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Morrisons (Shop) 26/04/2008

Morrisons is past its 'use by' date

Morrisons (Shop) How does the advert go ... More reasons to shop at Morrisons ... What a joke. I confess to being a normal ASDA shopper but visit Morrisons on the odd occasion if in the area and in need of a bit of shopping. Today, however, I can honestly say is probably the last time I will buy anything edible from there. I thought it was bad enough when I was trying to find a bag of Iceberg lettuce with a BBF date later than yesterday (25 April), but imagine my horror when I got home and discovered that one of the yoghurts that I had bought for my 2-year old had a 'use by date' of 21 April 2008, bear in mind that today is 26 April, so it is 5 days out of date!!!!! I telephoned the store and spoke to the 'stand-in' manager as neither the manager nor assistant manager was in store today. She was a little concerned at the out of date stock but not overly bothered, and told me that if I took my receipt in to store that I could get a refund and the matter would be discussed, this was probably because I informed her that I do write reviews for an online review site. I told her that I didn't live locally and it wasn't worth driving back for the sake of 45p, but that I wanted to verbally complain and for the matter to be forwarded to the manager. I cannot believe that a big supermarket like Morrisons, who seem to have staff hanging around in droves, does not check the expiry dates on a regular basis. I know sometimes you can overlook the dates when buying but you know that you have at least a ...

Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispenser 13/02/2006

Tommee Tippee's simple but brilliant innovation

Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispenser I bought these milk storage dispensers on a recent trip to Boots, immediately I thought that they were an absolutely brilliant idea and at £1.99 for 3 how could I not try them. They are little plastic containers which have a little 2 piece lid. The idea of these dispensers is that you can carry your bottles of formula around unmade until you need them, then you mix the milk with the water at the time of feeding rather than having to carry around made up milk in 'cooling bottle bags'. You fill your bottle with the required cooled boiled water i.e. 5ozs. You then put the required scoops of dry milk powder in the tommee tippee dispenser, pop on the lid and the dispenser hangs inside the bottle over the neck. You can then screw on the bottle ring and teat with lid to take with you on your travels, keeping the milk nice and dry until needed. It really is an ingenious idea but so simple. The nearest thing I have had to these is a little sectioned container which holds 3 portions of dried milk. The trouble with this is that if you only need one bottle you have to take the whole container, whereas these little beauties can be used individually. The box does say that they hold up to 8 scoops but in my opinion they would only hold 7 and that is at a push as I put in 6 and it is nearly at the top. The lid is designed so that you can simply remove the top part and you are left with a sort of funnel top which makes pouring the milk into the bottle easier and less messy. I use ...

Tomy Winnie The Pooh Moonlight Dreamshow 13/02/2006

Winnie the Pooh Moonlight dreamshow

Tomy Winnie The Pooh Moonlight Dreamshow I bought this cot toy as I wanted something which my baby would find familiar and soothing at bedtime. What I did get with this was an annoying tune which thankfully only lasted five minutes and had no volume control. The images it projects look nothing like the picture shows in the argos catalogue. The beauty of this device however, is that it is noise activated so if your baby is still not asleep within five minutes (not many babies are) and he/she starts crying because the music has stopped, then it will start up again. My baby found this far from soothing, mainly I think because it was at one volume level which was quite loud - not what you want when you're trying to drop off to sleep! This toy looks attractive, it is made of a hard plastic casing which has a picture of winnie the pooh in a moonlit scene with Piglet and Tigger and projects images of butterflies, bees and stars mainly (which can also be seen lit up on the actual toy). It costs around £18.99 and can be purchased from most places. It takes 4 AA batteries and fits very securely to the cot. If, like my baby, yours is first in a moses basket, it can be free-standing on a flat surface to achieve the same projected images on the ceiling. I personally took this toy back and exchanged it for the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquariam which I am very pleased with and will review at a later date. ...

Tommee Tippee Steam Steriliser Starter Kit 12/02/2006

Tommee Tippee Steam Steriliser Starter Kit

Tommee Tippee Steam Steriliser Starter Kit I bought the Tommee Tippee Steam Steriliser Starter Kit instead of any other simply because it was on sale and I trusted the Tommee Tippee name. After getting it home and having a good look at it, I realised that it did actually look attractive (for a steriliser that is). It seemed slimline and modern. It came with a bottle brush, tongs, 3 feeding bottles (one of which was a heat sensor bottle) and a non-spill easiflow cup.. I didn't use it until my baby was 9 weeks old as I exclusively breastfed up until that time. My first experience was a bit of a disaster. The steriliser comes with a lidded basket within which holds teats, lids etc. This comes apart at the slightest touch and if it isn't in exactly correctly it is prone to falling within the steriliser. After sussing this little problem out, I set about pouring in the water; this steriliser comes in two parts; the main body of the steriliser and the bottom section which you pour the water into and which holds the actual 'steamer' device. The power supply is attached to this bottom section. So far so good, the steriliser is loaded with bottles, teats etc. After 8 minutes the automatic buzzer goes off to let me know it is done. One good thing about this steriliser is that you can set it to remind you when the 3 hours sterilising period is up; this means you have to re-sterilise if you haven't removed the items from the steriliser by this time. OK, so I turn the steriliser off at the plug to avoid it beeping at me ...

Olay Active Hydrogel 13/05/2005

Olay Active Hydrogel

Olay Active Hydrogel I think my quest for the perfect day moisturiser has stopped at Olay active hydrogel, and the funny thing is I stumbled upon it quite by accident. After a recent trip to Boots I was pleased to receive a free voucher for the value of certain skincare products including Olay. After trying to find my normal daily moisturiser and having no luck, I picked up the 'Active Hydrogel', wow I thought a day moisturiser in a gel. As I'd never tried a facial gel before I thought I'd give it a whirl. I currently use a hydrating night cream so thought it would work along the same lines i.e. hydrating my skin hence less dryness. Also, as it cost £5.25, I thought I couldn't lose at paying 25p for a well-known brand of moisturiser. To my disappointment, when I got to the till, the lady told me that the voucher didn't cover that particular product. As a queue was forming behind me I couldn't be bothered with the fuss and paid the full £5.25, and how glad I am that I didn't put it back. Not only is it easy to apply, but it is cool on application, and virtually seems to be absorbed by your skin immediately, this leaves less time to wait before applying your make-up. I was so sick of heavy day moisturisers which basically left your face feeling greasy even after your make-up had been applied. The hydrogel works immediately and I can honestly say it has removed an annoying dry patch which I have had at the side of my nose for the last 6 months, and that was after only 5 days of application ...

BT Quartet 2000 12/04/2004

BT Quartet 2000

BT Quartet 2000 I bought this phone a few years ago as it was on sale at around £40. It looked very modern and I thought very compact so it could be put basically anywhere. The handset comes with a charger which is a like a little seat for the phone to rest on, this plugs into the main socket only. In addition to this you have an ugly looking receiving box which about 13cm x 13cm in size and has an intrusive aerial stuck up out of this. This box has to be positioned in such a place so that it can be connected both to a mains socket and a BT connection point. After a few months of use, I noticed that the top layer of the buttons on the phone has started to rub away, and the colour beneath the top layer was a completely differerent shade of grey. The phone also mis-connects very frequently. You dial the number and once you press the green button to call, it acts as if its ringing (i.e. the displays shows the number of seconds) but the phone doesn't actually connect. This can happen more than once a day. On the up side, the phone is attractive and does have direct link to the BT services such as friends and family, by simply pressing one button. The address book holds up to 10 names but is not very flexible with how the names are stored. ...

Morphy Richards Opera Two Slice Toaster 12/04/2004

Morphy Rihcards Opera digital 2 slice toaster

Morphy Richards Opera Two Slice Toaster I bought this toaster when I bought my matching opera kettle (review also written previously). This toaster is a modern little number but without all the technicalities. It comes in a range of colours; black, silver, green and blue (to match the kettles). I personally chose black as a change from white. The outer casing is black with a silver display and trim. It comes complete with a bun warmer and has a nice shape, so it fits neatly on the worktop. It is easy to clean and has a crumb tray which can be emptied easily. One of the best things about it in my opinion, is that it toasts frozen bread - theres nothing worse than waking up to realise you've no bread, and the loaf is still in the freezer undefrosted. It is great! You just pop the frozen bread in the toaster, press the frozen button and use as normal. The other cool functions on this toaster are: vaiable browning control; variable bread slots width; reheat function (in case your toast is ready but you've answered the phone or something); it has a cancel function and a bagel function. The digital display on the front alerts you to the browning setting which you have selected, and if you have chosen one of the above functions (frozen, bagel or reheat). The very best thing about it is that once the bread is done and has popped up, the toaster beeps at you to let you know. Talk about intelligence without the fuss! All you have to do is concentrate on eating the toast. This is a definite ...

Pampers Sunnies 11/04/2004

Pampers Sunnies UV-Wipes

Pampers Sunnies Yes thats right, these are WIPES which contain water resistant sun tan lotion. As you have guessed from the manufacturer's name 'Pampers', they are primarily made for babies and small children. The bright yellow packaging is similar to a pack of wipes used to wipe babies bottoms. It contains 30 wipes which, according to the packet is equivalent to 110ml of suntan lotion. They contain lotion which has a 30 SPF with both UVA and UvB Protection. They are water resistant which is ideal for children who are just to busy to have sun tan lotion applied to their little bodies. The wipes contain vitamin E and Provitamin B5 which is kind to their skin. As the lotion is within the wipe, it is easy and fast to apply with little mess. Once the white colour has disappeared you know the child has full coverage. The ideal waiting time for the water resistance to take effect is 20 minutes. In my experience 2 - 3 wipes is enough for each application which includes body and face. They are very easy to store, and can be packed away neatly into any changebag or rucksack which makes life a lot easier when on the go. They retail at around £4.98 per pack but when comparing against bottles of sun tan lotion they're a little bit pricey but not too much. ...

Virgin Vie Detox Shampoo 11/04/2004

Spring Clean Detox Shampoo by Virgin Vie

Virgin Vie Detox Shampoo I first bought this shampoo at a friend's Virgin Vie party, mainly to get a reasonable selection of items at a reasonable cost. The shampoo was £5.00 and although a little pricey for shampoo, I thought as it was a detox shampoo I would really only need to use it once a week as the the bottle says to 'Give your regular shampoo a rest and treat your hair to a detoxifying spring clean'. The bottle is very modern looking and holds 250ml of shampoo. It has a good closing clip on the bottom of the bottle which prevents spillage and stands upright on basically any surface. The smell is divine, making me think of fresh summer evenings abroad. It has a fresh melony type of smell which is very refreshing and clean. It lathers up very well, and even on my fine hair detangles pretty well. Once rinsed it gives the feeling of a deep cleansed shampoo as if you've just had your hair washed at a salon. It doesn't claim to remove styling build up but to me, it does feel like it has. It doesn't specify a hair type so I assume it is meant for ALL hair types which is good news for all users. The smell remains in your hair even after drying which is an added bonus. I think this is one of many excellent products by Virgin Vie. ...

Asda Good for you! Lemon Mousse 30/01/2004

Good for you, your purse & your diet

Asda Good for you! Lemon Mousse For the last 4 weeks I've been on a calorie counted diet, and have had trouble finding food and drink which I can consume and be within my calorie limit. Can you imagine my surprise to find a dessert which is low in calories, low in cost and tastes fablous. What is this product I hear you say, well its ASDA's Good for you! Lemon Mousse. They come in a pack of 4 and cost just 66p - thats right 66p for 4! Each carton is 62.5g in weight. They are described as 'A light, sweet, creamy lemon mousse made with real lemon juice, sugars and sweeteners'. There is no violation of the Trade's Description Act here, as it is very light, sweet (but not too sweet) and very creamy (Yum!). It has only 72 calories a pot, which, when you compare a slice of toast with Jam, is about 120 calories, you can guess which I'd choose as an after meal sweet. It is Gluten free and has no preservatives. It is basically the dieters dream light dessert. Thumbs up to ASDA who have restored my faith in the theory that not everything low-cal tastes foul. ...

Morphy Richards Opera Cordless Jug Kettle 05/09/2003

Whistle while you work

Morphy Richards Opera Cordless Jug Kettle I started looking for a new kettle when I recently had my kitchen re-fitted. I was desperate to find a kettle which was not WHITE like my old one. I looked around and all that seemed to be on the market were stainless steel or white. So it was a refreshing change to find the Morphy Richards Opera cordless kettle which was available in a variety of colours including; graphite, white, silver, blue and green. I chose the graphite as it was different, the body of the kettle was black but the base and the on/off switch were coloured silver. This matched my new black hob perfectly. The price was also very attractive, I got it on sale at the Co-op but the normal rrp is approximately £29.50 which compared to the stainless steel kettles that seemed to have taken over the market at the moment, is just over half the price of an average kettle. The kettle has a twin water level guage which illuminates when the kettle is on, it has a 360 degree cordlesss operation which means it doesn't matter which way you put the kettle on the base, its the right way. It has a spout filter to keep limescale out of your drink, and the best part is that it whistles once the water has boiled. This is great if you have nipped into the room next door to do something else - you can hear when its boiled. If this feature drives you mad however, you can turn it off at the base. It is also very fast to boil. In my opinion it is a very easy to use kettle which has a classic shape but in a modern colour. ...

Mothercare Challenger Car Seat 20/07/2003

Challenged to fit the Challenger car seat

Mothercare Challenger Car Seat What can I say, I’ve never bought a child car seat before so can’t compare, what I can do is give you a rundown on this particular model. After looking at various car seats and getting very confused as there really wasn’t much difference between about 12 of them, we opted for the Mothercare Challenger model which is from birth but which we used from when our daughter was about 6 months as we had a car seat from birth as part of her travel system pram. It came in one colour at the time when I bought it and that was a very tasteful light lime green and navy check pattern. It came complete with a body pad and chest pads, which gave it that extra bit more in terms of comfort and safety. It cost £69.99 which at the time was about average for a basic car seat with no singing dancing extras. It can be fitted rear-facing from birth to 13kg and forward facing from 9kg to 18kg. It uses a 3 point seat belt. In a forward facing position the seat can be reclined in a choice of five positions to make it comfortable for the child. To do this is easy enough, you just lift and pull forward a lever which is located under the front of the seat. This releases a lock which enables the seat to recline or move back to the upright position. The seat is then locked in the desired position by releasing the lever. The downside I found to this was when the car seat was in its fully reclined position the body harness would constantly get twisted in the workings of the chair which meant that ...

Huggies Nappies 06/07/2003

Huggies Freedom Nappies - Thumbs Down :(

Huggies Nappies HUGGIES FREEDOM NAPPIES M/L Maxi Plus £12.43 for a box of 84 (3 packs of 28) I have always bought Pampers but on my last shopping trip, the multipack boxes of Pampers were sold out so I bought a box of 3 packs of Huggies freedom Nappies, in Maxi Plus size for my 17 month old daughter. The first thing I noticed about them was the actual surface area of the nappy when opened out. I was convinced it wasn't going to fit, even though they were the right sized nappies for her weight. After a bit of a struggle I managed to get the nappy fastened but I had to fasten it quite tight around her tummy in order for there not to be gaping gaps at the top of her legs. I normally change my daughter's nappy every 2-2.5 hours depending on how much she's drunk. With the Huggies I had to keep changing her after about 45 minutes as the urine didn't disperse evenly within the nappy and created a huge soggy lump at one side of the nappy which leaked through to the bottom of her body suit every time she wee'd whch also meant changing her bodysuits numerous times a day. The sticky tapes on wo of the nappies (out of separate packs but the same box) ripped off when fastening, they just came off in my hand when pulling the tape around to fasten. The quality of the nappy in general were really shabby looking with faded parts in the back part of the nappy, and whenever I changed her, the nappy always seemed to have slipped down quite far and left pink outlines where the edge of the nappy had ...

Clinique Touch Base for Eyes 04/07/2003

Really does keep eyeshadow on for longer

Clinique Touch Base for Eyes I bought this product after it was recommended by the clinique sales assistant when having a practice wedding makeover. As I was getting married abroad I wanted anything and everything that would prevent my makeup from disappearing in the soaring heat of the Caribbean on my wedding day. The sales assistant applied the touchbase before the eyeshadow and at first I didn't actually know that she'd applied it as it was very light to wear and I thought it was one of the eyeshadows. She explained that it was a touch base that keeps the eyeshadow on for longer and stops it falling into the creases of your eyelids although it can be worn alone as a colour shadow. Yeah right I thought what a sales pitch if ever I've heard one. However, after leaving the shop with a couple of other clinique purchases I decided to test this eye base out by seeing how long the eyeshadow lasted in good condition. To cut a long story short it lasted all day in immaculate condition, so I went back and bought it. It comes in a little compact complete with mirror in the usual green clinque colour. It is a creamy shadow that won't smear, fade, or crease. It can be used alone or as a base. I apply it with my fingers and it is very easy to apply. As it can be worn alone it comes in 8 shades; Buff Lighting, Canvas, Moon Lighting, Nude Rose, Eye Light, Petal Shimmer, Silver Lighting and Up Lighting. It costs £10 which for the job it does is well worth its money especially as it can be used as an eye ...

Johnson and Johnson Intouch 03/07/2003

Stay 'In touch' with your sleeping baby

Johnson and Johnson Intouch We rec'd the Johnson and Johnson 'In touch' Baby Monitor free when we purchased our cot, and its got to be the best freebie we've ever had. Its so easy to use. The parental unit has a sound sensitive moving light display and a 9 point volume control. Both units have a 2 channel selection to avoid interference which is a great comfort to us to hear our baby without any other noises. The sound is very clear and good quality. They are both very compact and have plenty of wire so they can be positioned wherever you want them to. The baby unit has a dim night light which is a comfort to our baby when awakening in the night. Normal retail price of this product when we rec'd it was approximately £29 which, for what the product is like, is well worth the money. I think any product which gives piece of mind is worth purchasing whatever the price. ...
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