda Innes 02/11/2010

Cinnamon City

Cinnamon City - Miranda Innes I have just finished reading a wonderful book. I didn’t know anything about the author or the book. The only reason why it caught my attention – the title – Cinnamon City: Falling for the Magical City of Marrakech by Miranda Innes. Sounded intriguing… ABOUT AUTHOR Miranda Innes in an English writer. She used to work for Country Living Magazine and at the same time wrote about 20 books. In 1997 she and her partner cartoonist Dan Pearce moved to Andalucia in Spain. Wrote Getting to Manana, Cinnamon City and Transworld there. In 2006 the couple moved to Italy, Umbria. SYNOPSIS This Miranda Innes’ book transfers readers to the sunny Morocco. It’s an absolutely different world and people, traditions, architecture, smells, tastes are astonishing! Miranda and her partner, cartoonist Dan Pearce, have moved to Andalusia in Spain from UK. After visiting Morocco the couple decided to buy an old house – Riad in Moroccan city of Marrakech. They believed that refurbishing the house and transforming it into a beautiful guest house could provide them income for the rest of their lives. Though it’s not just about money as Miranda and Dan also wanted to create a second home for themselves in this magical world they were in love in. When refurbishments begin the couple realizes that in Morocco everything is not as it looks like from the first sight. MY THOUGHTS I usually read books full of dialogs and action but the Cinnamon City was different and I absolutely ...

Suck UK The Good Book Flask in a Book 27/10/2010

A Unique Book!!!

Suck UK The Good Book Flask in a Book A few months ago we were looking for a present for my boyfriend’s friend. Well my friend too. It took us ages to choose something special. But finally we ordered the Good Book from Suck UK online shop. WHAT IS IT? The Good Book is a unique gift which contains a 114 ml (4oz) Stainless Steel Hip Flask cleverly concealed in a hardback book. Available another design – “Dear Diary” which suitable just for a woman. The Good Book’s hardback is brown with the title, a cross and some ornaments in gold. It is not a large book, dimensions: 145 x 100 x 30 mm. When You open the Book there is an inside cover where You can write a greeting, compliment or some birthday wishes. After You turn the cover page, You see a flask concealed within a cut out section inside the pages. All pages are blank of a bit yellowish colour. PRICE AND AVAILABILITY We bought the Good Book for £15 from online shop. But it is available to buy from a lot of online retailers. Price varies from about £10 plus delivery charges. So it wasn’t too expensive to me to buy the Book directly from as their prices include postage expenses. Though it is always possible to find a good deal after some searching! MY OPINION We bought the Good Book as a birthday gift for a guy. When we received the packed and unpacked it, we found a rather small book with a hardcover which actually looked like a real bible!!! Mainly because of that golden cross on the cover. The Book itself was ... 25/10/2010

Great Ideas for any Occasion! A while ago I was looking for a special present online. And bought it from a great online store WHO ARE THEY? Suck UK is a product design company established in 2000 by Sam and Jude. They design, manufacture and distribute gifts, accessories and items for the home. Success of Suck UK based on mixture of humour with style. Result of that – unique and quirky products. In 2009 Suck UK have opened their first Flagship Store in London’s OXO Tower where they offer not only all products available online but also some limited edition products, end of line sales and exclusive items. Suck UK catalogue is huge and there are plenty of items to choose from. All items are divided into these groups: - New, - Outdoor, - Interior, - Home, - Accessories, - Lifestyle, - Gifts, - Christmas. It is really worth to browse their catalogue if You are looking for something special as a gift or for Your home. As you will really find something eye catching. You can download the full catalogue from website or request it via post free of charge. If You want to be informed about new Suck UK products, sign up to their newsletter! PRICES Prices vary a lot depending from a product. You may find some cheap stuff like Origami Sticky Notes for £2 or a Postcard aeroplane for £3 or something more expensive like a Wiper Mirror (a mirror is fitted with a car windscreen wiper to allow You to clean condensation with one fell swoop) or a Laser Cut Plywood ...

Tesco Value Milk Chocolate Wafers 18/10/2010

Very Cheap and Very Tasty!

Tesco Value Milk Chocolate Wafers I became addicted to trying more and more products from Tesco value range. Another product that impressed me – Tesco Value Milk Chocolate Wafers. PACKAGING Tesco Value Milk Chocolate Wafers come in a packaging similar to all Tesco Value range: white front with Tesco Value logo, product name in blue letters and large image of wafer bars; sides and back of package is blue; all nutritional and additional information about wafer bars stated on the back. Each Wafer bar is wrapped separately in white colour foil. One package consists of 6 wafer bars. APPEARANCE AND TASTE So when I unwrapped one Tesco Milk Chocolate Wafer I found a very simple wafer biscuit bar coated with milk chocolate. Each bar was about 9 cm length and about 2 cm width. All Wafer bar was evenly covered with chocolate. The coating wasn’t too thick or too thin. As I prefer Milk chocolate, the bar looked good so far. First bit proved I was gonna love these Bars. Simply because wafers were so perfectly soft and crispy!!! It was so easy to bite them and I loved the way chocolate and wafers were melting in my mouth. There was no bitter aftertaste in my mouth so I can say that I enjoyed every bit of the Tesco Milk Chocolate Wafer bar and would have easily eaten another one but stopped myself! Yes, these Wafer bars are sweet, mostly because of milk chocolate coating. But I don’t like dark chocolate so wouldn’t buy Tesco Milk Chocolate Wafers if the coating was changed. I am sure that with a cup of ...

Olbas Vaporiser Unit 13/10/2010

I can Breathe!!!

Olbas Vaporiser Unit Indian summer outside… I was waiting for it but now my little girl and myself are sick sitting at home and enjoying sunshine through the window. Well, I am more or less all right but am worried about my daughter as she is so small and I can’t give her paracetamol, garlic or lemon with honey as I use them now myself. But remembered that my Health Visitor once advised me to buy a vaporiser for a baby if she is gonna have cold. So visited my local chemist and bought Olbas Vaporiser. OLBAS Olbas is a company offering “The Power to Breathe for the Whole Family”. They use a special mixture of pure plant oils, including clove oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajaput. The combination of these Mother Nature’s ingredients helps to release soothing and relieving vapours. There is a whole range of Olbas products to help all kinds of noses on all occasions: - NEW Olbas Menthol Lozenges, - Olbas Vaporiser, - Olbas Tissues, - Olbas Bath, - Olbas Oil, - Olbas for Children, - Olbas Inhaler, - Olbas Pastilles. Olbas Pastilles are suitable for children 7 years and older; Olbas Oil and Vaporiser are suitable for use with children 3 months and older; all other products – for children 3 years and older. OLBAS VAPORISER Olbas Vaporiser is a white, plastic unit with a small fan which fills air with natural, soothing vapours. It is perfect for clear and easy breathing around the home as it is battery operated. If You want maximum effect, keep windows and doors closed. ...

Tesco Vitamin E Facial Scrub 10/10/2010

Disappointing Face Scrub

Tesco Vitamin E Facial Scrub I am used to wash my face in the mornings not with a wash but with a face scrub. As I don’t have a favourite one, I often try different scrubs. The last one I bought is Tesco Vitamin E Face Scrub. TESCO VITAMIN E RANGE Tesco made the whole range of products that were enriched with vitamin E which is an antioxidant, protects and conditions skin. Products, included in the range: - Facial Wipes, - Eye Make up Remover, - Toner, - Facial Wash, - Cleansing Lotion, - Face Scrub, - Night Cream, - Moisturising Lotion, - Hand and Nail Cream. PACKAGING This Tesco Fase Scrub comes in a peachy tube of 150 ml with a white lid. As many other Scrubs this one also stands on the lid. Tesco logo and name of the product in red; and 4 features: “Exfoliates and renews, dermatologically tested, Paraben free, pH balanced” in pink placed on the front of the tube. All additional information is placed on the back of the tube. The design of the tube is very simple and I wouldn’t call it attractive. But usually I don’t care about packaging much. The most important thing to me what’s inside of the packaging so I decided to give it a try. Before first use I noticed that it is quite difficult to open the lid. Usually I do this with a thumb. With this scrub it is a bit complicated. I hold it in one hand and open with another as I really can’t open it with a thumb. I thought after using Tesco Scrub for a while it will be easier to open it but not… Well on the other hand it is ...

L'Oreal Studio Hot Straight Cream 08/10/2010

You're worth it!

L'Oreal Studio Hot Straight Cream All women sometimes have those “bad hair” days. I simply have “bad hair”… Also use hairdryer or straightening irons every time I wash them, so need products to make them look better – to calm frizz, make them shiny and glossy. And a while ago I bought a wonderful product – Loreal Studio Hot Straight Thermo-Straightening Cream. LOREAL Loreal Paris is a French company now active in more that 120 countries over the world. Their philosophy since inventing the company is: “to innovate and offer top performing products at great prices to the greatest number of consumers possible”. And it really seems working as Loreal products are widely available for very affordable prices. Another brand’s statement that probably everyone has already heard is "you're worth it, whatever your age, gender, ethnicity or look”. Loreal simply helps every woman and man to be confident, to look and feel good everyday! That’s why they offer a wide range of brilliant quality products: Skincare, Cosmetics, Hair Colour, Haircare, Styling, Men. THE CREAM Loreal Studio Line Hot range was specially developed for use with straightening irons and hairdryers. The products are Volume Mousse, Straight Cream, Curl Spray and Straight Spray. I bought the Straight cream which not only straightens my hair but also protects them from heat. The secret, what makes Loreal Studio Hot Straight Thermo-Straightening Cream so special, is in the formula, which contains innovative Thermo-Protect technology to ...
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