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Jamiroquai 07/05/2006

Jamiroquai at Birmingham NEC

I first saw Jamiroquai at the NEC in 2002 just after the birth of my son, and they blew me away. It was an electric concert and ever since then I have wanted to repeat the experience. My husband was not as enthusiastic about going, but I have always raved on about Jay K and his live performance and how he will be converted once he has seen him! My husband loves their latest album "Dynamite" having been disappointed by their very first album "Emergency on Planet Earth". Its not my favourite album, but I did love their sound and knew it was something special. None of my friends were into the "acid jazz" scene in the 1990s but I loved it, and also loved another band called the Brand New Heavies. JK has a unique voice that is so smooth and soulful. It takes no effort. Amazingly he unsuccessfully auditioned to be lead singer of the BNH's and decided to form his own band! Thank heavens for that. It was their big loss. I got tickets for their first UK performance at the NEC in Birmingham for 7 September 2005. I was 8 months pregnant but felt very energetic and able to withstand dancing in my seat all evening. I had lots of looks and comments - "wow, you're brave" or "don't drop now". As at the last concert I went to, while we were waiting for the support act to come on, a really good mix tape was played, so good that I would have purchased it, had it been on offer. We walked around the arena, buying food that was outrageously expensive, as was the tour merchandise. I didn't buy ...

Yim Wah House Chinese Restaurant, Cambridge 03/11/2005

Last Supper at Beautiful China (Yim Wah)

Air Scandic International Airlines -SCY 06/07/2005

Air Scandiculous!

Lanzarote (Spain) 22/05/2005

Lanzarote - like holidaying on another planet

Lanzarote (Spain) For our first trip away this year we decided to spend a week in Lanzarote on the recommendation of my father and some of our closest friends. We have been to mainland Spain and the Balearics but never considered the Canary Islands for some unknown reason. My father went there last year and commented "I don't know why we didn't spend more family holidays there - it's so relaxing". Having just come back from Lanzarote I totally agree with him. About Lanzarote: Lanzarote is the most easterly of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, only 60 miles from the coast of Africa. Lanzarote is made up of seven municipalities: Arrecife (the capital), Teguise, Haría, San Bartolomé, Tías, Tinajo and Yaiza, with a population of approximately 100,000. Fishing and agriculture was once the mainstay of the island's economy but have since been overtaken by tourism. Lanzarote is of volcanic origin and literally covered in lava. The island is full of historical and natural wonders and a week is not long enough to visit the majority of these amazing places of interest. It has a warm climate all year round ranging from 20oC to 30oC, and is described as a sub-desert, with frequent winds. The most striking thing about Lanzarote is its volcanic landscape. Driving through Timanfaya Park is like driving on another planet. The scenery is stunning, and awe inspiring to be surrounded by so many volcanic mountains. My 3 year old son was fascinated and kept asking would the mountains get angry ...

Potty Training in One Week - Gina Ford 26/04/2005

Potty Prison - Length of Service - 1 week!

Tommee Tippee Potty 15/04/2005

When you gotta go, you gotta go........

Murder at Soft Rock Cafe 11/04/2005

Who got chopped at the cafe?

Kensington Palace, London 13/03/2005

London's most fashionable attraction!

Kensington Palace, London At least 2-3 times a year I meet up with a very close friend for days out in London, and yesterday we visited Kensington Palace. We were both big Diana fans and were curious to see her last residence. (I am not a Royalist by any means, but I just loved Diana). The nearest tube station is Kensington High Street, and it’s just a short walk to the Palace (approx 10 minutes or less if its freezing cold and you are walking extremely fast like we were!) Approaching the palace was calming, as it’s strange to be surrounded by high street shops and hotels and then you are faced with a big historical house set in gardens. The ticket hall is very in keeping with the rest of the palace. You almost feel as if you are intruding. We had a 2 for 1 ticket offer (obtained through railway stations or the 2 for 1 website). You can purchase a guidebook at this stage, but we declined as we both agreed that although it’s nice to have as a keepsake, they just get stored at home, never to be read again. You may disagree with me! Once we had paid, we walked through to the next room where “phone sound guides” were handed out. I have used these before at Tate Modern. They are quite heavy black phones which you type codes into, as you walk around. It’s a great idea, as you can learn more about exhibits and the rooms, without having to read hundreds of placards everywhere. I often find that I am very selective when reading information and this leads to me walking quite quickly through rooms, but ...

Claridge's Restaurant, London 13/03/2005

Definitely NOT Hell's Kitchen - more like Heaven!

Rimini (Italy) 09/03/2005

Cattolica - a gem of an Italian town

Burgundy (France) 09/03/2005

Bourgogne - The Vineyard Holiday

Decleor Essentiel Balm 07/03/2005

My husband magnet!

Disneyland, Paris, Paris 07/03/2005

Visit in March 2005 with a 3 year old.

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