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See No Evil (DVD) 29/01/2008

Prepare To Be Bored To Death

Hogfather (DVD) 24/12/2007

Happy Hogswatch

Inland Empire (DVD) 23/11/2007

See It To Believe It

Water Like A Stone - Deborah Crombie 25/08/2007

Colombo would have his work cut out here!

Candyman (DVD) 25/06/2007

Once you Bee...lieve, you'll be hooked! 16/06/2007

A Marriage On The Rocks Littlewoods believe it or not has been around since the 1930’s, allowing people to shop in the privacy of their own homes. What is appealing about this way of shopping is your can have the goods without paying a penny upfront, as you then agree to pay X amount each month according to each products terms. We have been with them for at least 15 years now, ordering mainly from their catalogue but then moved onto shopping with them online when that became available. Through Littlewoods you can purchase a whole range of items from clothes to washing machines to food. We were of course aware that buying goods from them in some cases would be far dearer, than if we’d purchased it from a high street chain. For us though over the years Littlewoods has been a life safer for us when a cooker for example has died on us, and we couldn’t afford to replace it immediately. The Littlewoods site loads very quickly on a broadband connection, and on the whole is very plain on appearance. While there is a little colour splashed about the homepage, the majority of it is in black, grey and white. While I do like colorful pages I usually find they are rather heavy on the eyes, where as this has been designed simply but effectively in drawing you in. To be able to purchase products you will of course need to register with the site. If you’re an existing customer but have yet to sign up, you just simply fill out the form giving your personal details and pick a username and password. While ...

Creep (DVD) 08/06/2007

A Ride That Doesn't Terminate Soon Enough

Gran Turismo - Cardigans (The) 04/06/2007

From Swede virgin to very much a Swede lover

Gran Turismo - Cardigans (The) The Cardigans are a 5 piece Indie/Pop/Rock from Sweden, and ‘Gran Turismo is their fourth album which was released in 1998. I seem to recall this album actually being the first CD I ever bought, and while it’s not been played quite so much recently it’s still an album I like to listen to every once in a while. I had heard of them before this as some of you may remember one of their earlier songs ‘Lovefool’, which appeared on the soundtrack to Baz Lurman’s Romeo + Juliet. When I saw this album in a shop I didn’t hesitate in buying it after just hearing that one song of theirs. While the album doesn't blow me away, I certainly don't regret my purchase. The first track on the album is ‘Paralyzed’ which captures the essence of the song beautifully, as you’ll find yourself stopping your activities just losing yourself in its haunting sound and thought provoking lyrics. The song is very mellow with the drums and guitars in perfect harmony, allowing Nina Persson’s delicate voice to take over the song that will leave your breathless. Up next is the toe tapping ‘Erase/Rewind’, while not a track you’ll be shaking your booty too you’ll find it an upbeat one compared to the previous track. The introductions of the acoustic guitar, mixed perfectly with a steady beat on the drums, and add to that Nina’s silky vocals and your left with a track that wouldn’t go a miss on your car stereo on a hot summer’s day. Enchanting melodies is what this band does best, and this is clearly ...

Hostel (Unseen Edition) (DVD) 20/05/2007

Horny Backpackers Paint The Town Red, Literally!

Hostel (Unseen Edition) (DVD) Randy College friends Paxton and Josh team up with their Icelandic buddy Oli, while on a wild tour of Europe. One of their stops is Amsterdam where they get high on drugs and get a plenty of action. After missing their hostel’s clocking in time they meet Alex, who tips them off on the best place to stay to meet some hot girls. They are told to go to a hostel in Bratislavia just outside Slovakia, where due to the war there are very few men to entertain the women. These women love foreigners especially Americans, and will do anything their hearts desire. All is not as it seems however and not long after their arrival, Oli disappears after checking out suddenly. While at first they reckon he’s still shacked up with the Hostel’s receptionist, it soon becomes apparent that Oli won’t be getting anymore action. Due to all the hype surrounding the film and the gruesome looking trailers, movie goers were led to believe that this film would be unlike anything they’ve seen before. While the film did make me wince on one or two occasions, in my opinion it doesn’t warrant the hype that surrounded it. The film opens promisingly enough as we witness a dark room where someone is washing away blood and sharpening his tools, as the camera suddenly cuts to an electrocution chair. I thought at that moment I’d finally come across a horror film that would leave me, well, horrified. Things however altered very rapidly and what started out as a promising film, ended up being no more than an ... 14/05/2007

Be Frugal, Be A Frugaller! Still very much a baby the site is at present a mere 3 mths old, but has already got 500 members with new ones signing up in the blink of an eye. For those of you yet to come across this site, let me tell you what it’s all about and why I love it so much. Frugaller is a search tool which will allow you to compare cash back from the growing number of reward sites. Presently Frugaller’s partner sites have over 4000 retailers where you can receive cash back or rewards when you make a transaction. Using this site allows you to compare these sites, so that you can pick which one will benefit you the most. There is also a Google search tool should you not need to compare cash back. That’s not it though; if you sign up with the site you can currently win a £5 Amazon voucher, or quadruple the prize if you’re a forum contributor. The page loads in super quick time with a broadband connection, and is simply designed with a man and women surrounded by wads of cash. To sum up it‘s easy on the eye but highlights what the site is all about perfectly. Registration takes no time at all, just choose a username, password, and enter your email address to complete the process. At randomly selected times between 6am – 10pm, a member will be drawn and you’ll have 3 hours to log in and claim your prize. The sooner you claim, the more chance they’ll be multiple prizes handed out per day. It might be a good idea to make frugaller your homepage, so that if you’re online you won’t miss out on ...

Want to Play? - PJ Tracy 12/04/2007

What Games Do You Like To Play?

Peacocks (Shop) 27/03/2007

When Size Does Matter!

Ice Cream Man (DVD) 18/03/2007

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Eyes Cream!

BBC Easy Cook 06/03/2007

Anyone For A quickie?

Apple iPod Nano 4GB Second Generation 20/02/2007

My Very Own Tardis

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