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I'm back once more. Life is completely different for me now! More updates to follow :)

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Tesco Cotton Buds 02/08/2017

Not just for baby

Tesco Cotton Buds Cotton buds are one of those items that we always seem to have in the cupboard and we use regularly but we rarely ever buy! A few weeks ago I got my ears pierced again, things have changed since I last got it done. These days it is just recommended to clean the wound with salt water twice a day using a cotton bud. Seeing as I had had three new holes put in my ears I thought it was best to stock up on cotton buds because it seemed as though I would be going through a lot (6+ a day) and that was just on my new piercings. I happened to be going into Tesco anyway so it made sense to grab some whilst I was in there. There were a few choices offered in Tesco: Johnsons 200 for £1 Tesco cosmetics cotton buds 200 (no price currently available) Tesco loves baby 100 for 45p Tesco loves baby 300 for 55p I went for the 300 pack as it was by far the best value and cotton buds are something you will get through at some point anyway. Plus I thought for that price it's better to have too many than not enough! The cotton buds come in a plastic drawstring bag with the normal Tesco baby branding on. You can see the buds through the plastic and they are completely white in colour and look like standard cotton buds. They are not the safety buds. I use cotton buds for a number of purposes. At the moment I primarily use them to clean my new piercings. I soak the cotton bud in boiling salt water and then gently wipe it around the piercing and the earring. I have found the buds to be strong ...

What's Your Number? (DVD) 31/07/2017

What's your number??

What's Your Number? (DVD) Sunday mornings I always leave my partner to lie in unless we are heading out early. He only gets one morning off a week so I like to let him catch up a bit! Therefore I am often left at a loose end for a couple of hours on a Sunday so I tend to watch a film or catch up on my soaps. Today I decided I fancied watching a comedy so when browsing Netflix I came across this title. It looked like an easy to watch, laid back comedy so I thought I would give it a go. This is a film only review. Plot The film begins by introducing us to Ally Darling...she has just woken up in her apartment with her boyfriend (who she's not exactly falling head over heals for) and is late for work. The day goes from bad to worse when her boss calls her into his office and tells her not to take her coat off. Unemployed and out of love Ally heads home and begins reading an article in a magazine. The article states that the average number of men women sleep with before finding love is 10. Ally realises she has pretty much doubled that figure but there's no time to dwell on it as soon it is time for her sister Daisy's engagement party. At the party Ally drinks a little more than she should and makes a bit of a fool of herself! She starts to play a game with her friends based on the article she read earlier. She quickly realises her 'number' is above average and vows that the next man she sleeps with will be her husband! Opinion I enjoyed this film and it was exactly what I was looking for - a laid ...

Weight Watchers 29/07/2017

Helping me get healthy

Weight Watchers I have tried Weight Watchers three times over the past ten years. For anyone who doesn't know, Weight Watchers is a plan to follow for those who wish to lose weight. I don't want to use the term diet plan because Weight Watchers is not a quick fix plan but instead aims to change your lifestyle therefore resulting in long term weight loss and a healthier body. History Weight Watchers is an American company which was formed in 1963 by Jean Niedetch. It is now popular in over 30 countries including the UK. Brief Description of the plan Weight Watchers has been continuously developed over time to provide the best plan for people to follow. Loosely speaking the plan is based around points, you are given a fixed amount of points each day and are supposed to eat within these points. In addition to this you are given weekly points to use as you wish (e.g. Save them for a meal out or takeaway or use them as and when needed to top up daily points). In addition to this you can earn extra points by exercising and you are given an exercise goal to meet each week. These extra points are now merely an incentive to get you to move more. They can be used as extra 'food points' but it is not recommended as this can slow weight loss. Currently, anyone following the Weight Watchers plan will be following the Smart Points plan but previously I have followed the Points plan (around ten years ago now) and the Pro Points plan (around 5 years ago). Out of the three I definitely think Smart ...

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery - Jenny Colgan 28/07/2017

Baking up a storm

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery - Jenny Colgan I am a big fan of Jenny Colgan books I loved her Cupcake Cafe series aswell as the Rosie Hopkins series so I was almost certain this would be a good read too. Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery is the sequel to Little Beach Street Bakery which I haven't actually read. I'm a firm believer of reading things in order but somehow this ended up on my shelf without the first book and I couldn't wait to read it so I ploughed on regardless! Plot Polly lives on Mount Polbearne in Cornwall with her partner Huckle. They live an alternative lifestyle, firstly they live in a lighthouse and secondly they have a pet puffin called Neil! Life for Polly is pretty perfect. She runs a bakery in the village and is very popular with the locals both for her lovely personality and her wonderful baking. Things couldn't be much better and she is very happy. Of course when things are going well sadly it never seems to be for long and when the owner of the bakery dies her family inherit it and are keen to move in and make their own mark on the place. They are solely interested in profit and although the Little Beach Street Bakery does turn over a nice profit, it could turn over more. The family see pound signs and are keen to reinvent the business bringing in mass produced products, something which Polly does not agree with. Polly has been used to running the business her way and she is less than impressed when Malcolm comes in and starts to take over. The pair clash over a number of issues ...

Germolene Antiseptic Cream 27/07/2017

Soothing the scratch

Germolene Antiseptic Cream I suffer from eczema but rarely get flare ups (definitely one of the lucky ones). However, after visiting Wales earlier on in the week and spending a lot of time outdoors climbing Pen Y Fan and visiting the waterfalls at Ystradfellte I must have had a reaction to something because come yesterday my arm was itching, bright red, covered in little lumps and burning up. The only cream I happened to have in the cupboard was Germolene and as I was getting pretty desperate to soothe the soreness I decided to give it a go. A little goes a long way with this, I used approximately two pea sized amounts to cover the lower half of my arm. Within about ten minutes the itching had stopped and the skin looked much calmer. The cream itself is quite thick (almost like toothpaste consistency) but it spreads easily and is absorbed quickly. This morning my arm was still looking better and the bumps that had appeared have gone down slightly. I applied the Germolene about 18 hours ago and only now is my arm beginning to itch again. I have used Germolene for a number of other complaints in the past including cuts and grazes to ensure that any infection is cleared out. A couple of months ago I had a nasty cut on my elbow and after applying Germolene on a plaster for a few days the cut looked very clean and began to heal a lot better than it had been doing before I applied anything to it. Germolene can also be used as a numbing cream although I personally have never used it solely for this ...

The Mangle Street Murders - M.R.C. Kasasian 22/08/2016


The Mangle Street Murders - M.R.C. Kasasian I had seen this advertised and had been quite keen to read it for some time so when I saw it was available on Kindle Unlimited I decided to sign up to the plan and give it a go. For anyone who is interested and doesn't know Kindle Unlimited offers a wide selection of books which you 'borrow' on your kindle, returning when finished for £7.99 a month. Plot March Middleton has recently lost her father. She recently received a letter from her Godfather, a Mr Sidney Grice who resides in London. In his letter he offered her a place to live now her father was no longer able to look after her. The book begins with March leaving her home in the countryside and travelling to London to move in with her now Guardian, Mr Grice. March is a bit of a rebel and we learn this quickly when she smokes in the train carriage she is not supposed to! She arrives in London and travels to Mr Grices home. March and Sidney have a difficult relationship. Neither of them particularly want to be in one another's company and they struggle to find things they have in common. However, Mr Grice is Londons most famous detective and March is keen to accompany him on his cases, much to Sidney's dismay! Opinion I had wanted to read this book for some time so it is fair to say I had relatively high expectations! I enjoyed this book and found it an easy going read with plenty of humour throughout. I really liked the character of March. She was a strong independent lady and I felt quite protective over her ...

Me Before You (DVD) 21/08/2016

Outstanding film

Me Before You (DVD) I had heard really great things about the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and had often thought about buying it. However with a bookshelf full of books still to be read I never got round to it. When I heard it was going to be released as a film I was excited to see it but still wanted to read the book first. However, my excitement got the better of me and me and my partner watched this last night. This is a film only review. Plot The film begins in a posh apartment where we meet Will Traynor who is a successful businessman. He seems to have it all, the good job, the expensive apartment and of course the beautiful girlfriend. It is a horrible morning out so his girlfriend tells him not to ride his motorbike that morning and to get a cab, he agrees and steps outside to hail one. However, in a twisted fate he is struck down by a motorbike. Louisa Clark is happy and content with her life. She has a hectic family life and has been working hard to help support them since her father lost his job. She works in a small local cafe and she prides herself on her customer service. She does an excellent job but sadly the owner just can't afford to keep her on anymore. Lou's life is thrown into turmoil. She needs to find a job and fast. She knows her family are relying on her. Despite applying for anything and everything sadly she is just not getting the results she wanted. However, when a new local job opportunity pops up she isn't put off by her recent misfortunes and decides to ...

Tesco Opticians 20/08/2016

Every Little Helps

Tesco Opticians I have been meaning to book an eye test for some time but never got round to it. However, when I kept getting headaches I thought it was high time I booked an appointment. I'd seen the opticians in my local tescos and had spotted some good value glasses so thought I would try there. I also knew that they offer a free eye sight test which in my opinion makes it even better. You have to ring an 0845 number to make an appointment, after selecting a few options with your keypad you get transferred to an adivsor. I was speaking to an advisor within a minute of dialling the number so no waiting around. The man on the phone was very helpful and asked me what time was best for my appointment. He then asked me if I was free that afternoon which I was so he managed to get me an appointment in an hours time. I told him I needed a contact lense appointment too which he told me was an additional £15, he managed to get the appointments back to back for me meaning I would not be waiting around. When I got to the opticians they asked to see any prescriptions I had and then asked me to take a seat in the waiting area, I was then taken through for my pre-appointment check (where they check the distance between your pupils) and then asked to take a seat again. I was asked to go in with the optician about 10 minutes late but this wasn't too big a deal as he combined my appointments into one which meant I was in and out quicker than I would have been had I kept the two seperate 20 minute ...

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne 13/08/2016

This play is far from cursed!

Harry Potter & the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne I am a big Harry Potter fan, I grew up with the stories and films being released throughout my childhood and as soon as I heard that there was to be a new release I knew I had to get it! Luckily for me, my partner came home from work one evening with it for me. Background Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story to be released in the Harry Potter series. However, although it is based on an original story by the woman herself, JK Rowling it actually has three authors and she is accompanied by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. Another contrast to the original books is that The Cursed Child is actually a play and was written to be performed on the stage with the first performance in London's West End on 31st July 2016. This book is the official script book of the show. The Cover The cover is not instantly recognisable as a Harry Potter book. Whereas before they would have the coloured band around the top with gold lettering and a sketch underneath, this book looks more modern and also looks as though it is aimed at an older audience. I suppose we must remember that the 'Harry Potter generation' are now in their 20s and may have not been so drawn to a book with a cover aimed at children. In addition to this, this book is different to the others with additional authors and what with it being a play so I do think the fresh, new cover design helps to separate this from the original 8 books. The cover of the book is predominantly a golden yellow which looks like fire. ...

The Other Woman (DVD) 12/08/2016

He doesn't know what he's in for...!

The Other Woman (DVD) When browsing Netflix I knew I was looking for an easy to watch comedy so when this came up as a suggestion I decided to give it a chance. I saw it starred Cameron Diaz and I have always enjoyed her films in the past so I thought it was a pretty safe bet for me. This is a film only review. Plot The film opens introducing us to Diaz's character, Carly Whitten. She is a young, successful businesswoman who, of course is extremely beautiful. Life is on the up for Carly, she has just met the man of her dreams, Mark King. Carly is in her own little bubble, everything is perfect. Mark seems like her match, he is generous, thoughtful, showers her with gifts and their sex life is on fire. Nothing can ruin Carly's happiness....or so she thinks. Carly and Mark decide that, after 8 weeks it is time that he met her father. However, when the time comes Mark goes cold telling her he has a burst pipe back at his home and therefore cannot go. The pair argue and Carly storms off to meet her father. After some encouragement, Carly goes to 'help' Mark at his home. However, she gets a surprise when his wife answers the door! Despite Carly trying to conceal the fact that she is infact Marks mistress, Kate King is not stupid and she turns up at Carly's work the next morning wanting answers! Opinion I thought this film would be a laid back, easy to watch comedy and I was not disappointed. The film was fun and I enjoyed watching it. The plot was easy to follow and although it was quite ...

The Legend of Tarzan (DVD) 11/08/2016

The legend lives on?

The Legend of Tarzan (DVD) My partner has wanted to see this film since he first saw it advertised a few months ago. I however was not so keen! I finally gave in last week and agreed to watch it with him. This is a film only review. Plot The film begins by showing us Tarzans life as a baby and how his mother and father were taken from him. Skip to London where Tarzan, who is now known as John is living a normal life with his wife Jane. They are settled there and John has no wish to return to Africa. However, when King Leopold invites him back to Africa to see the work he has done, John is persuaded to return. Initially he isn't interested in returning but upon speculation that Leopold is working in slavery, John feels like it is his duty to return. Jane insists that she accompanies him, saying she misses Africa so they set off on their journey along with a friend of Johns, George Washington Williams. Opinion Despite thinking this would be a strong film, I really had no interest in watching it! The story of Tarzan is not one that I have ever found compelling and I only really watched it because my partners watched a lot of my picks recently! However, I am pleased to say I was proven wrong. I actually really enjoyed the film. The plot is well thought out and there are clear goals set out from the offset of the film. I found the story really interesting and it was something different which was a refreshing change. I thought the plot flowed well and I was keen to see what was going to happen. The ...

Superdrug Nail Varnish Remover 09/08/2016

Super product from Superdrug

Superdrug Nail Varnish Remover I quite often stock up on my essentials from Superdrug as I find lots of brands at good prices aswell as good quality products from their own range too. Nail varnish is something I always have in the house and I've been using this offering from Superdrug for over a year now. This review is about 'Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E'. Usually a 250ml bottle retails for £1.39 but at the moment it is on offer for just 92p which is an amazing price and as my bottle is almost empty I will be going in to get some more at some point this week! The bottle is a frosted clear plastic showing the nail varnish remover inside. It is a peach colour and there is a large screw on top. There is a simple black band around the bottle which gives you the product information. To use the product you simply pour onto cotton wool and rub over the nail. I have used this remover with all sorts of nail varnish including metallic and glitter and it has always removed the varnish with ease. With this being acetone free I did initially think that it wouldn't have as much power as acetone solutions but it works really well and doesn't require a great amount of effort to get the varnish off. On a hand of normal nail varnish I usually use two bits of cotton wool soaked in the remover and this is plenty. More recently I have been using gel strips on my nails. This remover also removes these with ease. I have very sensitive skin and I have had no problems with this, ...

Before I Go To Sleep (DVD) 07/08/2016

Twinkle twinkle little star.....

Before I Go To Sleep (DVD) I read the book to this film around 5 years ago now and remember being absolutely hooked. Therefore when I heard there was to be a screenplay version of this released back in 2014 I was more than a little excited! I have this on DVD and have seen it a few times now but wanted my other half to see it as he hadn't seen it before so we settled down to watch it the other evening. This is a film only review. Plot Christine wakes up one morning and is clearly shocked. She doesn't recognise the man she is led next to and she doesn't recognise the bedroom she is in. She creeps into the bathroom to figure out what to do next when she is shocked at what she finds. When she looks in the mirror she doesn't recognise herself. The lady looking back at her is her but much older. There are photos of her and this man on the wall at what seems to be their wedding but Christine has no recollection of this. After composing herself she leaves the bathroom where the man who she woke up next to is sat on the end of the bed, he explains his name is Ben and they have been married for 14 years. Christine was involved in an accident which causes her to have memory loss every night when she sleeps. Christine is understandably very shaken. However, Ben is a nice man, she feels like she can trust him so she allows him to tell her their story, like he says he does every morning. Ben works in their town as a teacher meaning Christine is left alone in the house, her house she supposes. Shortly after Ben ...

House At The End Of The Street , The(DVD) 05/08/2016

Neighbours from hell?

House At The End Of The Street , The(DVD) I haven't been very well this week so it's finally my day off and I've decided to have a quiet one and chill out and watch some films. I found this film on Netflix so it is a film only review. Plot Elissa has just moved from Chicago with her mum, Sarah. They have found their perfect house in a quiet town however the house isn't as perfect as it seems - it is next door to where a gruelling murder took place some years ago and that is the only reason why Sarah can afford this 'perfect' abode. Elissa misses home but she seems to begin to settle in quite quickly at her new school and makes friends easily, she is a pretty girl who was in a band back home so she doesn't find it hard to make friends. Sarah is keen for her daughter to fit in however there is one person she doesn't want her daughter socialising with. Ryan is the brother of the girl who murdered her parents next door all those years ago. Sarah doesn't feel comfortable around him and she doesn't want Elissa hanging around him however, teenage girls rarely listen to their parents and Elissa is quickly falling for Ryan. Is Ryan the sweet young man Elissa sees or is her mother right to have concerns? Opinion I had seen this film on Netflix a few times but had never sat down to watch it despite it looking like something I would enjoy. I liked the character of Elissa immediately. She seemed like a good kid, she was down to earth, respected her mother and just wanted to settle into her new school. I also liked the ...

National Trust: Dunster Castle, Minehead 04/08/2016

A trip fit for a princess

National Trust: Dunster Castle, Minehead Dunster Castle is somewhere I remember from childhood. To be honest I dont remember a great deal about it but I have seen numerous photos of me with my Dad there when I was little. Sadly we lost our wonderful Dad in March this year and we seem to be visiting places which hold such dear memories to us all. We went to Devon a few weeks ago for a long weekend and somewhere my sister and mum were both insistent that we visited was Dunster Castle! Where is it? Dunster Castle is located near Minehead in Somerset. It is signposted well and is easy to find. Arriving at the castle Finding the castle is easy, it is just off the A39, 3 miles from Minehead and you simply follow the signs to get to the car park (if required), the car park is predominantly gravel but there is a grass overflow car park if needed and there is a shuttle bus to the castle entrance is desired. The car park is about a five minute walk from the castle entrance and there are members of staff in the car park should you require any information or assistance. Parking is £2.50 all day or free if you are a national trust member and display your car sticker. If you need to use public transport, the closest train station is Dunster station which is one mile away and buses run to Dunster Steep which is half a mile away. What is there to see and do? Dunster is not just home to a castle, it is a charming little village with lots of picturesque cottages and shops with the castle as its main point of interest. The ...
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