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Elvis Restored - Elvis Presley 23/09/2009

Elvis(Restored)-Elvis Presley cd is an awesome cd!!!

Elvis Restored - Elvis Presley I love Elvis Presley soooooo much. i'm even named after his daughter. His legend and his music still live on today amd remain with us till the end of mankind.In my opinion i would suggest this cd to anybody because it is a really good cd. He is definately number 1 after all this time and will remain in my heart as number for the rest of my life. I was brought up listening to Elvis Presley and i've always been a big fan. All of his cd's are very good and i buy just about every Elvis Preley cd i see and i like to watch all of his films which are all very good. His films are different to the songs and some of his songs are included in the films. I love Elvis Presley!!!
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