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Peugeot 28/04/2004

The Garage from Hell

Peugeot Anyone who has read my op on my Peugeot 206 will know that there is no love lost between me and it. But one of my main reasons that I swear I will never own another one is due to my experiences at the dealerships! I get my car regularly serviced at my local Peugeot dealer in Woking, Surrey. In fact my last service was in January - just routine but I also mentioned that the car was prone to lurching intermittently and would they check it over. The minor service took all day (car was there from 8am to 6pm) and I was promised that everything was fine and I had nothing to worry about. They had plugged their computer into the engine and there were no faults recorded. I drove off relieved, if somewhat puzzled by the £200+ bill! Three months after my "all-clear" service the car broke down and I ended up being towed to the dealers as the recovery service couldn't get me re-started. I rang the dealer from the tow truck and advised them I was on my way. When I got there I was told that they wouldn't be able to look at the car for at least 10 days and they were unable to lend me a courtesy car. Apparently you have to be able to "foresee" breakdowns and ideally book them in!!!!! I work 20 miles from home,so asked how they envisaged me getting to work - the service assistant smirked and said "book some holiday Miss". Easier said than done!! I have had numerous, costly problems with this car including a fire under the bonnet, but they have no records of any of these ...

Peugeot 206 1.4 26/04/2004

Why Did I Buy This Car....

Peugeot 206 1.4 I've now owned my Pug 206 for nearly 3 years - the only reason I've still got it is because I'm tied to the finance agreement until May this year - hurrah! I had drooled over the 206 since the first time I saw it advertised in a magazine as a "coming soon" and knew I wanted one. I sold my car and went to the dealer to test drive one - and that was it I was truly in love! I found the one I wanted - metallic red, 1.4LX, fog lights, sunroof, previous demonstration model and I purchased it. I drove off one happy chick!!! After about a week, I noticed that the seal around the drivers door had split, so back to the dealer for a new one. Two months later whilst driving home late at night disaster struck. My lights, fan and radio all stopped working and then all came back on again. I pulled over and noticed purple, smelly smoke coming out of the dashboard - so I jumped out of the car and called the AA. They towed me home and I called Peugeot Assistance who came out the following morning. I was towed to the dealer with no power steering, no window wipers, no lights, no fan and no electrics at all. They scratched their heads, gave me a lift to work and said they'd call me. As the day went on, I heard nothing and started to worry about what they'd found. By late afternoon they called and said there had been a fire under the dashboard and I needed a complete new dash - at the cost of £400+VAT+labour! Luckily my warranty was valid and I paid nothing! A few months went by ...

Everything that starts with S ... 05/04/2004

New Challenge

Everything that starts with S ... A. If you'd been born a girl instead of a boy or vice-versa, do you know what name(s) your parents would have given you? Apparently I would have been Andrew or Adam, but the name I've got now wasn't on the short list - so who can tell???!!! Hormones I guess!! B. Do you share a birthday with anyone famous? Princess Diana is the only one I know of C. Marmite, do you love it or hate it? Yeuk - I hate it. My fiance and cat love it though! Can't even stand the smell of it! D. What book are you currently reading, or have you finished recently? Last book I read was Birdsong and I loved it. Not reading anything at the moment - can't seem to stay awake long enough!!! E. Have you ever had your name in the newspaper (other than hatch, match and despatch or exam results listings)? For amateur dramatics and dancing competitions! F. What is your local MP called and which party do they represent ? I believe its John Kingsbury - Conservatives, but I wouldn't bet my life on it! G. Heinz or HP Baked Beans, which do you prefer ? Got to be Heinz. I'm devoted to Heinz for beans and soup! H. What's your favourite slang word for money ? Dosh - whatever I call it I've never got enough!! I. What's your favourite 'Only Fools And Horses Moment' ? Got to be when Del Boy is in the yuppie bar with Trigger and falls through the hatch. I always know its coming and crack up before it happens! J. Delia Smith or Nigella Lawson ? Nigelle Lawson - find ...

Everything that starts with D ... 02/04/2004

More stuff about ME

Everything that starts with D ... Another challenge #Time now 12.08pm #How is the weather Looks quite bright out - but chilly. #Name Liz #Age 26 #Eyes Bluey/green - told their my best feature #Hair Annoying - trying to grow it and its driving me mad #Height 5ft 11 - too tall #Weight Cheeky - about right for my height - that's all I'm saying!! #Do you live in a house or flat or what In a nice little house. #How many bedrooms Three. #Favourite room in the house and why My conservatory - love to chill out with music and/or a book out there #Best thing about your body It all still works and is all in the right places!! #Worst thing about your body Too tall! #How many kiddies None - well just my fiance! #How many brother and sisters I'm the only one. #How many relationships in your lifetime Only 2 serious ones - but a few others along the way #How many fillings None - got a good set of gnashers me! #How many piercings and where One in each ear and my belly button too! #How many finger rings 4 - my engagement ring, 2 opal rings and a gold band on my little finger #Favourite Colour Blue - any shade #Favourite Shop Any London Department store #Favourite Cake Black forest gateau #Favourite Designer In an ideal world I'd always wear Armani!!! #Favourite Restaurant La Perla - in Kings Road, SW6 #Favourite Alcoholic Beverage Archers #Favourite Non-Alcoholic Beverage Orange fanta #Favourite Sweet/Choc Whole ...

PC World (Shop) 02/04/2004

Help me.......please

PC World (Shop) Our old computer, bless it, died recently and in this day and age it was a must that we needed a replacement. Not only did we have a surprise party to organise which involved emailing maps off to people but I needed to do some work!! We took ourselves off to one of these out of town retail parks in Guildford where they had a PC World and a Currys. First stop was PC World - we made our way to the home pcs and evaluated price, packages and design. To the untrained eye, which is definitely what we've got (!!), I couldn't see the difference between the pc priced at £799 and the one at £999. I left my partner standing by the computers and went off in search of a sales person. This proved very difficult as no one seemed willing to help me, I was grunted at and told "I'm busy" - no "I'm sorry madam, I'll be over in a minute", or "I'll get someone to help you" - just grunts!!! At this stage I should have left. Eventually, we managed to collar a member of staff and if he had spoken in plain english we may have been fine - but too much "jargon" for us. All we wanted was a pc with internet connection, DVD burner and plenty of memory - but we were being told to buy this scanner, this printer, this digital camera package - if he had listened I had told him that we already had all that. Funnily enough, the printer that we were sold at PC World at the end of last year and told was "the best", "great quality" and "quick" - was also slated by the salesman!!!!!!! We left the shop, ...

Disneyland, Paris, Paris 29/03/2004

I'm a big kid

Disneyland, Paris, Paris Just got back from a short break to Eurodisney in Paris. WOW - what a great place. Travelling Travelling there is easy. I travelled by Eurostar from Waterloo and it took just under 3 hours after stopping in Ashford to pick more passengers up. There is a train - The Disney Express running every day. On arrival at Waterloo you get colour coded labels for your luggage and once you reach the other end the bags are taken from the station to your hotel, as long as you are staying on the resort, so that you can go straight into the Park. You can then check in at your hotel from 4pm. We arrived at the Park at 1.30pm and were greeted by Pluto who escorted us to the entrance gates - I thought this was really great for the kids and I know they liked it because of all the laughing and cheering. The Park We were very lucky as the Park was quiet whilst we were there - I can imagine its a nightmare in school holiday times and you'd have to be well prepared to queue for rides and photos. Every morning there are different characters out and about where you can be photographed with them and collect autographs. The costumes are fantastic as are the mannerisms of the charcters. Twice a day there are fantastic parades put on - Princess Parade at 4pm and Fantillusion at 7.30pm. These are both well worth seeing - the music and dancing are great and the floats are awesome. The evening one is particularly good as all the floats are illuminated. The Park is huge and the ...

Chicago (DVD) 02/10/2003

A sassy night in

Chicago (DVD) I had wanted to see Chicago at the cinema when it first came out, but you know what its like - its not everyone's cup of tea. My other half certainly made his feelings clear about going to watch a "musical"!!!! So as soon as the dvd came out, I was first in the queue! I bought the dvd in a supermarket and it cost me 12.99, and I have to admit its the best 12.99 I've ever spent - I can't recall how many times I have watched this film. The film is set in the 20's and centres around 2 characters - Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly played by Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones respectfully. Zeta-Jones for me is the best - she is a great singer and dances absolutely superbly. They both find themselves in prison for murder and both find themselves using the same lawyer, the slimy Billy Flynn played by Richard Gere. Without giving too much away about the storyline, it mainly centres about their plight to get out of jail and back on the stage in Chicago. It is rated as a 12 which is about right although there is slight violence, nudity and mild swearing. The soundtrack is fantastic and includes numbers such as "All That Jazz" and I guarantee you'll find your foot tapping along! Other stars in the film include Lucy Lui from Charlies Angels and Queen Latifah. This film is full of passion, great dancing and is a great one for a night in with the girls, a bottle of wine and nibbles. Enjoy!!!! ...

Truprint - Photo Processing 23/08/2003

Picture Perfect

Truprint - Photo Processing As its holiday time, I thought I'd write an op on something we all use - photo processing. I've always been one for popping into town, dropping off my films and paying through the nose for next day phot processing. This I was finding was costing me around 8 quid a go, so when a Truprint envelope dropped out of my Sunday paper (with all the other leaflets!!) I decided togive it a go. The prices are superb - from 1.99 for upto 27 exposures at 5" x 3.5" size to just 2.49 for 40 exposures at 7" x 5" size. It costs an extra 2.99 to receive your pictures on a CD and a new 35mm 36 exposure film costs just 2.49. I thought there must be a catch somewhere but there isn't - post and packing only costs 70p per film and you can pay an extra 45p for express delivery. My whole bill came to less than 5.00 and I was really surprised when my photos were back within the week. Also in the package I received was some handy stickers printed with my name and address on for my next lot of films. It really is such an easy process - all you have to do is choose the prints you want to receive and tick the relevant box, choose any extras (films, cds, extra sets), fill in your p&p and name and address, pop a cheque and your film(s) in the envelope and then pop it in a postbox - you don't even need a stamp. Then just sit back and wait for the postman!! ...

First Direct 24/07/2003

24 hour banking

First Direct I changed my bank account to First Direct about two years ago from a large High Street Bank which had been causing me troubles, and frankly its the best move I've ever made. I had to ring up with password details, personal details and such like to set up my account. Everyone I spoke to throughout this process was extremely helpful. The actual process of changing banks, such as standing orders, wages going into the new account etc was done over the phone and then I had to sign a pre-printed form to confirm the changes. There was one hiccup over this with my subscription to satellite tv going out late, but First Direct picked up the cost of that and spoke to the Sky TV customer services on my behalf. The great thing about First Direct is that you can pick up the phone at 2am and pay a bill, transfer money or check your account balance and you always speak to a human not a machine!!! They also offer a service where you can receive a text message weekly, monthly or daily showing your balance or recent transactions - and this is a free service! I probably receive a courtesy call about once every couple of months - they ask if everything is ok with the running of my account, if I need anything etc etc. Like all other banks they offer mortgages, credit cards, life insurance etc. So don't be put off. They say on their leaflets that 95% of present customers would recommend them to their friends and family - and I am certainly one of them. I would just like to ...

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser 23/07/2003

Good ridance blackheads

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser I, like a lot of people out there, suffer from those ugly black spots around my jawline and on my nose. Blackheads are so difficult to get rid off, you want to squeeze them, but are told in all the beauty mags not to, so you have to try all these different products that are on the market. I've tried alot of cleansers, and find many of them dry my skin out, so I have to use moisturiser, which in turn makes my skin oily thus creating blackheads -aaaaggggghhhhh!!!!! I bought Clean and Clear for the first time because it was on special offer in my local supermarket, and I was of the opinion that if it worked then great, but to be quite honest I didn't really hold out much hope. How wrong could I be?!!!! It is a clear liquid and when used twice a day, it really does remove those little beauties! I must admit the smell is strong, its very medicinal almost, but I guess that makes it a unisex products, so no excuse for you guys out there now! It doesn't leave your skin feeling as if you've taken layers off, infact my face does feel quite soft. The bottle comes in an attractive purple colour in a 200ml size with a flip top lid, but do be careful when splashing it on your cotton wool as it is likely to go all over your bathroom floor!!!! I paid £3.49 for it, but I have seen it on sale for up to £3.89, so do shop around. This is the only product I've used from the Clean and Clear range, but it really is worth a try. ...

Argos (Shop) 21/07/2003

Everything under one roof

Argos (Shop) I've just done the most stressful thing ever - moved house. I have vowed never to do it again, but I know I will!!! I knew I would need some new furniture so once most of my boxes were unpacked I grabbed my ever handy Argos book and searched through to see what I was going to get. After hours of measuring and imagining, I plumped for 2 corner units, a large book case, a nest of tables and a CD tower, all in pine. Off I trundled down to Argos, and I came home with the tables and tower and had the other items on an 18 day home delivery wait. The following evening, my other half put the items together and we were really chuffed with them and eagerly awaited the other items to arrive. The 18 day wait turned out to be 10, so we were really pleased and we were told we'd have an am slot which was between 7.30am and 1pm. As always I'd hoped for a delivery before I went to work, but they told me they'd ring me at work half an hour before they'd be there and then I could pop home and take the delivery. Well, 1pm came and I was not sure whether to go out for lunch or wait around in the office, but then I was called and told the drivers were running late and would be with me for 2pm, so I popped out for a sandwich and then went home for 2pm. By 2.30pm, I was getting a little stressed and decided to ring Argos, they got hold of the driver and told me they were just round the corner, so I rang work and hung on for a bit, but by 3pm I really knew I had to be back at work, so I ...

McCain Micro-Toastie 21/07/2003

Quickie Toastie

McCain Micro-Toastie Whilst visiting my local supermarket the other day I came across this new microwavable toasted sandwich by Mccain, as I was quite peckish and I knew my other half would be when he got home from work, I chucked the small packet in my trolley. I got home, read the instructions and popped it into the freezer until I needed it. We decided we'd give the toastie a go mid afternoon, which I was glad about as it's hardly a lunch time portion!!!! The toastie is in actual fact two slices of bread with a filling, cut into two diamonds, so take my advice buy a packet each, or just don't share!!!! I went for the cheese and ham filling, which was ok, but the cheese was a bit rubberery and I wouldn't have known there was ham in there unless I'd gone delving for it!!! As quick snacks go, this product is not bad. Its easy to do - takes about 2 mins in the microwave, needs no washing up and is edible. I think I paid about £1.25 for the packet, so its also pretty cheap. ...

Greggs the Bakers (Shop) 22/05/2003

Yummy lunchtimes

Greggs the Bakers (Shop) Its not often that I walk into town in my lunchbreak, but when I do, I only head for one place for my sarnie and thats Greggs! They sell a variety of lunchtime nibbles - bloomer sandwiches, pasties, warm pizza breads, cakes, donuts, soup and drinks. They also carry a few varieties of bread, which is handy if you don't want to queue at the supermarket!!!! The prices of their food is extremely good value - I usually go for the "Bloomer Offer" which is a well filled sandwich (comes in many flavours such as ploughmans, chicken salad, tuna mayo etc), a drink (could be fizzy or juice) and a donut (either cream or jam) for a price of £2.35 - I think this is fantastic value. If I am feeling particularly peckish, which is most of the time (!!), I go for a cheese and ham bake too! Ooooh, I'm getting hungry now!!!! The only downside is that if you have a lunch break after or around 1pm, you run the risk of them having sold out of a few bits. The first thing to go is usually the pizza bread, so if you're in a Greggs and you see one, buy it!! Its a generous slice of bloomer bread covered in melting cheese and tomato sauce with sliced tomato on the top -mmmmm gorgeous! Right, I can't help it, I'm off to Greggs............. ...

Clinomyn 12/05/2003

Help...... I want white teeth

Clinomyn I am a smoker - I know I should give up and I really do want to and will try once the stress of moving house has passed!! I also am a coffee,tea and red wine drinker - all the things that stain those pearly whites (or not so pearly in my case!!). Whilst shopping around in the local supermarket I came across Clinomyn and thought I'd give it a go. Its one of those products I've thought about using before but always stuck with my usual brand, but having noticed my teeth were looking a bit neglected I took the bull by the horns and bought it! Strangely (and sadly) I found myself looking forward to going to bed that night and trying out my new purchase! Clinomyn is a white paste with a very fresh and minty taste which leaves your mouth feeling really tingly and clean. It does seem to be doing the trick as well, the stains on the front of my nashers seems to be fading, which I think is pretty good after a fortnights use. I paid £1.75 for a 75ml tube so its also very competitively priced with your usual brands. ...

Everything that starts with H ... 23/04/2003

Anyone want to know any more..

Everything that starts with H ... Time Started: 16.36 Date: April 24th 2003 A little about me: First name: Liz Age: 25 - aaaah What are you listening to right now? Nothing, and its great! Last thing you said? Stop it - to my naughty kitten! Who is sitting next to you right now? No-one, I'm all alone! Who would you like to spend the rest of your days with? Mark, my fiance Where do you want to go on your honeymoon: Maldives Daughter's name if you have one or want one: Not got one, but prob would be Lauren or Olivia Son's name if you have or want one: Definitely William Thomas Who makes you happy: Mark How many people are on your buddie list: Not sure What do you like to do: Listen to music, watch dvds, walk, sleep and cuddle What did you do yesterday: Went to work and then round some friends in the evening Last Person you talked to on the phone: My best mate Sophie What are you afraid of: Spiders Eye colour: Blue Hair colour: Dark brown Do you like yourself: Yeah, I'm quite nice really If you could change something about yourself what would it be: My height, I'm too tall Siblings and do you like them: None, I'm an only child! Have you ever hated somebody in your family: Starting to! Favourite vegetable: Sweetcorn Favourite fast food: Burgers Favourite chocolate: Cadbury Wholenut Favourite drink: Ribena Favourite alcoholic drink: Glass of Rose wine Favourite film: The Untouchables Favourite colour: Blue What jewellery do ...
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