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Blurb got under my skin I would like in some way to add myself to a huge list of Blurb fans. I've been with Blurb for three years now starting with a humble 40 pages standard paper softcover book in March 2009... What a journey! Never stopped since. Three years ago, when I suddenly felt overwhelmed by the 10th of thousands of digital photos on my computers, back-up CDs/DVDs everywhere in the cupboards and the drawers mixed up with the piles of random printed photos, never being able to look at them properly myself or show to anyone else, I started to search the internet for photo book printing services and that was when I came across Blurb. Blurb was about 8th in ranks among photo book self-publishers then, mainly because of the high price but the quality was very highly rated. Their website was professional indeed and one can immediately spot that they have more to offer than any superdrug type store. You might be taken aback when you read on line that they are for professional photographers mainly! Don't be mistaken. If you have a digital camera and a computer and a bit of time on your hands then it is as much for you as for anybody else! Blurb offers free software for both Mac and PC for making wide range of books. At the beginning I did stick with their own tools for layouts and templates but, once you get a grip, and it doesn't take long, the possibilities get truly endless! I started with 2009 photo and diary book projects quickly working my way through the photo storage back to the pre-digit ...
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