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Hugo Boss In Motion Blue Eau De Toilette Spray 29/12/2006


Hugo Boss In Motion Blue Eau De Toilette Spray I got this for christmas and it is great. The smell is sharp and spicy with a very big citrus smell. It is not overpowering and vcery manly and not light at all. The bottle is brilliant and shaped like a ball. You spray from underneath the bottle and it squirts out this little hole on the top. The designers have done something really good because they have made the liquid really thick. This means that the bottle last for ages and ages and my cousin has had it for 2 years and still has a quarter of a bottle left. I wore it today and put on 2 sprays. 11 HOURS on i can stil smell it and so can people i walk past. That is absolutely amazing and worth the 30 pounds price. Overall this is a perfect fragance for a man and i recommend it to anyone who likes great modern smells. ...

Lacoste Style in Play 29/12/2006

One of the best lacostes out

Lacoste Style in Play This is my 2nd lacoste review and i think that this one is less lighter and more sophisticated. It is really strong but not to give you a headache and lasts for ages. The bottle is not special but looks nice and the liquid is a red/clear color. The smell reminds me of swimming and that clean smell. It is sporty and very attractive. It smells like strawberies and orange mixed. A really fruity smell and a great fragance. This can be worn during the day but beware that you dont waste it because alot of it comes out ina spray. Just put on 2 sprays and it will easily last for 6 hours strongly. I bought it for 18 pounds and have use dup half a bottle. I have pnly had it for 4 weeks but i use it alot. I Reccomend this if you like nice, sharp clean smells. ...

Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Him 29/12/2006

the newest lacoste is brilliant

Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Him I think that this lacoste is really nice. It has a light smell to it but a few sprays and it lasts for ages. The bottle is really cool and looks expensive and posh.I think that nightime use can be used but day time use is the main thing. Girls love it and even though im young i pulled just by wearing it. The spray lasts for ages aswell so the bottle is well worth the money. I dont really know how to put it. If you like light, fruity smells then get this today. I guranteee you will like it and if you dont then you wont hate it because it is jsut a nice smell. The staying power is execelent and dosen't sting at all. Overall a really nice aftershave.

Chanel Allure Homme 01/05/2006

lovely smell great aftershave

Chanel Allure Homme Chanel allure is one of those aftershaves that has the smell which can potentially be your favourite aftershave. The smell is really manly but sweet at the same time and there is a lot of quality in thos aftershave. The first time i smelt it when it was bought for men i thought this is really me and i could smell it in my nose for hours! The smell smells liek a mix between ck one and drakkar noir if u have smelt that! The bottle is really modern and quite cool and classic. If u like masculine smells that women love then buy this as u will be pulling all over the place. I once had a 75 year old say i smell gorgeous! This is a big yes from me.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette Spray, Le Male Eau de Toilette 23/04/2006

Buy this baby u wont regret it

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette Spray, Le Male Eau de Toilette Well where do i start this le male is fantastic. The bottle looks cool and it smells so unique that it is easily recognisable. The smell The smell is llike mints which are really light and is like when u put some on it is now your skin smell.It is really suitable for people aged from about 16-40. It is not a classic smell but very modern and it is for outgoing people. The bottle The bottle is like a mans torso and loks magnificent on your bathroom cabinet. It makes you feel quite cool that you own a bottle like that and the colour of it is light blue which goes with that fragance. How long does it last? The aftershave lasts well on you and lasts all day. At first is is strong yet light if you know what i mean. Then after about 3 hours it dies down to be a nice warm smell. So overall this is a fine fragance and should be in the cupboard of every modern man.

Hugo Boss Hugo for Men 22/04/2006

1 word quality...

Hugo Boss Hugo for Men I was bought hugo boss as a birhtday present and it has been m favourite now for a long time. When you first smell it it oozes in quality and it makes you think it is really expensive. The bottle looks cool and sophisticated and the smell makes you feel relaxed and for some reason like you've been in a deserted ocean. This isn't a common smell and when someone wears it you know it can only be hugo boss. The bottle is execelent value for money and is only about £16 for 40 ml edt from boots. A big thumbs up from me. The ladies love it, the Men love it so go buy your other half some today.

Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling 22/04/2006

The best of the bunch!

Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling Well where do i start this is a great book. Jk Rowling has made me appreciate how hard she works with this one. This book makes me feel like im there, like im capturing the emotion of all the characters. This story is more powerful then the ohter ones and it finishes greatly to get people in suspense for what is going to happen in book 7. I think Harry and Ginny are a perfect couple and JK has made me believe that in the next book they will ge back togehter. This book is also good because it CAN make you cry if you are sensitve because of the nature of the ending. Lets hope the next installmwnt is better than this. Jk has got her work cut out!

Joop Homme Aftershave 22/04/2006

Get some now!

Joop Homme Aftershave I have 1 thing to say get this aftershave. It comes in a pik bottle and it somehow still looks masculine. I first got this last year and i thought im only going to the shops ill put 2 sprays on. So i put 2 sprays on and it fills m bedroom and 2 girls commented on it saying they must get there boyfriend some. The smell is a sweet smell and a bit too sweet when you first put this on but it soons dies down to be a lovely aroma tha fills your whole body after a couple of sprays. It is quite expensive but worth it at about £20 for 30 ml bottle of the edt and about £35 for the 75ml. Go on treat yourself to some!

Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette 22/04/2006

A all time classic!

Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette This is my first ever review so i hope i get it right! My dad bought me a bottle of this for christmas and when i first smelt it i thought it was very light and very nice. I have to say it makes you smell like someone who is very happy with life and stuff like that. The smell is citrus with a hint orange and makes u feel happy and other people around you. When i first wore it people kept saying how nice i smel and it lasted a good 5 hours strong before starting to fade and turn into a smell that has been there all day. So overall but this product because it suits anybody and it is a classic smell.
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