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Samsung M8800 Pixon 17/08/2009

Great to catch up with the world from anywhere

Samsung M8800 Pixon I got this phone from having the N95 i loved it but time to upgrade was apon me and i picked this one iam glad with my choice but lost out on my GPS with my nokia but since have found out you can download google maps to phone and then look up directions from there but needs internet i have free net access so i do thi snow but its not the same as my nokia anyway to no review. This phone is stylish and has many features: 8 Megapixel Perfection • You can take stunning 8 Megapixel photos with no fuss. • Face Detection pinpoints the faces in your picture for optimal portraits. • Smile Shot automatically detects when someone is smiling, ensuring you capture the best moments The camera is good but did prefer my nokia to begin with iam getting used to this one now and dont mind it but i did think the nokia was better. Various Camera Functions • ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) eliminates shaky hand syndrome • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) adjusts the brightness automatically 3.2 inch Wide Touch Screen • You can see and share your images through 3.2 inch wide touch screen The screen can be scratched so i bought a screen protector and a rubber cover to protect my phone if dropped. Photo Browser • You can sort your images by face, time, color, file name. • You can browse your images by tilting and flipping The tilt and flip can get alittle annoying if you want to stop at a picture you find its so sensitive that it doesnt stop or just goes the other way. 13.8mm ...

Hoover HU4207T 17/08/2009

was so impressed had to write about it

Hoover HU4207T We bought this yesterday and was so impressed by the way it works i had to come on and tell everyone what i thought. This hoover product is called the hurricane HU44207/1 we were 89.99 from comet which i thought was very good value for money. This hoover is muti settings for different floors the one i like is called intensive carpet clean this worked a treat oin the carpet i though ti hoovered everday as have 2 young kids we had to hoover the livingroom carpet 3 times and the amount of muck and dust that come off the carpet was unbelieveable just shows how rubbish our last cleaner was the nest setting on the cleaner is short carpet /hard floors which i have in my house too work well going from carpet to hard floors no problems, next setting is medium then long carpet and then luxury carpet god knows what that means how dear does a carpet have to be to be luxury lol. The cleaners dust capacity is 2.5 which is great as i said my livingroom carpet filled this almost 3 times when we first used it on intensive carpet care so found this amazing, this is an upright bagless fully washable filters has the HEPA filters too which is for alergies my daughter has abit of asthma so hoping having this helps her too. Its 2000 watts by far the best i have had and has 220 air watts i dnt think its too noisey it about the same as other ones i have had so not a problem there. Cord length is 6 metres in my mind does for me i get round my living room and lobby and into my kitchen ...

Fisher-Price Little People Range 13/01/2007

learning little people

Fisher-Price Little People Range I bought some little people toys for my daughter at xmas as my sister had bought for her daughter a few years back and i remember it kept her one amused so i thought this would be good for my daughter being almost 2 this was perfect for her. I bought her the zoo and the train set. The zoo is grea twith the animals and the noises they make she thought this was fun putting the animals in their places and hearing a noise when she did this you get the seal,lion,bird,elephant, monkey,polar bear,camel and the zoo keeper and car. When neach of these animals are placed in the zoo they make a noise which is rewarding and learning for you child to match the animal with noise. With the monkey you hit a lever and this makes the monkey jump to get to his bananas this makes a noise when you do this she loves this and forever does it. With the way this toy is made I would say not easly broken at all which is very good for the age range you know you buying into a quality toy which will last. My daughter loves this and i sure i will buy more of the range as she gets older. The other one i bought her at xmas as the train set one with a three carriage train where you have the noises as the train rolls past each gate. Gate one is the train station andmakes noises of a train as it goes past at the station there is the clock and doors to get in and out of the station once you picked up your passengers you go on. Gate two is the home gate where you have a letter box ...

Chinchilla 13/01/2007

Owners guide to chinchillas

Chinchilla I have been breeding chinchillas for 5 years now, It took me a long time to learn about them meet with breeders that i come to know by the internet and have never looked back. Iam a member of the NCS which is the National chinchilla society which is based in the UK the US have their own organisation too, This society provide information for the keen chinchilla owner what to watch for what to look for in them as a pet they also organise shows where you can win awards for them based on fur colour density and clarity. A lot of people make the mistake of feeding chinchillas the wrong food as the pet shops usualy give out what they have which is mostly a chinchilla mix of food this is ok as a treat as is very fatty which is bad for them gives them gut problems i feel but the most important part of their diet should be pellets and heaps of hay. Before you buy a chin you must of course with any pet think if you can afford them to begin with you have cage cost between 50 -100 pounds for a good one i have someone make mines up which he is also a chinchilla breeder. Then you have food well that is no cost at all i have now 15 chins and i buy in a 25kg bag and that lasts months before i need another then you have hay which it nothing too about 2-3 pounds per bag last about a month this based on the amount of chins i have. You can buy a chinchilla in a pet shop depending on its colour more common standard gray is about 75 pounds where the beige colour is between 99 pounds. ...

Tomy AquaDraw 11/01/2007

look i drawing no mess mum

Tomy AquaDraw I bought this for my daughter xmas just passed, she has loved to sit and draw from the time she was about a year old at this time i would sit her in her chair with crayons and watch her but she would tend to eat them lol. When this came out just before xmas i thought oh great i dont have to worry about her drawing or eating the pens since it just water. This is for children 18 months and over you just fill pens with water and off they go and draw. The best thing is its just water no having to worry about them sticking it in their months drawing on things as soon as you look away. The bright fun pictures around the edge help with letter and number learning and are great for copying basic writing strokes. Make hand prints or use it as a bath mat - the possibilities are endless and the best bit is there's absolutely no mess! Features 2 pens and 2 giant stencils to draw many different shapes. As it is drawing with water you can draw oin the mat then leave the water to dry and then start all over again not like pens and books having to alwasy buy more this no more buying. But I have noticed with my daughter being a bit rough with one of her pens it very difficult to draw with one i have looked into the fact of just buying more pens and i dont think you can which one down side to it i think i would have to go out and buy one of the mini draws to replace the pen. The mat is quiet big it measures about 90x90cm so more than enough room for two children drawing, It has ...

Early Learning Centre Light and Sound Buggy Driver 14/09/2006

Look who's in the drivers seat now

Early Learning Centre Light and Sound Buggy Driver I bought this for my daughter as she was getting to the active toddler stage and was restless in her buggy would not keep quiet for a few mintues for me to go into town so i had to come up with something that would keep her playing in her buggy. When i saw the Light and sound buggy driver i thought oh this looks like it does enough to keep her amused and playing while i try and go about what i have to do. When i first attched it to the buggy was very straight forward all you have to do is unscreaw to losen off the vice grips and then place it where you want it to go on the buggy and tighten the grips again it stays in place very well and i have noticed it cant really be moved by the toddler once in place. This toy is full of colour to catch their eye and has quiet a few things for them to do and listen to. First off it has a gear leaver and this activates the indicator lights to flash when you change gears, the wheel turns and has a beep beep horn, has the ignition key which makes car starting up noise, has buttons up and down for the radio stations which nursery rhymesand also has mirrors that move and keep them amused looking at themselves. This toy is also good for the Hand to eye coordination to help them get to grips with what they look at. Stimulating senses encouraging them to look listen and touch. so in all i good toy which helps you get out and about while they can still play from the comfort of their buggy which aids a quiet shopping trip i dont ...

VTech Discovery Tree 13/09/2006

Make learning fun

VTech Discovery Tree I bought this for my daughter when she was 15 months old and she loves this but the only things is the balls didnt last long until they were lost and have only one left and believe me i have looked for these lol. This is a great toy full of colour and lots to do the balls when are place through the top of the tree and are magical picked up and tell you what each ball is put the red ladybird teaches numbers when you press the key buttons, the orange caterpillar teaches colours when the same keys are pressed, the yellow bee introduces letters while the green frog talks and has lots of sound effects and the blue bird is musical. Pull out the giggling squirrel from the trunk to stop the ball rolling down…and other surprises! 6 hotspots of interaction on the tree slide react with different talking phrases and sound effects for each ball. Apple buttons on the tree provide additional themed fun and learning. Light-up piano keys at the bottom for music fun. We only discovered the squirrel pulled out about 4 months after having the toy sitting about and this is now bring more interest in the toy she plays with this every day i will really have to try nand find the other balls lucky she uses other ones from another toy to keep her amused. This toy you can buy from about 24.99 which i think is good value for money on such an interactive toy v-tech is great with their toys even more now you can turn the volume down on all of their toys. You can uy this from most shops you ...

Maws Heat Sensor Bottles 22/08/2006

The bottle can tell you

Maws Heat Sensor Bottles I got these bottle from someone when my daughter was young, she is 17 months old now and i liked these bottles nice simple design, big enough to clean properly with the bottle brush and was great being able to clean teats right as you could even get the bottle brush right into the teats with being bigger. I used the teats that came with the bottle at first but was always collasping, which i was having to take the bottle from my daughter until it had went back to normal and then give it to her again this would cause her to be annoyed with me so i looked for another teat i saw the tommie tippie nuby teast and used them ever since. When my daughter stopped drinking from a bottle during the day as she still has one before bedtime which will be stopped soon the joys of having kids ha ha. she had four bottles a day which i used a bottle warmer i had no problems with these bottles at all no leaking no craking until i stopped using the bottle warmer and i just boiled water from the kettle and put this into a jug to heat up then not that long ago i had a bottle crack and leak i still have one of these bottles and so going on fine even with the way i warm up my bottles. These bottles did so well i even passed on them to someone else as i would recommend them if i was never giving them i would have never have used them i dont think lol i would have used the avent bottles i got with my sterilliser but i found these better. These are big wide bottles and are alot better to ...

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 22/08/2006

Simple for the internet

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 I bought this is my partner and me had to fight over time for the pc so bought the laptop for me to use i just needed it for the internet and emailing and storing my pictures. The mouse control was the only thing the borthered me i did use it ok but ended up putting a mouse on it anyway so problems solved The perfect balance of high performance and outstanding value: The Satellite Pro 4600 series. All-in-one concept with CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive Mobile communications centre with integrated wireless LAN module on Intel® Pentium® III models is which i have no need to get a pci card for the conection to the wirless router that we have i just turn on the wifi and that it , on-board 10/100 Ethernet NIC and integrated international V.90 data/fax modem Large selection of display sizes up to 15.0 inches with stunning graphics capabillity of 16 MB video RAM Wide choice of processors - including mobile Intel® Pentium® III processors with Intel® SpeedStepTM technology and mobile Intel® CeleronTM processors Optional and backwards compatible docking devices: Card Station IV or Port Replicator Processor Mobile Intel® Pentium® III featuring Intel® SpeedStep™ technology Clock speed: 800 MHz Front side bus: 100 MHz 2nd level cache: 256 KB System memory Standard: 128 MB Max. expandability: 512 MB Technology: SDRAM Hard disk Formatted capacity: 15 GB Certification: S.M.A.R.T CD-ROM drive Max. ...

Sony DAV-S 800 22/08/2006

Make your tv sound like you in the cinema

Sony DAV-S 800 I bought this for my partner as he was forever looking at the ones in asda which i thought looked nothing as good as this so looked on ebay and i picked this one up fopr alot less than the selling price but i think these might be discontinued by now. I bought this thinking it looked really good and could not wait for the sound now my partner loves watching his films with the right sound quailty. Specs of the dvd player Type 5.1ch Dolby digital decoder / DTS decoder built-in DVD/SACD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/ video CD player / AV amplifier / FM/AM tuner Horizontal line resolution Approximately 500 Lines SACD playback Playback frequency range 2hz - 100kHz Audio frequency characteristics 2hz - 44kHz Audio THD >0.03% Wow * flutter Below measurement limit (±0.001% WPEAK) DVD/CD playback Audio frequency characteristic (2ch STEREO mode) DVD (at the time of PCM playback): 2hz - 22kHz (±1.0dB) At the time of CD playback: 2hz - 20kHz (±1.0dB) THD >0.03% Wow * flutter Below measurement limit (±0.001% W PEAK) Input terminal 2xComposite Inputs 1xoptical Input Output terminal 2xComposite Outputs 1xS-video Output 1xoptical Input Power Output Total 350W: 5x 50W (Satellites) (6Ω) 1x passive sub woofer 100W (3Ω) Power source 230V AC at 50/60Hz Power consumption Approximately 97w (2w in Standby) Dimensions Width 355mm Height 70mm Depth 378mm Weight Approximately 4.0kg Specs of the speakers Front L/R, center Bass reflex 2 way, 3 ...

BT Freestyle 2200 13/08/2006

Where ever you are answer the phone

BT Freestyle 2200 We got these to up grade from our bineatone phone to digital for a clearer line. The trio pack of the hands-free BT Freestyle 2200 DECT phone has a great range of features, such as ten numbers directory, up to 10 hours talk time back-lit LCD and GAP compatibility at a very cost-effective price. This phone is GAP compatible. Most of the phones you can buy are digital phones are available as singles, twins, trios or quads so that you can have a phone in every room of the house without having to add anymore phone sockets! When sold together, e.g. a quad (contains 4 phones), they are already set-up to work from one telephone socket. If you purchase an additional (GAP compatible) handset, there is a short and simple process, outlined in the product user guide (included with your phone), to link your new handset to your existing telephone system. With these p-hones you buy a year warranty i bought these from bt's online website and i got them for 49.99 for the three I like my phone never had a problem they all charge right the thing is to alwasy put it back on the base as i have found that i have answered the phone with being off the base for some time and it has went flat my fault but the phone will give out a warning bleep for the batteries going done. The range on this type of pohone is 300m which is great for taking into the backgarden and having to hang out your washing without having to ran back in to get the phone to find it has stopped by the time you pick it ...

Disney Baby Magic Rattle Pooh 11/05/2006

shake rattle and roll great fun

Disney Baby Magic Rattle Pooh We bought this at x-mas for our daughter she was about 8 months old then, and I must say she was not that interested in pooh at that time,I had to shake the rattle thinking she might click on or she just was not interested in that yet. she loves it now and has now got used to if she shakes the rattle pooh moves and plays music which she now moves the same way pooh does she not learned how to sing yet when she does it will be hard to tell who's who. This toy is for ages birth + but I would say they wont really use until about a year old is to what my daughter is next month and plays with this alot now. This adorable Pooh Baby is holding a brightly coloured rattle. The toy comes with a matching child size rattle. When baby shakes the rattle at Pooh, Pooh will start to rock around on his bottom (sound activation). When baby stops rattling Pooh stops rocking. As Pooh Baby rocks he will giggle, say a few simple phrases and hum 4 great melodies (including the WTP theme song) while the light in his rattle flashes. Pooh Baby can also be activated by tickling his tummy (which will be the try me). This super soft plush will not only entertain children as they experience cause and effect, but Pooh will be great to cuddle with because he is soooo cute and soft. This toy is about 20 to 25 pounds to buy this I think when they first came out they were about 30 and can buy from most toys stores these are the older version but they is newer ones out i liked this one was very cute ...

Stand Up Ball Blast 11/05/2006

Oh where my ball go

Stand Up Ball Blast We go this for my daughter as a gift from my mum she was a year old and not walking yet so my mum thought this would be a great toy to maybe get her on her feet more. This toy is great for ever keep my daughter amused oh where the ball comes out to begin with she got me to get the balls and to put them back on for her until she sussed it out for herself that she could bend down and get the ball herself and pop the ball through she will do this for along time then she will stand and hold on to it and watch tv she will pop a ball through dance to the music so this is more than just a ball toy well to my daughter it is anyway. This fun ball play toy grows with your baby from sitting to standing up. The exciting helter skelter action, lights, wacky sounds and music energise and encourage baby's early development. Dancing lights, lively music and fun sound effects On/off switch Manufacturers recommended age 9 months + Requires 3x AA batteries (not included) As I said the music can get annoying but the best part of toys now is that you can turn them down. when the child plays with this you can see the wonder on there face. You can put the ball in the middle and press the button with the face on it at the side and it spins the ball round until it comes off and on to one of the holes around the handle grip at the top then the child pushes the ball down and watches it roll down to the bottom where they try and find where it comes out of (as there is a possible four ...

Fisher Price Stride to Ride Walker 02/05/2006

I can walk like everyone else as long i hold on

Fisher Price Stride to Ride Walker I bought this walker as looked more interesting than the others as played music acted as a toy with the basket at the front and it changed to a walker to a sit and pull along toy too. Baby's developmental milestones are always something to celebrate. Baby Playzone toys add to the celebration, encouraging and rewarding physical accomplishments. They're full of exciting activities that make baby want to try… and try again! The Stride-to-Ride Walker starts off by steadying first steps and rewarding baby with lights, sounds, and high-energy music. When toddlers are ready to ride, just move the legs together and lock in place to form a comfortable seat. Walking, riding, or shooting some hoops, baby will enjoy plenty of rewards-including music, sounds and lights!Requires 3 "AA" alkaline batteries. The features of this walker are Watching colorful lights & ball movement offers visual stimulation. Lively music & sounds stimulate auditory sense. Encourages development of balance & gross motor skills as baby learns to walk, then ride. Grasping balls & putting them in the hoop enhances fine motor skills & eye-hand coordination. Baby's actions make things happen, teaching about cause & effect. Encourages curiosity & thinking skills. Builds self-confidence & sense of empowerment as baby masters new physical skills. Helps develop an "I can do it!" attitude. Before my daughter could walk with this on her own I needed to help her until I had the ...

VTech Touch Phone Plus 19/04/2006

Its for you

VTech Touch Phone Plus I bought this for my daughter at x-mas when she was 9 months old she loved this toy and had started to pretend she on the phone talking which is quite cute the phone is great for babies too with the sounds and learns words too. Has two different settings one musical and the other one is talking with words. When it is set to musical the buttons 1 2 3 and 4 are different music when you press one it says yellow and plays a tune when 2 is pressed its says green and plays a difffenet tune 3 is red and plays twinkle twinkle 4 is blue and plays mary and had a little lamb then you press the telephone button and it makes the phone ring. When the phone is set to talking it then go's in to telling you numbers on the buttons and makes the amount of sounds after it has said the number. This phone is great like many toys you have a no/off button and another button on the back for turning the noise level up and down these are great when you have to listen to these all day. When you press the buttons lights on the phone are flashing which is very stimualating for baby. This phone is geat for at home or out and about or in the car my daughter loves this and gos most places with us. The phone is very easy to use and can be a toy for children right through the few 3 years you can find this toy in most shops like boots mothercare and babies R us this is an older style on and the newer one can be found easier and it priced at 9.99 the older style would be found on ebay better than ...
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