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Save The Last Dance (DVD) 20/04/2007

Keep on dancing

Save The Last Dance (DVD) The Story: Sara Johnson is an aspiring young ballet dancer, well on her way to making it big. That is, until her mother gets into a car crash on the way to an audition Sara made her mum promise to attend. Distraught from her mum’s death and devastated from her poor audition, Sara is forced to move to Chicago and live with her father. It’s quite a culture shock to Sara and she had trouble fitting in – a lone white face in a predominantly black school, where security checks and body searches are carried out before you’re allowed into class. A friendly face, Chenille, takes Sara under her wing and introduces her to her brother, Derek. Sara may be an established ballet dancer, but she doesn’t know any hip-hop to fit into the local dance scene. Derek befriends Sara and becomes her dance teacher. Their relationship develops due to their love of dance, but they still have a whole host of obstacles to overcome. Opinion: Julia Stiles does an excellent job playing Sara Johnson, and shows she skill as both an actress and a dancer. For someone who wasn’t classically trained in ballet before the movie started, she pulled off the intense dance sequences remarkably well. Julia Stiles also has great on-screen chemistry with Sean Patrick Thomas, the leading male. Like Julia, Sean also shows he’s a good dancer as well as actor. The pair really do make this movie work. The dance scenes in the movie are very impressive, both in the way they are carried out and incorporating such ...

Spa O2 Revitalising Body Scrub 22/02/2007

If only it worked as good as it smells

Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (DVD) 17/02/2007

I'm A Possum!

Infamous (DVD) 12/02/2007

The other Capote movie

Spa O2 Relaxing Bath And Shower Cream 02/02/2007

Cream is much better than Gel!

Spa O2 Moisturising Hand Cream 01/02/2007

Soft, yet greasy

Spa O2 Softening Foot Lotion 31/01/2007

Soft as a baby's... foot

Spa O2 Refreshing Bath and Shower Gel 31/01/2007

I smell like a herb garden

Spa O2 Grapefruit Antioxidant Soap 30/01/2007

Not Impressed

Full Scoop - Charlotte Hughes, Janet Evanovich 30/01/2007

Mmm a Full Scoop of Ice Cream Please

Full Scoop - Charlotte Hughes, Janet Evanovich In 1989 a small romance novel was released under the title of 'Second Chance at Love, No 466' and released under the pseudonym of Steffie Hall. It was only on sale for a month, and yet it became the first in a series to be known as the 'Full' series after being renamed 'Full House'. Two more books were published in the series under her true name of Janet Evanovich (Full Tilt, Full Speed). A couple of years later, Evanovich teamed up with Charlotte Hughes to continue the Full series as a co-authored work (releasing Full Blast in 2004, and Full Bloom in 2005). Now at the sixth in the series, Full Scoop was published in 2006 under the St Martin's Paperback label. PLOT Fourteen years ago, Dr Maggie Farnsworth was romantically involved with a guy named Carl Lee. Shortly after they'd separated (not before getting her pregnant) Carl Lee then went on a crime spree - killing a cop and shooting several others in an attempt to rob an ATM truck. He was sentenced to life in jail, and so Maggie got on with her life. Nowadays she resides in the small South Carolina town of Beaumont and is the local paediatrician. At home she lives with her 13year old daughter and their menagerie of animals (chickens, rabbits, a goat… all payment at one time or another for her medical services). Life is moving along fine and dandy until one day she receives news that Carl Lee has escaped, and rumour has it he is on his way to visit her, and collect fourteen years of debt. Help comes to hand for Maggie ...

Love Overboard - Janet Evanovich 29/01/2007

Anchors Away!

The Rocky Road To Romance - Janet Evanovich 22/01/2007

Not Ben&Jerry's quality, but still a Rocky Road

Manhunt - Janet Evanovich 22/01/2007

Not so much of a 'Man hunt'

Hannah Montana 17/01/2007

The other side of me

Cars Road Race Game with Jellies 16/01/2007

(Almost) guilt free pleasure

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