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spaMedica Laser Hair Removal 14/02/2011

Brilliant staff, fantastic service and very cost effective!!

spaMedica Laser Hair Removal Well, it's 2011 so thought I'd leave my first ever Ciao review! For years I have suffered (as most girls do) with constantly shaving/waxing my legs, underarms and....other parts.....I'd basically got sick of it and wanted laser hair removal done and all the parts of my body which needed it! So, I did the usual thing - look online....after having a little look, I found spamedia, in Manchester (quite a new clinic) I had a good read of their website which gives information on each available treatment, explaining what it is and what results you should expect. Each treatment available was described in brief detail but not so much that there was pages of information to be read through. I was quite impressed with their website and when I noticed there was a call back request box. I filled in my details and awaited a consultant to ring me to discuss my needs. A few days later a consultant rang me and what information I was after, she told me that they offer free consultations, so I booked myself in for 2 days later and went along to my appointment.On the day of my appointment I arrived at the clinic. From the outside, the building looked very swish indeed! It's a new clinic but I was very impressed with the look and design of the place :) I announced myself to the receptionist who gave me a card to fill in some details - name, address, doctors name, skin type etc. About 5 minutes later my nurse arrived and took me into the consultation room, she was very friendly and asked me what ...

Rio Laser Hair Removal 09/02/2011

Fantastic results and great value for money

Rio Laser Hair Removal Was very good! I use this a lot when I cant afford to go to clinics to get them professionally done but for the money this is great - if you're looking for a low cost, effective product, I would go out and buy this! However, if you want really smooth legs (and other parts lol) then I always go and get them professionally done from a local clinic - my other reviews on here cover that too so if you're bored and fancy a read :) check out my other reviews - they're all beauty related and I love getting things done so I'm very knowledgable when it comes to things like that. Hope you're all well and hopefully I'll update my profile on here soon and update more reviews. Lizzy xxx
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