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Star Magazine 06/10/2008

Cheap and Trashy, just how I like it!

Star Magazine Like all girls I love my celebrity gossip magazines and spend an absolute fortune buying them. I like everything from Hello and Ok to Heat, Closer and Star. Why do I buy them? Well the lives of celebrities' interests me and I love to read the ins and outs of who is up to what with whom and so on. They are also very easy to read and keep me occupied on my journey too and from work, in the bath or during my lunch break when I just want to leave the real world behind and disappear into a world of fairytales and fantasies. I am not that big a fan of reading books and novels, they just don't interest me, so whilst other people are happy to spend a few pound on a book, I prefer to spend the same amount on some magazines. Star magazine can best be described as a weekly celeb filled magazine which costs £1 and is available in most supermarkets and newspaper shops. It consists of around 120 pages which are full to the brim with tit for tat stories on everyone from the very exclusive 'A' list right down to the not so exclusive 'Z' list complete with shenanigans and tales of woe and is very similar to Heat magazine except for the difference in price. The one thing I like about Star Magazine is the way in which it is written and that is of a trashy nature, unintelligent language, lots of pictures and very similar in style to your below average tabloid newspaper such as The Daily Star of whom this magazine has the same publisher. This week I was treated to two magazines for 99p ...

LA-Tweez Illuminating Tweezers 14/05/2008

You little plucker!

LA-Tweez Illuminating Tweezers Every girl wants to look her best and the one thing that irritates me with women is the over grown bushy eyebrows, the Liam Gallagher mono brow specials which are where it looks like you have only one eyebrow. Ladies there is never a need to look like that. The number of times I have wanted to stop someone in a street and pluck their eyebrows is quite scary and on this issue I do border neurotic. For me eyebrows are one of the most important features upon the face because they frame and enhance your eyes, whatever their shape or colour and as a girl who likes to flutter her eyelashes to get attention, having a mono-brow is not an option. Now for the task of eyebrow plucking, you can just use an ordinary 99p pair of tweezers which will do the job you want them to do. However, I am not one to settle for the ordinary and always want something a little different, that stands out and catches my attentions whilst promising to do the job I want it to do. Let me introduce you to La-Tweez. La Tweez are Stainless steel tweezers with a built-in LED spotlight and the spotlight illuminates upon your brow when in use so that when you look in the mirror you can see every little hair. I initially bought La-Tweez because they came in a cute pink lipstick shaped case which I can carry around in my handbag at all times and as part of the packaging is a little mirror which magnifies your eyebrow area x2 and I like this little added extra because you can open up and use whenever you feel it ... Marketplace 18/04/2008

Buy me and I'll be coming home with you tonight. Marketplace During my student days, I spent many hours on Amazon buying all of the books I needed for my course because the prices that I got offered through this website were much cheaper than my local bookstore or any high street retailer. It wasn't until a few months ago that I rediscovered all of these books and was debating whether to take them for recycling when I came across the Marketplace on the Amazon website. For those people who are not aware, is one of the biggest online stores and they offer everything from books and DVDs to computer games and more recently jewellery and shoes. The marketplace aspect of this site is for people like you and I who have lots of unwanted books, computer games and DVDs who want to sell them on to other people and make a little of money back on our purchases. So, I found myself with piles of books ranging in genre from Chick Lit to Historical reference books so I decided to use the marketplace to offload these books onto someone else who could enjoy them as much as I had done. The marketplace section of the website is set out so that everything you need to see and read is in front of you. From the main Amazon website you just need to click on the 'Sell your stuff' link which will take you there directly. On the left hand side of the screen are all of help topics with easy to follow instructions set out under different topic headings. I found this to be really useful when I began to sell my items because I had never done it ...

Nesquik Magic Straws Chocolate 13/04/2008

Suck it and see

Nesquik Magic Straws Chocolate I love milk. Whether it is semi-skimmed, full fat I love milk but my favourite kind of milk is chocolate milk and in particular Nesquik chocolate Milk. More recently I have switched to using Nesquik magic straws call it the child in me trying to break out, but I find them to be lots of fun and I am still fascinated as to how they change the colour of my milk. These Nesquik Straws which come in two different varieties are available in most supermarkets and local convenience stores ranging in price from 89p for a packet of 4 Straws and up to £2.00 for the larger packets. Again price and availability may change depending on where you live, but I tend to buy mine in Asda or at my local convenience store hence the difference in price. They arrive in a tightly sealed plastic pouch which has the Nesquik bunny on the front of them licking his lips in anticipation of drinking his chocolate milk. I have to admit I do sometimes struggle to open the packets and end up either asking my Dad nicely to do it for me or I revert to scissors. Now Nestle, who make Nesquik, recommend that you should use one straw with at least 250ml of milk, now I am not the type of person who is going to be as pedantic as that and begin measuring out my milk to ensure I get it spot on and one of the biggest selling points these straws have tried to promote is that children should drink more milk and equally important is that you should only use cold milk and not hot milk because of the possibility that the ...

Barielle 60 Second Manicure 02/01/2008

60 seconds is all I need!

Barielle 60 Second Manicure Taking care of my hands and nails is of utmost importance to me. I like them both to look and feel good. Over a number of years I have tried many products to try and maintain the soft, smooth and healthy look. Barielle is a company recommended to me by my sister-in-law who swears by their products. Based predominantly in The USA Barielle have been around for over 25 years now and their products were devised through a treatment they formulated to treat horses and no, I'm not kidding! The product they produced was a cream used to treat damaged hooves and whilst applying it onto the horses they noticed the stark improvements to their own hands and this is what lead Barielle to refine their formula to strengthen nails and from there on in they have produced a whole host of other treatments for nails, hands, skin and feet and their products are now sold worldwide. The Barielle 60 second manicure is sold in a jar weighing 113g and costs in the region of £20 directly from their website, the front of the jar depicts the company name and horse logo on a label with a yellowy/gold background, the lid is a screw top lid which is really easy to remove and has a tight seal to ensure the cream does not dry out. Inside the jar there is a creamy coloured lotion inside which is thinner in consistency than hand cream and your normal liquid hand soap but thick enough to sit in a blob on the palm of your hand, the smell of this cream is amazingly addictive. Rather than being soapy or creamy ...

Sainsbury's Iced Lebkuchen Stars 23/12/2007

Spicier than stockings at Christmas!

Sainsbury's Iced Lebkuchen Stars I love food at Christmas time and the seasonal delights that are put out on supermarket shelves make me nearly as excited as Santa Claus visiting on Christmas Eve. This year is no exception; my mum has now succeeded in dragging me around all of the high street supermarkets in order to purchase Christmassy looking food items to keep the younger ones entertained at our family get together on Christmas Day. Last weekend I happened to go to the German Market in London's Hyde Park and there was a stall selling traditional Lebkuchen products which ranged in shape and size. Everything being sold was sweet and spicy, cake and biscuit based and the lovely man on the stall was telling people that the recipe he was using dated right back to the late 1290's. Each and every Lebkuchen cake or biscuit was decorated with icing, or alternatively sold in decorative tins that were very festive. After trying his own style Lebkuchen and absolutely loving it, I had to find buy more. The only supermarket where I could find it was Sainsburys and I have to admit, had I not been looking for them I would probably have walked straight past them on the shelves. Whilst the packaging is very pretty they don't exactly jump off the shelf shouting "buy me and try me". I couldn't wait to try them when I got home to see if they were as delicious as the ones I had tried in Hyde Park. Sainsbury's Iced Lebkuchen Stars are currently on offer in my local store, two packets are available for £1.50, a saving of ...

Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Decaffeinated 10/12/2007

A cup of old sock? No thanks!

Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Decaffeinated There is no denying it, I love coffee, and I love the taste nearly as much as the buzz I get from the caffeine. I need it in a morning to get me going and I need it throughout the day to keep me energised and focused on the tasks ahead. As a student I relied upon it to get me through writing my essays and the many hours I spent revising and now in my mid twenties I am still relying upon coffee to give me a kick up the bum. The only downside of drinking so much caffeine is the buzz it gives me and now that I don't have to be up all night studying finishing off that final closing paragraph of an essay it was time to relinquish my dependency on it. I felt that if I cut down on the amount of caffeine I consumed per day then I wouldn't wake up in a morning feeling like I had just gone to bed because of the caffeine in my system stopping and interrupting my sleep. I switched upon the advice of my mother to Nescafe Gold Blend Decaff, the same coffee that I drank but without all of the caffeine in the hope my addiction and need would subside and I would become half human again. The Nescafe brand has been around since the 1930's and I it has been a firm favourite in my parents household since I was a child. They use it religiously, unless they have a family dinner in which case the Cypriot coffee (packed with caffeine) comes out. Decaffeinated Nescafe coffee didn't become available until the late 1980's and wasn't something I had ever considered drinking if I am being totally ...

Dextro Energy 25/11/2007

An early morning disappointment!

Dextro Energy When I am in need of a quick energy boost to get me through a long day, whether it is after a good night out, a sleepness night or simply because 12 hour days at work have left me feeling lethargic I used to reach for a can of Red Bull until I found that it had the rather surprising effect of making me rather drowsy, as a fall back plan I would pop a few Pro-plus tablets but alas these also seemed not to have the desired effect of pepping me up in the slightest and indeed, a few cups of strong coffee had more of an uplifting effect. Always worried about my intake of daily caffeine and the fact that too much can leave me bouncing off the ceiling for most of the evening I decided to try the Dextro Energy tablets that were brought to my attention by Ciao and their product of the week competition. I have to say I was highly skeptical of the product as other alternative brands have done nothing but leave me disappointed and out of pocket. Thankfully these weren't that hard to locate in my local 24/7 convenience store on the counter next to the chewing gum, bubblegum and other chocolate delights that regularly tempt my fancy. Dextro Energy initially looked to me like a packet of chewits with the bright orange packaging, the only difference being instead of a green dragon you get a big head on a little body character and stripes of bright colouring on the packet along with the words "Dextro Energy" in bold writing. Each packet is coloured differently to determine their ...

Sebastian Evokativ Moist Hydrating Balance Shampoo 20/11/2007

Evocative and moist. It could be you!

Sebastian Evokativ Moist Hydrating Balance Shampoo I have been a big fan of the Sebastian hair care range for a long time now, favouring the Potion 9 over many high street brands that have a tendency to leave my hair dry, brittle and feeling limp. More recently I decided to try their shampoo and conditioners having grown tired of the one I currently used and I was most surprised that there was an entire range of shampoo's and conditioners to suit every possible hair colour, style and condition. Eager to try out a new range I quickly ordered a 250ml bottle of Evokativ Moist Hydrating Balance Shampoo. Ashamedly, I have to admit that I chose this one because the name stood out to me more than the others and because I needed something that should add or help retain the moisture in my hair. As the weather changes, my hair changes, sometimes for the better. To give an example, in the rising temperatures of Summer my hair feels bone dry, as does my scalp, so I change my shampoo accordingly, usually on the recommendation of my stylist. The Sebastian Evokatic Moist Hydrating Balance Shampoo is filled with milk proteins and Pro Vitamin B5. Pro Vitamin B5 is found in many shampoos on the market today and it penetrates the hair right from root to tip, locking in moisture that keeps hair healthy and shiny looking. It also helps to improve the condition of hair and makes it much stronger whilst keeping it soft to the touch. The main thing I have noticed since I have been using this Shampoo is that the usual build up of static after ...

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash Original 11/11/2007

Swallow? Well it is rude to spit!

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash Original Oral hygiene along with my own presentation is one of the most important things to me so I always clean my teeth twice a day without fail, sometimes three times a day if I feel particularly uncomfortable prior to attending an evening engagement. For me there is nothing worse than running your tongue over your teeth and feeling the build up of plaque and other matter that has attached itself to the enamel, it physically makes me sick. Since I stopped smoking I have been more assured by the fact that my breath stays fresh and I don't emit "Fag Ash Pour Femme" onto unsuspecting strangers in the street or on the train to work yet I continue to maintain the regimented oral hygiene routine that sees a visit to the dentist every 4 months, regular daily brushings, flossing and liberal swirlings of mouthwash. Listerine Original is the first mouthwash I can remember; my mum would always buy it and insist on my sister and me using it first thing in the morning and last thing before turning in for the night. While the dragon adverts associated with the UK's number one selling mouthwash were mildly amusing as a child, the thought of using the mouthwash sent a shiver down my spine. I just did not like it and I hadn't used it for many years until purchasing a 500ml bottle this week. As a child I can only remember the original flavour being available and as for competing brands I have to say I can't remember any others. Today is a different story, every company associated with oral ...

Bertolli Olive Oil 03/11/2007

Virgin in need of oiling

Bertolli Olive Oil Both of my parents are Greek Cypriot, needless to say olives, and in particular olive oil has been in my life for as long as I remember. My Grandmother who is in her late 80's swears by it for all different forms of use from contemporary religious reasons to skin care. It has also been said more recently that good Olive Oil acts like a painkiller and there are many health benefits to gain from using Olive Oil as it contains several forms of antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin K whilst at the same time, it doesn't contain hydrogenated fats that we read and hear about in news stories which are bad for the body. In its place are good monounsaturated fatty acids. It can help to reduce high cholesterol in some people with the help of the antioxidants and it can when used to cook a balanced diet also help to lower blood pressure. In today's market Olive Oil has become extremely popular and my family are particularly fond of the Bertolli range of oils. My personal favourite is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Why? Because it is nothing but the juice extracted from the Olive itself, there are no chemicals involved and no heat, it is just a completely natural process that means that the taste isn't interfered with or enhanced with any artificial flavours. The Bertolli range is historically Italian and they use olives grown in the Mediterranean between November and February, the best time of the year to obtain the ripest, juiciest olives and it definitely ...

Mentos Fruit Sugarfree 14/10/2007

Mentos won't send you mental

Mentos Fruit Sugarfree I always carry something to chew in my handbag and it differs from cherry drops, soft mints to my new favourite Mentos depending on what is available in my local shop as I pass it on my way to work. Never being one to pass up the opportunity to try something new recently I decided to change from my usual brand of fruity Mentos and dabbled with the sugar free version. Less sugar equals healthier surely, which in turn means more benefits for my teeth and me without compromising on taste. Mentos are sold as chewy dragee, which in English translates to a chewy sweet with a hard shell and a soft chewable centre. Mentos come in a range of flavours such as mint, fruit, spearmint and the sugar free variety. The sugar free variety are sold in one of those small flip top cardboard box enclosed in a sealed cellophane wrapper in the same way Tunes have been repackaged. I find this type of packaging makes them much easier to carry around in my handbag without having the hassle of the paper wrapping and loose sweet being left undiscovered for months on end. The box itself is a deep red colour with the word Mentos clearly displayed diagonally across the front of the box in large dark blue letters to make them instantly recognizable. Below the word Mentos is 'sugar free' along with the flavour, in this case 'Fruit'. One of the main ingredients in these Mentos is Xylitol, a sugar substitute that occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables such as berries, mushrooms and oats. Now ...

Imperial Leather Thai Fusion Bath Moments (Pomegranate & Hibiscus MilkP 10/10/2007

Take me to heaven!

Imperial Leather Thai Fusion Bath Moments (Pomegranate & Hibiscus MilkP My perfect evening is a hot steamy bath, a glass of chilled wine, and some aromatherapy candles. I am quite particular about what bubble bath I choose to have to my bath, as much as I would love to have the luxury of shopping at Lush weekly I can't afford to, so instead I tend to stick to the high street brands. Tesco have got some brilliant offers on currently when it comes to Bubble bath and whenever they have an offer on there is usually something new to try or a BOGOF offer of something I like. Tesco didn't let me down and whilst I was doing my weekly shopping in their superstore I came across a new limited edition Imperial Leather product that I just had to try. The bottle itself looked like the rest of the products but the label on the front is different to allow it to stand out amongst the other limited edition products within this range. Selling their products to potential customers as "one of life's little luxuries" Imperial Leather, now owned by Cussons the makers of the well known brand of soap have always got a new and interesting product to try. Recently added to their collection of goodies have been the Limited Edition Indian Spice Bath Moments and Limited Edition Japanese Spa Bath Moments both of which have had limited shelf life in my bathroom. More recently however I have become a big fan of their new range which is called Thai infusions and the one particular product that I adore the smell of is "Limited Edition With pomegranate & hibiscus milk". It is ...

BeneFit Lipscription 02/10/2007

Pucker up boys!

BeneFit Lipscription Every girl wants nice soft kissable lips and I am no exception to that rule. The one issue I have with the Great British weather is its ability to dry out my skin within a few days, one minute it is hot, then it is cold and within days I am left looking pasty and flaky and in constant need of lotions and creams to make me feel good. The one thing about lips is that everyone you meet notices them whether it is to speak to them, to eat or as in my family to kiss people. It is tradition in our family to kiss each person we meet and greet on both cheeks and the last thing I want is to look like is Freddy Kruger coming in for the kill with my flaky lips. It is times like these when I can't even hide the chapped look of my lips under my lip balm or Vaseline that I needed some help and I started searching for something that could help me with my little problem. Looking online and manically searching I ventured off to my local Boots store and purchased what I think is that perfect product. Benefit Lipscription was sold to me by the girl at the Benefit counter who gave me a full demonstration on how to use the product and then the effect that it would have. I have to say I was impressed with it and didn't hesitate to hand over my £23 for two tubes, walking away with a smile on my face. The two foil tubes are presented within a Benefit brown box, on the front of which is the same logo as the Dr Feelgood range, so they are instantly recognisable. The tubes themselves are quite small ...

Skin Doctors Hair No More Pack 19/09/2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Skin Doctors Hair No More Pack I am sick of shaving my legs, using wax and Immac, all of them annoy me because hair only grows back anyway. As a woman I find it increasingly annoying that no matter what product you can buy on the market today, it doesn't keep your legs, under arms and bikini line hair free. Having tried both waxing and sugaring both of which are said to be more painful than childbirth if you have Attila the Hun ripping your hairs out I decided to try something new and revolutionary which I had seen advertised on one of those dodgy QVC look-a-like programmes and sounds as terrible as those JML adverts which have revolutionised everything from Ironing board covers to microwaving your food. Let me introduce you to 'Skin Doctors Hair No More' which claims amongst other things to "harmlessly and painlessly removes unwanted hair and can actually prevent it from growing back" and then claimed "This breakthrough in hair removal is currently the biggest selling hair removal product in Australia. A simple two-step system includes a gentle cream that removes even the most stubborn hair and a hair-inhibitor spray that starves the hair of nutrients from the root and can help hair from growing back". At this point I ordered it on the phone with my credit card quicker than you can say "prove it works". About a week later when it arrived I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a huge package (story of my life) but a smallish box and inside was a box a little smaller, white in colour which a ...
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