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Happy 2015 everyone. Slowly getting back into Ciao.

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Breville JK46 03/01/2012

A value-for-money cordless fast-boil jug kettle

Flagfox Add-on for Mozilla Firefox 09/07/2009

Discover the true location of every website you visit

Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream 17/04/2009

An everyday SIMPLE moisturiser with SPF15

Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream As I have sensitive skin, my facial moisturising needs are basic. All I want is hydration and a little protection from sun and pollution, without any perfumes, colours or additives. So “SIMPLE Regeneration Age Resisting Day cream SPF 15” seemed like a good choice. Purity vs. Additives The brand name SIMPLE is effective at conveying the impression of its products being very pure and free from all unnecessary additives. Happily this moisturiser has no colour or perfume, but it does have extra ingredients and these might not be suitable for everyone. The manufacturer, however, believes that these additives should be beneficial for most users, and they are … … Green Tea Extract which they claim “fights premature ageing” … Mushroom Extract which they say will “refine skin tone and texture” … Oat-Beta Glucan and Allantoin to “gently soothe and reduce sensitivity” … Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to “soften, smooth, and improve skin condition” and the product has a sun protection factor of 15 (SPF15). Packaging The moisturiser comes in a chunky hand-size pump-pot, which is presented in a smart little card box. Both the box and the pot are mainly white with the familiar SIMPLE logo and design in fresh shades of green. The box might seem like a bit of a waste, but it is made from “farmed and renewed forests”, and it does serve a purpose. SIMPLE use the box to give the product an air of luxury and also to present some information that is not repeated on the actual ...

Shire Famous Pies - Chicken Balti Pie 06/04/2009

Who ate all the pies?

Shire Famous Pies - Chicken Balti Pie Who ate all the pies? Well, apparently thousands of football and rugby fans every match day. Shire Famous Pies, of Leamington Spa, are the market-leading supplier of half-time pies and pasties, and now you can buy their famous, and very tasty, “Chicken Balti Pies” from supermarkets, conveniently frozen and ready to cook and enjoy in your own home. “Chicken Balti Pies”, created in 1997, are the top selling snack at premiership stadiums. They are made with 100% chicken breast, a warming spicy balti sauce, and scrumptious pastry. The Shire Famous Pies brand states with pride “we only put real natural ingredients into our products” and promise ”we don’t add artificial chemicals to bulk food out or enhance flavour or colour or to save us money. That’s why there are NO artificial colours, flavour and preservatives or hydrogenated fats in our food!” Packaging The pair of frozen pies are presented in a bright blue cardboard box, that has a tempting photographic image of a golden pie sliced in half to reveal the mouth-watering filling within. You open the box by lifting a flap on the side. The pies are sitting in individual foil trays ready for the oven. There is no unnecessary packaging. The box front states “100% Chicken Breast”, and a circular red emblem with a football declares “No.1 half-time pie”. On the reverse are the baking instructions and the usual information on storage, ingredients, nutrition and allergy/dietary information. The cardboard box and the foil ...

Twinings Green Tea Pineapple & Grapefruit 04/04/2009

Refreshing and reputedly beneficial brew

Twinings Green Tea Pineapple & Grapefruit “Twinings Green Tea with Pineapple & Grapefruit” is a refreshing and reputedly beneficial brew from ‘Twining & Co. Ltd.’, the long-established English tea and coffee merchants. Boxes of these speciality teabags can be found in the beverage section of larger supermarkets, or you can purchase them by mail order direct from Twinings (see Packaging The teabags are supplied in a neat cardboard box decorated in fresh shades of green, showing mouth-watering slices of pineapple and grapefruit, and a circular motif that boasts “Green Tea – a natural source of antioxidants”. The box front also bears the company name in its familiar style – uppercase black lettering on a gleaming gold background – boldly displayed beneath a ‘by royal appointment’ declaration. The ‘green tea’ part of the product name is cleverly given an oriental twist by rendering it in a script that might be achieved using a calligraphy brush. Twinings have used the side of the box to inform us that, according to legend, “tea was discovered in 2737BC by Emperor Shen Nung when leaves accidentally fell into the water he was boiling to drink”. On the reverse are the very easy to follow instructions for preparation. To open the box you pull a tab and so tear a long broad strip of card from along three sides. The box then acts as a little chest, and the bags are revealed by lifting the lid. I like this design. The best before date is print on one end of the box. There are no storage ...

Muller Amore Peach Yoghurt 25/03/2009

Deluxe peach yoghurt

Muller Amore Peach Yoghurt “Müller Amoré Peach Yoghurt” 150g is a superior thick fruit yoghurt from Müller, the German-owned ‘lick the lid of life’ dairy desserts company. This deluxe range of yoghurts was introduced in 2003, and can be found in the chilled cabinets of larger supermarkets. ~ Packaging ~ The yoghurt comes in a rather sophisticated dark blue container – lower and wider than most. The shape makes it feel nicer to eat from than ordinary yoghurt pots. It appears to be made of card, but is in fact a lightweight white plastic tub with a tightly fitting cardboard outer casing. The foil lid bears the company logo and a photographic image of a spoon dripping with ice-white yoghurt (like the yoghurt found in the Müller Corners) with a juicy slice of peach nestling on top. This image is rather misleading, as the yoghurt is actually a pale peachy colour containing small fruit pieces. The lid also shows the use by date. On the side of the pot is printed the company logo and product name flanked by photographic images of whole and sliced ripe peaches. There is also information about storage (i.e. keep refrigerated), ingredients, nutrition and allergy/dietary details. Some or all of the packaging can be recycled (depending on what your local council will accept): – the cardboard outer casing, foil lid, and plastic inner pot (which has a recycling triangle with PS inside). ~ Look, Smell and Taste ~ The yoghurt is a pale golden creamy colour, with a slight sheen, and contains a good ...

Thorntons Individual Chocolate Cakes 31/01/2009

Extremely chocolatey mini cake bars

Thorntons Individual Toffee Cakes 04/12/2008

Scrumptious mini toffee cake bars

Tesco Value Sliced Peaches in Light Syrup 02/11/2008

Tasty and inexpensive peach pieces

Tesco Sliced Peaches in Light Syrup 31/10/2008

Good quality tinned peach slices

Tesco Fresh Cream Slices 29/10/2008

Heavenly Creamy and Flaky Individual Treats

The Vicar of Nibbleswicke - Roald Dahl 26/10/2008

A comic tale of Back-to-Front Dyslexia

16 Blocks (DVD) 16/10/2008

"Get the witness safely to court on time" thriller

Aramis Classic Eau de Toilette 16/09/2008

Sophisticated scent for the cultivated man

Tesco Fresh Cream Chocolate Éclairs 08/09/2008

Delicious Individual Cream Cakes

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