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Learn How Poker Academy (DVD) 22/03/2006

Poker Academy - dvd that teaches you nothing!

Learn How Poker Academy (DVD) Since 2004, I have been into poker in a big way, I play both on and offline. I found that by reading books and watching dvds, i could better my game both phsically and mentally... Thats when I seen poker academy and it sounded really good, so £19.99, I thought why not... Actors Frank Butcher from Eastenders, Pin up Jacki Degg and few others star playing a game of poker... I thought by the sound of it that it would've been an educational video, telling you how to bluff etc. They play a few games of cards, and they get picked up on what they are doing wrong and how they can improve. I didnt expect much of the DVD, but paying £20 I did expect a bit more, and its fair to say that I dont have high expectations, and was extremly dissapointed. It was a very boring start to the DVD, but I thought no I'll give it time, and my the time I was thinking what a waste of money the program only lasted 30-45 mins. It has to be the worst DVD I have ever purchased. Im sorry there isnt really much to say about the contents of the DVD, it does show the basic things like hands e.g 1 pair,2 pair, 3 of a kind etc but if you want to learn to play poker or just looking for tips - DO NOT BUY THIS DVD, You will learn NOTHING!

First Active Mortgages 20/03/2006

1st time buyer - 1st active did the job!

First Active Mortgages As a first time buyer, I had spent months browsing endlessly on the Internet for the best deals. It all seems very complicated when your new to it all, rates, flexible, capped etc. My requirements narrowed lenders down quite a bit, as I required a 100% mortgage and the fact I was under the age of 21, therfor i was a bit sceptical when browsing, as I had never heard of many of the names advertised, but at the same time Id never been looking for mortgages so what did I know? I came across First Active, whom just happened to be at the top of the search page, luckily for me. They were offering a 4.7% fixed rate mortgage for 5 years, so this was brilliant news as previously the lenders were averaging around 6% just becuase I wanted a 100% mortage. I didnt just jump straight into the mortgage, I did more searching and did find others around 5.2%, but they were only offering 2 Year fixed rate mortgage. Interest rates may come down, they may go up - you just cant tell what will happen, I didnt want to take the risk in them going up so the 5 years fixed was definately the product for me. Although because I required a 100% Mortgage, they charge a higher lending fee, so please check this. It didnt really bother me as they just tie it in with the mortgage. So when your speaking lets say £1000 its not a lot over 25/30 years. Also alot of lenders offer upto 25 years, but if you want a bit more time then first active gave me a 30 year option. They are also very ...

Abbraxas 11/08/2004

Vauxhall Mot Insurance with abbraxas

Abbraxas Money, Money, Money. I was a bit sceptical when buying Mot Test Insurance by the vauxhall dealer, but i was told "it was a bargain for £35" so just a year passed I thought to myself what the hell I'll just take it. It covers up to £750 of repairs on your Mot, although there are exclusions e.g bodywork, corrosion and wear and tear. It has to be bought 6 months before Mot is due, the car has to be less than 8 years old and less than 80,000 miles. The car is getting on a bit now, shes not as young as she used to be. 1997 Vectra, and I didnt spend a penny in the last Mot so though this years would need a few things doing. "THE MOT", I just knew it i said to myself. It's gone and failed. Written at the bottom of the VT30 (failure sheet) was. "In my opinion this car is dangerous to drive for the following reasons the brakes. -Passenger front brake pipe -Front brakes vibration -Rear brakes vibration -Handbrake sized on drivers side having just booked my holiday I was not in the mood to go forking money out on the car, but it had to be done. Thinkin that the front/rear discs and pads would likely be wear and tear, and they aren't too cheap either. The guy had to phone the warranty company for authorisation. He read all the failures out on the phones, as he ticked off each item that had failed. "Do you want the good news?" He said They covered my front discs and pads, labour for freeing off the handbrake, replacement of the handbrake cable and also my ...

Tesco Insurance 04/03/2004


Tesco Insurance after browsing for what seemed hours on end on the internet for car insurance for my 1.8 16v vaxuhall vectra i didnt think it was possible i was going to get anything under £1000 for fully comprehensive cover for the year. At first i looked at dimaond insurance after seeing them advertised on the television for women drivers, then looked at norwhich union and they weren't much better. Then was recommended to check out elephant insurance as they were apparently quite competitive, they were no good either. At this point i was quite distressed and thought to myself "whats the point" i might aswell give up. TESCO... ahh didnt think to try there so i thought ok i'll give it a shot, i've got nothing else to lose. Im a first time driver, just passed my test, female and under the age of 21 with 0 no claims. I was shocked to find that they quoted me £850 fully comprehensive cover, so they really brought a smile to my face. You can pay monthly or pay upfront for the year. You also get to choose your excess, obviously if you choose to have a £300 excess then your insurance cost will come down. There is also added extras which you can choose e.g. courtesy car option. but as i work in a garage i didnt feel there was any need for this option. It brought the policy down £10. So the supermarket chain which now do home insurance, credit cards and car insurance really made my day. and next year it will come down again (thats if i dont have an accident in the meantim) my excess ...

Ovranette Contraceptive Pill 18/02/2004

Prevention? not in this case!

Ovranette Contraceptive Pill My best friend had taking the ovranette oral contraceptive pill for the last 3 years, she swore by it, and always remembered to take it as the days are are on each pill as a little reminder. The pill is 99% effective, so that means that 1 in every 100 will fall pregnant. She was using condoms for a while, but now and again just relied on here pill. It is said that if you have a severe tummy upset, vomit or have diarrohea then you shouldnt really have intercourse without using a barrier contraception such as a Condom. A couple of months ago, her period did not come but she didnt think about it because there was always a month where she didnt bleed for a few days after having her break. Shes never really ill, and at around this point she didnt have sickness or diarrohea. She felt normal and just carried on becuase she though to herself her period would eventually come. Then a few weeks later, she started to get a bit anxious and thats when she phoned me and said "I think I'll do a pregnancy test, I dont think its possible but just incase". I was as nervous as her as she showed me the result....POSITIVE! So that was her, the thing she most relied on had let her down. I took her to the family planning clinic who confirmed that she was definately pregnant, and after talking to the lady in the clinic she didnt really seem on the Pills side, and made it clear that she wasn't the first case, and that the slightest of things could cause it to fail. She wasnt ...

Vauxhall 18/02/2004


Vauxhall You own a Vauxhall but you seem to find the prices quite outrageous, and you'd maybe like to use them but you think price is an issue. A biast opinion maybe, but ive done plenty competetive price checking around other garages to find out what you can get as a vauxhall customer (not only applies to vauxhall owners). There are dealers such as Puegeot, Renault and others that have fantastic offers but please check out what Vauxhall have to offer you. The name "Vauxhall", the good brand automatically means money, money money. you can benefit from the service they offer. Competetive price checking in my area (scotland), has shown that leading names such as quick fit, ats and national tyres are far too expensive on quality, but cheap on the less quality materials. Tyres from these names I have found to be at least £13 above what Vauxhall offer, may vary in different areas but people in my area always say when choosing tyres "oh we'll go to kwik fit". We all like to look after our money, and we always want the best deal possible...but by putting your car to a local garage ask the question "what kind of parts are they using?", "do they have a warranty?". With Vauxhall all parts are covered for at least 12 months, exhaust up to 2 years and batteried up to 3 years. So you always have piece of mind if something does go wrong, and they always use genuine parts. Latest Offers MOT INSURANCE: An Mot Insurance policy which covers your next MOT on certain items up to a ...

Member Advice on Break-ups 10/01/2004


Member Advice on Break-ups Breaking up is never the easiest thing to do in the world, and falling in love is the easiest thing to do. Its nature i guess. No-one likes to break up, even in mutual agreements its never easy to let go. It can only take 5 seconds for you to fall for someone but can take months maybe even years for others to break from that bond. In my own experience of break ups, there were many tears shed, and bitter words said but i think that is the best way. Its lets everything out all at once. I felt miserable, depressed and just couldn't be bothered with anything and it felt like i was the only person in the world that felt this, but the girls got me back on track my making life fun again. Holding onto memories is a really good thing, it keeps you sane, but dont dwell on them too much thinkin "what if", "I could've been" because it will only hurt you even more, and will only make it worse for yourself You need people around you to keep your head above water, you need support. Call some friends, meet up..have a few drinks and just let everything that is bottled up out. Some friends might think to themselves please shut up, you are going on too much but they will help in every way to get your life back to routine. Number one rule: Never ditch your friends like i did on my 1st major break up, because now that your on your own there is no one to turn to, but my friends forgave my selfishness and they got my life back on track. Its nice to be loved, but even when you ...

Vauxhall Vectra Arctic 10/01/2004


Vauxhall Vectra Arctic As a collegue of vauxhall and also an owner of the Vauxhall limited addition 1.8 16v R reg Arctic i would like to express my opinion. i have the silver model which i think is really nice with a blue seated interior which is quite sporty. Features: Air conditioning which is a useful thing to have especially in the summer when its hot. Advice: Even though its not hot, in the winter put your air conditiioning on at least once a month to keep the charge of the air conditioning up. Large boot space - the boot space in the Vectra is quite big and ideal for families and if your female like myself and not planning travelling light. Airbag, ideal in the event of an accident. Digital display, not a need or must but the digital display is good to have and shows Radio station playing, time and also outside temperature. Handling: I find the handling of the Vectra very good, some people might disagree with this but i find the handling very good. advice: always have the best tyres on the rear for handling purposes. Recent accident videos have shown that having the rear tyres on the rear is better than having them on the front. Reliability: As i do alot of driving around town and down the motorway i find the vectra to be a reliable car and has never let me down. At top speeds it even feels like its cruising, even when your breaking the speed limit you dont even realise because it feels comfortable at top speeds. What if a warning light comes on?? please take my advice and take ...

Blackpool in general 18/11/2003


Blackpool in general I have been to blackpool over 20 times throughout the years, in the number of years that i have been to blackpool i dont recall it ever changing but i love going there whether its for a weekend or for a week. Pleasure Beach: Fun packed, adrenaling rushing fairground with something for everyone. The rides range from approx £3-£8, but you can buy wristbands if you plan to spend the whole day wandering around for approx £25 which works out alot cheaper in the long run. If you're like me you'll be rushing to queue for the pepsi max which is one of the worlds bigest roller coasters, its great and you also view and buy your picture at the end. Then you have the Ice Blast to some of you known as the playstation, which is very high (dont know how high exactly) but you go shooting up into the air unexpectedly. Then if your like my mum you'll go on Alice and wonderland ride for kids, which takes you round the adventures of Alice and wonderland. There are plenty other rollercoasters, also the new Valhalla which i cant say i have experienced as when ive been in blackpool the queue has been far too long for me to wait, but you go through water and fire. dont worry you can buy a plastic sheet for a few pounds which will keep you a bit dry. There is so much i could say about the Pleasure beach, and i know you will enjoy the experience that i have. North, Central and South Pier: The piers are a feautre of blackpool which have amusement stands, bandits for you gamblers and ...

Samsung V200 18/11/2003

samsung v200 why you should have one?

Samsung V200 i was browsing round all the phone shops in my town as i wanted a camera phone, the in thing to have now. i was swithering over the gx10 and the samsung v200, the man in one shop told me to go for the samsung v200 as the picture quality was much better.... so i went for it. later on i then found out that both phones has 50,000 pixels(picture quality) but i wasnt bothered by that time because i was really happy once id opened my phone out of the box. When i took it out the box, both me and my boyfriend were sitting going....oooo, cool, ooo. you can imagine we were like a pair of little kids with a new toy. Features: camera that rotates so that you can take pictures of yourself save and send them to your friends. Good quality colour picture, polyphonic ringtones (sound really great). Caller Id on the outside of the phone lit up in a nice blue colour. Internet/Gprs - which allows you to plug data cable into your computer and download things. Also has vibrate option so if your in a busy place you can use this mode if your trying to be discreet. There are also a few games on this phone which are quite fun if you know how to play them (i havent figured that out yet). you can also set screen savers which are really colourful, and also downlaod them with the data cable. Overall this phone is a really wow factor phone and i would recommend this phone to anyone looking to buy a new camera phone. Ive always went for nokia phones from the 5110, 3310, 3310, 5210 and 8310 ... 18/11/2003

SHOP WITH A SMILE WITH EBAY I can even remember how i came across Ebay auctions, but ever since signing up a year or go or so I have bought many items from Ebay ranging from Mobile phones to Cd's. Its easy to browse through ebay as it is all catogorised, and there is also a search engine for those that are looking for something particular. You can buy anything and everything from 2nd hand goods to brand new goods from can even buy cars (not that i would). Auctioning can be exciting apart from when your outbid of course, but not only is there auctions on ebay there is "Buy it now" option which means you can click and buy on the item you are looking at. Most items have pictures so that you can see the item you are buying, but they aren't always to clear and people do like to see what they are buying. The site is updated regularly, it has to be really but sometimes you can click on an item of interest and the item has already ended which is pretty disappointing. My experience of ebay has been fun and so far i have not came across any cons (thankfully), because i have heard alot of controversy over ebay both from the press and also people that have used ebay, so sometimes when i am buying something i am a bit anxious. When you are looking at an item of interest, check next to the users name as it shows the users rating and how manu times they have been rated. I don't buy anything from a user unless they have positive ratings. There are various payment methods in which you can ...

Peugeot 206 1.4 18/11/2003

The Squeaky and Rattling 206

Peugeot 206 1.4 My friend went away to Australia for a few months and left her car with me so that me and my partner could both have a car, i was quite thrilled at having this new car that looked quite classy. It was a much newer car than my car an 02 plate i think so i expected it to be quite a modern, smooth driving experience. That was definately not what i experienced, by the second day i was feeling quite irritated. Maybe its just me but im not usually one to make a fuss over nothing. The first day i took it out, when going along there was like a scuffing noise heard from the drivers side like a wheel bearring had gone. Then everytime i put my foot on the clutch, there was a real irritating squeak from the pedal. I began to live with that, but then realising everytime i put my foot on the brake there was rattling noises coming from the dash. When stuck in traffic, not heavy traffic but enough to have to go up and down the gears quite alot i found it quite stiff to go into gears, and it was real frustrating. I may have offended some people by this opinion, although theyre are alot of squeaks and rattles its a good enough looking car both inside and outside, cheap on fuel and not too expensive either. Maybe my expectation of this beautiful look car is too high but i expected more from it. ...

Neutrogena Dermatological Cream 18/11/2003

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Neutrogena Dermatological Cream I remember one summer looking in the mirror and looking at my skin....Argh!! It was all red round my nose, blotchy and flakey. Not a pretty sight and it made me feel uncomortable as it was quite itchy and i couldnt help but itch, this only made it worse as i was pulling one layer of skin of after the other. Then my mothers cousin who then was a beauty therapist asked me if i used soap. (stange question, i stood confused) of course i use soap, everyone does to clean their skin. they way she looked at me then was a picture, she looked like she was in a horror movie. Soap takes all the goodness out your skin she then later told me and takes away the layers. As a beauty therapist she looked after her skin quite well, and still looked good in her 40's. She then recommended to me to use neutrogina products daily as they didnt take the goodness out your skin. and after a few weeks of using toner, cleanser and neutrogina demtological cream the redness and blotchiness on my skin soon cleared up. I still to this day use dermotological cream and it has really worked for me. around £5 it cost me, but thats a price im willing to pay to have clear skin. ...
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