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Decided after a well deserved break, to come back to writing for a while! Great to catch up with everyone!

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Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette 07/09/2014

Sleek i-Divine Palette

Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette I love Sleek make up and have been using it for the past year or so after hearing about it from one of my best friends. She always has lovely make up so I decided that I might as well give it a try and I am so glad that I did. What I Thought I am in absolute love with this palette. I had bought it not really expecting much from it, but the pigmentation is fantastic, making it really easy to apply and try out new looks. The colour selection in this palette is really good, it allows me to go for smoky or natural looks, there is a few paler, more natural nude shades and then also more bolder colours like silver, blue/purple, dark grey and black as well, all in all there are 12 eye shadows in total, so you end up paying less than £1 per colour. They are all quite shimmery which is lovely as it brightens up my eyes and really makes them stand out. I find that the black colour in this palette is really good for lining my eyes, I like to use a small, thin brush to line they top and bottom of them and with the added shimmer of this eye shadow I find this really easy. These eye shadows have really good staying power and don't smudge or look messy on my eyes, they just blend in nicely whether I am applying them with a brush or my finger. I don't really feel the need to use eye primer when I am wearing these as they usually stay on really well so it isn't needed. Also I like the packaging because they come with a mirror, which is really handy when you are on the go and find yourself ...

Sleek Blush 07/09/2014

Sleek Blush

Sleek Blush I love Sleek make up and have been using it for the past year or so after hearing about it from one of my best friends. She always has lovely make up so I decided that I might as well give it a try and I am so glad that I did. Application This blush is so easy to apply. I have the Pomegranate shade in it which is very dark and kind of like a berry pink shade. I find that just a little touch of it gives me really rosy cheeks that look quite natural. I also have the rose gold shade which is just gorgeous, it is a light pink blush with a little hint of gold throughout it, it looks great when I am looking to brighten up my make up a bit and it also looks very natural which is usually the look I go for. It is easy to blend this blush and it looks great both when I decide to use it alone, without foundation or on top of my foundation for more made up looks. I tend not to use too much of this blush at a time, just a little goes quite a long way due to its pigmentation, this means a blush can last me months, making it really good value for money. What I Thought I really like this blush, it has a lovely matte texture and feels lovely on my skin, it isn't really heavy or greasy and is quite easy to forget that I had applied it. Also it stays on for ages, it is really wearable throughout the day and I don't really feel the need to touch it up. However I do find myself carrying it in my purse throughout the day as it comes with a handy little mirror in the packaging. I will ...

Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner 26/03/2014

Cheap and Cheerful Toner On a Budget

Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner Since starting to plan my wedding, I have been on a budget. This has led me to be a little more adventurous with the bargain products such as Boots own brand. I picked up this toner in Boots along with the some of the other products in the range for £1.50, which compared to my usual toner is cheap as chips. The texture of this toner is almost like water, it is really easily applied to my face with cotton wool buds and it doesn't irritate my skin which is great as cheaper products can sometimes bring me out in a rash. I really like the cucumber scent that comes from this toner, it is quite faint and doesn't linger on my face, but smells really refreshing and is great for waking me up in the morning. I find that my skin looks great after using this toner and it also feels lovely and soft once it has dried in properly. It is fantastic at getting rid of any excess make up and giving my complexion a nice even look, preping me well for my moisturiser. I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed this product as much as my other, more expensive SkinTruth toner, however for every day use, it does the job for the right price and I will definitely purchase it in future. Overall I am giving this 4 out of 5 hearts. It is great for sensitive skin, does the job well and is cheap as chips. It just loses one star because it is not as luxurious as other toners I have used, but for £1.50, I wasn't expecting it to be. *also on dooyoo under lorrainek858

Loreal Youth Code Luminize Moisturising Day Cream 24/02/2014

Loreal Youth Code Luminize Moisturising Day Cream

Loreal Youth Code Luminize Moisturising Day Cream I have been using this moisturiser along side the serum within the same range and also the BB cream for over a year now and it is definitely my favourite moisturiser I have ever used. I was first introduced to this moisturiser by a close girl friend who has amazing skin, I now often get complemented on my skin and how healthy it looks and have recommended this to lots of friends as well. Application This moisturiser is very easily applied and has a lovely texture that is easily spread all over my skin, this means that I don't have to use a lot during each application. What I Thought I really love this moisturiser, it gives my skin a fantastic dewy glow and leaves it feeling amazing. This moisturiser is the perfect base for foundation because it gives my skin a lovely even finish. I can definitely see why they named this Luminize as it really wakens up my face and makes it look so healthy. My skin also feels super hydrated and soft when I use this, especially when I pair it with the serum from the same range. I really love the scent of this moisturiser, it has a very clean scent to it that isn't too overpowering which is great because overly scented moisturisers can cause me to get headaches. This is also very gentle on my sensitive skin and I have never had any problems while using it. Price and Availability You can buy this moisturiser in most chemists and supermarkets for in around the £15 mark. I usually can pick mine up in Superdrug on offer for £10, which is a ...

Loreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum 24/02/2014

Loreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum

Loreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum I have been a fan of the L'Oreal Youth Code Luminize range for a very long time and have been using the serum for over a year as part of my daily skin routine. I first decided to buy it on recommendation from a friend who has amazing skin and love using it myself. Application I put this serum on underneath my moisturiser. It has a really nice texture to it and is easy to spread out evenly and apply. I find that it absorbs into my skin quite quickly and a little goes a long way. I usually use one pump per application. What I Thought I really love this serum, makes my skin feel amazing and is a great base along side my moisturiser for foundation or my BB cream. It gives my face such a lovely even skin tone and I usually don't need much coverage when I am using this for sustained periods of time. I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I stop using this serum, it doesn't feel as healthy or look as hydrated. My skin feels so soft when I use this serum and it has a lovely glow to it. Sometimes serums and other creams can break me out in blemishes or rashes, but this serum does not irritate mine in any way which is a massive plus for me. I love that I can use a brand that isn't completely catered to sensitive skin (which can be boring) and still have no adverse reactions. Price and Availability You can buy this in most chemists and supermarkets for around £20 per bottle. I think that this is a very reasonable price because a bottle usually lasts me around 6 months ...

Loreal Youth Code Luminize BB Cream 24/02/2014

Loreal Luminize BB Cream

Loreal Youth Code Luminize BB Cream I have been using the Loreal Youth Code Luminize Moisturiser for just over a year, because I am so in love with this product I decided to try the BB Cream around 6 months ago. I also picked it because I wanted to give my skin a boost in moisture but still have some kind of coverage. Application This BB is really easy to apply, I found that it was easy to blend and a little really goes a long way. I picked the fair shade because I am quite pale and it matched up to my skin tone well. What I Thought I love this BB and use it almost exclusively in the spring and summer months. It gives my skin a lovely dewy glow and makes it look and feel really healthy. One thing I love about this BB is that it doesn't make my skin feel sticky, it has a lovely texture and it doesn't feel like I am wearing a full face of make up. There is quite a good coverage with this BB and it masks any blemishes or red spots that I have and also it is quite long wearing, usually when I am wearing this it lasts from morning until night when I am taking it off and looks great. My skin feels really hydrated and looks really smooth when I have been using this cream, and also I really like that it is protected by SPF 15. Price and Availability I bought my BB in Superdrug for around £12 from memory, I think that this was a really good price because a little tub lasts ages. I have since seen this for around £8 in Semi Chem if you are searching for a bargain. Overall I really like this BB cream, I think ...

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes 23/02/2014

Simple Face Wipes

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes I wouldn't really be the biggest fan of facial wipes, as I find that they don't give my face the best clean and are full of chemicals compared to soap and water, so usually I try to avoid them. However, when I am in a hurry they can be a bit of a life saver and they are also handy to travel with instead of carting a lot of heavy cleansers and cleaners with me. Using the Wipes These wipes are quite easy to use, you just take one and swipe it across your skin to get rid of any make up, dirt or impurities. What I Thought These wipes do not have a very perfumed scent to them, in fact they are free from perfume and other harsh chemicals. I have very sensitive skin and usually get very irritated eyes when I use facial wipes, however these ones do not cause me any problems and also don't dry out my skin. As far as cleaning my skin, these are really efficient, I don't have to wipe vigorously to remove my make up. They are really quick and easy to use and can remove even my waterproof mascara. My skin usually feels quite nice after using these and I haven't had any problems with blemishes or rashes after using them. Price and Availability You can buy these wipes in most supermarkets and chemists, I usually get mine from Tesco or Boots for around £3.25, this gives you 25 wipes or just shy of a months usage. A packet lasts me ages because I only use them on occasion, and they never dry out because the packaging is quite good and they are easy to seal. Overall I wouldn't say that ...

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel 18/02/2014

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel Removing your eye make up properly is an extremely important (and annoying) part of my daily routine. I tend to find it quite hard to find a good eye make up remover as most of the ones I come across are too oily, greasy, irritating or expensive. I seen this eye make up remover in Boots a while ago while I was looking for new facial wash, and figured I might as well try it. (Impulse buys are a common thing with me). How To Use Simply take your cotton bud and apply a little of this gel onto it, then gently swipe it over your eyes to remove the make up. It isn't difficult to use and it also gets to work very quickly, which I find useful as I am not losing all my eye lashes scrubbing at my mascara to come off. Results There are a number of different things I love about this eye make up remover. The first is that it actually works, I use quite heavy eye make up quite regularly and never have a problem with removing it with this. Also this gel doesn't have an irritating effect on my eyes, this is great because eye make up remover products tend to make me have stingy, puffy eyes, but luckily I have had no problems with this one. I like this this is a gel, it is easily applied onto the cotton buds and also isn't as messy or greasy as the liquid eye make up removers that I have used in the past. Finally the cucumber scent, isn't too overwhelming, it doesn't feel to unnatural for me to be smearing this over my eyes, which is great as other similar products can be too ...

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Cherry Tart 12/08/2013

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Cherry Tart

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Cherry Tart I have heard loads of great things about these lip butters and recently, I decided to pick up a few. I bought the Tutti Fruity shade which is a lovely orange, summery colour and I also got the Cherry Tart shade which is a more deeper red colour. They both are really nice and I am so glad that I decided to buy them. Application This lipstick is really easy to apply, they glide onto my lips quite easily and are shaped nicely to fit the curves in my lips. What I Thought I love these lipsticks. I own the Tutti Fruiti shade and also the Cherry Tart shade. They both are really pigmented and lovely colours. I find that these are a really easy lipstick to apply and they do not show any little imperfections that I have on my lips (like dry skin). Also the texture of these lipsticks is lovely, they feel quite creamy and silky on my lips and you can really feel the lip butter in them. They are not as drying as other lipsticks I have used recently. In fact they are so moisturising is that I don't need to wear lip balm before applying this and my lips are still in great shape. I have found that these lipsticks last ages between applying, they do not fade or rub off easily. Usually I get around 4-5 hours out of each application, unless I am eating a lot or drinking, then I need to re apply more frequently. Price and Availability You can buy this lip butter at any Revlon stand in chemists or supermarkets. I bought mine in Superdrug for around £8. I think that this was quite a fair ...

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs 08/08/2013

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs I try not to go too heavy on the tanning products as I am really pale and it always looks really fake when I put a lot of tan on. However I do like to put a light tan on when I am going somewhere special, because I don't really use tan that much, I don't like having to fuss over it when I am applying. The easier the better, I have found that this tan is really easy to get a nice glow on my legs and am really happy with it! Application This tan comes out as a spray, to get a nice even tan, I spray it onto my legs and make sure that I don't miss any spots. It is really important to keep the spray moving to ensure a nice even tan. You can see this tan as it goes on, so it is really easy to cover every last bit, also I only skim my knees so I don't get build up on them. What I Thought I really liked this tan, it has a really healthy looking glow to it, is a tiny bit shimmery and also looks quite natural, which is good for me because of my pale skin tone. My legs always look lovely when I use this. This tan doesn't really last that long, its kind of apply on, wash off, usually after my first or second shower it is completely gone, I actually like this as it means that I am back to my own colour after my night out. I don't mind the smell that comes from this spray, it isn't really over powering or sickening like some other fake tans I have used in the past which is a big plus for this spray. I would definitely recommend this tan and will be buying it in the future, the spraying ...

Vaseline Lip Therapy Sun Proection SPF 15 06/08/2013

Vaseline SPF 15

Vaseline Lip Therapy Sun Proection SPF 15 I really try hard to keep my lips in good shape. A while ago I came across Vaseline SPF 15 petroleum jelly and thought I should give it a try as it sounded like a really good idea, and Vaseline is a well known, great product for healing sore lips. Application One problem I do have with Vaseline tins is how messy they are when it comes to application, especially if the Vaseline has melted a bit or is a bit gloopy. This product comes in a tin, and to apply you simply take a little bit on my finger and then smear it on my lips. I would prefer if this was a roll up tube kind of product, but Vaseline is such a well known brand and the results are so good that a little mess is almost worth it. What I Thought I quite like how this product feels on my lips, it isn't overly scented or coloured, in fact there isn't really anything about this product that screams 'LUXURY', yet it still seems to please because it does its job so well. I also don't feel as though I want to eat this and am not constantly licking my lips when it has been applied, so maybe a basic product like this, gets time to do its job on my lips compared to other lip balms that are off in seconds. My lips are definitely softer when I have been using this, and the fact that it has SPF 15 in it means I am protected from the sun which in turn helps my lips from becoming chapped and sore. I do think that the formula used in this is a little greasy which can lead to over shininess if I apply too much, however if I am ...

Boots Soltan Aftersun Hydrating Lotion 05/08/2013

Boots Soltan Aftersun Hydrating Lotion

Boots Soltan Aftersun Hydrating Lotion The one thing that you never think about when you go out in Northern Ireland is sun burn, however apparently I sun burn quite easily. A few days ago, I decided to catch a few rays between thunderstorms, not thinking about sun cream, and ended up quite burnt on my arms and head. Unfortunately there wasn't much I could do for my head, but my arms were killing me when it came to bedtime and I decided to go to the cupboards and find my after sun from last years holidays. Application To apply this after sun, you simply smear it over the affected areas. It isn't that sticky or messy when applying and it sinks in and is absorbed quite quickly. What I Thought This is really easy to apply, it has quite a nice texture to it and feels amazing when it has been applied onto burnt, itchy skin. I really felt loads of relief when I applied this at night time and in the morning, my skin did seem to feel a little better. I found that this after sun is a really good moisturiser, my skin didn't peel when I used this, and I had taken quite a burning. Also my skin wasn't as angry and inflamed the day after using this and it was much easier to fall asleep at night after a bit this was applied. This after sun apparently protects you from bugs, which I think that is be really handy, especially when you are away, last year I brought mine to Florida and didn't have any problems with bugs. This after sun didn't have a really offensive scent to it, which is probably one of the best things about it. I ...

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse 05/08/2013

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse I think that fake tan has just became part of the ritual of getting ready for going out at the weekend. I have tried and tested quite a few different fake tans looking for that sunkissed, natural colour that is easy to apply and cheap to buy. The best one I have tried for value and end results so far is the St Moriz mouse fake tan. Colours Available There are light, medium and dark colours available in this tan, I always use the light version because I don't like being too dark and my skin is so pale, even the medium shade looks really fake and unnatural on me. The light shade, for my skin tone though looks really nice. Application This fake tan comes out as a mousse, it is coloured, so you can see what you are applying and that makes it WAY easier to apply it easily. Once I have mine all applied and have got someone to check my back for streaks, I then allow it to develop for around 8 hours, and then shower it off. It usually ends up that I apply it on a Friday night, go to sleep and wash it off Saturday morning and then I am ready, hassle free for the weekend. What I Thought I really liked this tan, it looks really natural on my skin, it gives it a lovely glow and the coverage is really nice. I find that once I have let the tan develop (about 8 hours) and then shower it off, it then doesn't streak easily and also doesn't have that awful fake tan scent to it when it has been showered over. This tan usually lasts me about 2-3 showers, so I need to apply it twice a week for ...

Nivea Sun Spray 02/08/2013

Nivea Sun Spray

Nivea Sun Spray We were very lucky in Northern Ireland, and all over the UK, to get some smashing weather over the summer holidays. I was even luckier as I had planned my holidays at exactly the same time the heatwave hit us. This year instead of taking holidays abroad, me and my fiance took a trip down to Dublin and did a few touristy things around there like visiting the zoo and the Guiness Factory, it was a brilliant few days, especially with the fantastic weather. With any good weather, or sun exposure, it is very important to stay protected, I am the kind of person who was never lucky enough to tan, I just burn, peel and then go back to sheet white again, so I always keep a really high factor of sunscreen on just in case. I decided to pick up the Nivea Spray lotion in factor 20 for my holidays and to get me through the good weather without taking a terrible burning. Application The application of this sun screen is really handy, it is a spray bottle, so you can either spray it onto your hands and rub it into the desired areas, or spray it directly onto the desired areas and then give it a quick rub to ensure it is evened out and the area is protected. I really like the spray bottle idea for sun screen as I find that when there is a bottle of it with no spray pump, I always take far too big of a blob out at a time and waste loads, the spray pump helped me to ration the amount I was taking out at a time and I didn't waste hardly any product. What I Thought I really liked this sun ...

Tresemme 5544U/BU 29/07/2013

TRESemme 5544U Lightweight Hair Dryer

Tresemme 5544U/BU I am constantly washing my hair, and in Northern Ireland, it is not warm enough to allow it to dry naturally (it would take ages and I have no patience), so it is important to keep a hair dryer handy. I have been using this TRESemme hair dryer for just over a year and I love it. The Hair Dryer I really like this hair dryer, it is lightweight and very comfortable to hold and manage. I have quite a lot of hair at the moment, as I have been growing it, but I have found that this hair dryer has enough power in it to blast my hair dry quite quickly. I use heat damage protection spray (the Toni and Guy one at the moment) and haven't had any problems with heat damage on my hair. You can adjust the speed and temperature that comes from this hair dryer, there are 3 speeds and a cold button, for when you are looking cooler air to flow. This hair dryer came with two different attachments, a small narrow one for blow drying and a diffuser that helps great waves and volume. Mine also came with 2 TRESemme styling clips to help me part and section my hair when I am blow drying it. I think that this is a very good quality hair dryer, it looks the part and is quite sleek looking and black in colour which looks quite stylish in my bedroom. It is mid-sized, easily stored and reminds me of the hair dryers that are used in the salon (probably due to being part of the TRESemme brand. Price and Availability I bought this hair dryer last year for around £25. So far I have had no problems with it ...
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