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Fitbit Charge 2 22/02/2017

Cool and classy Fitbit charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 The Fitbit charge 2 is an upgrade to the popular Charge range since the charge HR which came out in 2015. The Fitbit Charge 2 brings with it a few new features, it specialises in accessible and easy to use fitness tracker. It comes with exercise, sleep, heart rate and much more. The Charge 2 turns everything up a notch, with a bigger screen, more fitness focused abilities and even has a few smart watch skills to try and win the hearts and place on people's wrists. The plum strap is what catches people's eye and the polished silver stripes at the side of the watch also gives it that little bit of flare. This is a watch that is a 24/7 tracker. The strap has a standard clasp so it's easy to get on and off. The biggest feature to the charge 2 is the OLED screen. It is three times bigger than the original charge which makes it a whole lot easier to read at arms length. There is one button on the left hand side of the watch which cycles through the six different screens. You are also able to tap the screen to flip through the various screens which you find on your dash board on the app which are calories burned, stairs climbed, distance walked and how many minutes you have been active that day. You are able to choose what you see and can personalise it to how you would like it. The main screen of the watch shows the time andyour total steps, there is an option for you choose the format you best like. A flick of your wrist wakes the screen but I do find that if you have the ...

Character Peppa Pig Peppa World of Playsets 01/06/2015

Peppa Pig world of Playset house set

Character Peppa Pig Peppa World of Playsets Last Christmas my husband and I were doing the annual toy shop for our Son and they shop in which we were buying in had an offer on the Peppa Pig range. Peppa Pig Peppa's World of Playset was one of the sets that we thought we would get to go with all the other peppa pig sets we had got but I wish I had taken a closer look at this before buying it because there really wasn't much to this. The Box Contains Peppa House, Vets Surgery, Café, Toy Shop, Den and Dolls House. Each building has detailed stickers. The set contains one Peppa Pig Figure. The Buildings The Buildings are very simple and are just simple ‘Boxes’ the only two buildings to have working doors is the Vets and the main House. Each Building fits inside each other which is a good feature for storage and the Large House has a handle which allows the little ones to carry it around with them. The Houses House one is the main house and this is Peppa’s Family House. It is Yellow and stands at 33cm talls. The front of the house is hinged and opens up to revel the inside of the house and the different levels. The House isn’t very deep so makes playing in there very difficult. There aren’t any items in the house to play with but stickers on the inside to show where the Kitchen, Bedroom etc would be. The front door opens but isn’t big enough (well just big enough) for Peppa to fit through but like my son who has Mummy Pig and Daddy pig they can’t fit through the door. Building Two The Vets Surgery – Follows the same ...

That's Not My Puppy (Usborne Touchy Feely Books) - Fiona Watt 28/05/2015

That's not my puppy

That's Not My Puppy (Usborne Touchy Feely Books) - Fiona Watt Being an Usborne Independent Organiser I get to see and read all the brilliant Usborne books. This that's not my series has too be a big hit in our house. This is a great book that helps very young children develop language and sensory skills. This is such a brilliant simple concept that is a winner with young children and still one of the best baby series on the market. This book is bright, bold, interactive and not too long. That's not my dog is about a little mouse that goes in search for their puppy. There are twelve pages to this board book. The texture and charm of this book makes this a great hit with the young children (my little one included). There are long haired puppies, pink puppies and scruffy puppies. The drawings in the book are simple and colorful and give the children the change to explore different textures. As the child grows they can then enjoy the story and as the story uses repetition and structure this makes these the perfect literary introduction to toddlers. I would highly recommend these books, these are sturdy books that can be left with children and doesn't get ruined if they put them in their mouths unlike some board books. The story is of the right length that engages the children long enough to listen to the whole story. what is great about these books is that children can enjoy them both on their own and with adults. This is a brilliant touchy feely book that as an Usborne Organiser find that this one and the other titles in the ...

Bee Movie (DVD) 27/05/2015

Barry Benson Beeware

Bee Movie (DVD) Barry B Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) is a bee who has just graduated from college. He is disillusioned at his lone career choice: making honey. On a special trip outside the hive, Barry's life is saved by Vanessa (Rene Zellweger), a florist in New York City. As their relationship blossoms, he discovers humans actually eat honey and subsequently decides to sue them. The bee movie has to be one of the best animated movies yet. Most importantly, the story and jokes within the movie operates on multiple levels so it appeals to all ages. I see the film split into 3 parts. The first part is an easy going slow paced story about Barry and his friend Adam and the adventures they go on. The middle is the courtroom scenes, the action starts to heat up now. The end ....... I'm not going to spill that part. This is a great film that all kids and adults will enjoy because of its cute characters and the simplicity. There are a few "in jokes" which the kids won't understand but this is becoming a thing throughout these types of films being packed with adult jokes. I don't think that is a bad thing because I thought that this was a really good film and I would recommend it to anyone with a sense of humour. All in all I think this is a great film and very educational. I was told once that without bees the world would be without food within 4 months because the importance of pollination. This fact isn't stated in the film but the general message is portrayed in a way that children will ...

Mr. Peabody and Sherman (Blu-ray) 11/05/2015

No Sherman, you will call me Mr. Peabody.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman (Blu-ray) The Cast Ty Burrell: Mr Peabody Max Charles: Sherman Stephen Colbert: Paul Patterson Allison Janney: Ms Grunion Leslie Mann: Patty Patterson Ariel Winter: Penny Patterson Mr Peabody is no ordinary dog. He stands on two feet, wears glasses and a genius inventor knower-of-all-things. Mr Peabody adopts Sherman, a geeky boy who he finds in abandon in an ally. They are an inseparable pair. The characters of Mr Peabody and Sherman are based on the characters from the 1960s TV program 'The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show'. The Plot to the film is quite original, the time travel is a gimmick that has been over used. In this film the machine is called the WABAC. Nevertheless the plot provides room to go back and play in the French Revolution or place that famous smile on the Mona Lisa face. 'Modern Family' star Ty Burrall is among the voices so is the noteable Mel Brooks and Stanley Tucci. The Film is directed by Rob Minkoff who also directed 'Stuart Little' and 'The Lion King. Minkoff directs with a sure hand and covers some memorable moments with messages about growing up, being adopted and of course bullying. The film has a story that will entertain both adults and youngsters. There are a few jokes and puns that will go over the little ones heads but as an adult they made me chuckle. For me this was a funny and heartfelt film in a way that works for both children and adults. The film has a fun and educational storyline, full of jokes, puns, catch phrases and witty one ...

VTech Toot-Toot Cars 26/01/2014

Toot Toot cars coming through

VTech Toot-Toot Cars My son was bought a Toot Toot Ambulance last Christmas so I knew that these cars were great so I just had to see what others were in the range and saw that there were many to choose from. I was looking at getting my 20 month old son a set of cars that he could have fun playing with and cars that would help him develop roll play. I saw V tech Toot Toot cars advertised on the tv and straight away knew these were the ones that ticked both my boxes. This really like this set of cars which consists of a car, van and truck all brightly coloured, they are great for little hands as they are able to grip hold of the cars and helps with development on motor skills and imaginative play. I like how each ones tells its own story, when you press the face of the car, truck etc it has various different sayings and songs that tell the story of the individual vehicle. The songs and music are very catchy which makes these cars a joy to listen to. Unlike some nosey toys where you listen to then for a while and then want to take the batteries out. I like how the cars, trucks etc interact with the accessories like the garage, fire station etc. as the vehicles move around the objects they come out with different sayings, communicating with little ones along the way. They explain what maybe happening for example my son has the garage and when you place a car on the lift its says going up and then coming down. This also adds to the whole learning process that little ones go through whilst ...

The Smurfs (DVD) 20/01/2013

The little blue people

The Smurfs (DVD) I am a girl who is nearly 30 and loves a good animated film and when the Smurfs came out this was no exception and I could not wait to see what it was all about. There are quite a few funny jokes and one liner that made me laughs. The Smurfs are getting ready for the Blue Moon festival, Papa Smurf sees in his caldron Clumsy Smurf reach for a dragon wand and the other Smurfs in cages with Gargamal laughing. To prevent this from happening Papa Smurf stops Clumsy Smurf from picking Smurf Roots but Clumsy Smurf goes against Papa Smurf and unintentionally leads Gargamal to the Smurf village. The surfs flee for their lives and without knowing Clumsy heads towards the forbidden Fall with Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Grouchy, Brainy and Gutsy running after him. They find themselves at the edge of the cliff. While trying to help pull Clumsy Smurf they are sucked into the giant vortex that sends them to present day New York. To make the situation even worse Gargamal has followed, the Smurfs find themselves at the house of Patrick and Grace Winslow. The Winslows befriend the Smurfs and allow them to stay in their apartment. The Smurfs go to work with Patrick and help Grace bake in the kitchen. As time goes on with the Smurfs staying with the Winslows a number of adventures occur keeping both the Smurfs and the Winslows on their toes. When I first started to watch this film I really did not know what to expect, with some other films that I have watched that have been taken from children’s ...

Croissants and Jam - Lynda Renham 18/01/2013

Croissannts and Jam trouble in France

Croissants and Jam - Lynda Renham Annabel (Bels) Lewis has only two days to get to Rome for her wedding to Simon but she is faced with one problem after another. Destiny rears its head and takes hold, casts it spin and the fun begins. Now Christian, an adventurous strapping lad who she comes across along the way. Little did Bel know when she meets Christian that things were to get more complicated than she wished? The long trip that should have taken a matter of hours takes a day but to make it a little easier she makes this journey through France in a battered out citron with a man she has only just met much to the ignorance of her fiancé Simon, who is in Rome holding it together with the rest of the families. This eventful trip with an annoying but stunning man has given her time to think and reflect her life and whether she really wants to marry Simon. Well even before she boarded the flight she was having doubts about her wedding so the eventful events that happened to cause her to miss her connecting flight were a relief to her. She still wants the wedding to go ahead so she has to find a way to get across France and onto Italy. This is where Christian comes in, he has an idea for them to hire a car and travel together. Much to Bels annoyance what with her being so fashion conscious she has to travel in a clapped out Citron (known as the Lemon) and to top it off he suggests stopping off at the shops so that she can buy some clothes. Bels is used to designer labels not the supermarket ones she is ...

Oreo Cookies 26/01/2012

Oreo chocolaty cookies

Oreo Cookies Oreo’s is a cookie sandwich that is produced by Nabisco division of the Kraft foods. Oreo’s are of a sandwich design that consists of a white filling which is known as ‘cream’ or ‘crème’ sandwiched between two chocolate cookie pieces. A fact I found out about Oreo’s is that 491 billon Oreo’s have been sold since they were first introduced which makes them the best selling cookie of the 2oth century. Oreo’s were first developed and produced in 1912 which means this year will be their 100th birthday. The 100th birthday is shown on the Oreo website along with a gallery of Oreo moments, games and recipes. Looking at all the Oreo recipes that I have come across are great and I can not wait to start trying some of them out. The best sounding one I have come across is the Oreo cheesecake. Having looked on the Oreo website there are some great recipes on there for both adults and kids. Now lets get down to the important part talking about the Oreo itself and the great taste that they have. Oreo’s come in a blue and white packet that shows the Oreo cookie in full and shows the white cream that you find inside. Once you open the packet you find a black plastic tray holding the cookies which you get about 16 in a pack. When first touching the cookie you feel this little rough feeling, like you can feel the biscuit crumbling between your finger tips. On the top cookie there is a pattern around the edge and the brand name is moulded in the middle. As you raise the biscuit ...

Inception(DVD) 02/08/2011

Mind bending Inception

Inception(DVD) Inception has to be one of those films that I would have to watch more than once to understand some of what was going on. The dream within a dream within a dream lost me at times but the way in which it was put across was just perfect. Inception is a 2010 film that was written, co-produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film features a great cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Dileep Rao, Tom Berenger, and Michael Caine. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a corporate spy and thief called Dom Cobb. His work entails secretly extracting valuable and interesting information from the unconscious minds of his targets whilst they are sleeping and dreaming. Dom is wanted for the murder of his wife and is unable to see his children, Cobb is offered the chance to return to his old life as payment for taking on a task that many would say is impossible: ‘Inception’, the planting of an idea into the targets subconscious. The technical effects of Inception and dream world special effects, score by Hans Zimmer and the Cinematography by Wally Pfister are fanatic and jaw dropping. The film is multi-layered with about four different but interlinking stories going on at the same time. Whilst watching this incredible film it requires the viewer to use more than an ordinary amount of attention to follow the layers of the storyline. In my case I feel that I nee to watch the film again to make sure that ...

Galaxy Minstrels Pouch 17/07/2011

Galaxy Minstrels 'Haven in a bag'

Galaxy Minstrels Pouch Galaxy is my favourite chocolate its creamy taste just melts in the mouth. Galaxy Minstrels has to be one of my favourite galaxy pieces and defiantly an all time great treat for me. Galaxy Minstrels as in the name shows that it is part of the Galaxy family which is also known for Galaxy Cookie Crumble (another favourite of mine) and other variations of the chocolate. These small crispy, creamy chocolate discs are Moorish and delious. They come in a chocolate brown coloured bag/ pouch with the product name ‘MINSTRELS’ written across the middle and in the same colour bit smaller letters the Brand name ‘GALAXY’ is written on the top left of the product name. Across the left hand corner of the bag there is an image of what looks like swirling creamy chocolate and all along the bottom and drifting up the right hand side of the bag there are images of the minstrels themselves. Just looking at the picture of the chocolate on the front is enough to make me want to pick these sweets and can’t wait to open the bag. As you open the bag you get this amazing smell of Galaxy chocolate. Then as you look down deep into the bag those dark brown looking discs of creamy smooth chocolate just stare back at you calling eat me eat me now. As you take that first bite your teeth crunchy through the crisp coating and sink into the smooth chocolate hiding inside. If like me I sometimes leave these to melt in my mouth and feel the shell slide away from the chocolate and melt away. These are ...

Dirty Dancing (DVD) 15/07/2011


Dirty Dancing (DVD) Well where do I start with this film. I have to say that this is my all time favourite film and those that I watch this film hate me as I know it word for word and do have a attendance to say the dialogue before it is said on the TV. Dirty Dancing is a 1987 romance film that was Written by Eleanor Bergstein and directed by Emile Ardolino. The film features one of my favorite actors Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Gray along with a few other great actors and actresses. The story line follows a teenage girl who goes against her farther and falls in love with the dance instructor whilst on a family holiday. Baby the oldest daughter of the Houseman family stumbles across the staff quarters where she finds a group of young people grinding, sweating and DIRTY DANCING. During this time she first sets eyes on Johnny (Patrick Swayze), and the first thing she says to him and this has to be one of the great quotes of the film. She says ‘I carried a Watermelon’. The chemistry between these two people is quick to develop and they soon become close. Baby gives Jonny courage and confident and Jonny gives Baby the stregh to break free from the ties that she has with her family. Another great quote and one that everyone remembers from the film and that is the line that Jonny says the night he returns to the holiday camp and that is ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’. The scenes that make the film for me are the dance scenes (many a time I have tried to re-enact those dance moves). All the dance ...

Milka Daim Chocolate Bar 23/06/2011


Milka Daim Chocolate Bar I first came across the mix of chocolates whilst I was at work. Usual Friday afternoon sat at my desk craving all things bad and decided to go and treat myself to a chocolate bar. Whilst I was looking at all the range I had to choose from the small purple milka bar was staring at me. I thought I would give something new a go and I am so glad I did. Milka was discovered in the 1800’s when a guy called Philippe Suchard decided to add milk when making chocolate (can you believe that they used to make chocolate without milk. It is said to have tasted bitter and look much darker). The name Milka is a mixture of the two most important ingredients Alpine Milk and Kakao (cocoa). Milka has been around for 35 years and shown more than 110 adverts. The packaging for this great chocolate is very eye catching with its bright Purple colour. On the front of the pack you can see a picture of the chocolate which makes it even more appealing. Across the front of the packaging you will find the brand name MILKA in big white letters and depending on if the chocolate is mixed with another you will find that logo in the top right hand corner. In this instant you can find the DAIM logo and colours. When you unwrap the chocolate it hits you the rich chocolaty smell, which really gets your taste buds going and your mouth watering. When you take a good look at the chocolate (that is if you have been able to resist biting into it first), you can see that it is divided up into squares and in ...

Nestlé Kit Kat Dark 22/06/2011

Yummy Dark Kit Kat

Nestlé Kit Kat Dark KITKAT Dark When I was looking for a little chocolate fix, I saw this dark brown wrapper looking back at me. I had all these bright coloured wrappers staring back at me but it was this dark looking one that caught my eye. As I got closer I realised that it was a KITKAT, now all my prayers had been answered. Every one of my favourite chocolate fixes had now been made with the best chocolate and that being Dark. The smooth real dark chocolate balanced by the wafer layered fingers gives the chocolate bar as divine taste. The smell of the rich coco as you open the packet just makes your mouth water. The KITKAT dark as not changed in shape or size just that it now has a bar that is coated in 70% coco and still carries the Fair-trade mark. The packaging is still the same as the Milk chocolate fingers but instead of using the Red it uses the dark brown which reflects the yummy dark chocolate that is hiding inside. The KITKAT logo is still in bold white letters on the front and in the top right hand corner you still find the fair-trade logo. On back it shows the nutritional values and the ingredients: Ingredients DARK CHOCOLATE WITH A MINIMUM OF 70% COCOA SOLIDS (COCOA MASS, SUGAR, COCOA, COCOA BUTTER, SOYA LECITHIN, NATURAL FLAVOUR), WHEAT FLOUR, SUGAR, MODIFIED PALM OIL, COCOA MASS OR COCOA, SALT*, SODIUM BICARBONATE, YEAST*, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOUR *MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN. MAY CONTAIN MILK. The calories of this lovely bar are only 106 making a great little ...

Cadbury Curly Wurly 20/06/2011

Curly Wurly

Cadbury Curly Wurly Well Curly Wurly’s I have to say were a childhood favourite of mine and still in my 20’s I have to say are one of the chocolate bars I do not feel guilty about eating. The Curly Wurly was launched in the UK in 1970 and is manufactured by Cadbury’s. It is sold in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Malta, Romania, Australia, UAE and New Zealand. The shape resembles two flattened, intertwined serpentine strings and was designed by a guy called David John Parfitt. Who is a long serving research confectioner. I have noticed that this great chocolate delights and shrunk abit (or when I was younger things just looked so much bigger?). I have also noticed that you can now get the mini ones in the multipacks of chocolate bars which I never remember being able to get before. Curly Wurly’s are thick caramel that is sticky and chewy covered in a thin layer of chocolate that just falls off and crumbles in your month. The caramel is not to hard either that you end up pulling your teeth out. Well unless you are like me and put yours in the freezer, I do this because when I was losing weight I found that I would still like the odd bit of chocolate and to make it last longer I would freeze it. The packaging of the Curly Wurly’s is very eye catching and appeals to the child’s eye. It uses bright colours like Purple, Blue and Yellow. The main part of the wrapper is white with purple swirls and each end of the wrapper is coloured Purple. The brand name ...
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