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Top 10 Videogames of all time 30/01/2006

The 10 best games EVER!!!

Top 10 Videogames of all time Since the release of the Sega Megadrive the games industry has been booming! This console brought us great games like Road Rash, Streets of Rage and Sonic. Although superb in their time if you go back to them now you would wonder what you saw in them..... There have been a lot of consoles released since then, most of them flops. Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, Sega 32x, Sega Megadrive 3D. Nintendo's consoles have always been half successful, the Game Boy is still thriving! Along came the Sony Playstation, Sony's first video game console that scrapped the cartridge for CD's. At a whopping £300 it was £100 cheaper than Sega's Saturn! No wonder the Playstation p*ssed all over it! After the MASSIVE success of the Playstation it was inevitable that Sony would release the Plastation 2, which would use DVDs. Although Microsoft's XBox was superior to Sony's new beast, it couldn't match the vast number of games or popularity. Again Nintendo's Game Cube sat in the background making a nice profit. Sega went bust after the disaster that was the Dreamcast, and decided to solely concentrate on games. The XBox 360 has just been released with some fantastic games but Sony have their Plastation 3 up their right sleeve, which promises to send the 360 packing! Right, That is a lot of games to choose 10 from.... Seeing as I am mainly a Playstation 2 gamer, most of the games will be for that platform (They are the best anyway....!!!) In no particular order, here are my top 10 ...

Everything from 0-9 23/01/2006

All you need to know about liquidus1000

Everything from 0-9 Seeing as I will be gone from the wonderful world of the Internet for some I thought I had better finish off with a review all about.... Wait for it..... ME!!! I'm not exactly an interesting person buit here goes anyway..... --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- 5 THINGS I CAN DO --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- 1. Beat everybody at work at pool! 2. I can pretend that I am listening to people when I am actually thinking about what to have for dinner without the knowing! (Mainly my girlfriend...) I'm sorry but some people just can't tell good stories and they bore me so my mind wanders. I have trained my automatic nod and smile to perfection! It gets a bit embarassing when the girlfriend says "I told you yesterday!!!" 3. I can eat all forms of pies (bakewells, apple pies etc.) whole! Don't bother taking a bite, just shove it in your gob! Thats my motto anyway..... 4. I can watch 24 in 3 days and that includes going to work! I get so addicted even if I have seen the series before! 5. I can play 10 hours non-stop on the legendary Final Fantasy 7 even though I have completed it many times --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- 5 THINGS I CAN'T DO --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- 1. I can't drive! This is mainly because I can't afford too! I have to walk everywhere which can ...

Nothing To Lose (DVD) 13/01/2006

Boy, did you pick the wrong guy on the wrong day!

Nothing To Lose (DVD) Nothing to Lose is a comedy Directed by Steve Oedekerk, starring Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence as an unlikely duo. Plot --------------- --------------- -- Tim Robbins plays Nick Beam, a successful advertising executive. Nick decides to go home from work early and hears a noise from upstairs. After much deliberation about what weapon to use (he chooses a candle stick in the end) he goes upstairs towards the noise. Inside he catches his wife, Ann (Kelly Preston) in bed with another man (I don't need to tell you what she was up too......). Downstairs he finds some cufflinks that belong to his Boss.... Calmly Nick walks out the house, gets in his SUV and drives. He drives with no consideration of his life or others, and does so at 20 mph! He reaches a rough neighbourhood where T (Terrance haha!) hops into the passenger seat and pulls a gun on him. Nick, with no value for his life, throws his wallet out the window and speeds off to Arizona! After a few fights and robberies Nick decides that he is going to get his revenge, Nick is going to rob his Boss..... The Best Bit! --------------- --------------- - Nick and T are driving through the desert when T notices a big spider on Nick's back! The latter jumps out and does an extremely funny dance trying to get it off. He steps on some matches and his feet catch alight (previously he spilt petrol on his shoes) and he performs an almost River Dance style dance! All through this T is filming it with a camcorder and ...

XIII (PS2) 06/01/2006

XIII, Unlucky For Some...

XIII (PS2) First Person Shooters (FPS) are a very popular genre. With the likes of Medal of Honour becoming very well known and Halo just around the corner things were never looking so good! But FPS's tend to be very similar in the style and story (Mainly World War II). For those of you not aware of what an FPS is, it is a game played from the eyes of the character that uses guns and other weapons. So this means that you can only see the gun in the characters hand. Ubisoft decided to be a bit more original and create a FPS based on a comic book, XIII (13). And to be even more original they even decided to make it look and feel like the comic! Plot --------------- -------------- The game starts with a rather attractive animated comic strip showing the assassination of the President. He was shot in the same way as JFK; in an open-topped limo driving down a parade. You wake up on a beach with amnesia. The only clues you have to your identity are a key to a bank vault and a strange tattoo reading "XIII". A life guard spots you and takes you back to her cabin. Almost straight away the cabin is ambushed and the life guard killed. You must escape before more back-up arrives.... After escaping you go to the bank that the key belongs to. The bank clerk recognises you instantly and leads you to your safety deposit box where a bomb is armed once opened. At the same time the bank is taken under attack and once again you must escape... You are then arrested and taken to an FBI building. ...

Christine - Stephen King 20/12/2005

The Car from the Depths of Hell

Christine - Stephen King Stephen King is the Number 1 best-selling horror author of Christine, a novel about a seemingly possessed car that captures it's owner's mind and body. He has written many books including: IT, Carrie, Pet Sematary, The Tommy Knockers and Desperation. All of his novels are written with the highest of detail and contain hour's worth of excitement and tension. Most of his books are very long (IT is a great example being well over 1000 pages long) and have exceptional plots and original ideas. If there was one author that I could recommend, it would be King! Plot --------------- -------------- Dennis Guilder is one of those guys that people admire; he plays for the school football team and gets cheerleader girlfriends. He drives his own car and has loving parents. His best friend, Arnie Cunningham, however is the opposite; spotty, a chess geek, always being picked on etc etc... Dennis and Arnie have been friends for many years and do almost everything together. But when Arnie spots an old run down car up for sale things begin to change. Enter Christine. Christine is the name the owner chose for his dream car. Christine is always referred to as "She" never "It". Arnie has his heart set on this car but Dennis isn't so sure. She is beyond repair and the asking price is far too high! But Arnie insists, Arnie has fallen in Love...! Bizarre things start occurring after Arnie becomes the proud owner of Christine. His spots start to fade and his personality seems to chop and ...

24 - Series 1 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) 09/12/2005

"This is the longest day of my life...."

24 - Series 1 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) I first heard about 24 in a DVD review in a magazine. They said it was the best Drama they had ever witnessed! It was some time later that Season 2 started on TV. Remembering the review I thought to myself that I will give it a go! After 40 minutes of staring at the Tele with wide eyes and adrenaline pumping through my veins I was hooked! I watched the second episode the next week and it was the greatest 40 minutes of my life! Wow this is good! Unfortunately I missed the next episode, Nooooooooo!!!!! So to fulfil my cravings I went out and bought Season 1 on DVD. It took me 3 days to watch, that's 5 and a half hours a day! I was so addicted that I could not keep myself from watching as much as I could in one go. Structure --------------- --------------- ----- 24 has a unique structure that really defines the series from everything else. The series consists of 24 episodes each representing 1 hour in real time. There is a digital clock with a high-tech ticking that appears constantly so you can see what the time is in the programme. This is very important as important times are often mentioned. Normally when the clock appears the screen divides into several frames, each frame showing the main characters simultaneously. The actual length of each episode is about 42 minutes. There are certain points in 24 where nothing especially important is happening (Maybe a car journey) and so gaps are created. You are always aware of this as the Clock shows how far time has skipped. ...

Predator (DVD) 08/12/2005

Arnie at his best!

Predator (DVD) Specail Features -Feature Length Audio Commentary by Director John McTiernan -30 Minute Documentary: "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It" -Inside The Predator: 7 Featurettes: Classified Action (stunts and special effects) / The Unseen Arnold / Old Painless (the most intimidating gun ever) / The Life Inside (tribute to Kevin Peter Hall) / Camouflage / Welcome to the Jungle / Character Design -Deleted Scene: "Arnold Schwarzenegger Fleeing Predator" -Outtakes -Special Effects: Predator "Red-suit" Special Effects -Text Commentary by Film Historian -Still Gallery -Predator Profile: Text Pages -Predator Camouflage Tests -Hidden Easter Eggs Cast -Arnold Schwarzenegger -Bill Duke -Carl Weathers -Elpidia Carrillo -Jesse Ventura -R.G. Armstrong -Richard Chaves -Shane Black -Sonny Landham Director -John McTiernan (Die Hard) Duration -1 Hour 43 Mins At the start of the film a strange object falls onto Earth from space. It is the Predator's pod. A predator is an alien being that hunts for honour and collects skulls as its trophies. It has the ability to camouflage itself by bending light using its suit. It can also see in infra-red to spot it's prey easily. Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his crew of special forces are sent in to a South American Jungle, along with his ex-member Dillon (Carl Weathers), to rescue some men from a helicopter crash. They storm a Guerrilla camp only to find that the Government (and Dillon) have tricked them into doing ...

Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells 07/12/2005

The Mother of all cakes!

Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells As most of you are undoubtedly aware, Mr. Kipling makes Exceeding Good Cakes! This couldn't be more true in the case of Cherry Bakewells! Packaging --------------- --------------- ----- Cherry Bakewells are small cakes that come in boxes of six. The packaging is very appealing in itself; the box is bright and colourful and has a little window so you can see the top of the cakes. Upon opening the cardboard packaging a plastic tray of the six cakes slides out. It is covered by a clear plastic casing to insure freshness. Once the packet is opened a slight aroma of pastry and icing can be smelt, getting the juices in your mouth running. What is a Cherry bakewell? --------------- --------------- ------ A Cherry Bakewell is a delicious little cake that can be gobbled up in two mouthfuls (One if you are extra ravenous!). The cake has an outer layer of pastry that rises just above the flat top with a bumpy pattern. Inside the cake is a blend of jam and almond cake. On top is a thick layer of fondant icing which is very sweet and smooth. To top it off is a half glacier cherry to give that extra flavour and make the cake much more appealing. Taste --------------- --------------- ------- Now for the main reason behind the review, the Taste! When you take a bite out of a Cherry Bakewell the first thing you taste is the pastry on your tongue, almost right away the jam and almond flavour break through. The final taste is the sweet icing which moulds around the rest of the ...

Pom Bear Crisps 06/12/2005

Cute Little Teddy Bear Crisps

Pom Bear Crisps Just thinking about Pom Bears gets my mouth watering! Everybody remembers Pom Bears when they were kids (and I still buy them every now and then!). They are defined by there shape and flavour. Each bag has a dancing bear with a crown on his head with two Pom Bears either side of him. The bags consist of a few dozen smiling bears with two eyes, a grinning mouth and a belly button! They have their arms in the air and their legs spread apart. They are normally slightly curved which gives them a sense of depth. As soon as you open the pack you can smell potato and hint of salt (Original) which gets your saliva running and a taste on your tongue that longs to be fulfilled! So do they taste as good as they smell? (And they smell gorgeous; I could whiff a bag all day!!) As soon as you place one on your tongue you can feel the rough texture and taste the light salt. When you crunch down there is a satisfying cracking and spread of flavour. Pom Bears are very light and crispy and just lovely to suck on! The latter is an achievement in itself as it is so tempting to gobble it before it has touched your mouth...! Pom Bears are more irresistible than Pringles. It is impossible to have just the one because the flavour stays in your mouth and your taste buds scream for more! It is incredibly easy to finish the whole packet in, oh say 12.7 seconds! So the solution? Buy the extra large pack! Pom Bears are actually designed for kids, as you can probably guess by the shape of the ...

Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray 05/12/2005

Nasal Relief

Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray I am not the type of person that buys cold medicines or flu tablets very often. I have paracetamol for bad head aches or ear aches and I also buy tablets for my hay fever (and once I bought some bits for diarrhoea). I prefer to just let the illness take its course. So why did I buy Sinex? Well after my hay fever in 2004 I found that my nose felt blocked and sore and never seemed to be as clear as usual. At first I thought it was just my hay fever but it continued until the next year. It was getting frustrating and my girlfriend was getting annoyed at my sniffing in the mornings. So while at my local garage/mini-mart I came across Sinex. It was about £3.50 and stated that it cleared your nose from Colds, Hay fever and Sinusitis. So I thought "Why not?" The spray comes in a small squeezy bottle about the size of a Tip-Ex bottle, but flatter rather than round. It holds 20ml of the nasal spray. Underneath the screw cap is a rounded ball point where the nasal spray squirts from. To release the spray, just give the bottle a squeeze. To use Sinex, insert the end up your nose and squeeze the bottle. For bad blockage use two shots. Breathe deeply through your nose after each shot to ensure that it spreads throughout your nostrils. Repeat in the other nostril. You can take Sinex up to twice a day with at least six hours intervals between shots. Sinex is very simple to use and has no after taste to it unlike its predecessor. You can hardly feel the spray enter your nose, ...

Top Ten Films Of All Time 30/11/2005

My top 10 Films of All Time!!!

Top Ten Films Of All Time The biggest decision of my life! The 10 top films....I have had to go through my whole collection to decide which the best are. I love films! That is the big problem; I have seen and own so many superb films that it hurts me to know that I have to choose between them. After a long hard thinking session I have managed to come up with 10 of my very favourite films! (In no particular order) I have tried to get a variety so all of you can agree with at least one! Die Hard/Die Harder/Die Hard With a Vengeance --------------- --------------- ------ I first came across these films when I played the Playstation's Die Hard Trilogy when it first came out. I enjoyed the game so much that when I noticed the first film was on TV I had to watch it. Unfortunately I only saw the first half (Up until the bit on the roof) and I was devastated! I saw it on VHS in Tesco and gave my Mum the money for it (I was only about 12 see). From that day I have never seen a film so good! It has an excellent plot, superb actors and loads of action! Great! Then there's Die Hard: Die Harder; although not as good as its predecessor or successor, it is still a good in-between with more of the same and loads of action! Die Hard with a Vengeance is as good as the first! It has a lot more action and again has an excellent cast and acting. Vengeance is more open as it is based around New York which allows returning Director, John McTiernan, to produce some outstanding car chases! The Die Hard Trilogy ...

Carrie - Stephen King 25/11/2005

King's first novel

Carrie - Stephen King Carrie is Stephen King's first novel. Written in 1973, Carrie would have been scrapped if it weren't for King's wife who encouraged him to continue writing. The version I read has an introduction written by Stephen King himself that explains how he came about the novel. Carrete White is a combination of two girls King used to know at school that were both bullied and abused. Her story is to represent what must be going on inside somebody's head after constant abuse and if they have no friends. Telekinesis (psychokinesis/TK) --------------- ------------ The ability to move or affect the property of objects using the power of the mind. Some believe that TK is inherited through rare genes; others believe that everybody has the ability. It is also believed that it can take years to learn and control the phenomenon. TK is thought to be located in the areas of the brain that are unused. It is practiced by many but proof of it actually existing is sceptical. Plot --------------- ------------ Carrie White is one of those girls that has no friends and is at the centre of practical jokes and bullying. She has just started her periods, at the age of 16, in front of everybody in the showers. Carrie has no idea what is happening to her and thinks she is dying! The other girls see it as a chance to bully her further by throwing tampons at her cowering body. It is this incident which triggers off the Telekinesis capability of Carrie's mind. After learning of her power she ...

Resident Evil 4 (PS2) 18/11/2005

Resi Evil gets a make-over

Resident Evil 4 (PS2) A few years ago, while I was reading my favourite Playstation magazine, I came across an article on Resident Evil 4. Yes!! I am a massive fan ever since I played the original. There were a few pictures and brief insight as it was very early news. I was all worked up and excited! You play as Leon Kennedy! He was great, almost an equal to Chris Redfield! The next month I was devastated. My trusty magazine had just informed me that it was to be Nintendo Game Cube exclusive! Nooooooooooooo....!!!! But then, on the 4th day in November, I collected my copy for the PS2 from the Royal Mail Office (It should have been posted through my letter box but I won't go into that now, read my "10 things that annoy me" review to find out). It seems Capcom didn't forget about its fans after all.... Resident Evil 4 gives a very warm return to Leon S Kennedy, the rookie cop from Resident Evil 2. It is six years since the Raccoon city incident and the notorious Umbrella Corporation has been destroyed. Now he is a government agent assigned to rescue the President's daughter, Ashley Graham. Information leads him to a small village somewhere in Europe. Leon arrives escorted by three local policemen. Walking down a narrow path through the trees, Leon advances towards a small cottage. Inside there is a man with his back turned poking at a fire. Upon approaching him, the man picks up an axe and starts walking towards Leon. The latter has no choice but to open fire on the assailant. Leaping out ...

Bomberman (Nintendo DS) 14/11/2005

Classic Puzzler

Bomberman (Nintendo DS) Bomberman DS is a classic puzzler developed by Hudson Soft and Published by Ubisoft If you have never played Bomberman man before let me tell you how it works: The levels are a top down view of a maze-type map divided into squares. Some of these squares are unbreakable walls, some are breakable objects and the others are empty. The idea of the game is to strategically place bombs to eliminate the enemy. Placing a bomb within range of a breakable object will destroy it, and it will possibly leave a power-up. Collect these power-ups to make you stronger and be able to lay more and better bombs. Simple enough! Normal Mode This is the single player story mode. There are 100 levels to conquer, divided into 10 sub levels. Each sub level has a bonus round and a boss, with the enemy strength and AI getting stronger towards the end of each sub level. The idea is to kill all the enemies and find the exit before the timer runs out. Each enemy has a different attribute, such as the ability to go over objects or to diffuse any bombs they come in contact with, so keep your wits about you! The top screen is used for the maze itself, while the touch screen displays any power-ups picked up or in use. Power-ups can be used midway through a game by simply finding the intended power and pressing on the icon. The bonus rounds are a short game involving both screens. You are invincible and have to kill all the enemies to open up the top half of the game, where there are loads of ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 08/11/2005

Why is the World so Annoying?!

10 Things That Really Annoy Me There are a lot of things that annoy me, here (In no particular order, except number 1 is the worst!) is a handful.... 1. My work colleague There are idiots in this world, there are people so annoying it makes you cringe. And then there's Rob, one of two of my work colleagues. He is THE MOST ANNOYING person I have ever met!!!!! He is persistently loud, he is constantly trying to make jokes, most of his jokes are the same, he doesn't SHUT UP! The list goes on.... He has no manners and just leaves things everywhere! I have heard that his house is a dump, which doesn't surprise me because his desk looks like World War III has just finished. Let me give you some really ANNOYING things that he does: Rob likes to guzzle his face on crisps, and makes an atrocious noise to go with it! It makes my blood boil when he stands by my shoulder at my desk, and shoves Walkers French Fries into his big fat GOB!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!! My other colleague is on holiday, I'm left with the idiot for 2 weeks!!! During this time, a book goes missing... I really need this book and can't find it anywhere. I check Rob's desk, I ask everyone I find, but no book... Rob comes back from his lunch, "Have you seen the ******** Book by any chance?" "Yeah..." is my answer. He goes to the shelf above his desk, where it doesn't belong!, and takes out the book which is back to front so you can't see the binder!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrgghhhhh!!!! Where is the diazepam?!? I shouldn't have started on that one.... 2. ...
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